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The Playground 2. Star-studded

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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to The Playground - the biggest and wildest competition featuring your favorite stars. Over the next seven days, ten celebrities will be living in our Playground Mansion and competing in a variety of games. But they better hold nothing back, because there can only be one winner! Each round, one person will be eliminated from the show until we crown the Playground King or Queen!

This novella is a spin-off of Charttoppers and features some characters from it (Samson, Marcus and Kelly), but it can be read as a completely separate story. You don't have to read Charttoppers first to understand this one.
Copyright © 2022 ObicanDecko; All Rights Reserved.

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· Edited by Summerabbacat

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@chris191070's review is spot on. Frothy, humorous, intriguing and occasionally bitchy, a wonderfully woven tale from the pen of @ObicanDecko. If "reality TV" shows were as entertaining as this I may be tempted to watch one.

Recommended reading for anyone, even those who like me think "reality TV" shows are the absolute lowest form of "entertainment".

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This is a fantastic story that features characters from Chartstoppers.

We join 10 celebrities and follow them over 7 days as they live together in the Playground Mansion, as they play the wildest game on TV - The Playground.

Each day we see our celebrities play wacky and wonderful games, with a celebrity being eliminated daily, until with our left with a winner.

A great feel good story, that will keep you enthralled from the very first chapter.

Well worth a read.

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