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  1. ObicanDecko

    Chapter 4

    Yes that was him!
  2. ObicanDecko

    Unholy Trinity

    Well it definitely didn't take long for the rotten apples of the school to rear their ugly heads! Ugh bullies are the worst. I love Billy so much I just want to give him a hug! ❤️ I like how he goes into detail describing everything, his thought process is so fun to follow. But I'm afraid he's going to have a hard time in school, it's such a massive change for him, and at the most vulnerable age. Also, I'm intrigued by the tags for this story! Can't wait to see what else is in store. I am enjoying it so much!
  3. Aww I love this chapter, it sets the story so well (tho it is quite sad but of course, that was necessary at this point). I actually really enjoyed all the narration and descriptions, it reminds me of Charles Dickens and Mark Twain. I can totally see Billy hanging out with Tom Sawyer! On second thought, Billy is probably too good for him. I'm a sucker for sweet country boys, so I can already tell I'm going to have a soft spot for him!
  4. Aww we love our little cutie Kit! And Tyler too ofc. Whoever came up with those lizard names is a proper LEGEND! For a sec I thought you were referring to actual users here on GA lol xD But who would you root for in a Marcus versus Sanders scenario?
  5. So true! We are equally big on spicy food, so I would def be tempted to answer all questions just to avoid getting my mouth burned. That gif tho!! xD Thank you frend, I'm keen as a bean for you to read the rest!
  6. ObicanDecko


    It was homecoming time for Samson Flynn. After months of travelling around the globe, changing time zones and cities, the singer and his entourage were finally back in the United States. With all of the legs of his nearly sold out ‘Night Calls Tour’ successfully finished, the singer was ready to once again settle down at his New York home. “Finally,” Anna sighed as the plane touched down in Chicago, where Samson had a TV appearance scheduled. After hours in the air, they were finally back on solid ground. “What, first class not good enough for you to forget about your fear of flying?” Samson teased his friend. “Honey, I got over the fear after the second glass of champagne, but I still can’t wait to get out and stretch my legs,” the girl replied. “Me too,” Hank nodded, checking his small travel bag to make sure he didn’t forget anything. “First class or not, I need some fresh air and a big lunch at a nice restaurant.” “Make that two,” Anna was quick to agree, before turning to her best friend. “You don’t seem terribly excited?” Avoiding her gaze, Samson grabbed his stuff and started moving toward the exit along with Hank and other first-class passengers. Anna followed close behind. “No, it’s just that I’m tired, we’ve been on the road for months,” the singer said. “I don’t know how Hank always talks me into these long tours. Next time, I swear I’m only doing like ten dates. Or maybe a Vegas residency.” “Oh, now it’s my fault,” Hank snickered, turning around briefly. “Well, I gotta blame someone, and you were the closest,” Samson winked at him. The truth that he wouldn’t admit was that returning home was quite a bittersweet prospect for the singer. On one hand, he was indeed feeling fatigued from travelling and performing for so long, as the touring schedule was often grueling. He couldn’t wait to come back home to his apartment, his cat and his family. On the other hand, being back in America only served to remind him of his ongoing feud with Melanie Roy. Few of the biggest radio stations still refused to play his music. Doing an interview with them was out of the question – as much as Hank tried to schedule one, they would not have him. It was a problem he certainly didn't have in the rest of the world, where he was more popular than ever. Of course, his chart-obsessed fans had long ago noticed that his airplay in the USA had declined and kept pestering radio hosts on social media to play his songs. The singer knew their efforts were futile and felt bad that they were wasting their time. “Are you texting your new BFF?” Anna teased, walking along Samson through the airport. The singer had his face buried in his phone, only occasionally glancing up to see where he was going. “What?” he frowned, turning to Anna. “Is that Tyler?” she asked again, pointing at his phone. “Ugh, honey, we’re not BFFs,” Samson rolled his eyes even though Anna couldn’t see them through his dark sunglasses. “We just text once in a while. Turns out he’s pretty cool.” Ever since their heart-to-heart talk and impromptu joint performance at Samson’s London show, the two singers stayed in touch, texting each other and even talking on the phone on occasion. Samson found the Brit genuine and friendly, and appreciated his inquisitive nature and somewhat naive view of things. Unlike many in the industry, there was nothing fake about Tyler, which the other singer found refreshing. “And don’t worry, he’s not going to replace you. No one can do that,” he smiled at Anna, reassuring her. “I was actually texting my cat sitter. Cheops seems to be doing fine.” “Aww, were you hoping she was going to say that he’s missing you terribly?” “Well, would that be too much to ask? I miss him,” Samson said, opening a photo of his precious Siamese on his phone. “What about you? Are you missing your beau?” “Austin? He’s not… We’re not even dating,” she tried to sound casual, but Samson didn’t fail to notice the faint smile on her lips whenever she would talk about the famous actor. “But you did go out twice, and you’re still keeping in touch, right? Are you going to see him again?” “Maybe. He’s back in New York now, so… Yeah, probably,” Anna finally admitted. “He’s… different from other guys. So charismatic and just fun to be around.” “And super hot,” the singer winked. “I’m so happy for you, gurl! You deserve it,” he added, wrapping an arm around her waist and pulling her closer. It was already half past noon when the crew checked into the hotel, hungry and tired. With Anna gone to make an urgent phone call – which Samson suspected to have something to do with her potential actor boyfriend – the singer and his manager went to the hotel restaurant, finding a private table where they were less likely to be disturbed. Even though the food was delicious, Samson was clearly not in the best of spirits, as much as he tried to pretend otherwise. It wasn’t long before Hank spoke up, getting his attention. “Hey, how you feelin’? I’ve never seen you so disinterested in marzipan cake before.” “Oh, right,” the singer looked up from his plate, where he was randomly poking at a slice of his favorite dessert with a fork. “I was just thinking.” “Let me guess – about Melanie Roy?” “Ugh, can you blame me?” the singer let out a frustrated sigh, giving the cake an angry stab. “I’m just fed up with it, Hank. How long can she keep this up, huh?” “It’s frustrating, I know, but I’m working something out. I don’t want to say too much yet, but you’ll see what I have in mind very soon.” “Honey, since when are you so mysterious?” Samson looked at his friend and manager in amusement, cocking an eyebrow. Hank was usually an open book. “I just want to surprise you, ok?” the other man shrugged, a coy smile on his lips. “You’ll see.” Samson was thrilled when he went up to his luxurious top floor penthouse after lunch. The place was lavishly decorated with comfortable sofas, heavy golden drapes and large paintings that covered the walls. One of the corners of the main room featured a beautiful grand piano, placed next to the glass wall that provided a magnificent panoramic view of the city. The bedroom was just as stunning, with a massive king-sized bed, palms in every corner, a walk-in closet and a door leading out onto the large balcony. Feeling tired and sated after the meal, the singer decided to take a nap. He could take that bubble bath he’d been yearning for later. It was about an hour later that he woke up, stretching in bed before getting up to get some fresh air on the balcony. It was then that he realized there was pleasant piano music coming from the other room. Someone was playing the grand piano! Curious, he rushed over, half-expecting to see Anna fiddling with the keys, even though he knew very well she couldn’t play an instrument to save her life. As he stepped into the main room, the familiar mop of blond hair peaked above the piano, causing him to stop and stare in disbelief. Hank stood nearby, sipping a drink and enjoying the music. “Tyler?!” Samson stepped forward, trying to make sense of the situation. The Brit stopped playing and looked over at the other singer, a guilty smile on his face. “What… what are you doing here?” “Hey! Surprised?” “Uh, yeah!” Samson laughed as the blond guy got up, going in for a hug. “A nice surprise, though! I’m so glad to see you, darling. I had no idea you were in Chicago!” “Yeah, I came a few days ago. I’m glad to see you too! Hank got in touch with me and asked me to come here.” “Guilty,” the manager replied. “That’s awesome! How have you been?” Samson asked. “By the way, I didn’t know you could play the piano.” “Yeah, a bit. I mainly play the guitar, but I’ve been learning some piano on the side. It’s very relaxing, you should try it.” “Maybe I will. So what are you doing here, anyway?” “Well, actually, I’m here with my new manager, Alison. We’ve been looking at some property. You know, since I’ve been spending a lot of time on this side of the pond, it just makes sense that I have a place to stay. I’ve also checked out some flats in New York, but I’m still not sure which city to go for.” “Well, you know New York is my one true love, so I’m biased. By the way, I’m so glad you have a new manager,” Samson said. “As long as that Florence bitch is gone for good!” Tyler nodded, beaming with joy. “Yeah, she’s gone. And oh man, Alison is amazing. She’s also been managing PKS and the Runway Girls. Seriously, she and Florence are like night and day.” “I’m so glad to hear that!” Joined by Hank, the rivals-turned-friends moved things to the living room, planting themselves on a massive couch as soft as a cloud, catching up on everything they did since that joint performance at the O2 Arena in London. “I’ve been meaning to ask, have you seen Stacy again? I know you talked about her back when we were in London,” Samson decided to ask, hoping it wasn’t a touchy subject. “No,” Tyler replied, his voice getting a little quiet. “We did have a long talk over the phone after everything with Florence was finished and… Well, she’s in Manchester now, busy with college, and with my crazy schedule, I don’t know if we can make it work. I’m still not used to all of this, and I can’t ask her to wait for me.” “I get it,” the other guy nodded with compassion. “Show business can be a bitch, especially for someone so young. But hey, we don’t have to talk about that. Let’s save the sob stories for when we’re drunk, ok?” he added, trying to lighten the mood. “So, you say Hank invited you here? Come on, then, what’s the tea?” “Glad you asked,” the manager replied. There was a knowing smile on his face that Samson was dying to figure out. “You see, I had an idea that could be very good for your career. For both of your careers, actually,” he added, looking at both singers. “Um, ok?” Tyler said, sounding unsure. It was clear to Samson that the Brit had no clue what this was about either. “Ok, so… This is very out of the box, but just listen to me, please. Tyler, I hope you don’t mind that Samson told me about your stage fright problem. I mean, it’s nothing to be embarrassed about, a lot of people go through the same thing - even seasoned actors and singers.” The Brit merely nodded, allowing Hank to continue. “And Samson has already told you about his problems with Melanie Roy. Well, what if we could kill two birds with one stone? What if you guys teamed up and recorded an album together?” “Uh…” at a loss for words, Samson looked at his manager, then to Tyler, who seemed equally taken aback. “What? You mean like…” “Like a duo. Your music’s not that different, I’m sure you could find a sound that would suit you both. And it wouldn’t hurt either of you to get out of your comfort zone and experiment a bit,” Hank explained. “Think about it. I’ve seen how you two performed together in London. Tyler, you gotta admit, it’s much easier being on stage with someone else than alone, right? This way, you’d always be performing together. You could get lots of tips from Samson and get used to performing on big stages. And Samson, you have to admit, Tyler is the biggest pop star right now. He’s still fresh and everyone loves him.” Samson glanced over, noticing how the blond guy ducked his head, his cheeks burning red. “There is no way Melanie can afford not to play his songs on the radio. The demand is just too high. If you made music together, she would have no choice but to play them because of Tyler, as much as she wants to cancel you,” the manager finished his proposal. “I mean…” Tyler was the first to speak. “I never thought of it like that.” “Uh, yeah. How long were you working on this idea?” Samson asked, looking impressed. “Well, it first occurred to me after your show in London. You seemed to work the stage well together,” Hank said. “Of course, it’s just a suggestion, and you don’t have to decide anything now. Just something to think about.” “No, I was actually going to say it does make sense,” Samson replied. “I mean, at least in theory.” “You really think this could work?” Tyler asked. “To be honest, I have no idea,” the other singer laughed. “I think no one would actually expect it from either of us, so maybe it’s crazy enough that it might actually work. But I’m sure it would be tons of fun!” “Right?! That’s what I was thinking too,” the Brit perked up. “We could rent a studio in London and record some stuff there. Or I could come to New York.” “What do you guys say we go out tonight and talk about this some more?” Hank suggested. “First round is on me. And of course, Tyler, you should bring Alison so we can meet her. As your manager, I’m sure she’ll have some opinions on this.” “Sure, I can do that.” “Awesome, I’m really looking forward to this! Hank, I don’t know if I ever told you this, but you’re a genius,” Samson said, reaching out to put his arms around both men. Nothing in life was guaranteed, that much he knew, but he also knew that he wouldn’t have made it this far in life if he had been afraid to take risks. Hank’s suggestion was definitely a big gamble at this stage of his and Tyler’s career, but it certainly made a lot of sense, and the benefits they could both reap from it were huge. The more Samson thought about the idea, the more he began to warm up to it. As he sat at a table that night, along with Anna, Hank, Tyler and his manager Alison, the singer found himself smiling, giddy with excitement. The Brit seemed even more excited about the prospect than he had been that afternoon, and even his manager responded positively to the idea. “We’ll definitely stay in touch to arrange everything, but if you guys are down for this, then I’ll be there to support you every step of the way,” Alison said with a warm smile on her face. “I think you’re right that no one will be expecting this. I certainly know I wasn’t.” “Well, me neither until today,” Tyler laughed. “But I think we’re going to knock it out of the park!” “You two will be amazing together, there’s no doubt about that,” Hank chimed in. “You’re already destroying it on your own, but together you’ll be unstoppable.” “Don’t let it go to their heads, they’ll get all conceited,” Alison replied jokingly. “Oh, it’s already too late for this one,” Hank smiled, gesturing at Samson, which earned him a slap on the arm from the singer. “Well then,” Anna announced, raising her glass, with everyone following suit. “Let’s toast to the future kings of pop - to Tyler & Samson!” “You mean Samson & Tyler,” the black-haired singer stuck his tongue out, correcting her. “Ok, we can figure out the name later,” Tyler clinked their glasses, laughing together with the rest of the group as they all cheered to a successful partnership of the two new friends. ~~ Gentle waves lapped on the shore as the sun relentlessly shone from the clear sky, bathing everything in daylight. The private beach was empty save for a single occupant, lying on his towel in the shade of a giant green parasol. It was peaceful, with only the sound of winds, birds and water – just what he needed. Paradise. As he lay motionless, breathing in the fresh air, Ash opened his eyes for a moment, glancing over at the empty towel to his left. He then closed his eyes again, surrendering to the bliss that was Maui. The singer couldn’t believe he had never been to the Hawaiian island before, not even for business. The place was stunning, and the private villa he had rented for Marcus and himself had everything they needed. It was the perfect getaway from everything – media frenzy, demands of the job, Cliff Sanders… Here, they were in their own little world, where no one could bother them – at least for a few weeks. It was the least that they deserved after everything they had been through. The warm air and gentle background noises almost lulled him to sleep, but all it took was one ring of his phone to bring him back to his senses. Opening his eyes, Ash frowned and reached over for his beach bag, fishing out his cell phone. Seeing the friendly face of his former bandmate, however, made him crack a smile. “Hey, Jin! How are you?” “Ash, my man! I’m good,” the guy replied loudly. Ash could hear voices in the background, recognizing them as the other 2Good members. “I’m here with the boys. We’re sorry we didn’t get the chance to call sooner, but we just wanted to check how you were doing. I mean, we saw the news and everything.” “It’s all good. It was… uh, it was all a bit unplanned, but it happened and I’m glad it did. I didn’t want to hide who I was anymore, including from you guys. I should’ve told you sooner, but…” “Hey, I understand. We are all with you all the way,” Jin replied, turning on the speakerphone so the other guys could talk as well. Ash found himself genuinely smiling, enjoying the chaotic chat with his five former bandmates. Even Hyun sounded less frosty than usual – it was likely the presence of other guys that caused him to behave, but Ash still appreciated it nonetheless. “Hey, I hope you’re thinking about what we talked about last time?” Nik asked at some point. “Yeah, I thought about it a lot,” Ash admitted, knowing they were going to ask him about their proposition. “And I would love to come over and see you guys, so we can talk about it in person.” “Really?!” came the shocked voice of Nik, followed by murmurs and questions from all the other guys. “You’re not playing?” “No, I’m serious. I gotta admit, I missed you guys, and I’d love to do something together with you again. I’m not saying it’s gonna be permanent, ok? Maybe just one album for starters, and then we’ll see. Is that ok?” “Fuck yes!” “I knew it!” Pulling the phone away from his ear, Ash laughed as he listened to the five guys cheer, their excitement infectious and evident even over the phone. He had a lot to offer, and his solo career was far from over, but rejoining his bandmates at that point just felt right. Being a part of a bigger unit, traveling and performing together – it was the best time of his life. Thinking back, he had so many amazing memories with 2Good, and now he had another shot at it. And if all of them wanted it, there was nothing stopping them. They had ruled the kpop scene at one point, so who’s to say they couldn’t do it again? With more experience, skill and understanding for each other, they could be stronger than ever. It wasn’t even a minute after his talk with the guys that Ash’s phone started ringing again, causing him to groan in frustration. He had brought it in case of emergencies, but was already regretting that decision. “Ugh, now what?” he muttered, reaching for the device. This time, it was his manager’s face on the screen. “Ash, are you coming or what?” the voice of Paul Raines was puzzled and urgent. “Didn’t we say four o’clock?” “Yeah, I’m afraid I won’t be able to make it,” the singer replied, suppressing a laugh. “What? Why didn’t you say anything sooner? Should we reschedule for tomorrow?” “How about in two weeks?” Ash said, stretching and yawning. As he did so, he noticed Marcus returning from the villa, carrying a cooler, hopefully filled with cold beer. The dancer bounced over gracefully, planting himself onto the towel and leaning over to kiss Ash on the lips. “Who is it?” he mouthed, pointing at the phone in Ash’s hand. “Paul,” the singer mouthed back, trying to pay attention to the conversation. “Two weeks? Wait, where are you?” Paul asked. Even though he found the situation funny, Ash couldn’t help but feel a little guilty. Paul was a good manager, but this was something he desperately needed to do. If he had told Paul about his plans, there was no way the man would have let him fly away to Hawaii so easily. “At the beach,” he replied matter-of-factly. Marcus leaned over again, handing him a cold beer. “Thanks, babe,” Ash whispered, letting his fingers linger on Marcus’ as their hands touched. “What beach?!” “Sorry, Paul, I’m losing you. The reception here is awful. I’ll talk to you in two weeks, ok? Bye!” After hanging up, Ash made sure to put his phone on silent before shoving it back in his beach bag. No more distractions. “What did he want?” Marcus asked, lying in a tight crimson speedo that showed off his hefty bulge. With dark sunglasses on his eyes and muscled hands tucked behind his head, he looked amazing. Ash turned over to look at him, soaking up the sight of his hot boyfriend. “We were supposed to have a meeting about the new record label today,” he replied, his hungry eyes travelling slowly from the dancer’s head all the way down to his toes, observing every sweaty muscle on his body. “Oh, what are you going to do about that? You’ve got some good offers,” the dancer asked, removing his sunglasses and turning to lay on the side so that he was facing Ash. “Yeah, we still haven’t decided. If everything goes well with 2Good, maybe I’ll switch to their new label. But Platinum Street also offered me an amazing deal.” “Tyler’s label, right?” “Yeah, that’s what we were supposed to have a meeting about,” the singer said. “They’re offering a lot of money, and what’s even better, a lot of creative freedom.” “Ooh, Sanders is going to be pissed,” Marcus shook his head, evidently delighted by the news. “Well, nothing he can do about it,” the Korean shrugged. “I just know I’ll be glad never to have to see that asshole again.” “I know! Good riddance to that trash.” “But enough about work,” Ash said, suddenly adopting a sexy, seductive tone. Placing his beer on the ground, he rolled over to his boyfriend until they were lying side to side on the same towel, their nearly naked bodies touching. “I think we should spend our time doing something more… productive.” “Mmm, I like the way you think,” Marcus whispered, wrapping his arms around Ash, sliding one of them to his ass and giving it a light squeeze. He used the other hand to explore Ash’s arms and back, touching every inch of his warm skin he could reach. “Kiss me,” Ash demanded. Without waiting for a response, he leaned in and pressed his lips against his boyfriend’s, his tongue eagerly probing. Marcus promptly parted his wet, full lips, moaning as Ash’s tongue entered his mouth, pressing against his own. The gentle caresses and friction between their grinding bodies made the singer hard in an instant. He could feel Marcus’ erection against his own, the dancer’s tiny speedo unable to conceal it. With his skillful hands, Ash made short work of their clothes, leaving them both completely naked. After two rounds of passionate lovemaking on the beach, the two young men lay together in post-orgasmic bliss, their sweaty bodies hotter than the sun. His chest still heaving, the singer rolled off his boyfriend, but still lovingly gazed into his content face. “That was the best one yet,” Marcus whispered, spent but satisfied. “Yeah? Maybe it’s the change of scenery,” Ash suggested. Suddenly feeling sleepy and exhausted, he closed his eyes, placing a hand on his boyfriend’s chest, feeling his heartbeat. “I know it’s still too early, but… Do you regret it? You know, coming out?” Marcus suddenly asked. Ash lifted his head to look at him, cupping his face with his gentle hands and reassuring him with a sweet peck on the lips. After everything they went through, he couldn’t blame the guy for sometimes feeling insecure. He smiled contentedly, shaking his head with absolute certainty and confidence. “Not at all.” For him, everything was finally starting to fall into place. The media frenzy was still going on, but he knew that Marcus and he would just have to ride out the storm until it subsides. Now that he had finally come out, there was no going back, but that was fine. He felt more exposed now that everyone knew his secret, but at least he had plenty of supportive people in his corner - his family, manager, Marcus, even his bandmates. The road may have been long, difficult and messy, but the destination was all that he had dreamed of, and the future more promising than ever.
  7. ObicanDecko

    The Dream Team

    Glad you liked the resolution of the Tyler-Samson drama! Yes, 1 chapter to go, I hope you're ready! I'm as sad as you are, I hate saying goodbye to these guys! I'll miss them a lot, but it had to happen at some point. And you're right, I'm so happy to see you've enjoyed the story! Thanks for all the support so far! Wow not even the Beatles were convincing enough for your parents to let you go to the concert? What kind of music were they into? Hey, did you have to bring out the s-word? (OK I'd be lying if I said I hadn't been thinking about a sequel. We shall see! ) Thank you anyway, and I'm glad you liked the two boys performing together! That's true, Tyler could really use someone with experience to give him some advice. I hope you'll like what's coming in the final chapter then! Wow thank you, I'm so happy to hear that I made it all believable. I'm really into the music industry, so I'm glad all my trivia knowledge didn't go to waste! Thank you for all the support!
  8. ObicanDecko

    Breaking Free

    Yup, Ash is starting to call the shots now! And Tyler is about to give Samson a piece of his mind. Let's see what happens next! They sure did throw a wrench in Sanders' plans. Ash is done taking orders from him. Hahah Cliff came out of this as the biggest loser for sure. He's smart enough to suspect Ash, but knowing that he can't prove it is going to eat him up. Good advice for Samson, let's see what he does! Tyler definitely deserves an apology at the very least!
  9. Samson never shied away from conflict. He had no problem putting people in their place and telling them what he really meant about them, but he was in no mood to argue with Tyler. It wasn’t because he was intimidated by him, but simply because he couldn’t stand to even look at him. The British singer represented something Samson disliked more than anything - someone who came onto the scene and became a giant success seemingly overnight. Was it by sheer luck or through some connections? Was it because Tyler was a straight boy who ticked all the boxes of what a male singer should look and act like according to society? Samson couldn’t be sure. But what he did know was that he had worked hard for his place in the music industry for years and still hadn’t managed to reach those heights. As he looked at the other singer standing at the door and glaring at him, he realized the guy would not back down until they talked. Oh well, maybe it was time he finally spoke his mind. “Anna, could you leave us alone? Tell Hank I’ll be out soon,” Samson asked his friend. The girl simply nodded and quickly left, leaving the two singers alone. “Ok, I’m listening,” he shrugged, looking at Tyler with disinterest. The Brit gulped before taking a few steps further into the room, settling down in an armchair across from where Samson was sitting. “I just want to know why you’re acting this way toward me. What did I ever do to you?” “Acting what way?” Samson played innocent. “What did you think, that just because we’re both singers, we’ll be best friends? We’re strangers who happened to have chosen the same career - nothing more, nothing less. It’s one of the lessons you have to learn in showbiz - not everyone is going to like you. In fact, a lot of people won’t. You just have to deal with it.” “Come on, don’t be a smart-arse. You know what I’m talking about. It’s not that you don’t want to be my friend. You seem to actively dislike me. You have it out for me but I’ve never done anything to you. You know, you’ve always been one of my favorite singers. I watched all of your performances and admired you. Whenever I’d see you on stage, putting on a show, dancing, I would think - man, this guy is brilliant. He’s a proper superstar! He can dance, he can sing, and he’s so confident in whatever he does. I could never be like him. Guess what I didn’t realize was that the guy I admired was also stuck up and rude, and not worth my time.” “You don’t know the first thing about me, honey,” Samson was quick to correct him. “I know this much from the way you’ve been acting around me. All the papers write about how Kelly Marvel is a big diva, but she’s got nothing on you.” “Fine, wanna know why I don’t like you? Because you’re fake,” the older singer said, much to Tyler’s surprise. “That’s right, don’t play naive with me. You have this image of a sweet, young boy next door, the British sweetheart, but you’re using every dirty trick in the book to get ahead. Do you know how much I’ve been struggling to succeed in this industry? How harder everything was for me because I’m gay? And then when I finally get my time to shine, guess who decides to drop his album on the same day as me? And don’t tell me it was a coincidence, because my release date was known months in advance.” “That wasn’t even…” “Then, Stardust Awards. I get the prime slot for my performance, but then a week before the show, they tell me I’ve been bumped to the end of the show. Again, all because of the new superstar. You’re an industry plant if I ever saw one. Damn, your label must’ve spent millions to promote you. I hope it was worth it.” “Samson, none of that was my doing!” Tyler finally erupted, unable to stay silent any longer. “I never wanted any of that, and I didn’t even get a say in it. Do you think I demanded to take your place at the award show? My label, my manager, they were the ones who arranged all of it. I just went along because I had no choice. I’m like a baby learning to walk here. I have no idea what I’m doing half the time. Up until recently, I had a manager who controlled every aspect of my life. When she told me I had to do an interview, or perform at some place, I would do it because I didn’t think I could say no. She made my girlfriend break up with me! At the Stardust Awards, I almost ran away because my anxiety was so bad, but I ended up having to perform. So if you think I had some evil master plan to... ruin your career or whatever, you’re wrong,” words poured out of his mouth as he shared his struggles. Samson only stared silently and listened, wondering if he had horribly misjudged the other guy. “And I never even thought that I was somehow, I dunno, stealing your thunder. I never saw it that way. I mean, you’re a superstar, how could I even compete with you?” There was a knock on the door. “Samson, you here?” Hank’s voice came from the other side. “Yeah,” the singer replied. A moment later, the door opened. “Hey, we gotta go,” the manager said, his eyes freezing on Tyler. “Uh, yeah, right. Let’s go,” Samson replied, sounding a little lost. He was still trying to process Tyler’s words, having no idea what to say to him. It was all too much. He grabbed his phone and looked around the room to see if there was anything else of his he forgot to take. Finally, he turned to Tyler, at a loss for words. “I, uh… I’ll see ya.” With that, Samson turned around and left the dressing room, rushing after his manager. His concert was tomorrow night, so he had the whole next day to do some last minute rehearsals. Today, he just needed to be alone and think. “So, how did it go?” Anna asked once Samson and Hank joined her in the limo that was waiting for them. “It was… I don’t know,” the singer said, looking blankly ahead. “Don’t tell me you got amnesia now. I want to hear all the details!” “Ugh, where do I even begin...” “How about from the moment I left the room?” “Ok, but no judging,” Samson said, knowing very well Anna and Hank would have a few choice words for the way he’d been behaving. And like that, he recounted his conversation with Tyler, feeling like trash for the way he had been treating him. He couldn’t help but recognize a bit of himself in the British boy from when he started his own career over two years ago. He had also been young and inexperienced, feeling as though he couldn’t say no to anything. Samson was a big believer in karma, and now, he believed he was getting his just desserts. Everything he was going through with Melanie Roy was punishment for the way he treated Tyler. By the time he finished his story, he didn’t need his manager or his best friend to tell him what he should do next. He had no idea where Tyler lived, so he did the next best thing - opened his Twitter and sent the other singer a private message, asking him to come to his concert tomorrow night and to stay after the show for a talk. To his surprise, Tyler soon responded affirmatively. ~~ The London crowd was as wild and amazing as Samson remembered it from his previous concert there, a little over a year ago. This time, though, there were even more people and they seemed to know all the words to his songs, even the new ones. Riding high on adrenaline and euphoria, Samson worked his way through the show like the pro that he was - singing, dancing and strutting around the stage, with the occasional quick trip backstage to change his outfit. Before he knew it, the concert had come to an end, and after the encore, he said goodbye to the crowd and went backstage. It was just a few minutes later that one of the security guards came up to him, letting him know that he had a visitor. Once again, Tyler Edwards was entering his dressing room, but this time, both guys were in a much different mood than the first time. Tyler - curious but cautiously optimistic, and Samson - ashamed and tired. “Hey, thanks for agreeing to come.” “Yeah, no problem,” the Brit nodded, sounding reserved and cold. “Come in, sit. Can I get you anything to drink?” “Thanks, I’m good,” Tyler replied as he sat on a comfy orange sofa, looking around nervously. “Wow, that was one hell of a show you put on there.” The small smile on his face showed that he actually enjoyed himself at the concert even though right now he was at the edge of his seat, wondering why Samson had invited him. “Thanks, I’m glad you had fun,” the older singer replied in a sweet, humble tone. Tyler immediately noticed the stark difference to their previous conversation. “Before I begin, if you say anything about this to anyone, I will snatch your wig and bury it at the bottom of the English Channel, ok?” Tyler laughed, nodding. “Ok, understood.” “Good,” Samson gave him a silly smirk. “Look, I want to apologize for the way I acted. It was really crappy of me and I’m sorry. I know I can be bitchy, but in a good way. This was… just really awful of me and I’m sorry. The truth is, I was jealous because I thought you were stealing my moment. You know, I’ve been working so hard for years and to have someone new come and surpass me just like that… it made me angry. But I never stopped to think that maybe you worked just as hard as I did. From where I stood, you seemed to have it all so easy and that’s what really bugged me. So, yeah, I’m really sorry.” “Thank you,” Tyler replied, his tense shoulders finally relaxing. “This means a lot to me, you know? When I said I admired you and that I was a fan, those weren’t just empty words. I really meant it. I always admired your confidence, charisma, how you work the stage like you were born there. And yeah, I admit, maybe I did have it easy. I got the contract and everything pretty quickly, but it wasn’t all a walk in the park, you know. At the Stardust Awards…” “Oh, right,” Samson interrupted him, biting his lip nervously. He just realized he had another confession to make, one that could very well ruin his previous sincere apology. “What?” “Well, I need to tell you something else. At the awards, I overheard your manager saying how she couldn’t find you anywhere. So, I went to look and I ended up finding you out on the fire escape. I shut the bathroom window so you couldn’t climb back inside, and then I went over to the producers to see if they’d let me perform instead. That was really dirty of me and again, I’m really sorry. Gosh, I keep saying that, but I do mean it. I hope you can forgive me.” “I can’t believe you would do that,” Tyler looked at Samson with indignation. “What the fuck, man…” “I know, I acted like a complete asshole and I feel terrible.” “Yeah? Well you should. I was out there… You know what, it doesn’t even matter. I’m going,” the Brit said as he got up and headed for the door. “Tyler, wait,” Samson jumped, reaching out for him. “Look, everything I told you tonight is one hundred percent true. I promise. Can we just talk and put this stupid fight behind us?” The younger guy looked him over suspiciously, still torn between wanting to leave and wanting to stay. On one hand, he was really tired of people betraying him, but on the other, he had no friends in show business. He was still new and everything and everyone still seemed intimidating. Maybe it wouldn’t be such a bad thing to try and patch things up with Samson. “No more sabotage attempts?” “No, I swear. I’m all done with confessions for today.” “Ok then,” Tyler replied. As he sat back down on the sofa, finally accepting a beer from Samson, he explained to him all about his stage fright and how he escaped through the window that night because he was too anxious to perform. Samson never interrupted him, waiting for Tyler to finish his story. “Oh, honey, I had no idea. And here I thought my night was bad, but yours was terrible,” Samson said, empathising with him. “Yeah… It ended up alright, but I was so close to just ditching the whole thing,” Tyler admitted. “I guess what you did didn’t matter because I came back anyway. Florence was going to be pissed either way, so…” “Hey, I have an idea,” Samson suddenly perked up, a mischievous look in his eyes. “Have you ever performed in this arena?” “The O2? Hell no. Maybe if I had ten of these beers beforehand…” “Well, you know I’m doing another concert here tomorrow? How about you join me onstage for a song or two, you know, like a surprise guest?” “No, no way...” Tyler shook his head, imagining the huge crowd that he was a part of tonight. The arena could hold up to 20,000 people. “It’s probably going to be full, right?” “Bitch, you better believe it’s sold out!” Samson replied in mock offense before bursting into chuckles. “But seriously, though, that’s the whole point. It’ll be like a practice run, so you can see what it’s like to perform for so many people. And besides, I’ll be there on the stage with you, so you won’t be alone. It’ll be fun! You can even choose the song. Think of it as my way of making it up to you.” The Brit mulled it over, realizing what a once in a lifetime opportunity this would be. He would be performing with one of his idols. He was terrified, but Samson was right, it would be much easier with someone to share the stage with. “Hm, I don’t know about this… I’m gonna have to think about it, ok?” he finally replied, fidgeting with his fingers. “But if I do decide to come, could I get four extra tickets for my family?” ~~ The cramped Edwards family apartment was a hive of activity as the household members were trying to get ready in time for Tyler’s big performance that night. While Marissa was putting the finishing touches on her daughter’s hair in the bathroom, Eric was helping six-year-old Kit put on his little tie to go along with the suit Tyler bought him just for the occasion. “Wow, look at you! You’re a proper little gentleman now,” Mr Edwards admired his younger son, all dressed up. Kit blushed, but couldn’t hide his grin. Thankfully, he was saved by Tyler shouting from the living room, demanding attention. “Come on, how are you guys not ready yet?!” Unlike the rest of his family, Tyler had gotten ready half an hour ago and had been pacing through the apartment, nervous about his upcoming performance. Going up on the grand O2 stage and joining Samson, even if just for a few minutes, sounded incredibly nerve-racking. They were going to perform a medley of Samson’s The Perfect Place and Tyler’s own hit, Distance. But what if he forgets his words? What if this is all a trick and Samson decides to pants him in the middle of the stage? No, he wouldn’t do that. Oh God, what if Samson’s fans hate him and start booing him? He was just about to grab his phone and call the other singer to tell him he was cancelling, when his father and little brother entered the room. “Hey!” The singer grinned upon seeing Kit in his powder blue suit, white shirt and black tie. “Well, don’t you look handsome!” “I’m ready to go! Lucy and mom are still not ready,” the boy exclaimed, proud of being the first to get dressed, but his ears were burning red from all the looks he was getting. “Isn’t the show in four hours? We still have time,” Marissa could be heard shouting from the bathroom. “Yes, but I want to get there early,” Tyler explained, fidgeting with his phone. “Are you nervous?” his father asked, leading him to the couch and motioning for him to sit. “Don’t be, you’re going to do great.” “You don’t know that. This is different… I’m basically crashing someone else’s concert.” “It’s not crashing if you’re invited.” “Ugh, you know what I mean. None of those people came to see me. They came to see Samson.” “So what, you think they’re going to leave when you show up?” Tyler’s eyes suddenly went wide as if he realized another thing that could go horribly wrong. “For God’s sake, Tyler, I was joking. They’re not going to leave! It’s not like they only listen to one singer and no one else.” “Your dad’s right,” Marissa said, finally appearing in the doorway, Lucy in tow. Tyler stood up, going over to his baby sister and crouching so that they were eye to eye. “Hey, princess,” he beamed, observing Lucy in her pink dress. “You’re going to be the prettiest girl at the show, you know?” The girl smiled as Tyler squeezed her tiny hands. “Let’s just hope she stays awake. The four of us are probably going to have to go back after your song, ok?” Marissa explained, taking Tyler’s hand as he stood up and nodded. “I can’t wait to see my boy up there.” “I can’t believe I’m actually doing this,” the singer shook his head. “I don’t even know why I said yes. It seemed like a good idea at the time.” “It’s a great idea! Who better to teach you how to deal with stage fright than someone who’s such a good performer?” “Sure, but what are they going to do when the crowd leaves when they see Tyler?” Eric teased. Rolling his eyes, Tyler turned to his siblings. “Come on, let’s go. These two are not invited anymore.” “As if you can handle them the whole evening! Good luck with that,” Mrs Edwards let out a hearty chuckle. “Maybe you can bring them on stage with you.” “No way!” Kit shook his head vigorously, even more scared than his big brother. “Don’t worry, you’ll be with us in the VIP zone,” Eric calmed him down. ~~ Even with heavy traffic, the Edwards family managed to reach the O2 Arena with plenty of time to spare. Samson was already backstage, with Anna hovering over him, getting him ready for the show. Tyler’s appearance caused the atmosphere to get even more hectic, as some crew members got starstruck, wanting to get close and talk to him. Samson was delighted to meet the Brit’s family, especially Kit, who reminded him so much of his nephew Jake. Having been on a world tour for months, the singer missed his family badly, even his parents. Maybe when he returns to America he’ll give them a call and see how they’re doing. He will probably have to suffer through a barrage of thinly-veiled insults and jabs at his ‘fake’ job, but it doesn’t matter. He’ll survive. As the showtime approached, Samson could see Tyler getting increasingly more nervous even though he did his best to hide it. Once the Brit’s family left to take their places in the VIP zone, Samson came over and sat next to him. “You ok, honey? Do I need to get you a paper bag? A bucket for vomiting?” “I’ll live… I think,” Tyler let out a soft chuckle, realizing Samson was only teasing rather than being malicious. “Good, because I have to go out there in a few minutes. If you need anything, just ask Anna or anyone else from the crew. Someone will come and get you when it’s your time to come out, ok?” “Ok,” Tyler nodded, still sounding insecure. “I promise not to escape through the window this time.” “You better not!” Samson laughed. “Or else I’m going to look like a fool when I announce you and you don’t show up.” When Anna poked her head through the door to check on him, Samson knew it was time for him to take the stage. “Good luck,” Tyler wished him before he headed out. “Thanks. See ya there in a bit,” the other guy sent an encouraging smile and left, ready to begin his second London show. The concert opened with a long instrumental intro that consisted of several of Samson’s hits, accompanied by a video he recorded especially for the tour, showing him dancing and modeling various outfits. The crowd was already hyped up, but when the intro suddenly ended and nearly all the lights went out, they all went quiet, knowing the show was about to start. Moments later, the music to Samson’s hit Clouds began playing as a giant foam and plastic cloud started descending on the stage, Samson lying on top of it. “London, how are you feeling?!” the singer shouted into his mic, making the audience scream. Adrenaline rushed through him, as always when he was performing. There was no better feeling in the world. He launched into song as the cloud finally came down and his dancers appeared all around it, while the audience sang every word with him. It was simply magical, bringing a smile to his face and making his heart full of joy. One by one, songs came and went, and it wasn’t long before it was time for the medley - a surprise for the entire audience. “Are you guys having fun?!” the singer asked, met by instant cheers from the crowd. He grinned like a kid on Christmas Eve, eager to make the big reveal. “Now, we’re gonna switch it up a bit, ok? For the next song, I’m gonna need some help, so I’ve brought a special guest tonight.” A few loud shouts and cheers came from the audience. Even though they had no idea who it could be, they were clearly excited. “You all know him very well. Please welcome the amazingly talented and sweet - Tyler Edwards!” Samson turned toward the stage and extended his hand as he saw the British singer appear, a big grin on his face. As soon as they spotted him, the audience erupted into cheers and applause, only settling down after the music had started playing again, the opening chords of The Perfect Place filling the arena. With slow, careful steps, Tyler walked over to the center of the stage where Samson was waiting for him, keeping eye contact the entire time. Samson realized the Brit was probably too nervous to look at the audience in front of them, but that was something that couldn’t be avoided. He approached him and, moving the mic away from his mouth, mouthed to Tyler: “You can do it.” Together, the two guys started singing, easily finding their groove. The crowd sang along, a sea of smartphones floating above their heads, recording every moment. Once the second chorus was over, the music changed - it was time for Tyler’s hit song, Distance. Samson let the British guy take the lead this time, watching him as he effortlessly belted out the verse. There was no doubt the guy was born to sing. It was as if all the worry and anxiety in him melted away as soon as he started singing - at least that’s what it looked like to Samson. When the chorus hit, the two singers started singing together, hitting their harmonies just as they had practiced backstage. Before they knew it, the song was over and they were bowing to the audience, their ears hurting from the applause. “Thank you, London! You’ve been wonderful!” Tyler shouted out his quick goodbye and hugged Samson, thanking him for the invitation. With cheers from the audience, he left the stage. Some forty minutes later, when the show was finally over, an exhausted but exhilarated Samson made his way backstage, returning to his dressing room. Even before entering it, he could hear excited voices of Anna and Tyler coming from the inside. “Oh my gosh, really? How did I not see any pictures of that?” “Because he wore hats whenever he went out during those few weeks.” The pair laughed even as Samson entered the room, pursing his lips at his best friend. “What are you guys talking about?” “I’m telling him about the time you tried dying your own hair,” Anna giggled. “Do you really not have any pics of it?” Tyler asked, clearly in a much better mood than before the performance. “Most definitely not! I looked like I spilled a bowl of mustard on my head.” “It’s true,” Anna nodded. “He even searched my phone to make sure I didn’t have any photos saved.” “You can never be too sure,” the singer said as he plopped down onto the couch, gulping water from a bottle. He was parched after 90 minutes of intense choreography, singing and costume changes. “So, how are you feeling? Any regrets?” he asked Tyler, a tired smile on his face. “Are you joking with me? Definitely not,” the blond guy replied, shaking his head as he grinned. “It felt amazing! Can’t believe we managed to pull it off with so little practice. So… thanks for inviting me, it was such a great experience.” “I’m glad,” Samson nodded. “I think you really nailed it. And it looked like you were having a lot of fun up there.” “Yeah, I did. I had the time of my life!” Tyler was all smiles for the rest of the night, thanking Samson several times for convincing him to perform. It was a night he would always remember, and not just for sharing the stage with one of his idols, but also for facing his fear. There was no doubt in Tyler that his stage fright was still there, but tonight, he had taken the first step towards conquering it.
  10. ObicanDecko

    Breaking Free

    Just like any other work day, the alarm went off at six o’clock sharp, rousing Cliff Sanders from his sleep. He lifted himself up and reached over to the nightstand, turning the damned thing off. His phone was right next to it, the screen already lit up with notifications and missed calls, most of them from his label. Expecting the worst, Sanders grabbed it and opened his messages. As soon as he read the first few lines of text, he froze, a storm raging inside him. <We have an emergency. The photo’s out.> Throwing the blankets off of him, he got up, eyes still glued to the phone. He was now wide awake. The next message, sent by one of his assistants, contained a link to Daily Celeb News, a popular tabloid. Sanders tapped on it, pressing hard as if trying to smash the screen with his finger. Ash Khong Caught Kissing Another Man Fans of pop singer Ash Khong have been left stunned and confused as photos surfaced late last night, showing the superstar locking lips with another man. It seems the lucky guy is none other than Marcus Knight, one of Ash’s backup dancers. Was this a romantic rendezvous, a drunken mistake, or is there another explanation to the passionate kiss? Neither Ash, Marcus, nor anyone from their teams have been available for comments. Whatever the case, we can only conclude that the pair look scorching hot together! With shaky hands, Sanders managed a quick Google search, revealing dozens of new articles that popped up throughout the night. Ash Khong in a Heated Kiss with Dancer Marcus Knight Is Pop Star Ash Khong Gay? Here’s What We Know New Gay Powercouple: Ash Khong and Marcus Knight “I’m gonna kill him,” the CEO growled, suppressing the urge to smash everything around him. Instead, he went over to the liquor cabinet and poured himself some scotch. After downing the drink, he took the phone again, dialling the paparazzo, a murderous look in his eyes. “What the FUCK do you think you’re doing?!” he screamed as soon as the man picked up, not even waiting for a hello. “Sanders, calm the fuck down,” Teddie replied. “Calm down? I’m going to make sure you regret this. Once I’m through with you, you will be blacklisted from Hollywood. No one will work with you ever again,” the CEO threatened. “For fuck’s sake, I didn’t leak the photo. I got the money you sent me, why would I risk it?” “Well someone obviously did it! Did you show it to anyone?” “No, only you.” “I don’t believe you,” Sanders was insistent. “You know I’m going to find out who was responsible for this. And if I find out it was you, you better watch out.” “I don’t care. I’m telling you for the last time it wasn’t me,” the paparazzo responded frostily. “And if I hear you threaten me again, I just might have to dig up some dirt on you too. And you know very well I can find dirt on anyone.” With those final words, he hung up. Sanders slammed his phone back on the nightstand, his jaw clenching in anger. He didn’t trust the sleazy paparazzo as far as he could throw him, but what if this time he was telling the truth? If he didn’t sell the photos to the tabloids, then who did? Apparently, no one else had them but Teddie and Sanders himself. Suddenly, it hit him like a truck. There was one other person who could have done it. Someone who obviously had no idea what they had coming to them. ~~ Lying in bed next to his boyfriend, Ash struggled to keep his eyes open. Neither of them had much sleep last night, as they stayed up late to observe the media frenzy caused by the leaked photo of their kiss. Everything happened just as they suspected it would. Blogs, news portals and social media were blowing up with the news about Ash possibly being gay and in a relationship with one of his dancers. Hundreds of fans’ comments kept pouring in on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, some showing their support, others outrage, surprise, and some just being thirsty over the hot new couple, hoping for a sex tape. “Lauren, breathe, I can’t understand you,” the singer was on the phone with his publicist, trying to get her to slow down. He couldn’t help but feel sorry for her, knowing she would be swamped with work until the sensation died down and the press found someone else to obsess over. “You can’t understand me? My phone’s been blowing up all night! Did I not tell you this would happen?” the woman proceeded to give him a lecture, like a mother scolding her son for getting his teenage girlfriend pregnant. “We need to meet right now! But don’t leave your place, paparazzi probably have it surrounded by now. I’ll come over.” “Fine, I’ll be waiting,” the singer rolled his eyes and hung up. He glanced over to see Marcus standing by the curtained window, peering below. “Yeah, it’s swarming with paparazzi down there.” “Guess we’re not leaving the apartment then,” Ash smirked, patting the sheets by his side. “Come on, we have time before Lauren is here. There’s nothing we can do now but wait.” “Aren’t you worried?” Marcus asked as he climbed back into bed, snuggling up to his boyfriend. “The press is gonna hound you like crazy now.” Ash let out a sigh, remembering what Samson told him the other day. “Yeah, maybe just a bit.” He reached over, taking Marcus’ hand and entwining their fingers together. “But it’ll blow over eventually. We just have to wait it out. I’ve been under scrutiny since I was seventeen. Yeah, this is going to be a little more intense, but we have each other. We just have to remember why we’re doing this. Now we don’t have to hide anymore. Isn’t that worth it?” “Of course it is, baby,” Marcus replied, kissing him gently. “I’m glad you can finally be free to be who you are. We can be free. But I’m also worried about you. I don’t want you to regret doing this and then resent me for it later.” “That’s not going to happen, I promise,” the singer replied, looking his boyfriend in the eyes. Every time he saw his handsome face, he would feel renewed confidence and strength surge within him. “I know what I’m doing. I’m sick of lying and hiding and playing by someone else’s rules. It’s bad enough that they dictate every aspect of my career, but to control my private life… I am not going to put up with it anymore.” Soon after the boys left their comfortable bed and got dressed, the doorbell rang. While Marcus went to the kitchen to fix them something to eat, Ash went to answer the door. “Hey, did you make it past the-“ he started to say as he opened the door, expecting to see his publicist. “Yes, I made it past those vultures down there,” Cliff Sanders stormed in, staring daggers at Ash. “Care to explain what happened before I drop you from the label once and for all?” “Babe, what’s happening?” Marcus appeared from the kitchen, freezing when he saw the CEO by the door, his arms crossed and eyes filled with fury. “Oh, he’s here too. Good,” Sanders replied tersely, glancing over at the dancer. “Well, I’m waiting for an explanation!” “What explanation?” Ash feigned innocence. With all his experience in dealing with the media, he learned how to fake it like the best of them. “I saw that the photos leaked. I thought you paid him off so he wouldn’t do it.” “Which is what I did, don’t play fucking dumb with me, boy. He said he didn’t leak the photos, which means you did.” “Are you insane? Why the fuck would I do that?” Ash asked, putting on his best shocked face. “Wait… You actually believe that asshole who took the photos, but you don’t believe me? Why am I not surprised.” “You can’t seriously be accusing Ash of this. This could ruin his career,” Marcus defended his boyfriend. “Do you think he would risk everything he’s worked for? This is his life, not some stupid game.” Sanders turned to the dancer briefly, giving him a look full of venom, before turning back to Ash. “I know you did it,” he repeated, shaking his head. “You idiot. Do you realize I could sue you for breach of contract? You better start looking for a new record label because you are over in mine.” “Sue me all you want, but I didn’t leak shit! For all I know, you were in league with the guy and you actually leaked the photos for publicity. That sounds right up your alley,” Ash replied, refusing to back down. His heart was hammering in his chest, but he stood firmly, glaring at the CEO. “If that’s all, get the fuck out of my apartment.” As Marcus started approaching with a threatening look on his face, Sanders’ eyes darted between the two men. Seeing that he was outnumbered, he quickly backed up toward the door. Ash smirked, noticing the nervous look on the old man’s face. “I know you did it and I will prove it. This is far from over, Khong.” “Out!” Ash shouted, startling the man. Once Sanders left, the singer slammed the door, locking it. Marcus was quick to come over, wrapping his arms around his boyfriend’s waist. Ash relished the closeness and warmth of the dancer’s body against his own, letting himself relax into the hug. He took a deep breath, inhaling the familiar and comforting scent that was all Marcus. “Are you ok?” the dancer whispered, gazing into Ash’s eyes. “Yeah, I am.” “Do you think he can find out…” “No way,” the Korean shook his head. “He can try all he wants, but there’s no way he can trace it back to us. He can’t prove anything.” Ash smiled contentedly, leaning in to plant a soft kiss on his boyfriend’s lips. His boyfriend. Finally. It felt so good knowing there was nothing standing between them anymore. He’s taken the plunge and there was no going back now. It was scary, but exhilarating at the same time knowing that they didn’t have to hide from anyone. They were free to be together. Even if he ended up facing backlash and anger from people like Sanders, it wouldn’t matter. It was totally worth it. The storm would eventually blow over, just like it always does. “Come on, let’s grab something to eat before Lauren gets here,” the singer murmured, taking Marcus by the hand and leading him to the kitchen, feeling like a huge weight had been lifted from his shoulders. For the first time in a long while, he was finally free. ~~ After wrapping up the North American leg of his tour, Samson flew to Europe. In the span of seven weeks, he had covered the US and Canada. Now he was finally in London, ready to start the European leg with two concerts in the famous O2 Arena. It had been well over a month since he exposed Argent Media and its shady business practices. Thanks to his social media post and pressure from other artists, Melanie Roy had no choice but to allow his music back on the radio. However, his airplay on the several biggest pop radio stations was nearly zero. “Have you heard from any of your people?” the singer asked Hank as the man walked into the room where Samson was having a snack while watching Netflix. “Yeah, the guy I know at Pop Buzz Radio says the orders from Argent Media are still very much in effect. Same goes for CrushFM and Idol200.” “You were right. That bitch is still trying it,” the singer shook his head. “These are literally the biggest pop stations!” “She knows what she’s doing,” Hank sighed, taking a seat next to Samson. “But don’t worry, we’ll handle this, I promise. We got you this far. But right now, we should focus on the tour and all the promo you’ve got lined up, ok?” During his stay in the UK, Samson’s schedule included a few promo appearances on British TV and radio stations, which Hank had previously booked for him. The biggest of these was an appearance on a prime-time talk show ‘Evenings with Janine’, hosted by the beloved TV veteran Janine Price. Never one to turn down a promo opportunity, Samson readily accepted to appear on the show, but quickly came to regret it. “So, you know this show is kind of a big deal in the UK?” Hank asked, looking at Samson nervously, like a young boy trying to tell his mom he broke her expensive china set. “Uh, yes? That’s why I agreed to appear,” the singer replied, unsure where the conversation was heading. “Ok... Well, I hope you don’t hate me when I tell you who the other guest is,” the manager said, biting his lip as Samson eyed him questioningly. “Tyler Edwards.” “Oh, of course,” the singer groaned, rolling his eyes in exasperation. “Just my luck...” “Look, I know you’re not his biggest fan, but just try to behave, ok? You can be sweet and charming for the cameras, as you always are,” Hank flattered, drawing a cute little giggle out of Samson, “and once the show is over, you don’t have to see him again.” “Fine, I’ll be good,” Samson promised. “He’s the least of my problems right now anyway.” It was showtime, and the singer was in his dressing room at the studio, getting ready for the show. A true professional, Anna made quick work of his hair and makeup, while Hank went to inform the producers that Samson was not to be disturbed, just in case Tyler wanted to pop in for a visit and a brief chat before the show. Just as Anna was putting the finishing touches on Samson’s eyeliner, Hank returned to let him know the show was about to start. “Our first guest is a big superstar, an amazing singer and performer, and a proper sweetheart! If you’re a fan of his, you might call yourself a Stanson. Please welcome Samson Flynn!” As Janine Price made her announcement, the sliding door to the left of the stage opened and out came Samson, wearing a peach-colored T-shirt, tight burgundy pants and a big smile on his face. “Hello, it’s lovely to have you here,” the middle-aged woman said, standing up to hug her guest. “Thank you, it’s so nice to finally be here!” Samson had to shout, as the audience was still cheering and clapping. He sat on the left side of the sofa, closer to the host, taking in the surroundings. The studio was cozy and pleasant, with around two hundred people in the audience. “How are you? You’ve just arrived in London, is that right?” “Yes, we landed just this morning. So I apologize if I’m a little jet lagged. But I promise it’ll go away by the show tomorrow night.” “That’s right, the first of your two London shows on this tour,” Janine replied, continuing to chat with Samson about his world tour. The singer was relaxed and effortlessly charming, while the audience was clearly hanging onto every word he said. After all, it wasn’t often that he came to the UK, so this was a rare opportunity for them to see him in person. A few minutes later, it was time to introduce her second guest of the night. As the host started her introductions, Samson was all smiles. “Now, our next guest is a fellow Londoner whom you all know very well. Before I introduce him, I have to ask - Samson, do you know a little song called The Day I Found You?” “Honey, I know it and I adore it!” Samson replied, laying it on thick. “I’ve been obsessed with it - with the entire album, actually.” “I’m sure you’re not the only one,” Janine smiled. “You all know who we’re talking about…” “Wait, can I do the honors?” “Sure, go ahead!” “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the brilliant Tyler Edwards,” Samson announced ceremoniously, with all the fake enthusiasm he could muster. As the sliding door opened, he stood up and clapped along with the audience, welcoming the young British singer onto the stage. Smiling, Tyler approached the host to greet her and even received an unexpected hug from Samson. As much as he was baffled by the singer’s sudden change in behavior, he didn’t dare break his facade. The cameras were on them, capturing their every move. “Have you guys already met?” the host asked after Tyler sat on the sofa next to Samson. “Yes, of course! We met at the Stardust Awards in LA,” Samson was quick to reply. “Yeah, that was a wild night,” Tyler nodded, glancing at the other singer before turning to the host. The audience was going crazy for the Brit, which he was used to, but Samson’s friendliness was shocking to say the least. Tyler tried his best to answer Janine’s questions and pay attention to Samson as well, wondering what kind of game he was playing. Did he really have a change of heart, or was he just that good of an actor, playing it up for the cameras? He couldn’t be sure of anything anymore. “Now, Tyler, you didn’t have any collaborations on your first album. If you were to do some for your next record, who would your dream collabs be? Of course, present company included,” the host asked, winking at Samson. “I mean, we were all thinking it, right?” “Oh, gosh, there’s so many great artists - Richard Brodie, Jackie Walsh… And of course, I’ve admired Samson since his first album. I’d be honored to do a song with him,” Tyler replied honestly. “There we go, people, we have one vote for yes,” Janine clapped her hands, turning to Samson. “Honey, you never know what the future holds. If we get a chance to work together, I am so down for it!” Samson said, much to the delight of the audience. The rest of the interview passed in a blur, with plenty of laughter, embarrassing confessions and questions from the audience. Once the filming was over, Samson was the first to go backstage, but Tyler quickly went after him, wanting to have at least a brief chat. After all, there was no Florence to tell him what he could and couldn’t do anymore. “Hey, Samson, could we talk for a second?” the Brit asked, rushing to catch up to the other guy before he had a chance to escape. “Sorry, I’m in a rush,” Samson replied, barely glancing at Tyler before looking back at his phone, pretending to be texting someone. “Wow, ok. So that friendly bloke back on the stage… that was all fake, huh?” Tyler couldn’t hide his disappointment. “I guess it’s true what they say - you should never meet your idols, you’ll only get disappointed.” “Ugh, look, I’m really not in the mood for this right now. Think whatever you want about me, I don’t care,” Samson replied, entering his dressing room and slamming the door behind him. “So, how was the show?” Anna, waiting for him, asked as soon as he entered. “Ugh, don’t ask,” he muttered angrily as he sat down on the sofa. Just as he did, the door opened and Tyler walked in. “I told you…” “I don’t care,” the Brit replied, cutting him off. “Whatever it is you have against me, I want to clear it up right now.”
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    I like how you've adopted the nickname Cliffie! Stay tuned for next chapter then!
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    Lol he is singlehandedly supporting the cell phone industry with how quickly he goes through his phones! I bet his dealer is not complaining. And good point! Ash is prohibited from coming out on his own, so if he is outed by anyone else, that would be alright in terms of the contract. Yeah, Samson and Ash were always friendly, while things with Tyler started off on the wrong foot. More on that to come really soon!
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    Thanks! Let's see what Ash does in the next chapter. And Sanders... Well, he's never happy. 😛
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    Cliff Sanders put his copy of the New York Times away as his cell phone began to ring. With little interest, he leaned over to glance at it, but as soon as he saw the caller’s name, he grabbed it and answered with no hesitation. “Teddie, it’s been a while. I didn’t expect you. Didn’t even know you were awake this early.” “I’m always awake when the job demands it.” “Now that’s something I can get behind. So, what do you need?” “Straight to business, just what I like about you,” the other man said in a sleazy voice Sanders found so revolting. “It just so happens that I got some very interesting photos last night, and since you’re… an old customer, I thought I’d give you first dibs on them.” “Oh yeah? What kind of photos?” Cliff asked, furrowing his brows. “Sending you a little sneak peek right now. Check your e-mail.” Not wasting a moment, Sanders opened his inbox and clicked on the new message he had just received. His knuckles turned white as he gripped his phone after opening the attached photo. Even though it was shot at night, it was clear who the two men kissing were. He could practically feel his blood pressure rise as rage boiled inside him. “What the fuck is this?!” he lashed out, but the other man only let out an amused chuckle. “What do you mean? Don’t you recognize them?” “Don’t fuck with me, Teddie, I’m warning you,” Cliff growled menacingly. “Where did you take this? And when?” “Right here in New York, last night.” Sanders frowned. Wasn’t Ash supposed to be on tour right now? When did he have time to return to New York? “These photos cannot get out,” he stated firmly. “I know they can’t, that’s why I called you first,” the paparazzo replied. “But a man’s gotta eat, Cliffie.” “How much?” Sanders asked flatly, his eyes still on the bloody photo. How could Ash have been so careless?! “I think half a million is a reasonable price to keep young Ash from the-” “Are you fucking kidding me?!” the businessman’s angry shout echoed throughout his gigantic office. Abruptly, he stood up from his chair and started pacing left and right, his jaw clenched tightly. “What? Don’t act like this is not pocket change to you. You’ve lost more money on gambling in one night.” “How did you… Whatever,” Cliff grunted. Yes, half a million was nothing to him, but it was not about the money. It was about dignity. He would not allow a pathetic paparazzo to blackmail him even for ten dollars. “Teddie, you do not want to make an enemy out of me.” “Cliffie, of course not, we could never be enemies. Didn’t we do business so well when I got you those photos of your boy with the Marvel girl?” “Yes, and that pleasure cost me five thousand. So where do you get off asking me for half a fucking million?!” “Come on, now, every story has its own price. You should know that,” the paparazzo replied calmly. “Or do you not think Ash’s career is worth that much?” “You pathetic…” “Now, before we start saying things we’ll regret, I’ll give you until the end of the day to think about this. If I don’t hear from you by midnight, I’ll have no choice but to sell to the highest bidder. Daily Tabloid? Stars Weekly? Who knows. I’ll be waiting,” Teddie stated before hanging up. “FUCK!” Sanders shouted, hurling his phone across the room. The device smashed into the wall and crashed to the ground in pieces. Moments later, his secretary knocked and entered the office, carrying a tray. The rich smell of fresh coffee rose from the hot mug, quickly filling the entire office. “Here you go, sir. Black, no milk, no sugar. Anything else?” “Yes. Cancel my meeting with Giorgio. I’ll be seeing our golden boy Khong instead,” Sanders barked the orders. “Very well. Should I call Mr. Khong and schedule the meeting, then?” the girl asked. “No, I’ll call him myself,” he said brusquely without even looking at her. “And get me a new iPhone.” ~~ It wasn’t sunlight that woke Ash up that morning, but movement beside him - slight stirring of a warm body next to his. It’s been so long since he had someone in his bed. The several months that passed since he and Marcus broke up felt like years, but now the dancer was once again next to him, his naked body entangled with Ash’s. The singer opened his eyes and cast a dreamy glance over at his boyfriend. As if he knew he was being watched, Marcus opened his eyes as well. “Good morning,” Ash smiled contentedly, kissing the dancer on the top of his head, inhaling his scent. It felt so good to be close to him, have him in his arms and be able to kiss him again. “Mmm, morning,” Marcus moaned, the edges of his lips curling up into a smile. “You’re really here. It wasn’t just a dream.” “No, it was better than a dream,” the singer said, a finger lazily trailing across Marcus’ naked abdomen, causing him to shiver. When Ash looked up, he saw his boyfriend staring at him, his eyes full of doubt. “Hey, you alright? I wasn’t… out of practice or anything last night?” “No, no,” the dancer let out a warm chuckle, his chest rising and falling. “You were amazing, as usual.” “Then what? I know you, there’s something on your mind.” “It’s just that… Last night, we were carried by emotions. I guess I wasn’t sure how you’d feel in the morning, whether you’ll still want to get back together.” “Absolutely. I meant everything I said last night,” Ash nodded, squeezing Marcus’ hand in reassurance. “But what about you? Are you still willing to give us another chance, knowing we have to hide?” “I can’t lie, baby, I don’t think I’ll ever be ok with it. But if it’s the only way to be with you, then I’m all in. It beats the alternative any day,” the dancer said. “And about my jealousy… I promise that’s all in the past. I’m gonna change. I trust you completely and I’m gonna prove that to you. I don’t want you to be embarrassed of me, and I don’t want to do anything to ruin what we have.” “You have no idea how much that means to me,” Ash grinned, unable to contain his happiness. Suddenly full of energy and enthusiasm, he rolled over and got on top of Marcus, peppering his neck and collarbone with soft, light kisses. He had barely started when he felt the dancer’s hardness poking his own. “Looks like someone’s ready to play.” “It’s been months, of course I’m fucking ready,” Marcus said, pulling Ash down so that their bodies were pressed together. Just as the singer felt his boyfriend’s strong hands squeezing his ass, his phone began to buzz on the nightstand. As much as they tried to ignore it, it just wouldn’t stop. Exasperated, Ash finally reached over and grabbed it. He was sure his erection instantly went flaccid as soon as he saw Sanders’ name on his screen - a missed call and two new messages. <I expect you in my office today at noon sharp. With a good explanation.> “What?” Ash muttered, frowning as he saw a new picture message. What the hell could Sanders want with him now? He never sends photos, Ash thought as he clicked on it. Suddenly, he froze, almost dropping the phone from his hand. It couldn’t be… He fucked up so badly. His heart pounding in his chest, Ash felt his stomach drop. He had never felt that nervous since the day he auditioned for 2Good, eight years ago. “Baby, what’s the matter?” Marcus’ concerned voice brought him back to reality. “Are you ok?” Without a word, Ash turned to his boyfriend and handed him the phone, watching his stunned expression as he saw the paparazzi photo. “Fuck… That’s- that’s us. That’s from last night,” Marcus started rambling, trying to make sense of it all. “I’m so sorry, I should’ve led you inside right away. I wasn’t thinking...” “Hey, it’s not your fault. Not like you forced me to kiss you there,” Ash said, feeling Marcus’ soothing arms wrapping around his shoulders. “So, what does this mean?” “Honestly, I have no clue. Sanders wants to see me. If this photo gets out…” “Let me check,” the dancer grabbed his own phone. Ash scooted next to him, watching with bated breath as he opened the browser and typed ‘Ash Khong’ in the search bar. He had no idea who took the photo. Probably a paparazzo, but it could have been any random passer-by. Anyone with a smartphone. Maybe there is a video as well. Fuck… Would that be enough for Sanders to drop him from the label? And would that be such a bad thing? He would finally be free. He was sure many of his fans would be disappointed to learn that he has been gay this whole time, but that was something he couldn’t help. If they have a problem with it, it means they were never his real fans to begin with. “There’s nothing, look,” Marcus pointed at the screen as he scrolled through the results. “Not a single thing about it.” “But then, where did Sanders get the photo?” Ash wondered. “I have no clue, baby. Whoever took it, why send it to him? Why not sell it to a tabloid? Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad they didn’t. I just don’t understand.” “I guess I’ll find out soon enough,” the singer said, reluctantly getting up from the bed. “I better get dressed and call Hank and Lauren first, because if I meet Sanders on my own, one of us is gonna kill the other.” It was a few hours later that Ash and Hank met Cliff Sanders in the CEO’s office for an impromptu meeting. Angry shouts reverberated through the office, and could be heard on the entire floor of the building. Passions were high as none of the men seemed willing or able to calm down, caring little whether anyone would hear them. Whoever was nearby knew that the boss was having one of his fits, but they could not guess the reason behind it. “What the hell were you thinking?!” Sanders growled, his face all sweaty and red with anger. “If you’re going to keep being hysterical, I’m out of here,” Ash snapped at the man, ready to walk out. “I didn’t come here for you to scream at me.” “What did you expect? You’re going around town, kissing guys, not caring if anyone sees you!” “You know what, screw you! I’m not a fucking whore. I kissed my boyfriend and I’m gonna keep kissing him. And if you have a problem with that-” “Of course I have a problem with that if you’re doing it in public! Get a room!” “Ok, Sanders, that’s enough,” Paul raised his voice, managing to sound very threatening. “We’re getting nowhere like this, so both of you calm the fuck down. Where did you even get the photo? Are there more?” “Of course there’s more,” the CEO replied tersely, seeming just a little calmer. “Some lowlife paparazzo sent it to me, blackmailing me. He wants half a million dollars or he’s going to the tabloids. That’s right, half a million,” he repeated, staring Ash down. The singer was suddenly without a word, realizing he had screwed up badly. His actions could actually have tangible consequences. “That’s insane,” Paul shook his head in disbelief. “Can we even trust him? Who’s to say he won’t sell the photos even if we give him the money?” “We don’t have a choice, do we?” Sanders replied. “So, what can we do? We have to pay him?” Ash asked, glancing between his manager and Cliff. “We don’t. You do,” Sanders pointed at the young singer. “The label is not going to be paying a cent for your indiscretions. If we have to settle with that fucking leech, it’s coming out of your budget.” “Sanders, you can’t possibly be serious with this. It’s not like Ash did it on purpose!” Paul tried to reason with the older man. “Do I look like I’m kidding?” Sanders was quick to cut him off. “The bottom line is - those photos exist and now I’m being blackmailed for them, and Ash’s career is on the fucking line.” “Well, if it’s my career that’s on the line, maybe I should get a say,” the singer stood up, glaring at the CEO. “What if I come forward and tell the truth before he has a chance to release the photos?” “Absolutely out of the question!” the man slammed his fist against his desk, making everything on it shake. “As long as you’re under my contract, you can forget about coming out. I thought I made myself crystal clear on that, but you seem to be forgetting, so let me remind you. If you violate your contract, this half a million will seem like pocket change compared to what you’ll have to pay the label. So you better pray to God that scum doesn’t sell the photos to the tabloids. And next time, keep it in the fucking bedroom!” ~~ During lunch, it was Paul and Lauren who seemed to be doing most of the talking, while Ash was unusually quiet, picking at his food with little interest. “We better prepare several different statements for the press just in case, since we don’t know what we’ll be dealing with tomorrow,” Lauren suggested, fixing her glasses with her pinky as she scanned the tablet in front of her. “For all we know, we could be having total chaos,” Hank muttered, causing Ash to look up at him. “Sorry, but that’s how it is. We have to be prepared for anything. If the photos get out…” “There’ll be no point denying it,” Ash finished his sentence. “Well…” Lauren hesitated, observing him with a curious look that the singer did not like one bit. “What?” “We do have other options that don’t necessarily include you coming out.” “Like what? You can clearly see Marcus and I kiss. What do you suggest that I say, that it’s photoshop?” “Hmm, yes, that wouldn’t be very believable, would it? But we can bend the truth a bit, say that Marcus has a crush on you and that he came on to you.” “No, are you kidding me?!” Ash protested. “I’m not doing that. First of all, no one with half a brain would buy that. And it would be insulting to Marcus and myself.” “Well, we have to come up with something in case the guy decides to sell the photos anyway. We can’t trust him to keep his word even if he does get paid,” the publicist countered. “Lauren has a point,” Paul said. “You wouldn’t be the first celebrity to have compromising photos leak, and we can definitely spin the story somehow to suit you.” “I don’t know, I can’t do this right now,” Ash got up from the desk, avoiding their eyes. “I have to get out of here.” “Ash, this is your career we’re talking about,” Lauren reminded him in that teacher voice that she did so well. It only served to make the singer even angrier. “Yeah? Well it seems like everyone but me is calling the shots on it,” he glared at the woman. “And you’re wrong. This is not about my career, it’s about my life.” After storming out of the restaurant, Ash walked to his car, observing the people passing him by. Was this the last day of his big lie that has been going on for years? Tomorrow, everything could be different. All of these people, they would look at him differently. He wouldn’t be able to do a single interview without being asked about his sexuality. How would his fans react? Would they reject him, be mad at him for lying? Some of them would surely be disappointed, others homophobic. But that was something that couldn’t be helped. This day had to come sooner or later, Ash realized. Even though he was a major celebrity, with all the money and connections he could ever want, this was one thing where he was no different than any other gay guy struggling with coming out. He would be exposed to other people’s prejudice, hatred, but hopefully acceptance and love as well. There was nothing he could do about it. Feeling a sudden stroke of genius as he entered his apartment, Ash grabbed his phone and dialled. He knew just who to ask for advice. “Hello,” the melodic voice on the other side answered. “Samson, hi. I hope I didn’t catch you at a bad time.” “Not at all, honey, just resting before the show. How are you?” “I’m good, good… Really great,” Ash rambled, eyes darting around the room. “Yeah, that sounded very convincing,” Samson teased. “Sorry, I needed someone to talk to. I, um, actually wanted to ask you something.” “Ok, now this sounds serious. I’m all ears, honey, what’s up?” Ash hesitated, wondering how to broach the subject and ask what he wanted to ask. Whatever he was to say, there was no way he would not arouse suspicion in Samson. “Uh, I was wondering what your experience with coming out was like. I don’t mean to your family, I mean to the public. How did you do it? How did you know it was time?” “Ohh…” That was all Samson needed to say to confirm Ash’s suspicions. “You already know, don’t you?” “Well, yeah I do, honey. I mean, you and Marcus, it’s pretty obvious if you know what to look for.” “And here I thought we were hiding it well,” the Korean chuckled. “When did you notice?” “Oh, months ago. But I never told anyone, of course. But to answer your question, when I first auditioned as a backup dancer for Shelley Rowland, some executives noticed me and asked me to sing for them as well. They said the label wanted to have a young, gay popstar in their roster and that I’d be the perfect fit. So I was like ‘Ok, I guess I don’t have to come out then.’ They already knew,” Samson let out a laugh. “So yeah, it was never really a secret in my case. When my first song came out, I had already come to terms that I can’t be anything other than myself, and that was so freeing. I didn’t have to keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, you know? I’m not going to lie, there were times when I thought how much easier some things would be if I was straight, or at least if people thought I was. But that’s not my reality, and honestly, I wouldn’t change a thing. Are you… are you considering coming out?” “Yeah. Although, I don’t really think I’m gonna have much of a choice.” “What do you mean?” the younger singer asked. Ash could sense the concern in his voice. “Some paparazzo has taken photos of Marcus and me kissing. He’s threatening to go to the tabloids unless we pay him.” “Ohh, Ash, I’m so sorry. That’s horrible.” “Thanks,” the Korean muttered, unsure of what to say. “It’s gonna be alright, I promise. Even if you do have to come out, or get outed, it’s not the end of the world. You won’t be the first or the last gay singer, and it certainly doesn’t spell the end of your career. Yeah, you’ll be the next big topic for a hot minute, but you know how short people’s attention span is. This’ll be old news in two weeks,” Samson said in an attempt to comfort him. “And don’t underestimate your fans. They are very protective of you, as all fans are. I should know, I’ve received so many hate messages from them,” he chuckled. “They’re going to be on your side. And so will I. If you ever need anything, even if just to talk, I’m here.” “That means a lot to me, Samson. Thank you so much,” Ash replied, feeling a small smile tugging on his lips. Calling Samson for support was definitely a good idea. The most difficult part was still ahead of him, but Ash was now sure of what he wanted to do. After saying goodbye to the other singer, he dialled his boyfriend, eager to talk to him. “Hey, baby, how did the meeting go?” Marcus picked up after just two rings. He must have been so concerned, waiting to hear the news. Ash felt bad for not texting him as soon as he finished with Sanders. “As good as you can imagine,” he replied. “Can you come over? I’m thinking of doing something, but I need to talk to you first because, well, it concerns you too.” “Ok? I’m coming over right away.”
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    Thank you very much, glad you liked it! Our boys are finally getting some justice! Yes, Florence was due for a reckoning, and Tyler got the courage to fire her! Let's see what happens with Samson and Melanie soon! Thank you! Asking the good questions, hopefully they'll be answered in the coming chapters! And you have a point - Florence should have more trouble finding a new client than Tyler getting a new manager. Thank you for the comments!
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