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  1. ObicanDecko

    Chapter 4

    Yes that was him!
  2. ObicanDecko

    Unholy Trinity

    Well it definitely didn't take long for the rotten apples of the school to rear their ugly heads! Ugh bullies are the worst. I love Billy so much I just want to give him a hug! ❤️ I like how he goes into detail describing everything, his thought process is so fun to follow. But I'm afraid he's going to have a hard time in school, it's such a massive change for him, and at the most vulnerable age. Also, I'm intrigued by the tags for this story! Can't wait to see what else is in store. I am enjoying it so much!
  3. Aww I love this chapter, it sets the story so well (tho it is quite sad but of course, that was necessary at this point). I actually really enjoyed all the narration and descriptions, it reminds me of Charles Dickens and Mark Twain. I can totally see Billy hanging out with Tom Sawyer! On second thought, Billy is probably too good for him. I'm a sucker for sweet country boys, so I can already tell I'm going to have a soft spot for him!
  4. Aww we love our little cutie Kit! And Tyler too ofc. Whoever came up with those lizard names is a proper LEGEND! For a sec I thought you were referring to actual users here on GA lol xD But who would you root for in a Marcus versus Sanders scenario?
  5. So true! We are equally big on spicy food, so I would def be tempted to answer all questions just to avoid getting my mouth burned. That gif tho!! xD Thank you frend, I'm keen as a bean for you to read the rest!
  6. ObicanDecko


    It was homecoming time for Samson Flynn. After months of travelling around the globe, changing time zones and cities, the singer and his entourage were finally back in the United States. With all of the legs of his nearly sold out ‘Night Calls Tour’ successfully finished, the singer was ready to once again settle down at his New York home. “Finally,” Anna sighed as the plane touched down in Chicago, where Samson had a TV appearance scheduled. After hours in the air, they were finally back on solid ground. “What, first class not good enough for you to forget about your fear of flying?”
  7. ObicanDecko

    The Dream Team

    Glad you liked the resolution of the Tyler-Samson drama! Yes, 1 chapter to go, I hope you're ready! I'm as sad as you are, I hate saying goodbye to these guys! I'll miss them a lot, but it had to happen at some point. And you're right, I'm so happy to see you've enjoyed the story! Thanks for all the support so far! Wow not even the Beatles were convincing enough for your parents to let you go to the concert? What kind of music were they into? Hey, did you have to bring out the s-word? (OK I'd be lying if I said I hadn't been thinking about a sequel. We shall see! ) Thank
  8. ObicanDecko

    Breaking Free

    Yup, Ash is starting to call the shots now! And Tyler is about to give Samson a piece of his mind. Let's see what happens next! They sure did throw a wrench in Sanders' plans. Ash is done taking orders from him. Hahah Cliff came out of this as the biggest loser for sure. He's smart enough to suspect Ash, but knowing that he can't prove it is going to eat him up. Good advice for Samson, let's see what he does! Tyler definitely deserves an apology at the very least!
  9. Samson never shied away from conflict. He had no problem putting people in their place and telling them what he really meant about them, but he was in no mood to argue with Tyler. It wasn’t because he was intimidated by him, but simply because he couldn’t stand to even look at him. The British singer represented something Samson disliked more than anything - someone who came onto the scene and became a giant success seemingly overnight. Was it by sheer luck or through some connections? Was it because Tyler was a straight boy who ticked all the boxes of what a male singer should look and a
  10. Just like any other work day, the alarm went off at six o’clock sharp, rousing Cliff Sanders from his sleep. He lifted himself up and reached over to the nightstand, turning the damned thing off. His phone was right next to it, the screen already lit up with notifications and missed calls, most of them from his label. Expecting the worst, Sanders grabbed it and opened his messages. As soon as he read the first few lines of text, he froze, a storm raging inside him. <We have an emergency. The photo’s out.> Throwing the blankets off of him, he got up, eyes still glued to the phone.
  11. ObicanDecko


    I like how you've adopted the nickname Cliffie! Stay tuned for next chapter then!
  12. ObicanDecko


    Lol he is singlehandedly supporting the cell phone industry with how quickly he goes through his phones! I bet his dealer is not complaining. And good point! Ash is prohibited from coming out on his own, so if he is outed by anyone else, that would be alright in terms of the contract. Yeah, Samson and Ash were always friendly, while things with Tyler started off on the wrong foot. More on that to come really soon!
  13. ObicanDecko


    Thanks! Let's see what Ash does in the next chapter. And Sanders... Well, he's never happy. 😛
  14. ObicanDecko


    Cliff Sanders put his copy of the New York Times away as his cell phone began to ring. With little interest, he leaned over to glance at it, but as soon as he saw the caller’s name, he grabbed it and answered with no hesitation. “Teddie, it’s been a while. I didn’t expect you. Didn’t even know you were awake this early.” “I’m always awake when the job demands it.” “Now that’s something I can get behind. So, what do you need?” “Straight to business, just what I like about you,” the other man said in a sleazy voice Sanders found so revolting. “It just so happens that I got some v
  15. ObicanDecko


    Thank you very much, glad you liked it! Our boys are finally getting some justice! Yes, Florence was due for a reckoning, and Tyler got the courage to fire her! Let's see what happens with Samson and Melanie soon! Thank you! Asking the good questions, hopefully they'll be answered in the coming chapters! And you have a point - Florence should have more trouble finding a new client than Tyler getting a new manager. Thank you for the comments!
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