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Rekindling - 3. Chapter 3



Hunter swam to the surface of consciousness, the crisp white sheet twisted between his fingers as he submerged under another wave of bliss. The tip of a hot tongue drove into his slit and rocketed him awake. He lifted the sheet to find Ty between his legs, sucking him with gusto. Ty winked and pulled off.

"Morning, sunshine."

"Holy shit. You can wake me up like this any time."

"I woke up early, and you had a nice morning boner. I couldn't resist."

Hunter chuckled and swatted the side of Ty's head. "Get back to work. You're not leaving me with a case of blue balls."

"That's never going to be a problem so long as you're with me."

"Then it'll never be a problem."

Ty grinned, kicked the sheet off and spread Hunter's legs wider. He wrapped his fingers around Hunter's scrotum and began lapping at his balls. Ty slowly traced his wet tongue around each one until they were coated with spit, then one at a time sucked them into his mouth. The delicious ache from his nuts fueled the developing lust in Hunter.

Ty pressed his fingers deep into the spot below Hunter's sack, sending another jolt through his body. Ty leaned down and sucked Hunter's cock into his mouth and ran his tongue around the sensitive edge. The cock twisted loose and slapped against Hunter's flat stomach.

Hunter propped himself on his elbows, luxuriating in the waves of pleasure washing over him. He loved the sight of his cock buried in Ty's mouth, lips stretched. He'd orchestrated the trip, and Hunter loved his man even more for realizing he needed some recuperation time.

Hunter's full attention snapped back to the present when Ty nipped along the underside of his cock. The fire inside Hunter flared. Ty grabbed the base and took it like a sword swallower. The tight convulsions of his throat ramped up the level of need building in Hunter. With a moan, he dropped back on the pillows, and closed his eyes to enjoy Ty's skills.

Several long minutes of pleasure passed and his desire built with each swipe of Ty's tongue. Then he hummed, creating vibrations that hit the primal parts of Hunter's brain. He felt a jolt of realization.

"You got it all!"

Ty came off in a rush, gasping for air. "Damn straight I did. I was gonna after last night."

"That felt so good."

"Well hell, let's see if I can't do better." Ty shoved his face down again, and the vibrations started. This time they didn't let up and soon Hunter thrashed on the bed, his torso arching with each pulse of electricity. His system overloaded from Ty's treatment and with no warning the first volley shot from Hunter.

Unable to do more than savor the experience, he distantly was amazed at the volume of semen pumping from his balls. Ty stayed transfixed over his cock until long after the last jolts had raced through him. The twitching sensitivity returned, and he pulled Ty off, tugging him upward until they were face to face.

"You can stop now. My nuts are probably like raisins."

Ty reached between his legs and stroked Hunter's scrotum. "Nope, still nice and full."

How could I be lucky enough to get this man? Hunter pulled Ty in for a kiss. He loved the taste of their lovemaking in Ty's mouth. Their lips drifted apart, and Hunter lost himself in Ty's beautiful gray eyes.

"Let’s try the steam shower again. I think we need to clean up a little." Hunter took Ty's hard cock and squeezed. "And see if we can't take care of this too."

The smile on Ty's face stretched from ear to ear.



Ty reached in and adjusted the multiple streams. He soon had them shooting out soothing hot water, filling the glass enclosure with swirling tendrils of steam. He wrapped his arms around Hunter and kissed him softly. "I'm having a fantastic time. How about you."

"Me too. This was an incredible idea. Thank you, babe."

"You're a great dad. But everyone needs some time away."

"The kid's think you're wonderful too. You're their Sports Dad."

Ty chuckled and kissed Hunter's cheek. "Sports Dad? That's pretty funny."

Hunter ran his hand down Ty's back, gripped his ass and squeezed. "Come on, stud. Let's get you ready for another day on the strip."

He pushed Ty toward the shower, grabbed the soap and washcloth. Hunter followed and they were soon standing in the middle of the multiple streams of water. Ty trailed his fingers across Hunter’s back, leaving a trail of fire in its wake. Ty’s strong hands spread across Hunter’s lower pack and pulled the two of them together in a tight embrace. They stood in the middle of the indoor deluge, their hands trailing down their backs as they held each other tight. Hunter broke the embrace and moved back. "Turn around, I'll get your back."

Ty did as he was told and sighed as Hunter began washing him. The tender touch further inflamed his already raging desire. I can't believe I snagged Hunter. He’s so outta my league.

The firm touches over each muscle, combined with the heat of the shower, left Ty tranquil. Hunter's hand moved surely over Ty's lower back, then across his ass. He spread his legs wider, encouraging Hunter to explore. A sigh escaped him as Hunter’s slender fingers pushed the cloth between his ass cheeks. Moving lower and lower, Ty sighed as the cloth brushed over his pucker. ‘Bout time.

A groan seeped out as Hunter pressed harder. The cloth dropped to the floor with a wet splat, and Hunter's finger brushed over Ty's opening. Hunter teased and stroked until Ty leaned against the wall to support himself, sticking out his muscular ass as far as he could. Hunter wiggled the tip of his soapy finger inside Ty then circled his opening. Soon the building lust had Ty gasping. He fought the disappointment when Hunter's careful attention disappeared.

"Hey, don't stop. That was making my toes curl."

Hunter kneeled on the shower floor, rivulets of water running down his body as he smiled at Ty. "Be quiet. You'll like this too." He picked up the white washcloth and squirted more soap over it. Lifting one of Ty's feet, he laid it carefully against his bare thigh. Hunter took the soapy cloth and began washing Ty's feet.

He loved Hunter's careful attention to each of his long toes. The soft brush of the wet cloth between them sent sparks of pleasure through Ty. Hunter's combination of the careful washing with a firm foot rub made the act even better. His thumbs dug into his arch, relaxing him even more. Once the foot had been washed, Hunter held it under the cascade of water and washed off every speck of soap. They locked eyes as Hunter wrapped his lips around Ty's toe and ran his tongue around the tip.

"Oh, man. That's incredible."

The edges of Hunter's mouth tilted up, but his tongue never stopped the teasing. Ty leaned against the wall of the shower, focused on the sensations Hunter created. He released Ty's foot, to pick up the other and repeat his actions: wash, rinse and delicious wrap up.

The cloth traveled higher on Ty's legs. The dark hair of his calves was soon a swirl of soap and dark strands. The motion of plush cloth over his legs sent pulses of bliss through Ty's body, but the best was still to come.

Hunter spread Ty's legs, exposing his stiff cock and his dangling balls. Careful not to touch his package, Hunter worked on Ty's thighs. Beginning with the thick outer muscle, he lathered slick soap over it before moving inward delicious inch by delicious inch. The slow advance left Ty's cock stone hard and protruding from between his spread legs. His nuts churned, sending clear nectar leaking from its tip to run to the edge of his glans before being washed away.

Ty’s breath was labored as he waited for Hunter to grab his package, but it didn't come. His eyes fluttered open as the contact between them broke, and Hunter stood. He moved closer and pressed his sensuous red lips against Ty's and whispered.

"How're you doing, babe?"

Ty nodded and swallowed hard, trying to gather his swirl of ecstatic feelings. Finally able to speak, he stammered out, "Good. Fuckin' amazing actually."


Hunter grabbed the shampoo from the shelf, squirted a dollop in his hand and rubbed it over Ty's head. He stood and massaged his fingers through Ty's dark blond hair. The short bristles sent a familiar spark through Hunter that warmed him. His fingers slid over Ty’s scalp and then moved to his shoulders. He stood in front, washed his upper torso and down his arms. Ty complied without question when Hunter pinned his arm against the wall. "Oh, yeah. My favorite.”

Hunter pressed his face into the thickly haired pit and buried his tongue inside. Hunter's hot tongue sent tingles through Ty, his climax edging closer with each touch. After several passionate minutes, Hunter pulled out and ran his tongue over his lips. "Yummy."

Ty choked off a laugh when Hunter moved to repeat the actions under his other arm. Stepping back, Hunter looked at Ty with hungry half-veiled eyes and held both arms above his head. "You're so sexy pinned against the wall."

Ty lurched forward and tried to catch Hunter's lips in a kiss. But Hunter leaned against him, keeping him in place. Hunter grabbed the liquid soap and splattered it across Ty's chest, followed by the cloth. Hunter washed each armpit, then moved across the planes of Ty's chest. The soft lather coated him as Hunter covered his chest and abs, leaving each nipple untouched.

He stood back and let the rainfall-like stream of water wash the soap from his chest. As the last bit ran down his torso, Hunter plunged forward and fastened his teeth on Ty's nipple. The sting of the bite caused Ty to slam backward against the wall and suck air between his teeth. He grabbed Hunter's face between his hands, forcing their eyes to meet. "A little aggressive this morning, are we?"

"Got a problem with it?" Hunter asked. With a grin, he flicked his tongue against Ty's nipple.

Ty sank against the wall, the heat of passion flowing through his body. "Nope, not at all."

Hunter pinned his shoulders and took Ty's nipple again between his teeth. He closed his eyes to enjoy the delicious combination of pleasure and pain Hunter created. He loved when his husband let go. Normally a careful and reserved soul, sex was the only time he allowed his animal side to surface, and reminded Ty their relationship would always be growing.

Hunter's teeth sank into his other nipple and snapped Ty back with a gasp. The blissful feelings Hunter built as he moved from nipple to nipple flooded Ty with endorphins. His groin contracted, slapping his cock against his stomach again and again. Ty let out a grunt when Hunter's teeth brought out sharp pleasure from one nipple while his fingernails sank into the other.

"Ah, damn. So close."

Hunter dropped between his knees, his finger tips caressing Ty's nuts. "Come on me. Shoot on my face, babe. I want you to mark me."

Ty grabbed his cock and stroked its length. The heat of the moment brought him to a fever pitch. He grabbed a handful of Hunter's long hair and tugged his head backward, slapping his hard cock against Hunter's face a few times before rubbing it across his lips.

"This what you want? You want my load?"

Hunter's barely mumbled assent discounted his efforts to catch Ty's dick with his tongue. Ty pinned his head backward and jerked his cock ferociously, driving toward needed release. His cock hovered inches from Hunter's cheek when the soft erotic explosion sounded from deep inside him.

Another stroke resulted in the first strand of white across Hunter’s cheek. A barrage of shots followed. Ty's body contracted again and again as he pumped out thick strands of cum. He ran his cock over Hunter's face as the last of his seed oozed out. Ty slowly released his husband as he milked the last drops from his cock and smeared it over Hunter's smiling lips.

"God, you're hot," said Ty.

Hunter rose to his feet and moved into a stream of water. Ty pulled them together, and his tongue made a swath through the strands of white across Hunter's cheek, and then kissed him. "That was incredible."

Hunter smiled hesitantly, his eyes fluttering. "I was afraid it got too kinky."

Ty burst out in laughter. "If it was, then I'm one kinky bastard."

Hunter's smile grew to one of relief and validation.

"Let's get cleaned up. I want to talk to my babies before we end up fucking like rabbits again."

Ty snickered. "Sounds like a great idea. And talking to the little snots would be nice too."

Hunter chuckled and elbowed Ty as he started washing off the evidence of their latest session.

Copyright 2014 Jon Keys, All Rights Reserved

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