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Rekindling - 1. Chapter 1

“Rekindling” was originally written as a submission to an anthology with only the “good stuff”. So this was my response. The good stuff huh? Well “Rekindling” has a story, but let’s be honest. It’s mostly sex. If you’re looking for a more complete story, check out some of my other work. If you’re looking for a fun read, sit back and enjoy! Jon




The door had barely clicked shut, when Ty pinned Hunter against the wall. Hunter felt the heat of their long delayed moment and all rational thought evaporated as Ty grabbed Hunter’s slender face and smashed their mouths together. He opened his lips to Ty’s insistent tongue and his mouth instantly filled with heat and flesh.

His meaty hands shoved Hunter’s shirt up and exposed his torso. His lust brought hot jolts to Hunter's crotch and his breath quickened as Ty moved closer and closer to his nipples. Ty knew exactly how sensitive Hunter's nipples were, and used this knowledge to his advantage whenever he had the chance. A fingernail scraping across one hard point sent waves of pleasure through Hunter, and his cock snapped to attention in his pants. He brought up two shaking hands and pushed Ty back.

"Wait. Hang on. The bellhop barely got out the door."

Ty kept Hunter pinned, his hands never leaving the smooth chest. "Fuck 'em. He can go home and play with his own husband."

He grabbed Hunter's jaw and slipped a finger between his lips. "Suck it."

Hunter hesitated until Ty slid his free hand up Hunter's chest and pinched a nipple. The surge of electricity engulfed Hunter and jarred him into action.

His tongue darted around the tip of Ty's finger, swirling and twisting as if it were a small cock. With his body ablaze, Hunter grasped Ty's hand and held tight as he tongued it. For a few minutes, Hunter was lost in the passion. This was the first time in months they had more than a fleeting moment alone.

Hunter hesitated, then asked, "Do we need to check on the kids?"

Ty sighed, and his eyes rolled until the whites showed. Without a word, he shoved Hunter back against the wall then slid his hand across the front of his pants and grabbed his nuts, squeezing them tight.

"Ah, fuck." Hunter's eyes fluttered, and all thoughts of the twins evaporated in the haze of sex.

"Yeah, that's what I thought." Ty pressed their bodies tight together and squeezed Hunter’s swollen cock. The swirling mist of lust left Hunter only dimly aware of Ty opening his jeans. As the last button slipped free, he shoved Hunter’s pants down and ran his hands over Hunter’s bare skin.

Ty smashed their bodies together and ground his crotch against Hunter's thinly covered package. He reached up, grabbed a handful of Hunter's dark hair, and tugged his head back to expose his throat. With their bodies grinding against each other, Ty lunged in and started sucking on Hunter's exposed neck. The sharp pain of Ty's bite added a delicious layer of arousal to his already heightened lust.

Ty moved his hands down Hunter's chest and slipped them into Hunter’s briefs. The heat of his hands burned Hunter's flesh as his hot-blooded husband squeezed the cheeks of his ass. Ty shoved the tight briefs down to Hunter’s ankles with a flourish.

Hunter's cock lurched upward, the pink tip peeking through the skin surrounding it. The urgency of his diamond hard cock created was an unmistakable ache in his groin. Ty’s powerful hands wrapped around Hunter’s cock and slowly tugged down its length. He almost plunged into his climax when Ty gathered his foreskin, slipped a finger inside and ran it slowly along the edge of his wet cock. As Ty's finger started around a second time, Hunter grabbed his hands and held him.

"No. Stop. I'm about to nut."



Ty stepped back and looked at the man standing before him. His clothes were twisted and half off, his cock tucked hard against his stomach, and his face deep red. Ty pushed his hands against Hunter’s chest and enjoyed the sensation of his panting for a few moments. He loved hitting Hunter’s buttons until he was too horny to think. Since the kids had been born their lovemaking had been limited to stolen moments, but he planned to make up for lost time this weekend. Heaven help whoever had the rooms beside them.

"Hunter. What do you want?” Ty ran the tips of his fingers along Hunter’s jaw. “I love it when you’re all hot and slutty."

Hunter slowly regained his awareness in time to enjoy the site of Ty groping himself while staring at Hunter’s almost nude body. Ty took charge as he slid his fingers through Hunter's wavy hair and tugged his head back again. Ty leaned to Hunter’s ear, running the tip of his tongue over its rim and whispered. "I'll tell you what I want. I want my cock in your hot mouth."

Ty laid his hands on Hunter's shoulders and pushed downward. Once Hunter was kneeling, Ty tightened his fingers in his hair and pulled Hunter’s face tight against his crotch.

Hunter chewed Ty’s cock through the tight jeans, his face trapped in place. The hot breath over his dick became a delicious addition to the caress of Hunter's silky hair wrapped around his fingers. Pressure built, and Ty knew this first session would be intense, and quick.

Ty’s nuts drew tight against his shaft. "Enough. Get up."

Hunter rose, his breathing heavy and his eyelids hooded as their gazes met. Ty kissed him hard, taking Hunter’s mouth, and the kiss was returned with equal heat. Ty pulled back, breaking contact, then lunged in again and nipped at Hunter's bottom lip. He tugged backward, gave Hunter a wink and released his hold.

Without a word, he spun Hunter toward the wall. Ty grabbed his shoulders and ground his fabric-covered dick against Hunter’s bare ass. Ty loved the light dusting of dark hair that fanned a short distance from Hunter’s crack and the sight of it only intensified his desire.

Hunter groaned with each collision of their bodies, the sound surrounding them as the waves surging through Ty grew stronger with each passing second. The choices were easy. He needed inside Hunter. Now.

"Where is it?"

Hunter twisted his brows together. "It?"

"Damn it, the lube. Where’s the lube? Unless you want raw fucked."

"Backpack. Front pocket." Hunter let out a chuckle. "I had a feeling we might need the bottle fast."

Ty grabbed the knapsack, ripped open the front pocket, and grabbed the bottle. He pried Hunter’s ass apart and drizzled a small stream between his cheeks. Ty's thick finger smeared the viscous liquid over Hunter's opening then pushed some inside.

"Oh shit. Yeah," said Hunter.

Ty grunted in agreement as he fumbled with his zipper. His fingers fished through the opening; his gaze never shifting from Hunter's ass. The heat built as Ty's cock popped free, and he drenched it in a healthy coating of lube. He jacked once, crouched and pressed himself against Hunter's hot opening. He grabbed his husband’s bare hips and started pushing.

"Shit! You're thick."

Hunter shook, and a fine sheen of sweat appeared. Ty kept up his steady intrusion until his jeans ground against Hunter's ass. He sighed and realized Hunter was whimpering.

"Oh, fuck. You okay?"

Hunter swallowed and then nodded, his arms shaking as he held himself up. After a few seconds, he took a deep breath and glanced over his shoulder at Ty. "Do it. I'm ready."

Ty searched Hunter's face for signs that things were not as they appeared. But the tight expression of pain had been replaced with a familiar euphoric air. He pulled back, his wet cock emerging, and then pushed himself back inside. Hunter sighed as he sagged against the wall and stuck his butt out farther.

Ty grabbed Hunter's shoulders and started fucking him, slamming harder with each thrust. Filled with hunger for his man, Ty played out a reoccurring fantasy of taking Hunter, like the hot and nasty scene that played across so many porn films. They all paled in comparison when his throbbing cock found its home inside his husband. He grabbed another fistful of hair and rammed himself deeper.

"Ah hell. Yes. More."

Ty bent Hunter almost in half as he pounded his butt with all the force in his muscular body. Ty clenched his powerful muscles with each thrust, almost lifting Hunter from the ground. His moans grew in volume as the room filled with a powerful musk of men mating and the wet sounds of hot sex. They moved beyond caring lovers, to lust fueled animals, each seeking release. And release came quickly.

The ripple of orgasm surged through Ty. Slamming himself in hard a final time, he pinned Hunter on his cock and held him as his body shook. His muscles locked and a ripple of euphoria traveled with the first wave of orgasm. The waves of pleasure traveled through him until, with a final grunt, his climax ended.

A blissful high seeped out of Ty, and he unwound his fingers from Hunter's hair. He caressed Hunter's sweaty back as his cock softened and then slipped out. The deep flush of Hunter's skin told him his lover was agonizingly close. Reaching around, he found Hunter's dripping member. His fingers wrapped tight around it, and he pulled back the foreskin to dig his thumb into the bottom of Hunter’s cockhead.

"Ah, shit."

Hunter let out a guttural cry and his body tensed, cum pulsing through his cock. The pungent aroma of semen again assaulted Ty's senses as he heard a distinctive splat when Hunter's load painted the wall in front of them. He sagged as the last trickle of cum dripped on Ty's hand.

Ty wrapped one arm around Hunter, holding him secure and keeping him from collapsing into a limp pile. He pulled them together then lifted his jizz filled palm to Hunter's lips. Ty smiled as Hunter ran his tongue through the white puddle. He made several passes, letting his tongue lick up the residue of their love until Ty’s palm glistened. He turned, kissed Ty and passed the mixture between them until it was lost, and then held him tenderly.

"We haven't went at it like that since—" Hunter arched his eyebrows "—since college when I was fucking the star shortstop."

Ty chuckled, lifted Hunter in his arms, and carried him to bed. He lay him down gently then knelt beside him. Running his fingers through Hunters damp hair, Ty kissed him gently. "I didn't hurt you did I? I've just been waiting so long to go at it. But I didn’t—"

Hunter pressed his finger against Ty's lips. "Shut up. That was amazing, and a little kinky. Like we met in a bar or something and were trying for bog queen of the year."

Ty considered his lover and started softly laughing. "I think we did meet in a bar, and what the hell’s a bog queen?"

"Guys who like making out in a public bathroom."

Ty chuckled and shook his head. "You have too much free time while you're home with the twins."

"Well you know, nap time is really more for dad than for the toddlers."

Ty lifted an eyebrow and chuckled. "Come on, let's get cleaned up before you leak all over the bed."

Hunter ran his hand over Ty's face then kissed him. "Good plan. Then we can go down to the casinos for a while."

Ty's body reflected his disappointment.

"What?" asked Hunter.

"Well—" Ty ran his tongue over his lips "—I kinda hoped we'd spend the weekend in the room."

Hunter chuckled and kissed Ty again. "You'll get of plenty sex. But we’re seeing Vegas too."

Copyright 2014 Jon Keys, All Rights Reserved

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Wow! A meaty intro just to get us all worked up! Powerful writing, as I remember from reading your work before. Looking forward to seeing where you going with this.

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As much as I enjoy making love, sometimes I NEED a good pounding..........Go Ty and Hunter..............Great job !!!!! Mike

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