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Poems of Time - 2. Decision Time

As a door is being closed
A realization is made
Questions start to ponder
Can I really let this go?
Will I be ok without it?

Remember the principal of balance
In order to get something, you must give something
The answer to the questions aren’t complicated
In fact, the answers are very simple.

You can do anything you set your mind to
You will be ok, you only need four things
Faith, Hope, Love, and an open mind
You’ve been cursed but
You’ve also been blessed

This moment isn’t correct
There’s not many right moments
There’s always something in place
Life’s always happening
Don’t overthink, just move on.

Copyright © 2021 NFields1608; All Rights Reserved.

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Such an appropriate poem for me today.  The one year anniversary of the door closing on my chosen career is fast approaching...  It is bittersweet, mainly because it was not my choice to end my career, rather it was my body's decision.  I was one year away from true retirement.  This was to be my year.  My year to have the retirement party. My year to have the limo pick me up from work and take me home (my fantasy lol).  My year for the speeches and tears to finally be about me.  But alas it wasn't meant to be.   I was blessed and yes, cursed.  Now, like in your poem, I just have to not overthink things and move on!  It is truly uncanny how your poems "know" me...   Both you and Aaron at times seem to be writing about me and aspects of my life... Have we met before?  Hahaha...   Thanks for your poetry and your insights...Makes me think, a lot!!!!  

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Thank you @Patch1, this poem was just a personal struggle for me. I'm leaving my current job as a senior fashion coordinator which I've been doing for almost 3yrs, in order to start a new chapter with a new company that overall will no doubt bring change to course of me and @astone2292 life as well as our marriage. I figured I get my feelings out there for sure. Glad to see we're not so different, lol  you're definitely right if we overthink things we can't live our lives to the fullest, which is what I told my husband this year (2021) is supposed to be about for us. I'm sure we met once or twice who knows lol. Thank you for your support on everything my husband and I do. Hopefully i don't have you thinking to much lol. 

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