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  1. ObicanDecko


    I think a wrestling competition with 12 contestants would be awesome! Maybe like a sequel to To The Stars. 🤩
  2. ObicanDecko


    Thank you so much for reading and commenting! I was aiming for bittersweet - I hope I managed to soften the blow with the epilogue and make the ending not so sad.
  3. ObicanDecko

    The Talisman

    I'm enjoying reading your thoughts! Lothar was definitely meant to be an ambiguous character, but we already see something developing between him and Edwin.
  4. ObicanDecko

    The Visitor

    Demons don't play fair, do they? Isolde is one badass chick, she was so much fun to write!
  5. Thank you, hope you enjoy the story!
  6. Thank you! If you do give it a chance, I hope you forget all about the spoilers I made here by the time you get to the end.
  7. ObicanDecko


    Thank you for the very detailed and insightful comment! As you said, I definitely aimed for a somewhat open ending, both to allow readers to come up with their own theories, and to leave room for a potential sequel down the line (no plans for it yet). And I knew the ending I wrote would be controversial, but I'm ok with that. I don't think a cookie-cutter happy ending would fit this story, and I'm very glad to hear you appreciated it. Hehe, that's quite true. A lot of the characters got a nice ending. Edwin and Lothar always had the odds stacked against them, and I think them ending up together at this point would be too unrealistic.
  8. ObicanDecko


    That scene was written from Isolde's pov, and we know that she hated Giselle, so it's no wonder she saw her as a cold, inhuman creature who glides instead of walks. So yes, it was a bit of a red herring. Well, you're always free to come up with your own theories as to what happens next. I deliberately wanted to leave some things open so readers can fill in the blanks as they wish. As for how Edwin got to Earth, it was mentioned that angels can visit Earth through the power of prayer. So either Marcella or her parents must have been praying to angels, and Edwin heard it and came to help. I have been thinking about it, but I'm afraid that for now I have no plans for a sequel. Maybe some time in the future, but I can't make any promises. Thanks for reading anyway! Thank you for all the support!
  9. ObicanDecko


    The whole neighborhood in the small rural town in the western part of Ahrabet was alerted that morning. Loud cries and shouts could be heard coming from a small farm house on the corner, leaving many to wonder what was happening. As old Mrs Browne slowly hobbled along the dirt path, on her way to one of her friends, she had to stop for a moment, curiously eyeing the Kinsleye farm. What on earth could be happening inside to cause such a commotion, and so early in the morning? Just as sh
  10. The day was warm and sunny, as is usually the case in the southern kingdom of Ahrabet, where summers last for nearly eight months. A soft breeze drifted through the countryside, rustling the tall grass and leaves on the trees. The townsfolk were out, working on their crops, taking animals out to pasture and enjoying another calm, clear day. Edwin walked down a dirt path leading out of the village, his little sister and their two horses walking alongside him. The day was too beautiful to spe
  11. ObicanDecko

    The Duel

    Even in the middle of a sunny morning, the trinket shop looked cold and empty without Edwin there. The messy counter was covered with tools, wires and crystals, as if waiting for its owner to return and continue the work he’d started. The sign on the door read ‘Closed’, with no one to turn it around and open the shop. Lothar couldn’t stand it. Everywhere he looked, he could see Edwin, his handsome face smiling at him, his full lips inviting him for a kiss. It hurt so much when he thought about w
  12. “Do you think this will work?” Edwin whispered to Reiff as they observed the old mystic running her bejeweled fingers over the holy scripture, her eyes firmly shut. She would open them only occasionally to jot down some notes on a piece of parchment, muttering to herself as she scribbled some words. The older man simply shrugged in response. “We can only hope, right?” “Right,” Edwin nodded absentmindedly. “It has to work.” As he looked around, he couldn’t help but feel anxious and curi
  13. “I will hunt you down, demon! I will get my sister back!” Isolde yelled furiously as she looked around the temple, but the object of her rage was already gone. Edwin could not believe it. Lothar had betrayed him and taken Ida. After everything they had been through, after he told the shopkeeper to trust him, he had betrayed that trust in the worst possible way. Shocked and heartbroken, Edwin only managed to come to his senses when he heard Isolde’s shouts behind him, realizing they were sta
  14. The morning sun had already filled the bedroom with its golden rays, but Edwin and Lothar were still in bed, finishing their breakfast. The shopkeeper could not remember the last time he had enjoyed a meal so thoroughly, though he suspected the company had a lot to do with it. Last night’s activities had left him especially hungry, and the demon had proven he was up to the task, providing them with an abundant, refreshing meal. Edwin was still naked, lying under the sheets, with the demon s
  15. “You have got to be joking!” Isolde said incredulously, staring at Edwin. He watched as she stood up from her chair and began pacing across the small room of the house Mildburg used to live in, where Reiff and Sigrid had joined them. The shopkeeper sat silently, giving the blacksmith woman some time to process everything he had finally told her - the whole truth about angels and demons, the fact that he had been working together with Lothar, and the ritual in which Mildburg’s spirit told hi
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