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  1. Hi mate, just checking in to see how you are?

  2. Jaro_423

    An Ember Burns

    Thank you so much for this lovely story. I thoroughly enjoyed it.
  3. Jaro_423


    Wow! So intense! So beautiful! So wonderfully heart-warmingly satisfying! Thank you!
  4. Jaro_423

    Family Secrets

    This was a very touching chapter. Your characterization is so good and I love here how you have made us see into what makes Sandra tick and how she is mellowing in spite of herself. And then the love and the bond between her and William is so profound too. Of course, it's all so romantic as well, but that's what makes it a good story. We want to believe the best too, in spite of life and the world and ourselves, so for me, reading is a way of enjoying a more perfect view of life than one usually gets in the real world. Thank you for writing this story with such skill. I am very blessed to have discovered your story and I am so enjoying it.
  5. Jaro_423


    I have to say you did a great job. Troy's reaction/response was the best and it really rings so true too. Anything else would have certainly put a big question mark over whether Troy actually loved Grant enough, but this shows he did. And that he appreciated how much Grant loved him to do this. Great way to bring the worry of the journal to a fitting conclusion that just cements them in a tighter bond than ever. Well done. Thank you.
  6. Jaro_423

    Good Intentions

    Wow! Difficult to know what is best here, but Grant is really sticking his neck out and likely to get it stomped on good and proper, and I'm not sure he won't deserve it. It all depends on Troy's pride and just how much he is willing to let go of it and realize that he needs help - all the help he can get - in order to pick himself up again and live a decent life. It looks like this might be a difficult one where things spin out of control.
  7. Jaro_423


    Ah, cleaned up and pride back in place, and Grant, bless him, makes room for Troy to exert that pride. I guess he's helpless here, for to push Troy would not be right either. It's tricky and could so easily all blow up in Grant's face. Hoping that somehow it all works out.
  8. Jaro_423

    A Wall Falls

    The chapter title had me a bit worried. I thought it might be a literal wall, like the fence, so was glad to find out it was the kind of wall that needs to fall: that wall of pride. Pride can be such a terrible prison and a relentless warden. So glad that Troy managed to let the wall fall. Not sure where this is all going but it sounds like you are really a romantic too. And I'm finding it difficult to put this down. Thanks for such a great story and such plausible characters. You really are skilled.
  9. Jaro_423


    I have a new respect for Grant. He really is skilled at handling tricky situations or tricky folk. Even with his knowledge of Troy through the journal this would not be enough to know how to handle Troy, but Grant negotiates this with as much skill as Troy has in building a fence well. I am a great romantic, so, of course, I want this all to fall into place with a HEA but being realistic I can't see it happening somehow, so I am very intrigued to see how you develop this story and if you're as skilled as your characters are in their fields. So far, I see you are greatly skilled so I am expectant of good things to come.
  10. Jaro_423


    This chapter made me cry with Troy hearing John speak to him. OMG. So sad for him.
  11. You portray Troy so well. A proud, independent man who won't accept charity even though he actually desperately needs it. It is sad and heartrending. And there Grant sits in Troy's house like the cat who licked the cream and debates whether he can splurge on fixing Troy's fence. Damn! Grant is making me angry.
  12. Jaro_423

    From the Ashes

    Wow! Troy's situation is tragic and heartrending. I nearly ended up in a similar position though I had no work and no support until my kids came through with some help and I miraculously found an affordable room 3 days before I was due to hit the street life. So his struggles are real to me. I'm thankful that I was not facing the cold though as that makes his situation that much harder to bear. Very real characters. And how do they connect, though here is no doubt a part of the journal? By contrast Grant is enjoying setting up his first independent home. What a thrill for him and such a delight. I envy him that privilege and yearn myself to regain that independent living.
  13. Jaro_423

    Chapter 2

    Very short chapters but always take one somewhere. Interesting that Rick picks up on Aiden's relationship with his father and has a solution for him that Aiden seems ready to accept. It also poses more questions about Rick and why he is in a wheel chair and what his story is. Looking forward to finding that out.
  14. Jaro_423

    Chapter 1

    A good opening chapter. It has drawn me in to read on. I'm curious to see where this goes with the famous artist who seems to know what he is doing and the totally rookie, most unsuitable model you could think of. What will Aiden do with Rick on canvas and off?
  15. Jaro_423


    So, you came back in January. I had to pick this up again because it is so good. You are such a skilled author. Excellent, but I'm not sure I am up for this stop start ride. Are we going to finish this story now? Probably not. Can I keep coming back to see if there's progress? Not sure I have the stamina to do that. I don't regularly come on the GA site any more, though I must say there have been some great reads here, this being one of the best. This chapter looks epic in that Corbin seems finally to have made the decision to move on and cut the Englishman off, and then we read the chapter end to find out the drama is not ended yet. Wow! Again. You do amaze me in how you draw this out. I loved Corbin's tearing out his classmates after they ambush him. That is great drama. But also shows this amazing side of Corbin in his loyalty to his housemates. He is such a complex character and you have drawn him so very well and in such a compelling manner. The house politics in this election of new members is totally baffling to me. It is so incredibly complicated and so very political. It's no wonder you Americans spend so much time and money on politics. It seems it's in your blood. It's really quite exhausting. But this story seems to epitomize that and much as I am sometimes weary of it all, it is intriguing and compelling. I have to put that down to your skill as a writer. Let's see what more you have to draw me in.
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