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  1. ObicanDecko

    Drama for the Sake of Drama

    The manager seriously needs to be fired. He's only causing trouble for them. At least things between Ryan and Jasper seem to be going in a good direction.
  2. ObicanDecko

    Different Needs

    More like she misses how convenient it was to have him around for stuff like changing light bulbs and giving advice on computers. I think I could read a hundred chapters of this story and not tire of it. Your writing is so smooth and relaxing.
  3. ObicanDecko

    Chapter 10

    Okaaaay what was that? I'm guessing the guy in the car had some nasty aura around him! On another note, great to see Lex feeling like a part of the family already! I think there's no doubt in his or Ian's mind that they want to be more than just pretend boyfriends.
  4. ObicanDecko

    April, 2019 (A)

    A big awwww from me! This was one of the funniest and also saddest chapters ever. The relationship between Eamonn and Ezra is a highlight, you could've written an entire story just about that. Tho I'm glad Ezra has finally arrived to the city and now the wrestling can start, and hopefully we'll see more of the other crew!
  5. ObicanDecko

    Nurse Ratched

    Seriously, Cynthia is such a doll! Let's hope Brianna is at least half as good at her job! Yeah, I'm not a big fan of Ron, but Tyson was also way out of line. This part tho... You're really trying to make me cry!
  6. ObicanDecko

    Chapter 9

    Lovely chapter! Definitely a change of pace from the previous ones, and a change of environment for Lex. Let's hope he doesn't discover some brown auras in Ian's family.
  7. ObicanDecko

    Chapter 5 - Home Brew

    It's great to see the boys settling in nicely together, going running and Ian getting a job! Even though the brew experiment failed, at least it's a story they can laugh about later. And I love hearing that many of the story elements are based on your own life!
  8. ObicanDecko

    Chapter 4 - The Apartment

    Well, Ian's coming out to his family - though not explicit - was waiting to happen and we knew it was not going to be pretty. His mom seems to be on his side, but she is powerless next to his dad and brothers. At least the positive in all of this is that the guys are now living together! They are meant to be.
  9. ObicanDecko

    Chapter 3 Christmas Break

    This story is so beautiful, I just adore your style of writing. I feel bad about Ian not having had a supportive family when he was growing up. Seems like Andrew is willing to make it up to him and make him a part of his own family.
  10. ObicanDecko

    Chapter 8

    Ooooh that was one massive dose of truth coming out of both guys! What happened to Lex (and Cassie) was horrible, but at least now we finally now, and Ian knows. The question of Ian's invisible aura still remains... Brilliant story, keep it up! ❤️
  11. ObicanDecko

    Force of Nature

    Lol same thing happens to me, when I forget I have the volume turned up and that 'blomp' sound comes!
  12. ObicanDecko

    Force of Nature

    Hahaha that's good to hear! You ain't seen nothing yet!
  13. ObicanDecko

    Let's go camping

    Beautiful! Andrew is showing so much patience and understanding for Ian, and Ian is discovering so much and having new experiences through their friendship. Both are going to benefit so much from this!
  14. ObicanDecko

    Ian and Andrew

    Such a lovely story, I'm so glad I found it! Andrew sounds like an amazing, friendly guy, willing to give Ian a chance and be his friend.
  15. ObicanDecko

    Force of Nature

    Yesss you got it right!! Yes, Cyr is about to find himself in BIG trouble! Castor and Sawyer still have some things to go through first...

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