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    Thank you all for the comments, I appreciate it a lot!
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    Tom and I went around the house, holding hands, until we reached the front door. I was full of trepidation and I could see he was nervous as well. It was an ungrateful task that he had to do. I knew how lucky I was that my family readily accepted my sexuality, so of course I felt for Tom for having to go through this with his grandparents. “I’m glad you’re both here, I want to talk to you,” he announced as we entered the house and found his grandparents sitting in the dining room. The two of them sat quiet as Tom calmly reminded them that he was gay and that that was not going to change. “Of course, honey, we know that,” his grandma replied, finally looking him in the eyes. On the other hand, her husband stared at his coffee cup on the table in front of him. “So, you’re both ok with this?” Tom asked and his grandparents nodded. “Of course, you’re our boy,” his grandpa said, finally raising his head and looking in our direction. “If you say you… prefer men, we’ll just have to accept it.” I felt Tom squeeze my hand harder and I returned the squeeze, as if giving him some of my strength and resolve. “Tom, I’m sorry we didn’t talk about this sooner,” Mrs Claffey added. “And your friend will always be welcome in this house.” “No, grandma,” Tom was adamant. “Charlie is not my friend. We are dating and he’ll be coming here often. I haven’t brought anyone home in years and now that I’ve met Charlie, I don’t want to have to hide from you and pretend we’re just friends.” “We understand,” his grandma nodded, a concerned look on her wrinkled, old face. “We’re just worried. Maybe when you’re together in public-” “What? We shouldn’t hold hands or kiss?” Tom asked, irritated. “It’s the people here, you know how they are. They’ll say-” “I don’t care. Let them talk,” Tom shrugged. “They talk about everyone and make things up all the time. That’s not going to change.” He suddenly seemed more agitated, but I didn’t want to ask anything. Instead, I stayed quiet most of the time, letting them get everything out in the open. In the end, I just thanked them for understanding and Tom took me upstairs to his room. We were both silent, trying to absorb the conversation. I was sure Tom’s mind was racing with what his grandparents said, and what they didn’t say, but he would tell me about it when he was ready. I don’t know what I expected, but I was a bit surprised when I entered Tom’s room and saw how nice and modern it was. There was a large bed with a big, wooden headboard and a small nightstand on its right side. The opposite wall was almost fully occupied by a modern, white closet. Below the double windows, there was a desk with a laptop on it. The transparent, cream-colored curtains complimented the sheets of the same color and the small brown carpet. “I like your room, it’s very nice,” I said, wrapping my arms around his waist and giving him a peck on the lips. “Thanks,” he said, placing his hands on my hips. “Just one question - does the door lock?” I winked, wanting to defuse the tension after the conversation from downstairs. It obviously worked, as I was rewarded with a sweet chuckle, and a lovely view of his dimples and beautiful smile. “It does,” he then said, leaning in to give me a proper kiss. “So how do you think that went?” “I’m not sure yet. It’s the same story all over,” he shrugged and sat on the bed. “What do you mean?” “They were the same with Donovan - worried about what people are going to say. Like I give a fuck.” I let out a chuckle and Tom looked at me, smiling. “I never heard you swear before.” “Sorry,” he quickly apologized, but the smirk on his face remained. “So, I don’t imagine you spend a lot of time here,” I said. “Being such an outdoorsy type that you are.” “Yeah, I guess not. Mostly in the evening.” “What do you do then? Do you play any games?” “Not really. I listen to music, watch TV shows… And I love watching animal videos on YouTube,” Tom said, eliciting a delighted laughter from me. “What?! What’s so funny?” “Nothing, it’s just… You live literally surrounded by nature and animals. I didn’t imagine you’d care much about watching them on YouTube when you can have a firsthand view.” “But they’re so funny!” “Oh, I know. I could waste hours watching puppies falling over and cats getting scared of cucumbers.” So, that’s exactly what we did for the next hour: we sat in front of his laptop and watched funny animal videos until we were both crying with laughter. When it was time for me to go home, I realized I didn’t really want to. The idea of going back to my empty house, when I could instead be spending time with Tom, was not at all attractive. I never learned how to live alone. I had roommates all through college, so I was used to the noise, someone always being there and talking. However, considering everything that happened that day, I wasn’t sure me staying overnight would be welcome. Besides, Tom had made it clear he wanted us to take it slow, and I was trying to respect that. ~~ It was just a few days later that we saw each other again. Summer was slowly coming to an end, and I wanted to use the last remaining days of it to soak up some more sun and get a bit of color. I was never big on tanning, and had certainly never visited tanning salons, but I didn’t want the whole summer to pass without getting at least a shade darker. Even though I could have done some sunbathing in my backyard, I remembered that Tom told me about the nearby river and asked him if he wanted to go there with me. To my delight, he was very keen to go, so I packed my sunscreen, sunglasses, a large beach towel, bottle of water and my turquoise swim trunks and drove over to his house. The river was about half an hour by foot, so we decided to drive instead. Tom suggested he drive us with his pickup truck because the road to the river wasn’t an asphalt one, but a narrow dirt road. “I hope you brought your sunglasses,” I looked over at him as we were driving to our destination. “Yeah, I did. Why?” “I don’t wanna blind you when I take my shirt off.” “Oh, come on, you’re not that pale,” Tom giggled. “And I don’t care, you look nice.” “Thanks. You’re really good for my self-confidence, you know? You always know what to say to make me feel good.” “I just say what’s on my mind,” he shrugged simply. That was another thing I admired about Tom. I could count on him to always tell me the truth. It was refreshing to have that instead of guys who play mind games and try to manipulate you. I was aware that he was not as experienced as other guys I’ve gone out with, which meant he was probably more naive and innocent, but that was just another quality of his, not a flaw. When we arrived at the river, I was surprised to see it was much larger than I remembered it. Admittedly, I didn’t visit it that much when I was a kid, and in my mind it was quite narrow, dirty and overgrown with reed. In reality, it was wide, with clear sandy areas along the coast where the locals tried to make a beach. It was interspersed in several places with bushes, trees and reed. There were ducks and even a few swans peacefully swimming in the water as the warm summer sun shone brightly. I could only see a few people far in the distance, lying on the beach. “So, what do you say?” Tom asked as we got out of his truck and descended down toward the water. “Wow, so not what I imagined!” I scanned the area, soaking up the sights. “Come on, let’s go over here.” We took our stuff with us and headed left, to one of the isolated patches of the beach. Tall shrubs were blocking the view on both sides. There were no people in that particular area, which meant we would have some privacy. I spread out my beach towel down on the sand, large enough for the both of us, and started undressing. Tom did the same, and in a few seconds we were both standing there in just our swim trunks. I didn’t have the best body in the world, as I wasn’t a big fan of the gym, but I also wasn’t embarrassed of it. However, I found it hard to keep my eyes off of Tom. He looked good enough to eat! He wasn’t beefy or ripped, but still had a nice, toned body and a lovely tan that made him even hotter. He had a small patch of hair at the center of his chest, as well as under his arms, which I found very sexy and inviting! Maybe one day he’d let me taste it... He also had a sexy treasure trail leading down to a nice bulge covered by the thin, red fabric of his trunks. I was a bit less hairy than him, with only a thin treasure trail and some armpit hair. We put sunscreen on ourselves and I couldn’t help but observe Tom as he rubbed the lotion all over his pecs, abs, arms and hairy legs. As I scanned his body and looked up, our eyes met and we smiled at each other, the knowing smiles that told us more than words could. “You look really good,” he said, almost a whisper. “Thanks, so do you,” I stepped closer and put my arms on his shoulders. “You better watch out, ‘cuz I’m gonna jump on you when you least expect it,” I replied in a low voice, wiggling my eyebrows. He just pulled me closer and gave me a peck on the lips. “I didn’t know you were so naughty,” he chuckled. “Only when I’m provoked by such cute guys!” “Come on, let’s do each other’s backs so we can go into the water,” Tom suggested and we sat down on the towel. I took my bottle of sunscreen, but Tom snatched it away from me. Moments later, I felt the cool lotion on my back, as he started rubbing it all over me. It quickly warmed up, though, and I couldn’t resist letting out a soft moan. I was enjoying it too much, but how could I not? His strong hands were touching my naked back, rubbing circles all over my shoulders, down my spine and almost down to my ass. He took his time and I knew he was enjoying it maybe as much as I was. When it was my turn, I did the same, making sure to give him the same satisfying experience he gave to me. I squeezed out some lotion in my palm and slowly rubbed it all over his broad shoulders, across his shoulder blades and down to his lower back. As I felt his back muscles relax under my fingers, I started to get hard. I was sure that if I stroked it just a few times, I would’ve come on the spot. I restrained myself, though, and finished rubbing his back. We swam for a while, splashing each other and just relaxing. The water was nice and warm, as it was a hot, sunny afternoon. If I thought Tom was cute before, seeing him all wet made me realize he was also very sexy. His brown curls now looked almost black; they fell over his forehead and almost into his eyes. As I observed tiny drops of water trickling down his neck and chest, I was overwhelmed with the desire to lick them all and cover every inch of his skin with my tongue. After swimming around for another ten minutes or so, I closed my eyes and just stayed floating in the river, relaxing and enjoying the sound of the water. Suddenly, I heard a big splash right behind me, which startled me and made me open my eyes in shock. Next thing I knew, strong arms wrapped around me and I felt kisses on my neck and heard giggling. “Hey! Not fair!” I laughed, trying to wriggle out of Tom’s grip. “You’re gonna jump on me, huh? See how that worked out for ya!” he snickered and loosened his hold on me a bit. I managed to turn around so that I was facing him, placing my hands on his waist under the water. Whenever we were that close, we were unable to resist kissing each other. As soon as his lips touched mine, I parted them to allow his tongue to enter. We moaned into each other’s mouths as our tongues grinded in unison. There was no mistaking how much we were both aroused. Our wet, almost naked bodies were pressed together and I could feel his hardness against my own. We finally broke apart and came out of the water, lying on the towel so we’d continue where we left off. We kissed some more and I was so tempted to pull his erection out and suck it. I wanted to feel all of him. Still, I did not dare go all the way - we were out in the open and the risk of someone walking in on us was still there. “What are you doing to me,” I sighed as I lay next to him, trying to catch my breath. I had no idea how I was going to endure taking it slow with him. Tom just let out a short laugh and reached out to grab my hand. He brought it to his mouth and kissed it. I relaxed and closed my eyes, enjoying the sun. “Do you miss your home and family?” he asked at one point. It was still warm outside, and we were too lazy to move from our spot on the beach. “Yeah, sometimes. Not so much my home, though. I haven’t lived there since I went to uni. But I do miss seeing my parents and my little sister.” “Are you close to them?” “Mom and I often don’t see eye to eye, but we get along. Kim and I are thick as thieves, though. She’s four years younger and she just started college. We weren’t really that close when we were kids. We used to bicker a lot: who gets the bigger room, who gets to pick the movie on movie nights, stuff like that. But things changed when I came out. I think she was thrilled to have a gay brother. She must’ve thought I’d suddenly become like one of her girlfriends, doing each other’s makeup and talking about boybands. I did none of that, but it still made our bond stronger.” Tom chuckled as I recounted my experiences growing up. “That’s nice. So they accepted you being gay?” “Yeah, I was lucky they were all really cool about it. There were some jerks in school, as always, but I didn’t pay attention to them, so they got bored of teasing me pretty quickly. And besides, I had my best friend Jae to support me, so even if someone wanted to pick on me, he’d be there for me. He’s not the strongest guy physically, but you know, going up against two people is much different than facing just one. Then we met Alison and she became the third member of our little party.” “Is Jae the guy I saw you with at the bar that night?” Tom asked. “No, that’s Travis. He’s… another friend.” “Oh. Are you two...” “No, we never dated,” I shook my head, dispelling Tom’s suspicions. “But we would hook up on occasion. We met when we were both single and got along great, so we’d get together every now and then and have some fun. We both enjoyed it, but didn’t want anything serious, so we thought why not?” I explained. Tom looked ahead of him, as if deep in thought. “But don’t worry,” I added, stroking his tanned arm, “now that we’re dating, I have no intention of being with him that way anymore.” “Ok,” he spoke softly and smiled. I leaned in and gently touched his lips with mine. “You don’t have to share me with anyone,” I reassured him. “Tell me about your friends. The guys you were with at the bar - are you all close?” “Yeah,” Tom nodded. “Riley, Steve and Matt. Good lads, we grew up together.” “Do any of them… play for our team?” I smirked. “Ahh no, they’re as straight as they come. Steve is already married and about to become a dad.” “And they’re cool with you being gay?” I asked, and Tom nodded in response. “That’s good. I don’t mean any offense, but people in small places are often not as open-minded.” “That’s true, I guess,” he said. “Like my grandparents.” “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it that way,” I looked away, embarrassed. “It’s ok, I know,” Tom said, his arm finding its way around my shoulders. “I guess they don’t know any better. I don’t think they ever met a gay person in their entire life, other than me and Donovan. And now you.” “They’ll come around. I can see they love you dearly. What about your sister’s family?” “They’ve been accepting. Debra was great from the start, but she couldn’t influence our grandparents much. Dave is also cool. I think even Kayla is starting to realize, but she doesn’t care. She’s too young to understand it all properly, I think.” “Kids are much more accepting these days. I’m sure she’ll love her uncle just as much.” As we shared stories from our lives, we got to know each other better. Tom opened up a little bit more than usual, and I was happy about that - it meant he was more comfortable around me and trusted me enough to tell me things. He even told me about his parents - something I admit I was curious about, but didn’t dare to ask. “They knew each other from school, I think it was a case of first love for both of them. When they finished high school, they decided to stay here and get married. Mom was a bit strict, but dad would spoil us rotten. As far as I remember at least. I know mom was always fussing about preparing us for school, but dad would encourage us to go out and play with the animals.” “I can see whose influence won out in the end,” I observed with a smile. “Yeah, that’s true. I have some pictures and a few videos of them. One summer, they went on a trip to the East Coast and had a traffic accident on their way back. I was only seven at the time; Debra was eight. Grandma and grandpa would tell us stories about them. I think they were afraid we would forget them, but it only made us cry.” I put my arm around his back and moved closer to him, leaning my head on his shoulder. I wondered if his parents’ death was the reason he refused to get out of Taernsby and travel. There was no easy way to ask that, so I decided not to. Maybe some other time. We stayed by the river for a little while longer, until it got chilly, so we got dressed and left. By the end of the day, I felt we were closer to each other. We said goodbye in front of his house, with a long kiss and a promise to see each other in a few days. I was looking forward to it very much.
  3. Even if Ryan and Jasper come out to the other 3 guys, they'll probably have to hide their relationship from the public. I have a feeling the fanbase will have a harder time accepting the boys' relationship than the band members.
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    We've seen that Tyson is very smart and resourceful, it's just that he feels there is no hope, so he doesn't even want to try and fight. But now, it seems he's come up with something and I'm guessing it has to do with his parents. Poor Vlady tho, this was so rough on him. Brilliant and intense chapter! We need more!
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    "Only in Malaysia" - don't try to act brave, Jaymes. June is gonna come faster than you know and then you'll be wishing you could stay.
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    Thank you for all the love. I think we could all learn from responses like yours. I look forward to sharing the next chapter with all of you. ❤️
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    Thank you! You're completely right - without knowing it, Jeremy is inspiring Alex to do better. Unfortunately, we see that Jeremy's life isn't perfect either, so we'll see how that goes. And yeah, Nat needs to find a straight guy to lust over. Thanks for the comment!
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    I'm sorry you seemed to have completely missed the point of this chapter. I suggest reading other people's comments here to see why this was an important chapter to include. As for its length, it is on par with the other chapters in this story.
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    Ooh Apple knows what they're doing. That's how they get all those kids to spend their parents' money on video games.
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    Yup, Alex is slowly trying to make amends with others and get his life in order. Thanks for the comments!
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    It was a little past five when Alex and his dad arrived home from work. Alex went straight upstairs, where he took his dirty work uniform to the bathroom and threw it into the laundry basket. “Hey sweetie,” his mom greeted him as she passed by on her way to the kitchen. “Do you need that for tomorrow?” “Hey! No, I’m good, I’ll wear my spare one,” Alex told her. He was just glad to finally be back home and take off his shoes so his feet can breathe. The day was long and exhausting, and he wanted to get some rest. “Ok, I’ll wash it this weekend then,” Gaby replied. “Dinner’s almost ready.” “Great, I’m starving,” Alex nodded. It didn’t take him long after coming back from college to get used to mom’s cooking again. It was one of the biggest benefits of living with his parents - that much he couldn’t deny. He never bothered learning to cook for himself when he went off to college. Instead, he had settled for takeouts, instant soup and noodles. That was one of the things he admired Jeremy for. The guy knew how to bake and cook, and he did it really well! Sometimes, Alex wished he was that self-sufficient, but he was just too lazy to try and learn. Having went to his room, he lay down on his bed. He put two pillows under his head and took his phone, checking the football scores. There were several matches he didn’t get to watch, so he was dying to see the results. So far, he had managed to resist spending any money on the app. Saying that he didn’t think about it often would be a big lie, though. He sometimes even had nightmares about losing a huge amount on gambling, which would result in waking up all worked up and sweaty. Other times, he would dream about winning big and buying gifts for his family and friends. Still, he somehow managed to restrain himself. He didn’t even connect his VISA to his Google Play account, thinking it would discourage him from making any impulsive bets. There was also the threat of his dad checking his bank account and noticing suspicious purchases. At first, Alex thought it was just an empty threat his father made to keep him in check, but Nicholas really did check the bank statements regularly to see if his son was keeping his promise. As he finished scrolling through game scores, Alex’s mind drifted off to Jeremy. He still hadn’t figured out what to get him for his birthday, but an Amazon pop-up ad on the phone gave him an idea. He opened the browser and decided to check out the video game section. He remembered all of the video game figurines in Jeremy’s room and thought that would be a great idea for a gift. The choices were overwhelming and Alex was quickly lost in a dozen open tabs, trying to pick the best one. A few minutes later, when he heard his mom calling him to come down to eat, Alex put his phone away and went downstairs to the dining room. The table was already set and his dad was sitting at the head of it. “Where’s Liz?” Alex asked, seeing there were only three plates on the table. “Out with some friends,” Nicholas said, pouring himself some cream soup. Everyone in the family loved it, so Gaby made sure to make it at least once a week. Alex sat down to his dad’s left and helped himself to some soup as well. He especially liked the chopped carrots in it. Even as a kid, his parents never had to force him to eat vegetables - he loved them all. Well, all except beans - he could definitely live without them. Gaby came over a few moments later with a casserole pan, placing it next to the bowl of soup that was already on the table. She then sat down to her husband’s right and joined her family for dinner. Nicholas smiled at his wife and pointed over to Alex, who dove in as if he hadn’t eaten for weeks. Gaby found it amusing as well, setting down her spoon for a second. “Is my cooking that good or are you just starving?” “Both,” Alex said, swallowing the last bit of soup. “I’m beat today. We had so much work and I didn’t even have time for a proper meal. I just ate a sandwich.” He then proceeded to take a slice of bread and pour some casserole into his plate. “But this is really good too, you know I love it.” “Yeah, I saw you looked exhausted when I picked you up today,” his dad noticed. “Have you looked for any other jobs?” Alex just shook his head, as his mouth was still full. “No,” he finally said. He hesitated, wondering whether to tell his parents that he wanted to go back to his studies - at least at the local community college. It was something he had been thinking about for the past few weeks, especially as he was spending more time with Jeremy. The blond cutie had somehow managed to do it all - finish school, start his own business and even buy an apartment for himself. Granted, he used his family’s money for that, but still, it beat Alex’s living with his parents and working at a job with no future. One good thing about living with his family, however, was that Alex had almost no expenses. He didn’t even have to buy fuel since he didn’t own a car - his dad was driving him to and from work every day. That allowed him to save almost all of the money he earned over the past several months, and he intended to put it to good use and pay for his own tuition. At moments like those, he was envious of people like Brandon, who had so much more avenues open for them just because they were wealthy. Alex was perfectly aware that money couldn’t buy everything, and in his case, it even caused him so much trouble. Still, he had to acknowledge that having money could make some things so much easier. “Hey, Earth to Alex,” Nicholas nudged him, seeing how lost in thought his son appeared. “Sorry, I spaced out…” Alex shook his head. He looked down at his plate and decided to come clean. “You know, I’ve been thinking about finishing my studies. Since I only have one semester left, I thought I could enroll in our college here.” He then looked up to see his parent’s reactions. They briefly looked at each other and then at him. “That… sounds good,” Gaby cracked a big smile, making Alex feel relieved. He was anxious about how they would react. “I’m so glad to hear that!” “I second that,” Nicholas was quick to agree, though he didn’t appear as enthusiastic as Gaby. “Of course you should finish your studies. I was afraid you’d give up on them, which would be a shame.” “Yes, don’t be like your aunt Marilyn. She had two exams left and she never bothered taking them after she got married. Can you imagine getting so close to your degree and then not finishing it?” Alex nodded and tried to suppress a smile. He’d heard that story a hundred times already - his mom would always tell it when she wanted to teach her kids that one should see things through and not give up on one’s dreams. “Does that mean you’ll quit your job at the car wash?” Nicholas asked seriously. Alex figured his dad was suspicious of whether he would take his studies seriously this time. He would just have to prove himself. “Well, I thought I’d work there until the semester starts. I should have enough money for the tuition by then. Maybe I’ll get a part-time job if the schedule isn’t too crazy.” “Sounds like you thought this through,” his dad nodded. “Have you already looked into the study programs?” “Yeah, they have the tourism and marketing courses I want to finish.” In the end, both of Alex’s parents were pleased their son seemed to have come to his senses and was ready to take responsibility. With how good of a student he used to be, there was no reason for him not to finish his studies and get a good job in his field. Alex was grateful for the second chance he was being given, but he didn’t want to get sentimental. He could see his mom was on the verge of tears and there was no way he was going to sit there and watch her cry as she called him ‘her little boy’. Also, there was another matter he wanted to discuss with his parents, so he was quick to change the subject. “Speaking of college, are you guys gonna let Liz take a semester abroad?” “Uh, where did that come from?” Alex’s dad asked, raising his eyebrows in surprise. “She never mentioned anything to us.” “Ohh… That’s probably because of me,” Alex replied, feeling guilty. Liz was so convinced their parents wouldn’t let her go study abroad that she didn’t even bother asking them. “What do you mean?” “Because of… what I did in Paris, Liz thinks you guys aren’t going to risk it and let her go abroad too. Look, I know what I did was stupid, but she’s not like that, she wouldn’t do that. So please, don’t punish her because of me.” “Sweetie, don’t beat yourself up over it. What’s done is done and we can’t change it, but the important thing is that you’ve learned your lesson,” Alex’s mom said, reaching over to put a hand on her son’s shoulder. “We’ll talk to Liz about it, ok?” Alex managed a faint smile and nodded at his mom, feeling better after their talk. ~~ “I’m coming over in an hour.” Alex texted Jeremy, excited to see the guy. Even though Jeremy never mentioned it was his birthday, Alex had no intention of ignoring it. Even on his social media, the young baker posted nothing about the occasion. No tweets, posts or Instagram pictures about his birthday. Still, Alex wanted to see him and give him a present. The Sonic and Knuckles action figures he chose had arrived in the mail two days ago and looked amazing. If it was anyone else, Alex would’ve bought them something else and kept the figures for himself, but this was about Jeremy, not him. The two friends had spent many afternoons at each other’s houses playing Sonic, and the two characters were their favorites. Jeremy: K, I’ll be waiting for you! Alex made sure he was dressed up nicely, choosing a pale blue polo shirt, dark blue jeans and shoes of the same color. He wrapped the present, put it in a bag and was off to catch the bus to the Promenade. Finding a window seat at the back of the bus, he took out his phone to pass the time, just like nearly all the other passengers. He opened his Instagram to check if there was anything interesting. Other than his favorite comic artists posting new comics, there was nothing noteworthy. Brandon had added him a few weeks ago and had been liking some of Alex’s pictures. Other than that, the guy had mostly kept his distance. They hadn’t seen each other since that time when Alex paid him back the money. The ended it on good terms, though, which Alex felt good about. When he got off the bus near Jeremy’s street, Alex sent him a text to let him know he was on his way. It didn’t take him long to get to the bakery, though. Once he opened the door, he was surprised to see an unknown woman standing behind the counter. She seemed to be in her early thirties, wearing the same uniform Jeremy and his mom would wear during their shifts. She had a pair of thin-rimmed glasses on, while her long, black hair was tied into a ponytail. “Hi, how may I help you?” the woman asked in a pleasant voice, smiling at Alex. “Uh, I’m here to see the owner, Jeremy,” Alex said, a bit confused. For a milisecond, he thought Jeremy had sold the bakery without telling him, but then he realized how absurd that idea was. It was obviously just a new worker. “He’s in the back, I’ll call him right away.” Just as the woman took a few steps toward the back door, Jeremy opened it and came out, his vivid blue eyes finding Alex’s brown ones. “Hey, you made it!” “Yeah,” Alex smiled, holding the gift bag behind his back. “Sorry, I just saw your message. Come on up here,” Jeremy invited him and the two guys went through the back door and upstairs to Jeremy’s apartment. “Who’s that?” Alex asked as they climbed the stairs. “Oh, that’s Trisha. Mom’s going back home next week, so I had to find someone to work the second shift,” the blond guy explained. “I mean, mom can’t stay here forever.” “Sure,” Alex was quick to agree, wondering what that meant for their relationship. Would they be able to see each other more freely, without worrying they’d get caught? He sure hoped so. “By the way, Natalie’s here,” Jeremy whispered before they entered his room. “Oh,” Alex’s face fell as they stopped in the hallway. He couldn’t deny he was disappointed as he was hoping for some alone time with the other guy. He knew Natalie probably won’t be thrilled to see him, and he sure wasn’t looking forward to seeing her. “Thanks for the heads-up.” He followed Jeremy into the room and saw his friend sitting on a chair at the computer table. The girl’s face seemed to have turned to stone upon seeing Alex. Neither was pleased to see the other, that much was clear. Still, if Jeremy wanted to keep her in his life, Alex knew he’d have to take the high road and try to be civil - as long as she didn’t provoke him. “Um, hey Natalie,” Alex greeted her, clearing his throat and giving her just a cursory glance. “Hey,” the girl gave him a small wave. “How’ve you been?” “Good, good,” he sat down and placed the bag he was carrying down on the floor, not wanting to draw attention to it. “Want something to drink? Soda, water?” Jeremy asked, turning to Alex. “Nah, I’m good, maybe later.” An uncomfortable silence quickly filled the room and Natalie was quick to get up. “I should really get going. Happy birthday once again, Jeremy,” she said and gave her friend a hug before leaving. Once the door was closed and the two guys were left alone, Jeremy sat on his chair with a sigh. “Well, that could’ve gone worse,” Alex offered. He was actually surprised Natalie was so civil this time, but figured it was probably because Jeremy was present. “How are things with you two?” “As you can see, awkward.” Alex got up from the couch and went over to his friend, motioning for him to stand up too. “What?” Jeremy asked, looking up. “Come on, up, up!” He took the blond guy by the hands and as he got up, pulled him into a hug. “Hey, I don’t want you feeling down, especially not today, ok? Happy birthday, man,” Alex said, his arms wrapped around Jeremy’s skinny back. He could feel the other guy relax in his arms, and a soft reply soon followed. “Thanks.”
  12. ObicanDecko

    Chapter 8

    This is going to be a difficult assignment for Logan's team. I wonder if any of the 13 people working in the castle could be the perpetrator...
  13. ObicanDecko

    Chapter 16

    I hope it's not like Doctor Who, where they all speak their own language and the Tardis translates it to English, but their mouths inexplicably move as if they were speaking English.
  14. ObicanDecko

    Chapter 16

    Loved it! Louie speaking English is everything I needed!
  15. ObicanDecko

    Going places

    That was a lovely trip for Geoff and Tony, and the talk of a potential wedding in the future was a nice touch! Wes is an idiot and Stuart needs some kind of therapy. Or at least one good backhand across the jaw from 'the Hulk' .
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