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    Chapter 6

    Controller Chapter 6 We avoided the GSA office now for the most part. The university had cleaned the room, but afterward we always left the office with the scent of industrial cleaners embedded in our noses. There was almost nothing left anyway, so there was little reason for them to go back again. Let the next set of officers deal with the room, without having walked in on it after the vandalism. The university couldn’t put enough layers of paint and plaster on the walls to erase it from our minds. Eli seemed more withdrawn now. He smiled a lot less. But I’d been cooking up a plan that should perk up my lover. He’d come home exhausted again and struggled to work through the pages of his textbook. I’d glanced up a couple of times, and decided it was time to spring my idea. I eased into the bedroom and stripped. The chill of the room had my nipples standing at attention and my dick barely peeking from my bush. I looked down at my crotch and shook my head. “I hope you plan on waking up in a few minutes.” I slipped the stretchy cock ring around my nuts and dick. Actually, I liked the way it looks and the way it feels. Nuts bulging in front of my crotch were going to make this look hot. I pulled a deep-red designer jockstrap I’d picked out for this occation. Red was Eli’s favorite color, and it looked good on me too. I checked myself in the mirror, hoping I wasn’t about to make everything worse. I turned on some music, and went to find Eli. I slid behind him and started rubbing his shoulders, working my fingers into the tense muscle. He reached back and swatted at me without looking. “Stop it. I’ve got to study.” I leaned down and blew softly across his ear. “You sure you can’t take a break?” Eli spun toward me, a stern expression on his face and froze. “What’re you doing?” he asked. I pushed Eli away from the table and straddled his lap. “Trying to find happy Eli again. I think he might have taken a vacation to Australia to enjoy the beach and watch the hot Aussie boys.” A small smirk played across Eli’s face. “Happy Eli would need another job to pay for that trip. And neither Eli likes to fly.” I started grinding onto his lap, slipped his shirt upward and teased a finger through his happy trail. I teased him for a few minutes before leaning down to whisper. “I thought maybe you’d like to…do it.” Eli started and then frowned. “Now? Just to distract me? It’s kind of a big deal.” I smiled, comfortable in my decision. “I’m ready. We’ve been together for months.” “It’s probably going to be a little…uncomfortable. At least the first time.” I could feel my face heat up. “I. Well. Umm.” This time Eli’s smile was genuine and covered his face. “Did you get yourself a training dick?” I laughed at Eli. Only he would call it that. I looked at him, determined to not let him get me flustered tonight. I ran my hands higher and pulled the shirt over his head. Leaning down I kissed him softly and flicked my fingers across his nipples. “Come to bed with me and I’ll let you see what kind of play toys I might have got for us.” Eli ran his hands up and down my thighs, and my cock hardening as he did. He looked at me and grinned. “That sounds like a good idea to me.” I slipped off Eli’s lap, grabbed his hand and pulled him up into a kiss. Our tongues fought until we broke apart, both gasping for air. I took Eli’s hand in mine and led him into our dimly lit room. Eli paused to look around. I’d lit a few candles before and layed out everything I thought we might need. Eli pulled me tight and kissed me hard. Then he slid his hands over my almost bare ass and let one finger slipping into my crack and teased me. I moaned softly and arched my back toward his hand. Eli’s other hand slid down my torso and squeezed my package. His eye twinkled as he looked at me. “Cock ring too? You’re pulling out all the stops tonight.” Eli pushed me onto the bed and stood staring at me as he stripped. His hard cock pointed the way as he crawled to me. He laid on top of me and ground his dripping dick against my crotch. My own hard cock stiffened even further from the exquisite pressure. Eli fastened his teeth on my neck and bit down. The delicious pain shot through my body and my moans increased in volume. The next minutes were spent in passionate exploration of each other’s bodies. Eli slid lower, licking my chest and over my abs. My head swam and the next thing I knew, Eli’s hot breath traveled over my throbbing cock. He chewed and licked through the thin fabric until it was soaked and every swollen vein on my cock was clearly seen. Eli grabbed the lube I’d put out, then looked around. “Condom? Where are the condoms?” I froze for a second in disbelief. “I forgot them. Come on, Eli. We’re both fine. Fuck me already.” Eli hesitated for a moment, and I lurched upward and grabbed his hard dick and squeezed. “Please!” A small gasp escaped Eli and his eyes glazed over. In seconds he had us both coated in lube and his cock pressing inward. I gritted my teeth and tried to relax, I had been using a dildo to stretch myself, but I was glad Eli was no bigger as the searing pain raced through me when Eli breeched the inner gateway. Pressing forward he hit bottom and I dug my heels into the back of his legs. “Wait. Give me a minute…” Eli looked startled and started to pull out. “No! Don’t pull out. Just wait. You’re big.” Eli smirked, and paused. I could feel him trembling against me as the sting of his entry lessened. A few minutes passed and I relaxed against the bed. “I’m ready. Do it.” Eli started slowly, but I knew neither of us would last long. The friction of Eli’s strokes were making my cock jump and drool, but then he hit something inside me and it felt like lightning crawled over my body. “ “Shit!” Eli’s next thrust hit it again, and I couldn’t hold out. My cock jerked inside the jock and drenched the already soaked pouch. Each spasm added to the coating until it dripped slowly. I collapsed in the haze of euphoria as Eli kept pounding my ass. He was sweating and moaning as he drove his wood into me again and again. When I slid my fingernails over his nipples, he let out a gurgling moan and slammed inside me. He trembled and shook, his eyes rolled out of sight. I ran my hands over him as he convulsed again and again before collapsing on top of me, his breathing coming in gasps. I trailed my fingers over his back, enjoying the shared moment. A few minutes later Eli slipped out of me, pressed his lips to my cheek and kissed me softly. “I love you,” he said. # I sat at the desk going over some of my homework. What I really wanted to do was let Eli fuck me again. But I knew the answer would be no. Eli had two papers due tomorrow and he’d already threatened me with death if I bugged him one more time. I couldn’t help it. Eli’s cock hit places that made me see stars. Now he’d gotten good enough to make me cum without touching myself. The first time it happened, it shocked both of us. It was like one of those things that only happened in porn. Afterwards, I basically became Eli’s slut. I liked northing better than him to plug my ass a couple of times a day. Which was the reason ‘plan-way-ahead’ Eli was trying to finish two papers in one night. And why I was banished to the bedroom. I wasn’t even allowed to put a toe on the carpet. Eli said it was distracting. Of course, that might have had something to do with the fact that I moaned each time I scratched my toes across the floor, too. The last time I’d done it, he’d threatened to lock me out in the hallway, in just my jock strap. That might be part of the problem too. But damn, I was horny. “Get busy, I know you have homework due, too. Just because you’ve become the biggest slut on campus doesn’t mean you get to flunk out.” I bristled a little, “I am not a campus slut. You’re the only one I’ve been with.” Eli looked over the top of his glasses and glared at me. “And don’t you forget it, otherwise I’ll have your nuts. That won’t happen again.” “I know, I know, and nothing’s going to happen with anyone else. But damn Eli…” I rolled to my side and spread my legs to display my cock straining to burst through the thin fabric of the yellow and blue jock strap I’d just gotten in the mail today. Eli looked up and paused as his eyes bored a hole into my straining crotch. Then he meet my eyes. “Knock it off! This is why I’m writing the damn paper in one night.” I flipped onto my stomach, knowing I was pressing my luck. I opened the page in the textbook and tried to study. The night slipped past and we both focused on the schoolwork we needed to finish. Finally Eli lowered the top of his computer and shut it with a click. He looked at me and smiled. “I could use a break. Wanna play some Assassin’s Creed or Tron?” I groaned, knowing Eli was teasing me. “How about we play hide the wienie?” I said. Eli spun toward me, his hard cock through the fly of the loose boxers he’d been wearing. He pushed the shaft down and released it to slap against his stomach. “Is this what you had in mind?” Without a word, I slid off my bed, walked between Eli’s spread thighs and knelt. I grabbed Eli’s cock and slipped it down my throat. After a moment to adjust, I began sliding my head up and down the length of Eli’s dick. I felt him rest his hands on my head, urging me on. I slid my hand under his balls and began rubbing his sweet spot. Soon he was moaning and his movements were jerky. I knew it was time. I slid off his cock with a pop and sat back on my heels, wiping the juice from my face. Eli had a hungry look. He handed me the lube and barked out orders. “Get me ready. I’m want that tight hole of yours.” I quickly coated his bare cock, thinking for a split second that we were getting sloppy about protection, then my ass throbbed. I filled my palm with lube and smeared it over my crack. Slipping a few fingers inside myself, I was ready for Eli. I stood and straddled his legs, sitting so my back was against his chest. The dark hair coating his thighs felt wonderful as I slid over them. I grabbed Eli’s cock and rubbed the head over my stretched opening. The tentative motions just drove my lust higher. I had an itch that only Eli could scratch. I relaxed myself and pushed downward. Eli slipped inside and rubbed against my hard prostate. I hit bottom and paused for only a second before I was bouncing up and down on Eli’s cock. We hit a familiar rhythm quickly and the electricity was shooting through me each time he raked my sweet spot. I could feel the pressure building and I knew after the hours of waiting, it wouldn’t take much to set me off. Eli hit again, and my orgasm began. I ground hard against Eli’s crotch, leaning back, our fingers intertwined. The first volley shot into the jock and soaked the fabric. For the next moments my body seized and released with each wave of pleasure. A low groan came from Eli and I felt his cock swell in my ass as he plunged over the edge too. We ground against each other as he filled my ass with his seed. Our bodies wriggled and slipped over each other. I leaned back against Eli, turned my head and was met with a kiss. “Damn, you’re good,” I said. Eli chuckled. “You had me so horny. It was all I could do to write the damn papers.” We were both chuckling when our door was suddenly assaulted by someone’s fists. “Nate! Eli! Open the door! Oh God, I need you!” We looked at each other, both of us recognizing Jamie’s voice. # Eli glared at Jamie as he stood in front of the door. He’d never forgiven Jamie for the stunt he and Michael pulled when I almost screwed up and had sex with them. Eli’s face twisted as he pulled the robe he’d grabbed tight around him and glared at Jamie. “What do you want?” As I laid my hand on Eli’s shoulder, Jamie burst into tears. “It’s Michael. I don’t know what to do.” I could feel Eli tense under my hand. He hated Michael even more than Jamie. Jamie had been relegated to the list of people Eli thought were stupid. Michael…Eli had no use for him. I leaned close to Eli’s ear. “Michael did save our asses that time.” Eli’s glare turned to me. “Fine! We’ll see what’s going on.” Jamie nodded rapidly. “Yes, please. Hurry. I don’t know what to do.” I was getting confused. What had Jamie so worked up. It seemed like he either didn’t want to tell us, or he couldn’t imagine how we couldn’t know. Either way, we didn’t know what we were rushing into. Jamie rushed back down the hall. I followed with Eli right behind me. Jamie yanked open the door to his apartment and rushed to the room he and Michael shared. “He’s in there. And won’t come out. I don’t know what’s going on but I’m afraid.” Eli frowned and walked to the bathroom door. “Michael! Get your ass out here! You’re freakin’ out Jamie. Be decent for once, too.” They waited for a moment, leaning in to see if they could hear a movement. Eli rolled his eyes and started pounding on the door. “God dammit, Michael! Opening the fucking door!” I took Jamie’s arm and pulled him away while Eli started to take his frustrations out on the bathroom door. “Jamie, how long has he been in there? What’s going on? I don’t think you’re telling us everything.” Tears rolled down Jamies’s face. “He’s been in there for a hour at least. I thought he was just taking a bath to chill out. But then he was in there a long time and when I went to check on him, he wouldn’t answer.” A booming sound filled the room as Eli started losing any patience and kicked the door between pounding it with his fists. “You inconsiderate arrogant son of a bitch! Open this fucking door!” I was getting worried. Eli was making enough noise that other people on the floor were sticking their head in to see what was going on. I turned back to Jamie and tried again. “What is it? What aren’t you telling us?” Jamie was becoming more hysterical with each second that ticked by without a response from Michael. “I don’t know! I swear! He got something in the mail today, read it a bunch of times while he was eating and then went ape-shit. I swear I don’t know what’s wrong.” “Where’s his mail? Jamie handed it to me with shaking hands. I flipped through the small pile until I found one from the university health center. I pulled out the sheet it contained and scanned down the page. “Shit!” “What?” Jamie asked. “What was he eating? Show me!” Jamie pointed to the dresser. “Dots. It’s just candy.” I grabbed the sheet and stared at it for a moment before throwing it back on the dresser. “Fuck! God damnit!” My heart was pounding, we might already be too late. Eli was still pounding at the door, but I didn’t think he and I could bust it down. I looked at the crowd now at the door and spotted one of the neighbors. “Jeff! Get Jorge. We need that door open, yesterday!” The football lineman grabbed his teammate and the two of them rushed the door. Their first impact shuddered the wall and there were pops and cracks from the wooden frame. Their next charge popped the door open, leaving it hanging from a single hinge. Eli looked inside and began gagging. Jamie began screaming as I yelled. “Call 911! Someone get Jamie out of here!” # I followed Eli into the dim hospital room. The smell of antiseptic and bodily fluids were overwhelming. As we moved deeper into the gloom, I spotted an arm on the edge of the bed, tubes and wires sprouting from it. We eased into the room, not certain we’d be welcome, or who else might be there. We’d heard Michael had been moved from intensive care, and decided we should go. We rounded the partially drawn curtain and saw someone curled in the chair beside Michael’s bed. “Oh, sorry. We’ll come back some other time,” I said. “Nate? Eli?” We stopped, recognizing Jamie’s voice. “Yeah, it’s us. We thought we should come check on everything,” Eli said. Jamie smiled, but it was obviously an attempt for their sake. “Michael’s doing okay. He’s pretty much past the overdose.” He turned to me. “It was just what you thought, what I thought were candy, was acid. One of the doctors said it isn’t that unusual. Of course, then he has to deal with the real problem…” “So… you know he’s HIV positive?” Eli asked. Jamie nodded. “Yeah, I looked at the paperwork too.” He looked at Jamie with true compassion. “Did you get…” Jamie stared at us for a minute before the question sunk in. “Oh hell yes. That scared the crap out of me. I’m okay so far. They said I will have to retest. It’s all setup and everything.” I felt relief that Jamie had at least tested negative. That was one thing I didn’t have to worry about any more. Although, I didn’t know what I would have done if I were in his shoes. I was trying to find a way to ask—when Eli blurted out. “Did they notify the other guy?” Jamie sat quietly and looked from one to the other of us before he answered. “He hasn’t really been coherent enough to question. But so far as they can tell, it was more than one guy.” Eli clenched his jaw, working to keep his comments to himself. I laid my hand on his neck and rubbed it slowly. He turned to me, and his mouth quirked. I turned back to Jamie. “What are you going to do?” “Well they said his—some levels of something—were okay, so he doesn’t have to start on meds. It hasn’t become AIDS at this point. The nurse said I should go to support groups and stuff.” I could feel Eli’s neck muscles tighten. I started working his neck again, but this time he took my hand and held it. He gave it a squeeze and turned to Jamie. “I think that’s good advice, Jamie. If you’re going to help take care of Michael…” Jamie turned to us, his face drawn. “That’s the right thing to do? Right? I mean, I love Michael. That’s what you do for someone you love. Right?” Eli let go of my hand and walked to the window. His fingers clenched the sill as he looked out at the sunshine pouring across the landscape. I waited, knowing what the old Eli would have told Jamie, and in no uncertain terms. But we had been through a lot in the last year. I wasn’t as certain that I could read my boyfriend any more. His chest expanded as he took a deep breath. “Make sure you take care of yourself, Jamie. If you don’t, you won’t be able to help Michael.” I was proud of Eli. I could tell that last bit came out with a cost. But with the realization made, Eli seemed at peace, and he relaxed around Jamie. We chatted for a long time afterward. The nurse came in several times before Michael started to wake up. Eli tugged at my arm when Michael started to struggle to set upright, and Jamie jumped from the chair to help. “Easy, babe. Let me help you. You don’t want to yank out the tubes and shit again.” Even without Eli’s tugs becoming more insistent, this felt like a personal moment between the two. “Hey, Jamie, we’re going to leave. Let us know if you need any help.” I looked at Eli for confirmation and got a small nod. Jamie was trying to hold Michael’s arms down as he fought the restraint. “Push the nurse call button would you. He’s going to rip these damn things out again.” Before I could react, Eli’s hand darted out and slapped the button. “Come on, Nate. We need to get out of the way.” I followed at Eli’s heels, dodging the nurse who rushed to Michael’s room. We made it to the elevator and he stood silently leaning against the wall with his eyes closed partly. The door parted to a couple of orderlies who walked past us as if we didn’t exist. I followed Eli inside, pushed the main floor button, and watched the door close. The instant the elevator began to move, Eli was in my face, his finger thumping against me chest. “If you—ever—do that to me I’ll cut your nuts and dick off. Off! You got it?” “What?” I staggered back, startled. “You heard me! You cheat on me, and it’s off with your balls. You cheat on me and bring back nasty shit and I cut off your dick too.” I looked at Eli, but couldn’t keep back a snort. “I lose it all, huh.” The anger and frustration bled from him and he sagged against me. “Why would someone do that to someone they say they love.” I hugged him close. “I don’t know, Eli. I don’t know.” Eli sagged against me for a minute. “We need to get checked. I’ve put it off and we’ve played a few times and we didn’t have the right protection. I want us tested, and then I don’t want to be with anyone else.” “Me too, Eli.” # Eli sat quietly staring into space, idly flipping the game controller from one hand to the other. He’d been in this mood for the past several hours, ever since we got home from visiting Michael. He’d said very little on the drive back either. The silence wore on me but I wasn’t certain how to handle it. The visit to Michael had thrown Eli into a deep funk. As I sat and tried to come up with a way to get him out of his depression, Eli began to talk. “You know, that could have been us. We haven’t been all that careful lately.” I shook my head. “No. There’s one big huge difference between Michael and us. We haven’t been sleeping around.” Eli glanced at me. “You look. I’ve seen you look.” “Well, shit! I’m not dead. I’ve seen you check out a butt or two. It’s not just me.” The tension built for a few moments, then Eli seemed to deflate as he let out his held breath. “Okay, looking isn’t cheating. I guess you’re right. And just because I look doesn’t mean I want to jump in bed with the guy,” I waited for a minute to make sure Eli had calmed down. “Exactly. I haven’t been with anyone else. You made it pretty clear how you felt about cheaters.” “I hate to be lied to, and cheating is the worst kind of lie as far as I’m concerned. And look at Michael, now he’s HIV positive. Fucking idiot.” I lifted my eyebrows. “I’m a fucking idiot?” Eli finally turned to me and smiled. “No! Michael is the idiot. You are my hot boyfriend who could get anyone he wanted..” I couldn’t help but chuckle. “Being your boyfriend doesn’t mean I won’t be stupid, and I don’t want anyone else.” Eli leaned over and tapped my cheek playfully. “I’ll cut ya, man.” I grinned back at him. “Yes, I know.” Eli walked to me and sat down. He wrapped his arm around my waist and leaned his head against my shoulder. “You want to go get something to eat? I’m starved.” “Sure. There’s a new place near campus.” “The Thai place? That sounds good.” Eli looked around, sprinted to the bathroom, and closed the door. I heard drawers open and close for a few moments then the sound of Eli peeing. I leaned against the wall and chuckled. “You know, I’ve seen it before. And a lot closer than from across the room.” The door opened and a slightly red faced Eli appeared. “I know, I know. But sometimes I need a little privacy.” I wondered since Eli is one of the least private guys I’ve ever been around, at least with me. But I didn’t want to press the issue. I frowned when Eli pulled on a hoodie, with his shorts and tee. “You know, it’s not that cold out. And…” I motioned to the shorts and jacket. Eli grinned, seeming to relax a little. “This is perfect. Let’s go eat, I’m starved.” I knew something was up, but decided this wasn’t the time to play twenty questions. By the time we left the apartments, Eli was as hyperactive as I’d ever seen him. When we covered the distance to the restaurant, he seemed ready to do a parkour run. When we were seated, his foot was moving faster than Thumper. “Eli, what’s crawled up your ass. You’re acting a little freaky.” Eli slammed to a halt and grinned. “Nope, everything’s fine. I’m just looking forward to something other than the food court stuff.” Before I could come up with a response, the waiter arrived. Eli wanted to try some new dishes and we ended up trying several things we’d never had before, including some that left my mouth singed and sweat beading on my forehead. I finished the last bite and smiled at Eli. “That was good. We’ll have to come back again.” Eli glanced out the window at the gathering nightfall then back at me. “Let’s get some dessert. I hear the mango sticky rice is delicious.” I shrugged and sat back as Eli ordered dessert for both of us. By the time we had finished, night had fallen and there was a trail of blue pools of light along the campus walkways. As we walked through the quiet grounds, Eli reached over and took my hand in his. The simple gesture brought me a great deal of comfort. He had that effect on me lately. Just thinking about him would make me smile so much that people asked what I was doing. We’d reached one of the most secluded parts of the walk and Eli pulled me to a stop. He reached up and caressed my face with a serious look in his eyes. “I love you, Nate.” My body began to shake as all sorts of emotions bubbled up inside me. “I love you too, Eli. What’s going on?” Eli dropped to one knee in front of me, and grabbed my hand. His other hand fished inside the pocket of his hoodie and after a few moments he pulled out a small box. He looked back at me and flipped the box open with his thumb. Our eyes locked and I could see a tear trickle down his face. “Nate, will you marry me?” My legs started to shake and I thought I was going to puke. “Oh, fuck…” My gut twisted into a convoluted knot as I looked down at Eli. A whirlwind of thoughts raced through me. I couldn’t believe he was proposing. The moment stretched out as I tried to sort through my feelings. Tears began to well up, and I fought to control them. “Ah. Nate?” I looked down at Eli to see his face twisted in pain, and I dropped down in front of him, trapping him in a tight embrace. When I released him, tears were running down both our faces. “Yes! Of course! I want to spend the rest of my life with you.” Eli wiped the tears from his face, a smile covering it. “I was starting to wonder.” I kissed him and pulled him tight against me again. I could feel his body shake as the emotions of the moment washed through us. With a final kiss, I climbed back to my feet and helped Eli up. I grabbed his hands and pulled him into another embrace. I released him for a moment and our eyes met. The love that passed between us was wonderfully overwhelming. After another kiss, we walked to the apartment, holding hands like giddy lovers. I barely noticed the trip as I kept staring at the man beside me. The evening passed with each of us breaking into giggles every time our eyes met. Eventually we succumb to exhaustion and fell asleep twined around each other. Awakening the next morning, I caught the spicy scent of Eli. Already hard as a rock, and half asleep, I ground myself against him and then ran my hands down his back and grabbed a handful of his butt. Eli’s eye’s popped open, and he stretched then grinned at me. “Morning, handsome.” He slipped his hand down my naked body and groped my steel hard cock. “Someone is wide awake this morning.” I climbed on top of Eli, pinning him. Grinding my crotch against him, I wasn’t surprised to feel that Eli was just as hard as I was. I leaned down and kissed Eli. Plunging my tongue into his mouth, I became more and more enwrapped in pleasure. We were both moving with frantic passion and I could tell it wouldn’t take much, when Eli pulled back. I stopped, concerned with Eli’s expression. “What’s wrong?” “I want to bottom.” “Really? You sure? We don’t have to.” Eli lightly popped my cheek with his fingertips. “I know I don’t have to. I want to.” I was beyond excited. The thought of what Eli was proposing was beyond desirable. I wanted that ass since forever. I was going to fuck my fiancé. Eli rolled to his stomach and pulled his briefs to his thighs. He reached back with both hands and pried his butt open. His entrance contracted and I licked my lips. “What do you think?” I reached up and pulled the briefs off without a word and smiled at the sexy man lying in front of me, waiting for me to take him. My cock flexed and slapped against my stomach and a strand of precum ran to the tip of my wildly leaking cock. Lost for a moment, I forced myself to calm down. The sight of Eli beginning to squirm in front of me was driving me to new heights of lust. “Are you going to stand there, or fuck?” I chuckled at Eli’s blunt comment, grabbed the lube from the dresser and squeezed it onto my fingers. Coating them thickly, I pressed his fingers against Eli and slid them inside. Eli groaned and clamped down on my fingers. Tight and hot, this was going to be so good. I worked slowly, wanting Eli to enjoy himself. But after several minutes, He looked back at me with a glazed expression. “If you don’t put it in right now, I’m going to tackle you and ride you.” I couldn’t help but chuckle at the need etched on Eli’s face. I coated myself with lube and pressed my cock against his pulsing entrance and pushed. The tight ring clinched around my dick and the heat was delicious. I paused to give Eli a moment, rubbing my hands over his back. The grip lessened, and I pressed forward. Eli moaned and thrash under me as I pressed deeper and deeper until my crotch was grinding against his tight little ass. I lay across his back and nibbled at his ear, and I started twitching my cock in and out of his butt. “Damn you feel so good. I love your ass.” Eli let out a particularly loud groan. “Ah, fuck! Shutup. Fuck me.” I could feel the pressure building, and knew I wasn’t far from the edge. I covered Eli with my body, my hips slamming up and down. I slipped my hands under Eli and teased his nipples. The combination had him twisting and groaning. I struggled to hold back, to control the tidal wave that was coming, and failed. “Fuck!” “Holy shit!” Eli clamped around me as I rammed deep inside. Our body’s twitched and spasmed in ways that marked the extent of the waves of ecstasy. A few moments later Eli collapsed under me, panting. “Oh God, Nate. That was amazing.” I pulled out and fell on the bed beside Eli, wrapping my arm around him. He turned his face toward me and grinned. “That was fucking amazing.” I chuckled, “Don’t you mean it was amazing fucking?” Eli giggled, shoved me backward and then rolled into my arms. He wiggled against me and the heat of our bodies mingled as we slowly cooled. I tilted my head and kissed the back of his neck. “I could get used to this you know.” Eli tilted his head and met my look. “For a life time?” “Yes, for a life time,” I said with a smile covering my face. “Good. That’s what I was trying for.” ### the end ###
  3. reddirtwriter

    Chapter 5

    Controller Chapter Five Eli breathed softly, one hairy leg sticking from under the sheet as he slept. His dark hair went every direction. He never laid still for more than a few minutes before changing directions and his rumbled hair showed it. His mop couldn’t have went more directions if he’d been standing in a tornado. I loved his sexy morning scruff, unlike my baby butt smooth face. Eli wasn’t subtle about anything. His huge rainbow flag dominated most of one wall while a couple of smaller bisexual pride flags guarded either side. One thing you had to give Eli, he was out. Even if most people were clueless about what the bi flags meant. We lived in the best student housing, the room still had about as much charm as a prison cell, with windows that couldn’t be opened and plain white walls. Like everyone else, Eli covered the walls to make the room his. I stopped the scenic tour I’d enjoyed several times before, and opened my computer. In the cool November morning I tugged a blanket around me and worked through my routine. E-mail and Facebook were taken care of pretty quickly. I checked the other web pages I frequented and then moved to the sites I’d just as soon Eli didn’t know I visited. I mean, I know everyone knows guys jerk off, but I didn’t want to hurt Eli. Finding me trolling for porn might make him feel bad. Or he might think it was hot. I froze when Eli sighed and rolled to his stomach. The sight of Eli’s cute bare butt framed against the white sheet was sexy as hell. I had a lot of guilt about Eli sometimes. My emotions were still mixed about him, and Jamie. They were so different and each guy had their own issues. Eli was adorable, and such a crusader for everything, where Jamie had the whole dark and handsome thing going, and he was with Michael. I wished my feelings weren’t so mixed. My hand slid into the front of my underwear and I played with my cock as I viewed some of my favorite websites. I was hard and leaking in an instant. Between the view of Eli’s hot ass and the sex happening on the screen in front of me, my climax was close. I stopped touching myself, not ready to finish. I found a hot scene with a bigger guy screwing the hell out of a small guy with a hairy butt. The expression on the bottoms face was pure ecstasy. The scene could have been Eli and I. Well, other than the fact neither of us had brought up the subject of anal sex. I lost myself in the video scene and my own pleasure, careful to keep the action where Eli wouldn’t catch me. After a couple of minutes, something kept nagging at the edge of my senses. Suddenly, the fire alarms sounded. I snapped my computer shut and tossed it into a chair as I ran to get Eli. He could sleep through anything. “Eli! Get up and get some pants on. That’s the fire alarm!” Eli woke and yanked a pair of bright red sleeping pants over his narrow hips. Reassured Eli was moving, I ran to the living room and yanked open the door—to a wall of orange flames. “Fuck!” I jumped back, slamming the door as I rushed to Eli. I hauled him into the living room about the time the whoosh of fire extinguishers filled the room and bits of foam began shooting under the door. We moved away. What the hell happened? My mind created a scene of chaos in the hallway. Minute crawled past in an unending trail until I heard. “Okay, you should be able to open the door. Check and make sure your side isn’t hot.” I tapped the metal knob a few times. Warm, nothing more. I opened the entrance to a hallway crowded with campus police and fire personnel, as well as most of the other people on our floor. Stunned, I asked the closest cop. “What happened?” “We think someone squirted your door with lighter fluid and lit it.” “Why?” Eli walked beside me and he tugged at my arm. “Nate…” For the first time I paid attention to the partially blackened door—and the word spray-painted across the face. FAG! ### I glanced over my shoulder for the twentieth time. It wasn’t dark, there were people everywhere, but I was still afraid. Maybe not afraid, but I didn’t trust anyone now. Who could have done tha. Who could hate me so much just because I’m gay to want me dead. I stopped and sat on one of the benches. I had to get control of myself. Eli was handling this whole thing better than I was, and Eli is tiny. Okay, maybe not tiny. But I’m bigger than him. He seemed more upset by the ruined door than by the message of hatred. I took the message to heart and it was tearing me apart. Eli suggested I go talk to one of the councilors on campus. The police and everyone else had made the same suggestion. The effect situation had on me must have been evident. It had been a week and I was still walking around in broad daylight constantly looking over my shoulder. Someone sat beside me on the bench, and it took all my will to keep from sprinting in the opposite direction. Then I realized the woman sitting beside me was one of Eli’s friends. After a moment I met her eyes and Rachael smiled back at me. “I hear you’re having a rough time. After the fire thing.” I nodded slowly, not sure what to do next. Do I really want to talk about this? “I know better than you might think, even if I’m just an ally. I’m native, and I understand someone hating you for something you have no control over.” My mouth opened and closed a few times, unsure of what to say. I didn’t want to offend Rachael. I’d never categorized her as any particular race. To me her dark tan and ebony hair had just been part of being Rachael, I hadn’t associated it with being other. “I hadn’t really…” She laughed at my stumbling attempt, but actually made me feel better. “You didn’t think about race, but some people do. Some people do—a lot.” “That’s stupid.” “Of course it’s stupid. Racism is stupid. Don’t get me started or I will share all my pent up frustration about the topic.” I nodded but couldn’t think of what to say. Somehow it didn’t seem to apply to how I felt. She watched me for a few minutes before starting to talk again. “You don’t see the connection. Bigotry is bigotry. Doesn’t matter if it is based on race or religion or—“ Rachael caught my eye, “—or the sex of the person you’re attracted to.” I took a deep breath and nodded. “I guess it has me shaken. I thought we were past this whole thing. I was wrong.” She smiled at me. “That’s cool that you thought that. But the truth is thirty years ago they still considered being gay a mental condition. A lot of things have changed quickly. Some people aren’t there yet. Some just crawled under their rocks and will never change. You have to be careful sometimes. You don’t want to give the rock crawlers a chance to hurt you, or someone you love.” This was getting depressing. The breath I’d been holding was released in a sigh of defeat. “So I can’t be who I am. Eli and I can’t hold hands. I can’t kiss him in public. It’s not fair.” I dropped my head, feeling defeat flood me. “No. Hell no! That wasn’t what I was saying.” She waited a minute before taking my chin in her hand. “Hey. Did you hear me? That wasn’t what I was saying.” I shook myself out of my depression and met her eyes. “That’s what it sounded like.” Rachael shook her head. “No. You have to live your life. If that includes kissing and handholding then do it. Some people don’t do the PDA thing, and that’s cool too. You can’t live your life in fear of what might happen. Most people are great, some are assholes and a few are dangerous. But who knows, you might cut someone off in a car and they go all road rage on you.” I chuckled. “Well that’s a cheery thought.” Rachael grinned back. “Yup, it is. And you already know at least one crazy is targeting you, so don’t be careless. But you can’t live your life in fear.” I nodded, beginning to feel better. “I guess I can see what you’re saying, and you’re right. This whole last week has freaked me out.” Rachael got a severe look on her face and cross her arms over her chest. “Well. Stop it!” She started chuckling. I froze for a minute, then a smile eased across my face. “Yes, boss. I got it. I’ll dial down the paranoia.” Rachael grinned and pulled me to my feet. “That’s right. And if you need it I can bring the whole dang rugby team to help out!” #### Jamie and Michael were making out, and they weren’t being subtle. Michael had his hand down the back of Jamie’s shorts while he was dry humping Michael. We’d started out watching television, but they had moved to kissing and pawing. Somehow the action between them had gotten to the point where I thought they were going to be fucking in front of me any minute. They seemed oblivious that anyone else was in the room. The worst part, I was hard as a rock and watching them more than the TV. Moans, sighs and the sounds of wet kisses filled the room. I could see the lump of Michael’s hand sliding up and down Jamie’s ass inside his jeans. It paused and a second later Jamie moaned loud enough to rattle the walls. “Fuck, Michael. That’s what I need.” I was beyond horny. Nothing else mattered but the hot couple in the beginnings of sex in front of me. By now they were crawling all over each other and it was pretty obvious that Michael was finger-fucking Jamie. Right there in front of me. I should have been offended. I should have told them to take it somewhere else, or took myself somewhere else. But I didn’t. Their tongues were fighting ferociously in each others mouths. Both of them were gasping for air. Jamie slid Michael’s shirt up under his armpits and started biting his nipple. “That’s it bitch. Work my nipples,” ordered Michael. Jamie chewed Michael’s chest for a few minutes, then pressed his face into Michael’s blond furry arm pits. He buried in deep as he licked and slurped. I was too far gone to leave. The fact that my cock was just about to explode didn’t help either. Then, I was shocked when Jamie looked over at me, and winked. What the fuck! What did that mean? By this time they were half dressed and the back of Jamie’s shorts were below his ass. I could see Michael’s slick fingers move in and out of Jamie’s bronze butt. I couldn’t resist any longer. I stood and moved toward them, a huge wet spot forming on my shorts where my rock hard cock had been leaking the whole time. They were tented out making my feelings abundantly clear. I laid my hand on Jamie’s exposed ass, and he moaned even louder. I looked at them and this time Michael winked at me and nodded down. I realized he was sinking two fingers inside Jamie. They were going to fuck, and it looked like it was going to be a threesome. I slid my hand over Jamie’s exposed back. He turned to me, his dark hair falling across his face. “Nate, kiss me.” Every alarm in my body went off. I knew this was a bad idea. Eli and I are dating, we’re having great sex. Why would I throw that away. Why? Same reason guys have done stupid things since the beginning of history--thinking with the wrong head. I knelt beside them and leaned in as Jamie leaned toward me. Our lips pressed together and a pleasant warmth that passed between us. Michael rose from under Jamie to add to the kiss. It was everything I thought I’d wanted, even Michael was a fantasy I’d never acknowledged. The two were asking me to join in, and—it was okay with them. It was there, all the fantasy. The dark skinned beauty of Jamie, and Michael couldn’t have been any more the golden boy if he’d tried. They were hot, they wanted me to join them…and all I could think about was how cute Eli was. Eli, with his hairy butt and legs, hot temper and hawk nose. Even as my lips separated from Jamie’s I knew this wasn’t for me. The tumbler in the door lock turned and a second later Eli stood staring at me with a look of horror on his face. He glanced from the mostly naked couple beside me to my face which I was certain was bright red. My cock had wilted, but the huge wet spot wasn’t going away any time soon. We froze. After a second, Eli slammed the door and I could hear him running down the hallway. My brain churned and foolishly I looked toward Jamie and Michael. Their only response was a humorous smile and a shrug. Fuck! I’ve screwed up a relationship with a great guy, for two people who couldn’t care less. How fucking stupid could I be… #### I was jolted awake the next morning when my head hit the floor and I found Eli standing over me. It took a minute for the fog of sleep to clear enough so I could recall how I’d ended up here. The minute I did, I tried to explain. “Eli! Man! I—“ “Shut up! Get out of my doorway. I never want to see you again, or those other two either.” I swallowed hard. I’d fell asleep at Eli’s door begging to talk with him. I swore I could hear the distant sobbing, and it tore me apart. I knew Eli had no reason to forgive me. I’d blown it. But I had to try. Eli took the door and started smacking it against my head and shoulder. “Get out of my door! Get out of my life!” I shielded my face while I tried to talk to him. “Eli. Please. Let me explain.” The next time the door hit me it was with vicious force. “Explain? What are you going to fucking explain, Nate? Why you were French kissing Jamie? Why you were practically crawling into Michael’s arms? Michael? Abusive, asshole Michael?” Eli took a deep breath and his voice came out in an almost sob. “Or were you going to explain to me that I’ve always been your second choice because Jamie was always the one you really loved? Was that what you were going to do Nate? Explain to me that second choice should still be good enough?” My voice caught, Eli was far too close to the truth. At least to the truth before last night. Now, all I wanted was what I had with Eli. “Eli, please. I just need to talk to you. I want to save our relationship.” “Come on, short stuff. Give Nate a break. It was just fun that got outta hand.” I looked down the hallway to see Michael coming from the apartment. The smirk on his face would have been enough to infuriate me on a good day. Today wasn’t a good day. Before I could reply, I felt a light breeze and the next thing I knew Eli was standing over a prone Michael. Michael lay propped on one elbow as he looked at Eli and slowly rubbed his jaw. I rolled to my side to watch, knowing this was not a time to come to Eli’s defense. But I was also more than a little proud of him. He’d flattened Michael. His voice this time was far from fragile and emotional. It was cold, dangerous and void of anything recognizable as the Eli I knew. “There’s no excuse for any of you,” Eli said through clenched teeth. “You and Jamie can have whatever kind of relationship you want. But I don’t want it to spill over onto me. This time you went too far. Don’t ever think you can fucking ask me a damn thing. If you’re on fire—I’ll be there with gas.” The smirk was gone from Michael’s face, and he didn’t say anything as Eli walked back down the hallway toward me. Without breaking stride, he jumped over me and before I knew it he was in his room slamming the door behind him. I rolled over and crawled on all fours to his door. The effort to stand and walk the few feet seemed too much. I rapped softly. “Eli. Please. I know you hate me right now, but I really want to talk. If you’ll listen, then I’ll go away and leave you alone.” The silence filled the room as the minutes stretched out. “I’m listening,” came the soft reply as I was about to give up. My breath caught, and my mind raced to find the right words. “I fucked up. I can’t blame you for hating me. But I’m begging for a second chance.” “Why? Do you not want to be the third for Jamie and Michael so you go back to good old Eli?” “No. I realized, too late, that Jamie wasn’t the person I want to be with, you are.” “And what brought about this miraculous realization?” I paused for a minute, then asked, “Can we do this face to face?” “No! I said I’d listen. I didn’t say I’d look at you.” I took a deep breath and then slowly let it leak out. “I came to my senses when I realized that Jamie and Michael are just alike. They’re out for their own fun, and don’t care if they hurt someone else. I don’t want to be with someone like that. You aren’t like that, and that’s one of the things I love about you.” There was a long pause, then Eli spoke. “Like, what else do you like?” There was a slight smirk to his tone as he continued. “And these had better be good.” He’s starting to joke around, there’s hope. “You’re sexy as hell. That’s a big one. I love your hairy little muscular butt.” “Go on…” “You stand up for people. You’d never do something that would hurt someone else. At least not on purpose. That’s what I need in a boyfriend.” After another pause, I heard the lock open and the door swung back to reveal Eli standing in front of me. “Here’s the deal,” he began, ”You’re on probation. You are not forgiven just because you’re good at sucking up. You have to earn your way back.” I nodded vigorously. “Okay, whatever you say.” “Yeah, we’ll see. Here’s your first test. You’re going home with me Thanksgiving to meet my family. I don’t care what it takes, you’re going.” My throat dried like I’d stuffed it full of cotton and my stomach went into knots. Then, I nodded and smiled. #### Eli wasn’t joking. I was on the shit list with him. The drive to his parent’s house had been quiet. Not really tense, just quiet. I decided I was in enough trouble. I wasn’t going to push the issue. Besides, I had to worry about meeting Eli’s mother. And I knew how important she was to him. We pulled into the driveway and sat for a moment before Eli turned to me. “Well, this is it. You ready to meet my mom?” I nodded my agreement, but the voice sounded more like the squeak of someone going through puberty. “Okay, cool.” Eli grinned a little wider, but didn’t comment. We crawled out of Eli’s compact car and walked to the house in silence. Eli opened the door and motioned me ahead of him. I walked into and immaculate cottage that looked like a slice of perfection from the fifties. But then a tiny woman with the energy of a tornado swept into the room. “Oh lordie, lordie. Look who’s home! My honey cakes!” I bit the side of my cheek to keep from laughing but Eli shot me a scowl that let me know I was busted. He stepped to his mother and hugged her tight. He released her after a few moments, then sniffed the air. “It smells great, Mom.” “I made all your favorites, Eli. Turkey and stuffing, sweet potatoes covered with with marshmallows like you love. And lemon pie.” The smile covering Eli’s face this time was genuine. It stayed in place as he turned back to me. “I love lemon pie, and Mom’s is the best ever.” Eli’s mom grabbed me in an equally enthusiastic embrace. “You must be Nate. Glad to finally get to meet the person who is so important in Eli’s life. I’m Eli’s mom, Mary. Please just call me Mary.” I blushed, glad that Eli hadn’t shared what I’d done, but saddened that I’d been so stupid to let it happened at all. I glanced at Eli and his face was neutral. “I have Eli’s room all ready for you. Just take your bags in.” She winked at me and playfully jabbed her tiny elbow into my ribs. “I’m sure you boys are sharing a bed anyway. I’m no old fuddy duddy. You boys should have the same sleeping arrangements here as at school.” She beamed at us both, but behind her Eli looked at me and lifted his eyebrows. Letting me know I was still being watched and sleeping on the floor was an option. Only a handful of minutes passed before we were all in the kitchen helping. I was mostly trying to stay out of the way when Eli plunked a pot of steaming sweet potatoes and some gadget that looked like you’d squish bugs with it in front of me. “Mash these up, it’s got all the brown sugar and junk already in it. You just need to mix it up then I’ll cover it with marshmallows and stick them in the oven for a few minutes,” Eli said. I nodded and started mixing and mashing until it looked smooth to me. From there the whole meal preparation thing was a big blur. I did whatever Eli or Mary told me to do, and didn’t seem to piss anyone off. Before too long we were all seated at the table. A couple of friends from the neighborhood who had no other place to go for the holiday had been invited too. The food was arranged and everyone settled into place. I waited for them to start passing food, but everyone was sitting expectantly. After a moment Mary held out her hands to the people on either side of her. “Let’s bless this meal.” A quiet ripple went around the table as everyone held the person’s hand next to them. Eli slipped his hand in mine and gave me the best smile I’d gotten from him in a few weeks. I glanced around to everyone else, because this was foreign to my world. Mary began and I ducked my head. “Lord, thank you for letting us be here today, and for all the bounty you have bestowed on us. We thank for you for Eli and Nate’s safe travel and pray you take them back to school safe and sound. And we especially thank you for Nate begin able to join us this year, and we hope this will just be the first of many. Lord, stand over the boys and their fragile relationship as they learn to lean on each other like all successful couples. We ask for your blessings. Amen.” I looked up and caught Mary’s eye and she winked at me. The rest of the meal was the most relaxed time I’d had since I’d been a fool. The neighbors were apparently all old friends and loved to tease Eli about his handsome boyfriend, which didn’t hurt my feelings at all. Most stayed long past the meal reveling in their stories. But eventually the room began to clear until Mary and Eli were saying goodbye to the last visitor. Mary turned to us with a grin. “You boys go on up and relax. Everything’s already done down here and I’m headed for bed.” She kissed Eli and to my surprise, kissed me too. “Thank you for the help today. I couldn’t have done it without your help. Now go, I’m right behind you.” I followed Eli up the stairs, not certain what would happen now. I stripped down to my briefs while Eli was doing the same. He glanced at the game console and then at me. “I’m really kinda tired. You okay with just going to bed?” I stifled a yawn and then chuckled. “Yeah, that’d be fine.” “Cool, let me brush my teeth, then you can had the bathroom.” I waited while Eli got ready for bed, I went in and wondered where I’d be sleeping. By the time I came back into the room, Eli was in bed with the blankets pulled over him. I waited for a moment, wondering what to do. Eli caught my eyes and flipped the covers back. “You want to sleep with me?” My voice caught and all I could do was nod. I crawled next to Eli and settled into the bed. After a few moments, Eli reached over, grabbed my wrist and pulled my arm around us. I spooned against him, and smiled. The remainder of the weekend went well as Eli seemed to forgive me, or at least give me a chance to make it up to him. By the time we needed to leave to get back to school I was genuinely miss being around her. As she gave us both warm hugs and a kiss on the cheek I could see her eyes were brimming with tears. I watched through the back window as she stood by the road and waved. Once she’d disappeared from sight, I turned back and let out my breath with a whoosh. “I love your mom.” “Me too.” #### We had made it back to the apartment early, but were too exhausted to do more than get ready for classes in the morning. We enjoyed some time together and then fell asleep in each other’s arms. Eli woke me when he answered his phone when it was ringing at three in the morning. “Yes, officer. I can meet you there. It’ll take me ten minutes to dress and get across to the office.” He paused for a few moments to listen, then nodded his head. “Yes, sir. We’ll be there as quick as possible.” He ended the call before shaking my shoulder. “The GSA office has been vandalized.” “What do you mean the office has been vandalized?” I asked still trying to wake up. Eli frowned at me. “What part don’t you understand? The vandal or the ism? Did you want to know the source of the word? See, there were these Germanic tribes—“ “Fuckhead. If I want any of your lip, I’ll scrape it off my zipper,” I retorted, not sure what was going on or why Eli was joking around. Eli started trying to find his underwear in the piles of clothes on the floor. I watched for a minute before I asked. “Did you want me to go with you?” Eli stopped and shot me a fierce scowl. “You can’t possibly be that stupid that you need me to answer.” I rolled out of bed and grabbed my jeans. I knew there was no use trying to find underwear. Mainly because I hadn’t been wearing any. I carefully tucked myself back in and zipped them closed. I snagged a shirt and pulled it on. It was so tight it was obviously Eli’s, but by then all I had time to do was slip my feet into a pair of flip-flops and race after him. I caught up with him a few steps outside the dorm. “Hang on, Eli! Give me a sec.” He paused and turned to me. “Come on. They said it was wrecked.” I nodded and pushed Eli ahead of me and we began to run toward the GSA office. As we rounded the last building, we could see a couple of police cars sitting quietly in front of the building. We slowed to a walk as we got closer. One of the cops spotted us and walked our direction. He held out his hand. “I’m Officer Perez. You Eli Collins?” “Yes, sir. This is my boyfriend Nathan. He’s also an officer in the group so I asked him to come.” “Of course. No problem.” He turned and walked toward the building. “The alarm sounded about 20 minutes ago and the first officers arrived about five minutes later. At that point the building was empty.” He stopped and looked at both of us. “They did a lot of damage considering how long they were in there.” I nodded and glanced over at Eli. He looked a little sick to the stomach. I had to agree, after setting our door on fire, I’d hoped that was the last of it. Apparently they weren’t finished, or there are a lot more people on campus who were bigoted than I ever realized. We stepped in behind the officer, realizing I wasn’t sure why we’d gotten the call instead of Jamie, he was president of the organization. But this didn’t seem like a great time to start asking those kinds of questions. We rounded the corner and my stomach roiled. Spray painted across the door was “Faggots burn in hell!” I looked to see how Eli was dealing with it. His jaw was clenched and I could see the muscled bulge as he ground his teeth. “Pleasant people…” Eli said. “We’ll be reporting this as a hate crime. There may be some federal agents who will need to talk to you later.” Eli nodded, never taking his eyes from the spray painted words. Then he turned to the cop. “Can we go inside?” “Just inside the door, I don’t think you’ll want to go in any further though.” Eli nodded and we stepped inside. The office was totaled. Pride banners of all kinds were torn and thrown on the floor, papers tossed around, drawers strewn around the room, anything they could destroy, they had. Then I realized a foul acrid odor was like a haze in the room. I covered my nose against the stench. “What is that smell?” The officer’s mouth twitched as his scowl deepened. “We aren’t sure yet, but—“ Eli interrupted. “They pissed on everything…”
  4. reddirtwriter

    Chapter 4

    LisaThe issue if probably because it was originally released as a weekly flash fiction. I decided to release it anyway so other people could enjoy it.
  5. reddirtwriter

    Chapter 4

    LisaThe issue if probably because it was originally released as a weekly flash fiction. I decided to release it anyway so other people could enjoy it.
  6. reddirtwriter

    Chapter 4

    Controller Chapter Four The door was locked and my lights off. I huddled on the bed wrapped in a thick blanket. I’d showered twice, and still felt like I couldn’t get clean. I’d never experienced anything like this. My naiveté had been ripped away, and the mental anguish had been much worse than I’d expected. There was a soft knock at the door. Just leave me alone. Can’t they get that? “Nate. It’s Eli. Let me in. I need to know you’re okay.” “Me too, Nate. Let us in.” The voice this time was Jamie. Crap. I guess I can’t ignore both of them. I wrapped the blanket around me and shuffled to the door, opening it slightly. “I’m okay, guys. I just need some time to process everything.” Eli stuck his foot in the doorway. “No. You’re coming up with all these ways it’s somehow your fault. Let us in.” I struggled with the decision for a moment. “Okay, but I’m not the best of company tonight.” Eli and Jamie piled into the room with snacks, drinks and movies. Eli pulled me to the bed and handed me an open beer. Shocked, I looked at him, the only response was his ever present grin. “It won’t kill you. Relax.” Jamie crawled onto the other side as the newest action comedy flick started. Jamie curled against my right side while my head rested on Eli’s stomach. Snuggling with my favorite two men did wonders for my mental state. I peered through my barely cracked eyelids and moaned. Our night lasted into the early morning hours and I’d had far more than one beer. The slight headache and foul taste seemed to be my only punishment. As I drifted awake, I realized I was spooning Eli, and both of us were in our underwear. My cock was much more awake than I was and doing its best to get to Eli. He stretched and turned to me with a smile. “Morning, handsome. How’re you feeling.” Eli’s small body wedged against mine felt right. My morning boner only got harder as Eli ran his hand down my side. With a tender expression, he leaned in for a kiss. The sight of his deep red lips with his morning scruff was sexy as hell. A faintly funky man smell drifted through my nose as our lips connected. The jolt of electricity firing through me from the kiss could power half the city. Eli pushed me onto my back and lay on top. His hands were everywhere, leaving a trail of fire. I slid my hands down his back to cup his ass. As I tightened my grip on his round little butt, Eli moaned into my mouth. Our crotches ground against each other as the heat between us built. The wiry hair coating Eli’s legs fanned the flames higher. I love guys with hairy legs and Eli’s against mine brought me to a whole new level of horny. I closed my eyes to focus on the sensations as Eli kissed down my neck and his hand slid across my stomach. My body was primed with sexual tension as Eli’s fingertips slipped under the edge of my underwear. His other hand drifted upward and rubbed over my nipple. I was about to burst. Eli kissed me again and whispered, “You okay? We can stop if you want.” I shook my head. My cock was leaking like a cheap faucet and my nuts were hugging my rock hard shaft. I’d never wanted anything so much in my life. “I’m ready. Damn, you have me so hard.” Eli nipped down the side of my neck. “Do you have condoms?” I hesitated. “Ah, Eli. I’m not sure I’m ready for…” Eli flicked my nipple again. “Not for anal. You need protection for oral sex, too. Remember the program they had at the GSA?” “Oh.” I thought quickly. Remembering the take homes I’d gotten at the end of the safer-sex discussion. I flipped over and furiously pawed through my nightstand. I rolled back to Eli holding two foil squares. “Bingo! I hope you like strawberry.” Eli laid them to one side. “Strawberry is fine. But at this point ass flavored would work I’m so horny.” I chuckled and gasp when Eli’s hand slipped inside my underwear and grabbed my hard cock. I almost unloaded. “Damn, Eli! Much more and I’ll cream my pants.” “That’s bad?” asked Eli as he eased his hand down my throbbing shaft. “Oh, damn…” Eli chuckled. “I didn’t think you’d have any problem.” He kicked the sheet off us. Our eyes met. I swallowed hard and nodded. His fingers pushed my underwear down until it contained my swollen cock by the barest of margins. With a final tug, it popped from its confines and slapped against my stomach. Eli grabbed it tight and pulled the foreskin down exposing the deep red crown. Releasing the skin, he watched it curl back. “Nice, very nice.” I blushed at the compliment, feeling inordinately pleased. I flexed my cock and it slapped against my stomach. We both chuckled and Eli grabbed a condom. He winked at me, ripped open the package and unrolled it down my cock. I fought for control as each touch sent me closer. Eli moved nearer, his lips caressed my dick as his fingers trailed over my balls. “Oh, God!” Eli froze. “You okay?” I tossed the other condom to him. “Wrap it up. I want to get in on the action, too.” Eli stripped quickly. In seconds, he covered his cock and was laying beside me. He gave me a kiss and then flipped so I was staring at his crotch. I gasped as his mouth closed around my dick. The pleasure Eli created sent me into spirals of delirium. I grabbed the base of Eli’s cock and pulled him close. Running my tongue from base to tip, I flicked my tongue around the pulsing head. My crotch tightened as I raced toward climax. I jacked the base of Eli’s cock as I worked my mouth over the crown. The dance continued as my orgasm began. Lost in the euphoria, my first round shot into the condom. I collapsed against the bed, submerged under waves of pleasure. After a few moments, I lay gasping for air. Eli’s smiling face appeared above me. “How was that?” Without a word I pushed Eli onto his back and started jerking his cock. I pulled off his condom and my hand flew up and down his hard shaft. In less than a dozen strokes, the first ribbon of white shot up Eli’s torso. He twitched and moaned as his nuts emptied. The last of his come oozed from the tip and ran down my hand. I grinned at Eli and wiped my hand over his side. “I think that’s yours,” I said. Eli pulled my face to his and we kissed again. “Give me a sec to clean up. That was fucking amazing.” Eli raced to the bathroom and I could hear running water a few seconds later. I realized I had business to take care of too, and disposed of the filled condom. I was relaxing in bed when Eli dove back in and curled against me. I spooned against Eli, enjoying the feeling of his bare body in my arms. Eli snuggled tighter against me and sighed. “Love you,” whispered Eli as he drifted off. I froze, unable to respond. What have I done? # “Have you ever played this game?” I grinned at Eli. We were together a lot now, and I still hadn’t worked out all my emotions over us. But I knew Eli was becoming my best friend. Beyond that, my feelings about our relationship were convoluted. But one things certain, sex with someone else was a huge improvement over jacking off alone, even if we hadn’t gotten any further than mutual hand jobs and oral sex. “Hey, earth to Nate.” I shook myself from spacing out and bumped against Eli playfully. “I’m here. And no. I haven’t played before. This game supposed to be the scariest game in the last year.” Eli dumped a bag of chips into a bowl as we got snacks ready for the evening. “Well when I’m sleeping in your shorts tonight, you’ll know I didn’t deal well with the game you picked.” I grabbed us both some pop, I’d had enough of a hangover from the one night of beer, and settled on the bed, controller in hand. “Come on, get your little butt over here.” Eli settled on the bed with a bowl in each hand. One full of chips and the other some kind of sugar-coated popcorn. With the food settled around them on the floor and bed, I jumped up again and flipped off the light. With only the light from the screen, I turned on the game. # “Holy fucking shit!” screamed Eli as he back peddled up the bed. I laughed and hid my character under the virtual bed before turning back to Eli. “The mental patients getting to you?” “Damn! Why didn’t that scare the shit out of you?” “It’s scary, I guess it just doesn’t get to me the way it does you.” The lights came on and bright light flooded the room. “Oh shit, I need a minute to recover. We’re out of food anyway.” I chuckled at Eli as he started rummaging through my tiny fridge. “There’s some grapes in a container, if you want something beside stoner food.” Eli grinned and flipped me off. “Fuck you, Nate. This is pure gamer food, not stoner chow.” “Yeah, like there’s a difference. Hurry up. I’m ready to see what happens next.” Eli grabbed the grapes and a two-liter bottle of something green and full of sugar and caffeine. He flipped the light off and jumped into bed with me. We were involved with the game when loud voices came from the living room. It sounded like Jamie and Michael. “Michael, you’re drunk again. Let’s get some sleep.” “I’m horny as hell. Come on and give me a little.” “No! Not again. I’m tired of this one sided relationship. You can’t keep taking and never giving.” The response was the sound of things breaking and loud curses. Then the hallway door banged into the wall followed by a slam that shook the walls. “Fuck you, Jamie. I can find some ass if you’re too good to put out.” The door slammed and silence filled the space. After a few minutes, Eli sighed. “Well, Fuck! So much for fright night. Let’s check on him.” “Really? You’d be okay with that?” I asked at a whisper. The soft sound of sobbing drifted to us through the door. I could feel Eli tense against me, and then slump. “Come on. We can’t leave him out there by himself. He’s actually a nice guy, even if he is far too good looking for his own good.” # “I’m starved. Let’s grab some pizza,” said Eli. I glanced over about the same time as my stomach growled. “I think you have my vote. Apparently my stomach thinks it needs fed.” Eli walked over to me and started rubbing my shoulders. It only took a few passes before I collapsed onto the bed and was letting out a little groan each time Eli dug his fingers into my neck. After a few minutes his hands slid under my shirt and the feel of his hot hands against my skin was doing more than relaxing my tense muscles. When Eli ran his fingernails down my back, I groaned and rolled over. “You keep that up and we won’t be going anywhere.” “And would that be so bad?” My stomach growled again, this time even louder. “Apparently we’re being out voted.” Eli patted my stomach and grinned. “Let’s go get him fed, and then see what you’re up to.” “Oh, I’m up to quite a bit.” Eli shoved me to the side of the bed. “Come on. I have something new to show you.” I cocked an eyebrow and looked at him. “What are you planning?” “Don’t you worry about it. Just something to keep you on your toes.” “Ah, come on! Don’t be a prick.” “I’d watch what you call your boyfriend, or you might not get the present later,” said Eli. Boyfriend? Eli and I are boyfriends now? My stomach growled again. “Let’s go before my body holds a rebellion. A short time later we were walking into the pizza place. The waiter motioned us to a table. “Go ahead, guys. I’ll be with you in a minute.” We sat in the booth he’d indicated and started looking over the menu. Although it wasn’t like we hadn’t seen it a few times a week for the entire semester. The waiter arrived in a few minutes with a glass of water for each of us. He sat everything down and then smiled at us. “Well, gentlemen. I’m Kyle. What can I get you tonight?” Eli grinned at me before he turned to Kyle. “We’re thinking something hot. Like smoking hot. Curl your toes and make your neighbors pound on the wall and tell you to shut up hot.” Kyle smiled at both of us, and I could feel the heat radiating from my face. What the hell? Eli never did this. Not that I was particularly offended or anything, but it didn’t seem like the normally quiet Eli. Actually, the whole thing was kind of turning me on. “We can add enough jalapeño peppers to anything to make it hot.” Eli winked at me and leaned closer to Kyle. “What would you suggest? What toppings would be kinky, twisted and make you moan with pleasure when your tongue goes through them.” Damn, Eli! I had to adjust myself. The whole conversation was starting to make me hard. When I glanced at Kyle, he was only smiling. “I’d say the ton-o-meat pizza with extra sausage…and peppers. Then you can have all the beef you can swallow.” Oh, crap! What are these two doing? Kyle walked off and I turned to Eli. “You’re crazy. What if you’d offended the guy or something?” Eli chuckled. “I know Kyle’s girlfriend. She told me he’d think it was funny.” I leaned back against the booth and studied Eli as I tried to reconcile this new side of him. The rest of the meal went quietly, although there were a few more innuendo shared between Eli and Kyle. The pizza was actually delicious, and Eli and I stuffed ourselves. Through the entire meal, Eli kept making comments that had me laughing. We made our way back to his apartment. As soon as the door was shut, he took me in a hard kiss. “You ready for your surprise?” “Crap! I’d completely forgotten.” I grinned at Eli. “Yes, what’s my surprise?” “Come with me.” Eli grabbed my arm and pulled me into the bedroom. He pushed me backward onto the bed and then walked between my legs. He smiled at me, then launched himself. Unprepared, I was barely able to catch Eli before he crashed on top of me. “Fuck! Careful or the family jewels will be damaged.” Eli took my face between his hands and kissed me. The kiss began with passion, but by the time our lips slipped apart, I was panting from excitement and hard as a rock. It took me a moment before I could form coherent words. “Okay, you have my attention. And if that was the surprise, I’m good with that.” “Nope, not the surprise.” Eli rolled off me and rummaged through his nightstand for a few seconds and then came back with a surgical glove and a pair of scissors. I stared at him and finally asked. “What the hell are those for?” “Well, I thought it might be fun to take the sex a little further. So I got these.” I looked from Eli to the things in his hands and then back again. “Sorry, Eli. I don’t get it.” Eli grinned and without a word cut the fingers off the glove and then split the loop of silicon that was left along the opposite side. He opened the rectangle and grinned. “See, instant dental dam.” I looked at it for a moment and then asked what was to me the obvious question. “Why didn’t you cut it down the thumb side?” Eli grinned, held the rectangle up, and stuck his tongue into the thumb and started wiggling it. I watched him for a second, then started giggling. # “I’m not getting it! I hate this crap.” Eli crawled across the bed so he could see what I was doing. “It’s biology. How can you hate biology? It’s your major.” “What if I don’t want to go to med school? What if I want to major in art? I liked art in high school.” Eli sighed. “Then change majors. People change majors all the time.” “I can’t change majors! What would my parents think?” Eli stopped rubbing my shoulders and leaned down to kiss my cheek. “You can’t do this for your parents. Why did you decide to be a doctor anyway?” I dropped my eyes, not wanting to meet Eli’s gaze. “You know why. I’ve told you.” “No. You haven’t. You do this every time. You blow up about a class you have to take for med school. You rant about changing majors. When I ask why you are pre-med, you avoid the question.” “No, I don’t” “Tell me then. We’ll see if I remember.” I hesitated. I knew I’d never told Eli. I’d never told anyone at school about Evan. My brother who had to fight to function with a world that didn’t understand him. I wasn’t embarrassed, or was I? I tried a last dodge. “I told you before. I shouldn’t have to tell you again.” “Bullshit. Now I know you’re avoiding the question. It can’t possibly be that big of a deal.” “Fine. I’m here because my brother Evan has ASD.” Eli’s face contorted as he considered my answer. “What’s ASD? It sounds familiar.” “Austim Spectrum Disorder.” Eli sat quietly, his mouth opening and closing several times before he spoke. He stopped, and gave me a sad smile. “No, you’d never told me.” “Evan’s cool. I wish life wasn’t so difficult for him. I think that’s why I want to be a doctor.” Eli nodded. “Sounds like a good reason. So, now that you remember it’s for Evan, how hard is the class?” I was speechless. I’d never put the situation in those terms. After a few long moments, I grinned. “Smartass.” “Get your butt busy and maybe I’ll have a surprise for you.” “A surprise? And will I like this surprise?” Eli pushed my face away. “Not if you don’t finish your homework.” I kissed Eli a last time, and went back to studying. The next few hours didn’t exactly fly past, but I focused on the textbook with the new found intensity Eli had given me. I was digesting the chapter on meiosis when Eli gripped my shoulders again, and I jumped. “You’re a little nervous,” said Eli. I brought his hand to my lips and kissed it. “You told me to study, I was studying.” “And you were a good boy. How would you like your surprise?” Heat raced up my face as Eli gave me ‘that look’. “I’d love my surprise.” Eli spun me around and then knelt in front of my chair. He looked up at me and grinned as he curled his fingers in the waistband of my sweats and as he pulled them lower, Eli found out I hadn’t put on underwear after my shower. He grinned at me. “A little free balling tonight?” I grinned sheepishly. “Maybe.” Eli tugged again, I lifted my butt and he slid them lower. In a few seconds he had them around my ankles. I thrashed around for a minute while I kicked off my pants. As they sailed through the air, my feet hit the floor and I spread my legs as far as the chair would allow. Eli grinned and grabbed my rapidly growing dick in his hand. He stroked it a few times before looking at me. “You ready?” “Sure!” Eli kept coming up with new and fun ways for us to enjoy each other. I suspected I could find the source of his ideas by looking at the history on his browser, but that would spoil the fun. Eli trapped my now hard cock against my stomach, leaned in—and sucked one of my nuts into his mouth. “Ah, fuck!” Eli released me and looked concerned. “You okay?” “Yes, hell yes. That felt amazing.” Eli grinned and dropped back between my legs. The minutes went by as he licked and sucked on my nuts. The precum leaking from my cock covered my stomach as my nuts were tongued and tugged. The heat was gathering when Eli started stroking my dick. “Fuck, I’m not going to last long.” Eli never varied, his tongue and lips felt amazing as his hand pumped me closer and closer. Eli tugged at my nut sack, his hand slowed, teasing me as the pressure built. I scooted lower in the chair, when Eli let my ball pop out of his mouth. He started stroking my nuts as he jerked me off. “Fuck!” My first shot landed on Eli’s cheek. I was surprised when he closed his eyes and mouth and lean closer. The next streams of cum crisscrossed Eli’s face as my nuts emptied. The last of my load oozed out and landed with a splat on the floor. Eli was coated with white. I leaned down and kissed his nose, then ran my tongue over his face and through the bittersweet pools. Eli’s eyes flew open and he grinned as I wiped his face with my shirttail. “My turn!” said Eli.
  7. reddirtwriter

    Chapter 3

    Controller By Jon Keys Chapter Three I can’t do it. I can’t keep chasing Jamie. After hearing he and Michael that night I’ve avoided him. What could I do? Obviously a relationship is never going to work out for us. My mid-term grades sucked, I’d been so busy feeling sorry for myself that I didn’t study. Now, I had to kick it in the butt to get my grades up. Then there was Eli. How in the hell am I going to handle Eli. The kiss was sweet, but then the stuff happened with Jamie and Michael. I don’t want to hurt him. I really like Eli. He’s a great friend. The kiss, I can still feel his touch, and sweet kiss. The warm feeling it created lasted for awhile. It wasn’t fair to string Eli along. Looks like I’m going to go through college celibate. I sat back from my desk and looked at my room. This is a pit. First thing, clean this shit up. With a goal I dragged myself up, and started. First the clothes were gathered and tossed into the laundry basket. Once the first layer of crap was gone, my energy returned. The odds and ends of junk mail, newspapers and other debris were tossed. Cleaning had a cathartic effect on me, my mood was lightened. Vacuum, I needed to vacuum the carpet. Without thinking it through, I was knocking at Eli’s apartment door. He opened the door and his face froze in a neutral mask. “Hey Nate. What’s up?” “Yeah. Hey, Eli. I’m cleaning my room. Can I borrow your vacuum?” Eli cocked an eyebrow and a tiny smirk formed on his lips. “I guess.” He paused for a few minutes then his eyes twinkled. “If you’ll clean my room too.” I studied his room for a second. There wasn’t much to clean. Playing along with Eli’s teasing might help our friendship. I’d almost avoided Eli as much as I had Jamie. Eli hadn’t done anything wrong and I’d acted like a jerk. I grinned at Eli, then my mouth got me in trouble again. “Sure! And when I finish, you can take me out to eat.” Crap. Now I’d stepped in it. We stood in silence. Eli’s gaze met mine until my gaze slid to the floor. The time had stretched out endlessly when Eli spoke. “Okay. I can do that. Pizza. My treat.” I lifted my stare back to Eli, surprised to find a grin. Eli continued, “Of course, that means you clean the bathroom, too.” I’d been played, and Eli damn well knew it. I scowled at him and crossed my arms over my chest. “I call bullshit. It’s not even your bathroom.” “Sure it is. I just share it with Ryan. So technically it’s my bathroom.” “Why do I feel like I’ve been had?” Eli lifted his hands and shrugged. “You can say no. There is always the option to say no to a proposal.” My lip twitched, and Eli mimicked me. A moment passed, and he made his eyebrows dance across his forehead. Damn it, Eli. I’m trying to be serious. He stuck his tongue out at me, and curled it. A snicker slipped out before I snapped my frown back in place. Eli put his thumbs in his ears, stuck out his tongue and gave me a razzberry. “Damn it, Eli!” “Damn it, Nate!” I couldn’t hold out any longer, I started laughing. Once I had my laughter back under control, I answered him. “Okay. Fine! I’ll clean for you.” # I settled into the seat, enjoying the aroma of fresh baked bread and oregano. I’d been here before. Eli might have even known it was a favorite of mine. It was a stereotypical college pizza place. The decor dated back to the 60’s when it was built. The same family had owned the place since then, probably why the food tasted so good. Eli sat down opposite me in the booth, cleaning his hands with the paper towel. He glanced up and frowned. “What?” “I was just wondering if you hit the toilet in there. Cause from the pee on the floor of your bathroom, you never hit the toilet.” Eli chuckled and tossed the rumbled paper towel onto the table. “Not me. That’s Ryan. He can’t aim worth shit.” “Nasty. Both of you. Just freakin’ nasty.” Eli chuckled again and all conversation about dorm bathrooms stopped when the waiter took our order. The relaxed conversation helped our connection begin to reform. In what felt like moments, the pizza arrived and we were devouring it like hungry beasts. Both of us had almost finished our second piece when we heard. “Brian. Brian! Oh, God! He’s choking! A young kid was holding his throat, his face crimson. My mind struggled to encompass the emergency. I turned back to Eli, and realized he was gone. “Hold still. Quit fighting me!” My focus spun back to the emergency and found Eli. He had his arms locked around the kid, who was starting to sag. Eli yanked his hands into the boy’s stomach. The boy flopped like a rag doll. No response. The result didn’t change the second or third time. With a huge tug, Eli tried again while the entire restaurant held their breath. This time the child coughed and the piece choking him came free. A crush of people descended on Eli and the kid. Eli returned to our booth after much back slapping and congratulations. He sat down, his face red and his eyes dancing. “That was freaking amazing. I didn’t know what to do,” I said. Eli grinned at me. “Boy scouts. I did pretty well on the life saving stuff.” “Well, you were phenomenal. Good work with the scouts.” Eli gave me a bright smile, which dimmed. “Yeah. Scouts. They were great until I came out, and they threw me out.” # “Hey, knock it off!” I slowed my pace down the sidewalk, peering across the darkening campus. That voice sounded familiar. I was already late for class, but I knew it was so familiar. I turned slowly, trying to hear it again. Nothing. Shit. I closed my eyes, hoping it would help me locate the person. The sound of unsteady footsteps came my way. I eased closer and was almost hosed as some guy puked just in front of me. He hung onto a tree and barfed two or three times. I hate the smell of vomit. It makes me gag and then I’m puking too. It’s not good. As the guy stood upright, he wiped his mouth along his arm. The strands of spit coated his sleeve and glistened in the growing moonlight. Gross. “Dude, you okay?” He looked at me, silent, then he muttered something I couldn’t understand. “What?” “I said the bitch dumped me. During class. She texted me.” “Hey, man. I’m sorry to hear about it—“ The voice echoed out again. “Asshole! Stay the fuck away from me!” This time I recognized the voice. It was Eli. Damn it, can things get any worse? “Sorry, that’s my friend. It sounds like he needs help.” I hated to leave the guy. He was only standing up with the help of the tree. “Hey! Give me that back!” Definitely Eli. I spun and ran in the direction I’d heard Eli. I found myself in one of those weird unusable spaces that happen at universities when they add on to buildings they already have. Without thinking, I ran into the dark space, and almost face planted against a brick wall on two legs. It only took a second to see that three guys had Eli cornered. His fists were up, and a look of determination on his face. He might have been half the size of the smallest of the three cornering him, but he wasn’t giving up. Damn. Brave guy. “Hey, Eli. Need some help with these assholes?” I hoped the bravado would surprise the thugs enough for us to escape. The next thing I knew, I was setting on the concrete rubbing my jaw. I’d been wrong. I managed to scramble out of the way of the boot coming at me and got to my feet in time to see Eli land a beautiful front snap kick. He got only a grunt in response. They’re going to find our bodies in the morning! I punched the mobile wall, and my fist disappeared into his ample paunch, with no effect. The fight intensified. Eli and I held them off for a few minutes, before we were pressed into the corner. Suddenly the guy I was fighting groaned and dropped to his knees. Someone was standing behind him, apparently on our side. Our rescuer jumped on one of other two and quickly had him on the ground, pummeling him. Eli and I worked in concert on the last guy, which actually didn’t last long. Once the odds weren’t wildly in his favor, he deserted the other two. We turned back to the mobile mountain, to find that he’d left too. Our savior was standing over the third guy, who lay on the ground moaning. In silent agreement, we moved away from the dark corner where the fight began to the well lit pathway. As we moved under one of the campus lights, I saw my puking buddy staggering toward us. I guess I’ll baby sit him home. I turned back to thank the guy who’d saved our asses, and was struck speechless. Michael? # I slogged across campus, on my way to beg for a better grade. My thoughts weren’t on my destination, they were on Michael. Stumbling for words, I’d blurted out ‘Why’d you help us?’ He’s usually such a jerk, and I never have been able to get over what he did to Jamie. He’d blown off the question of why he helped with a shrug and left Eli and I staring at his back as he walked away. I still hadn’t been able to get anything from him. I’d asked Jamie, but he replied with a smile and shrug. By the time I’d ran through Michael being the odd hero. I realized I was standing at Dr. Davidson’s door, exactly where I didn’t want to be. I did not want to talk to this professor. I’d tried in the past. I had. But for some reason he made my skin crawl. He was friendly, very friendly. But he always seemed to be touching everyone. He’d squeezed my shoulder once, I felt like I needed to wash with a scrubbing pad to get his touch off me. But now, I was failing his class. The only choice I have is to go talk to him. I hoped he would let me do something to raise my grade. What was the worst thing he could do to me? I’m already failing, you can’t do worse than flunk. I’d screwed around and now the deadline had passed to drop the class. I stood outside the professor’s office and remembered another weird thing. None of the other people shut their doors during their office hours, but Davidson did. The whole thing just creeped me out. I reached up to knock softly on the door. “Hang on. Give me a minute.” Shuffling, clicking and a couple of chimes came through the door. It took him a solid minute or two to finally open the door. What the hell? The door opened a large crack, and an eye glared through at me from the dim room. “Yes? What do you need?” “I’m Nathan Jensen. I’m in your beginning chemistry class. I had some problems with the midterm and came to talk to you.” Another awkward pause, then the door opened further. Davidson held it and motioned me inside. My eyes adjusted to the gloom as he made his way back to the desk and sat down. His eyes were partially lit from the computer screen as he typed in a few bursts. I used his diverted attention as an opportunity to look around the room. Nothing unusual. Pictures of a woman and smiling kids, probably his family. A couple of bookshelves filled to bursting. The odd certificate or award on the wall. Nothing to trigger the level of unease knotting my stomach. His desk was clean, none of the usual piles of ungraded papers, mail and other debris faculty allowed to accumulate. Not on his. All he had was a large calendar with items printed over in tiny handwriting dominated his desk, a pencil holder perfectly filled with what I was sure were needle sharp pencils, and another photo of the typical American family. “Yes, I can see we do need to talk.” I snapped back to the present, and the little smirk of a smile he was wearing now. His fingers steepled in front of him as he studied me. This time his stare really was creeping me out. Finally his eyes met mine. “So, Mr. Jensen. It’s going to be very difficult for you to pass this course. What were you looking to accomplish in speaking with me?” My mouth went dry. What did I want? “Extra credit.” I squeaked out. The smirk on his face grew, and then his eyes definitely raked up and down my body, pausing at my crotch for several moments. A cold chill went through me, my cock shriveled like a raisin at the thought of him touching me again. This time his eyes never met mine, they just evaluated me like I was a piece of meat. “What, exactly, were you hoping to do for ‘extra credit’?” he asked. The emphasis he put on the words ‘extra credit’ made the direction of the conversation obvious. I stumbled to propose something. Anything other than what was becoming obvious he wanted. “A paper maybe? Yeah, an extra credit paper. I could write you a paper, ten pages? Or even fifteen?” A plan. I was relieved to have come up with something. I watched as he stood, walked to my side of the desk and leaned back against it. The smirk never left his face as he moved far too close. His crotch was directly across from me and panic rushed through my system. Oh my God, he’s propositioning me! Without breaking eye contact, he slid his hand up his leg and grabbed his crotch and started groping himself. We sat in silence for several minutes his he played with an obviously hardening cock. He stroked it through his loose cords when he spoke again. “Do you have any other ways that you can think of to earn extra credit, Mr. Jensen?” Panic flared through my whole body. I just wanted out of his office, screw the grade. This guy wanted to trade sex. Holy shit, I can’t believe this is happening to me. I grabbed my backpack and lurched from the chair, almost touching his leg as I fled. I tried to move as if a sexual predator hadn’t trapped me. I opened the door, paused for a second and managed to rattle off, “Thanks for your time. I’ll think about what I could do.” With that I left, mortified and terrified. What had I gotten myself into? # Eli’s anger was plain as he paced the room at a furious speed. “He actually was playing with himself? What the hell! He’s a sick bastard.” “Shh, I don’t want anyone else to know what happened. He’ll flunk me for sure.” Eli froze, his eyebrows curving to a V-shape in the middle of his forehead. “Flunk you? You’re worried about him flunking you?” I couldn’t believe how angry Eli was. I didn’t know what I felt. It had been so nasty, but it had turned me on a little too, which made me sick to my stomach. I had to pass this class, and Davidson had been clear what I needed to do for a passing grade. “We have to report this. He’s probably doing this to other students. That’s just sick, man.” I grabbed Eli’s arm as he swung by again and pulled him to a stop. “Eli, I can’t. He’ll flunk me. I can’t fail this class. It’s too late to drop it without a grade too.” Eli took a deep breath and made a visible effort to calm himself. “We can’t let him get away with this, Nate. Surely there’s something you can do without giving him the power over you.” He stood quietly as he obviously considered his options. With a nod of his head he looked at me. “I know one of the councilors on campus. She’ll know what to do, and keep you from taking the blame.” I barely had time to grab my jacket before we shot out the door. Campus flew past as Eli pulled me to whatever destination was obviously strongly imprinted in his mind. We took shortcuts through buildings I didn’t even know existed. Shortly we were racing toward a formal looking four-story building that practically screamed administration. We sped down the marble floored hallway flanked on either side by darkly somber wood panels. I dug in my heels and pulled Eli to a stop. “Eli, where are we going? I don’t want to cause a big uproar.” Eli nodded his head firmly. “Yes, you do. No one should be able to do what Davidson did to you. It’s, it’s, well, it’s abuse. Just talk to Heather. I swear she won’t put you in any kind of bind.” I was completely rattled now. I’d been upset about the whole thing. That’s why I’d told him in the first place. But now, now it was getting out of control. I wasn’t sure about this. When I looked at Eli, all I saw was fierce determination. “Okay, I’ll talk to this person. But please don’t pressure me to do something I don’t want to do.” Eli frowned at me for several moments and then sighed. “You’re right. I shouldn’t pressure you.” He shot me a small smile. “But since we’re already here…” I threw up my hands and laughed. “Okay, okay. I give. I’ll talk to her.” The next thing I knew the Eli Express had taken flight again. But only a few turns and twists later we were in a set of offices that were the exact opposite of the formal hallways marching in regiment through the rest of the building. While Eli blurted out something to the student at the desk I looked around the room. There were posters, photographs and images of smiling students. The thing that was immediately obvious, this wasn’t the typical white bread mix of students. Some photos were only of people of color, every race on campus was represented. It finally dawned on me. Eli had taken me to the campus diversity office. Shit! This is exactly what I didn’t need. “Hi, Nate. Glad to meet you.” I looked up to see a tall dark haired woman smiling at me and holding out her hand. Her alto voice was very comforting. I shook her hand without a word. “Eli says we need to talk. Let’s go to my office.” We followed her down an interior hallway to a bright spacious office proclaiming Heather as the director of LGBT Services for campus. She motioned us to a small round table as she settled into one of the chairs and gave me her focus. “So, what happened? Eli didn’t go into detail.” I scowled at Eli, who looked completely un-repentant. After gathering my thoughts, I turned back to her. “I suppose so. But like I’ve told Eli a dozen times now, I don’t want to cause trouble. I have to pass this class.” Heather moved slowly and sat her pen down beside the pad of paper. Her face had shifted in that instant to deadly serious. “We will protect your privacy, Nate. But why don’t you tell me what happened.” I glowered at Eli and turned back to her. “It’s really embarrassing. And what if I misunderstood. It’s his word against mine.” Heather took a deep breath, laid her hand on my and squeezed. “Why don’t you tell me everything and I’ll decide. Don’t be embarrassed to tell me anything.” I sat for a minute and considered. I still wasn’t sure, and with more time I was less certain what really had happened. Steeling myself to an unpleasant task, I began telling Heather about his encounter with Dr. Davidson. Neither she nor Eli said a word as I went through the entire episode again. When I finished, Heather’s face had the same look of anger as Eli’s had. She stood and moved to a filing cabinet and flipped through folders for a moment and pulled out a particularly thick one that she spread out on her desk. “Dr. Lynn Davidson, Chemistry department, right?” I nodded, wondering where this was going. “Yeah, that’s the one.” Heather sat for quite some time and looked at me until I was squirming under her gaze. “Nate, I need your help…” # I resisted the urge to tug at the microphone strapped to my chest. This whole thing felt like a scene out of a Bond movie, but by now I’d been prompted by Heather and the campus police until I was sick of it. I’d talked to Eli non-stop about what I was expected to do. My gut still clenched at what we were trying to pull off. Eli wanted to come with me, but the cops wouldn’t let him. Not a huge surprise. Heather. I blame Heather for getting me all mixed up in this. Her and her damn folder. Tons of people who’d had problems with Davidson, but they didn’t have enough evidence to charge him. I made the mistake of not walking out when she explained her scheme. In the end, the set up required people from all over campus. The help from the cops made me even more nervous, but everyone assured me, regardless of the outcome, my academic career wouldn’t be hurt. I took a deep breath and stared at Davidson’s door. This was it. I braced myself and knocked. Again shuffling and odd noises seeped through the door for a few moments before opening. Our eyes met, and Davidson broke into a nasty smile. “Good to see you again, Mr. Jensen.” He motioned me inside his dim office. I hid a shiver and stepped inside. Too late to change my mind now. Davidson walked back to his side of the desk, the terrible smile never leaving his face. He said down and leaned forward. “So, you’ve thought about what ‘extra credit’ you can do to raise your grade?” I nodded and swallowed hard, trying to keep from shaking. “Yeah. I’m ready to do the extra credit.” “Stand up.” My breath quickened as fear crowded my mind. The cops assured me he wasn’t violent. But they weren’t across the desk from him. I remembered I was wired and the people listening were in a service closet no more than 50 feet away. With my bravery bolstered, I stood in front of him, and ran my hands over my body in some vain attempt to straighten them. I stood unmoving while my heart hammered in my chest. “Turn around.” I felt helpless, and violated. But they needed more than him saying ‘stand up and turn around’ to arrest him. I rotated until my ass was facing the predator. He moved, and a wave of revulsion washed over me as his eyes raked down my body. My skin crawled. How could this possibly be a turn on? This guy had done this to dozens of students. More actually, Heather only had the ones who’d reported the incident. This was to keep Davidson from trapping any more students. I stood, braced myself and tried not to shake as he studied me like a whore he’d found on the street. “Nice butt, Nathan. I’m going to enjoy this.” He moved around the desk and groped himself as he stripped me with his eyes. I turned around to him working his cock. I swallowed and nodded. “What…what do you want me to do?” “Oh, I think you know, Nathan.” He reached up and opened his pants. His erection jutted from his crotch, obvious in the boxers he was wearing. I dropped back into the chair as he continued to stroke himself through the thin boxers. After a minute or so passed, he reached in and I steeled my will. I have to play this better. “Take it out. I want to see your cock.” He leered at me. “You want to suck daddy’s cock? You want me to be your daddy, Nathan? Give you the love only your daddy can give you?” I tasted bile in my mouth as my stomach roiled. I couldn’t play the role I’d worked out with the police. I wanted out of this office. How much longer? This nasty son of a bitch wasn’t going to touch me. I didn’t care if they caught him or not. Davidson fished out his dick and moved closer while he stroked it. “Come on, Nathan. Just lick the tip, you know you want to suck Daddy’s cock.” The door shook under violent pounding, a key slid into the lock and someone in the hallway shouted. “Police! Open up!” The door burst open with such force the door’s window shattered when it hit the wall. The next few minutes became a blur as police crowded into the room and pulled me out. The next hour became a flurry of questions and reassurance from the police and Heather, who had a vindictive smile on her face
  8. reddirtwriter

    Chapter 2

    Controller By Jon Keys Chapter Two The night playing Halo had been cool. But I’d almost missed class the next day because we played until close to dawn. Jamie had told me more about the gay-straight alliance on campus, and I’d decided to go. Wrapped in my thoughts I heard. “Hey! Nathan!” I stopped to see Jamie and Eli trotting toward me. As they approached, I smiled and gave them a little wave. “Hey, what’s up?” “We’re going to the GSA meeting and figured we’d walk with you. Some of the rooms are tricky to find in the student union.” “Oh, that’s cool. I appreciate the help. I’ve been lost so many times these last few weeks that I can’t believe it.” “Yeah, campus is pretty wacky when you first get here. I went to the wrong class my first day. I didn’t want to look stupid, so I stayed through the whole lecture and missed the first day of the one I was really enrolled in,” said Eli. I chuckled at the thought of him sitting through an entire class rather than walk out. Somehow when you looked at Eli you just knew he was a nice guy. Yeah, he was a little goofy, with ears that didn’t quite fit and a prominent roman nose. He couldn’t be more different from Jamie whose features were in perfect proportion and set off by his long hair. I couldn’t help but fantasize about Jamie as I walked along with them. We got to the entrance and I was so busy checking out Jamie’s ass that I almost ran into the door Eli was holding open. “Sorry, dude. I should pay more attention.” Eli smiled and swept his arm in front of himself and motioned me in. “Enter, fair prince.” I walked past Eli with a chuckle then looked around the room. Even ten minutes early, it was fairly full. I stuck close to Eli and Jamie, comfortable with their familiar banter. Eli hammed it up with one of the girls, plopping himself in her lap and throwing his arms around her. “Rachael! How was your summer, darlin’?” She giggled and hugged Eli back. “Too quiet without you to brighten my life. How about you?” “Oh, honey. I just can’t tell you how miserable my summer was without you. My mother could talk the horns off a billygoat.” Eli struck a pose, and then winked at Nathan. Grinning at Rachael, he moved to the seat beside her. “Hey, Rach. This is my buddy, Nathan. He’s a brand new freshman for us to torment.” Rachael giggled again and squeezed Eli’s arm. After a few seconds, she held out her hand to me. “Nice to meet you, Nathan. Don’t let Eli get to you. He’s a big softy.” “Well, he’s feeding my addiction, so that’s good,” I said. “Oh, and what evil thing are you hooked on?” “Gaming. I’m addicted. Hardcore.” Rachael winked at him. “Rugby is mine. I get cranky if I miss practice.” “Well it’s good to find another obsessive person.” “Yup, it is.” She motioned for us to sit beside her. “Come on. Jamie is about to start.” She winked at us. “He get’s irritable if we don’t begin on time.” Eli sat next to Rachael and motioned me beside him. They were catching up as the intro part of the meeting began. With Eli occupied, I didn’t feel bad about checking out the room. It didn’t take long for me to find Jamie seated beside Michael. As I watched, Jamie tucked his hair behind his ears again. He was so adorable and handsome. I couldn’t help but stare at him while he chatted with people around him. Unfortunately, I spotted Michael’s hand anchored tight against Jamie’s thigh. Then he moved, put his arm over Jamie’s shoulder and pulled him in for a kiss. “Michael’s always like that.” I turned to find Eli smiling sadly at me, and my face grew hot with embarrassment. “I wasn’t—“ Eli shrugged. “Jamie’s good looking. A little of the exotic. Especially when most of us are pale here in the land of grey winters.” I paused for a moment to consider Eli, and realized he was right. His pale skin stood out even more against his dark eyebrows and short unruly hair. In combination with his features, he couldn’t be considered classically handsome. I glanced back at Jamie, finding the difference more striking. Snapping back to the present, I realized the introductions had began. Fortunately, I’d heard the instructions. “Hi, I’m Nathan, Nate. And my pronouns are he, his, and him.” My focus on the meeting, I started listening for where I could fit in with this group. # I walked along. Considering the information I’d never experienced that they’d talked about at the GSA meeting. I chewed my lip quietly while we moved toward the dorms. “What’s wrong?” I glanced over to find Jamie looking at me. “I didn’t know there were so many different sexes. The pronoun thing was kind of odd too.” Both of them chuckled. Then Eli explained. “Gender, not sexes. It’s about how you feel in that quiet inside you place, not your physical sex. The pronoun introductions are for the people who are transgender, they might have been born female, but feel male or even neither.” “But what about asexual? How could Em not be attracted to anyone?” “Well she—“ Eli shook his head and sounded a little frustrated. “They—identify as asexual. Em says no one is attractive to them.” “Pronouns are hard.” Jamie and Eli both chuckled. “You wouldn’t think so, but a person’s gender identity sometimes gets pretty complicated.” I followed along in quiet, thinking about some of the things they’d discussed at the meeting. Most of the information I’d heard before, but parts of it changed my whole way of thinking. Unfortunately as I focused on recalling the discussion, I didn’t notice Eli had stopped and plowed into him, almost knocking him to the ground. He grabbed me to keep both of us from falling. Our eyes met for a second, but Eli dropped his eyes and his face flushed. “We’re headed back to the quad. Did you want to come with? I don’t think there’s going to be any gaming tonight, though,” said Jamie. Eli laughed and shook his head. “I’m sure not playing. Some of us have to pass our classes.” I gave them a slightly sad smile but nodded in agreement. “Me either, I have to study for a test. Dang it, I’m ready for some more playing.” Jamie reached up and squeezed my shoulder. “Thanks for coming today, Nate. I liked having another guy there.” The heat of his touch traveled through my body, and my dick twitched in response. Eli patted me on the back, and then the smaller man gave a huge smile. “Stay outta trouble. We’ll see you tomorrow.” I like Eli. He’s cool. I think you could come to him with anything as a problem and he’d do his best to help you. I stood for a minute and watched as they walked to the quads. I sighed when they disappeared. I hoped Tony will be gone tonight so I don’t have to deal with him. A short time later I was opening the dorm room. I flicked on the lights and breathed a little easier when I found the room empty. I undressed and hung the clothes I’d worn back in my closet and put on a tee and comfortable sweats, careful not to step on any of the piles of clothes Tony left around the room. I lay on the bed, propped against the pillows as I brought up the study guide from my computer. I had been serious when I told the guys I needed to study. Midterms began in a few days, but I kept playing the night through my mind. A room full of guys who were gay, a lot of them cute. And the heat of Jamie’s touch against my arm. I checked the room to convince myself Tony really was gone. It had been awhile since I’d had any time alone. My dick was growing before I opened the encrypted folder hidden on my computer. I clicked the images open and started flipping through them. The parade of naked men began across my screen, and I rubbed my fingers over my hard nipples and my cock stiffened and tangled with my clothes. I lifted my ass off the bed and shoved my thick grey sweats to my thighs. My cock sprang from the confining clothing and trailed a strand of precum from my belly to the tip. I laid the computer beside me on the bed and stared at the pictures as I rubbed my hard nipples. The jolts of electricity shot to my crotch and I began leaking precum in a thin stream. The slide show flipped up a model that looked a lot like Jamie, and I paused the computer. One hand slid down my stomach and wrapped around my throbbing cock. I made a low moan as I started stroking my wet dick. My thighs stretched my sweats tight when I spread my legs wider. My hand flew up and down its length while my other hand twisted my now throbbing nipples. My breath came faster, the bliss of a building orgasm. My eyes closed tight and recalled the fire that traveled through me at Jamie’s touch. A loud bang echoed through the room when someone fell against the door. The sound of keys at the lock caused me to freeze for a moment. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! It’s Tony. Damnit! I slammed the computer shut and frantically yanked my pants up as the key slid into the lock and the tumblers began to turn. My breath hissed over my teeth at the pain of shoving my rock hard cock into my sweats. With my dick tenting out my pants obscenely, I grabbed my computer, and flipped so I was facing the wall. The door opened, and from across the room came a slurred whisper. “Yeah, he’s asleep. Come on.” The responding high pitched giggle made me grind my teeth. I have to find another place to live! # I almost ran into Eli as I charged head down to my next class. Being exhausted and more than a little frustrated didn’t help my attitude. “Hey, bud,” said Eli. “What’s up?” I sighed and started to let Eli’s question roll off me with one of the half dozen standard replies. Rather than dodge the question, I decided Eli was a good person to share this problem with. “Bad night. Tony came home with a girl and they thought I was asleep. Then the rest of the time was spent listening to him beg for sex, the two minutes it took for him to get off, and the two hours of crying from the girl who said she’d given her virginity to my asshole roommate. Then this morning he’s sprawled everywhere, more dead than alive.” I could see the corner of Eli’s mouth twitch as he tried to keep a solemn face. After a few moments he cracked, and a snort of laughter escaped him. “Sorry, Nate. You have to admit, that’s kinda funny.” I glared at him for several long minutes, then let out a sigh and shook my head. “Yeah, if someone else was having the problem I’d probably be laughing too. But I’m so damn tired of the crap he pulls, the mess he leaves the room in, and—“ I twisted my lips and frowned. “He stinks too. Oh my God. You’d think being away from home was some excuse for never showering or wearing clean clothes.” Eli laughed, no longer trying to hide it. He grabbed my shoulder and held on while he began to actually giggle. I couldn’t resist, Eli’s laughter was contagious. I started laughing with him. Somehow sharing the moment with Eli was very comfortable. I found myself staring into his twinkling blue eyes. Eli pulled off his glasses and wiped tears of laughter on his sleeve. Settling the dark frames onto his face again, he looked back at me. “Okay, enough entertainment at your expense. I think I might have a solution.” “A solution?” “Yup, we’ll get you out of that room.” “I can’t get out of my contract, Eli.” “Ah, but that’s the beauty of my plan.” Eli did the evil villain laugh and had me smiling even more. “So what’s your idea, Snidley.” Eli rubbed his hands together in a melodramatic gesture, then squeezed my shoulder. “There’s a room open on my floor.” I froze in place, afraid I hadn’t understood correctly. “But there’s a waiting list and all kinds of stuff.” “Not if the suite mates request you. That’s the rule!” I was confused, then the answer dawned on me. “One of the guys in your suite is leaving.” “Nope, those guys won’t leave without dynamite blasting them out. Almost as good, though.” Eli paused again, just to drag out my agony. “Oh, come on, Eli! Where?” “Jamie told me this morning one of his suite-mates is moving in with his girlfriend. So they need to find someone.” I froze, processing the information. After a moment or two things clicked into place. “I can move into Jamie’s suite?” “I bet he’d be happy to have you as a roomie. Come on. I know you’re about to pee yourself to know for sure.” Eli draped an arm over my shoulders and veered us toward the Quads. A few minutes later we were standing at Jamie’s door. I cocked an eye at Eli. “You sure this is okay to bug him?” “Sure. Michael won’t be awake, but he doesn’t get up until dusk anyway. I swear he’s a vampire or something.” I stood frozen, poised to knock but not wanting to disturb them for some odd reason. Suddenly I jumped when knocking echoed up and down the hallway. I realized Eli had pounded on the door. “Jeez, Nate. Jamie’s not all that.” A hurt expression flickered across Eli’s face, but the door opened and Jamie stood in front of me. My heart hammered in my chest at the sight. Jamie was shirtless with a pair of lounge pants. His tiny brown nipples were perfect against his olive skin. I swallowed hard and smiled. “Hey, Jamie.” “Hey, Nate. What’s up?” I motioned to the now quiet Eli beside me. “Eli said you’re looking for a suite mate.” I sensed the slight resonance through my body when Jamie chuckled. “Yeah, Greg’s moving in with his girlfriend. He told us last night.” I let out my breath. “I’d be interested. My roommate is driving me crazy.” Eli began to chuckle again, and then tried to control himself as he looked back at me. “Sorry, it’s still funny.” Jamie gave me a questioning look. “Last night was kinda rough and someone thinks it’s funny.” Jamie slowly smiled and nodded. “Come on in. I think this will work out fine.” # I wiped the sweat off my face as I sat down the box and looked around the room. How in the world had I managed to gather up this much crap since the beginning of school. I’ll never get all this junk back into my car in May. I slid into a chair to rest for a minute, when a bang came from the doorway. Eli leaned against the doorframe, his knuckles white from trying to hold onto the box his arms were wrapped around. “Man, I’m sorry. I zoned out. Let me help you.” Eli braced the huge box against the wall, he shoved his knee under it and flashed a feeble smile. “No problem. I’ve got it. Where do you want the box.” I spun around trying to find a place for Eli to put his load. I spun around a couple of times and then felt like an idiot. Eli sunk slowly lower on the wall as the weight of the box pressed on him. “Ah, shit, Eli. Sorry. Just put it on the bed.” Eli shoved himself up and almost fell over when he dropped the box onto the bed. “Good Lord, Nate. What’s in there?” I glanced over and grimaced. “Ah, E. It’s books.” “Holy shit! Think you could find a bigger box so one person couldn’t pickup the fucker at all?” “Sorry. These are the only boxes I could find.” Eli pulled up his shirt to wipe his face and gave me a glimpse of his midsection. I’d never noticed the sexy dark treasure trail that ran over his stomach to disappear into his jeans. Having gawked for too long, I flicked my eyes up and locked eyes with Eli for a second. I thought I saw a smirk. My face started heating up and my eyes dropped to the boxes scattered around the room. “I think there’s only a couple of more boxes in the trunk and we’re done.” Eli let out a long sigh then smiled at me. “Okay, let’s go get the rest of your crap. Cause once we’re done I have to wash the stink off before I can go down for dinner.” “I’ll take you out for dinner. To thank you for helping haul my crap up to the room.” Eli gave me a shy smile. “Today, I’ll take you up on the meal offer. I’ve lugged enough boxes to work up an appetite.” I shot him a grin. “How about pizza? The place down in campus town has great pizza.” “Supreme, with extra pepperoni?” Eli wiggled his dense eyebrows at me. I couldn’t help but chuckle. “Sure, supreme with extra pepperoni.” “Okay, apparently I can be bought for the cost of half a pizza.” We walked back through the living room and Michael was playing Battlefront. We both slowed, then stopped to watch. After a few seconds, he paused the game and glared at us with a cocked eyebrow. “I don’t like people standing behind me to watch.” “Jeez, you’re such a jerk, Michael. We were just watching,” said Eli. “Bug off, pricks.” He sat, refusing to start the game again until we left. Eli turned to me and shook his head. “I don’t get what Jamie sees in him. At least he’s generally a decent guy.” I smiled at the mention of Jamie’s name and Eli’s mouth twisted into a frown. “What’s wrong?” “Nothing. Let’s just get your shit. Good thing you’re under age. Otherwise you would be paying while I get plastered tonight.” “Why?” I asked. “It just seems like a perfect day to get shit faced.” I followed Eli back to my car, wondering what had upset the normally cheerful guy. I finally decided Michael’s attitude had set him off. I didn’t blame him, and Michael was the one sour part of the new living arrangements. But he had to be better than Tony. I chuckled a little to myself, I didn’t tell Tony I was moving out. I just left. I wondered how long it will take for him to figure out I don’t live there any more. Eli turned to me once we got to the car, his arms crossed and a scowl across his face. I reached out and squeezed Eli’s arm. “Sorry about Michael. He seems like a jerk.” Eli’s brows shot up and he gave me a surprised look before a sadness crept across his face. “Yeah, some people can be insensitive jerks.” “Exactly. Let’s get this stuff upstairs and then we can go get some pizza. I’ll even pay for your beer. You just need to order it.” “Sure, sounds like a plan, Nate.” We grabbed the last two boxes, this time I made certain to grab the heavy one, and headed back to my room. Jamie had joined Michael and he smiled at me when we walked in. “Hey, Nate. You and Eli about to get that stuff done?” “Yeah, this is the last of my junk.” “Cool, Michael and I were about to go get something to eat. You guys want to come along?” “Sure! That sounds great.” Eli shot past me and muttered, “I remembered I’ve got homework. Later.” # I answered my door, surprised to find Eli. I hadn’t seen him since he helped me move. With midterms coming I hadn’t thought much about it, but his grinning face was a welcome diversion. “Hey, Eli. What’s up?” He fidgeted in the doorway for a second before holding up couple tickets. “Wanna go to Comic Con? I got two passes.” “Yeah, man! Sounds cool. We should see if the guys want to go. It’ll be a blast.” Eli dropped his head and stared at the floor. “Eli, what’s wrong?” “Nothing. I’ll catch you later.” He turned and took the first step to his room when I grabbed his shoulder. “Eli, please. What’s wrong?” “Nothing, just me being stupid. A bunch of us going to Comic Con would be fun. Sounds like a plan.” His disappointed told me a different story. His knotted brow and drawn lips looked anything but happy. Ah, shit. How stupid could I be? “Did you want to just you and I go?” Eli’s eyebrow flicked upward, and a smile twitched one corner of his mouth. “Yeah, something like that.” “Sure, sounds fun. We can bach it. Make a day of it.” Eli stared at his Van’s, scuffing them across the floor. He spoke almost in a whisper. “No.” Confused, I tried to decipher an increasingly confusing conversation. “What’d you mean, no?” Eli slowly let out a long breath before answering. “Not as two bud, Nate. I wanted to ask you out. I thought the Comic Con would be fun. I got us passes to go.” “You didn’t win the tickets or something?” “No.” “You’re asking me on a date?” “Yes.” “To Comic Con?” “Good God, Nate! If you don’t want to, just say so. The fucking Abbott and Costello routine is stupid.” I shook myself from the shocked stupor. “Sorry, Eli! Of course. I’d love to go. I think it would be a blast.” The smile returned to Eli’s face. “We can leave Saturday morning. I’ll drive. Sounds fantastic. They’re going to premier some games for the newest Xbox.” Finding Eli’s excitement contagious, I grinned and tried to recall what I’d seen of the convention. “I hear the panels are kickass too. The latest Hobbit previews should be cool to see.” Eli chuckled. “You don’t even know the name of the latest one. Admit it.” “I admit nothing, but I’ll be ready.” # “Come on, Nate. I’m starved! Let’s grab some food before you drag me into another panel discussion,” said Eli. I spun and danced backward just in front of Eli. “Oh come on. Fess up, you’re as big of a fan geek as I am. You loved the FX panel. You asked more questions than anyone else.” Eli swatted my shoulder and spun me around. “Okay, okay,’ he said, “I’ll agree with you, if you’ll let me eat.” I chuckled and dropped back beside Eli. “Okay, whimp. You can’t stop for chili dogs when we’re killing trolls.” “Whatever. Feed me!” A little bit later, we both had a styrofoam plate filled with food truck eats. We found a place to sit after a few minutes and took over the table. Seconds later we were digging into the dogs with gusto. A little surprised at how much I’d enjoyed being with Eli, I’d discovered he was smart and kept me laughing. We had a lot of common interests, beyond gaming. He seemed to be having a good time too, if his non-stop chatter and enthusiasm was any indication. Eli bumped me with his elbow. “Hey Nate, look. That looks like that dumbass from from Duck Dynasty.” I glanced over and snickered at the convention goer. It was obviously not a costume, the guy would have fit into the cast with his huge beard and camo clothing. We both cracked up once he’d moved out of sight. It became a game between the two of us to point out the most elaborate cosplay folks as they made their way past our seat. During the time we watched there was a very unhulky Hulk, a Wonder Woman that could have been a hooker, and a cheap one at that, and more Power Rangers than you could imagine walked past. Eli stuffed the last of the super Chicago mega dog into his mouth and gulped it down. “Okay, I’m refueled. Where’s the program? We need to see what panels or previews we’ve missed.” “I have it. Let’s go.” I pulled out my phone and flipped through the list events I thought we might like. “There’s one in 30 minutes, on the other side of the building. I think it’ll be good.” “Well, hell. What are we waiting on?” asked Eli. # The day had been a total success. Eli had insisted we go to a restaurant for dinner, and he paid. We were still talking about the convention as we stepped off the elevator and headed to our rooms. “I’m telling you. That new Xbox is kick ass,” said Eli. “There’re no good games yet. It’s not worth the money.” “Yeah, yeah. They say that every time a new system comes out.” We stopped in front of my door, and Eli grinned at me. “Thanks for going today. I had a great time.” “Me too. It was a blast.” “Good.” Eli rose on his toes and gave me a soft kiss. “Night, Nathan.” I was unable to do anything but nod as he walked down the hallway. # Lying in bed, I struggled to sort out what had happened. I touched the spot where Eli’s kiss had landed. The whole thing had been so natural, so sweet and tender. My emotions were in tatters and I couldn’t bring them together. I’ve been working through my attraction to Jamie since I’d walked into the computer store and he’d helped me. Jamie is with Michael. I tell myself this over and over. So why do I get hard every time I see Jamie? One smile from him and my stomach fills with butterflies. Jamie’s so handsome. So exotic. Every time I’m around him, my heart races and my tongue tangles up like one of those damn fly fishing knots my dad keeps trying to teach me. Eli is cute, a little awkward, but a nice guy. And a great friend. I don’t usually go for smaller guys, but he is so sweet. Damn it, this shouldn’t be so hard. I want to be with Jamie, and Eli needs someone who fits him. The hallway door banged open and voices came from the living room. I realized it was Michael and Jamie. With a little guilt, I crept to the door to indulge myself in a round of voyeurism. I pressed my ear against the door and listened. “Come on, suck it. You know you want it, bitch.” “Stop it, Michael. You’ll wake someone up. You’re drunk.” “Come on, suck me. I just want to get off so I can sleep.” The sound of scuffling filtered into my ears and was punctuated by Michael’s groan. “That’s a good girl. You want my hard cock don’t you? Chew on it. Bite through those jeans.” A gasp sounded, and a coarse chuckle echoed through the door. There was more noise of a struggle and then the sound of a zipper. More noises drifted through the door that I tried to categorize. Loud gagging sounded from outside my door. He’s forcing Jamie! I grabbed the door, ready to try and help Jamie. “Come on, Michael. You know I love your dick, and a little rough is good. Not quite so hard though, babe.” My stomach roiled at the words, not sure what to think. I closed my door with a faint click. I should have gone to bed and covered my head so I couldn’t hear more. But that didn’t happen. The sounds coming through the door left me clinging to its cold flat surface. Michael moaned again, and a wet sound filtered to my ears. The rhythmic thrusting built, and I imagined Jamie on his knees with Michael thrusting into his mouth. “That’s nice, baby. Oh, fuck. I’m so close.” The sounds shimmered around me, filling me. With what, I couldn’t say. I’m eighteen, I can’t control the primal side of myself most of the time. I was hard as a rock. A lot less than the sounds of someone getting head a few feet away could leave me in that condition. Guilt flooded me at how my body betrayed me. The guy I had fallen for had a dick in his face, and I popped a damn boner. The swirl of guilt, anguish and stimulation thickened when I realized Michael had sped up. Then, the nightmare reached its end. “Ah, fuck. Yeah, Swallow my cum,” screamed Michael. The images playing through my mind were over whelming. This wasn’t sexy. It wasn’t hot. My heart was breaking at the betray of my unspoken love. I stumbled away from the door and made my way back to bed. I fell across the mattress and buried my face in the pillow, shoving it tight over my ears. The room narrowed to the soft muffled sound of my heart pounding, and my sobs. Those few minutes were burned into my mind forever. Now, the man I lusted after was tarnished forever. The tears began, and I couldn’t have told you the exact reason. Maybe it was the confirmation I’d lost Jamie, the man I’d actually never had.; or the sound of sex that I still wasn’t certain I’d call consensual and my decision to do nothing; or was it simply the destruction of my first crush. I curled into a ball and stared into the stygian darkness filling my room, as the tears rolled down my face onto my pillow, each a fragment of my shattered heart.
  9. reddirtwriter

    Chapter 1

    Controller by Jon Keys Chapter One The controller swung in a vicious arc, my thumbs sliding across multiple buttons on the pad as the sounds of war echoed on either side. The end of my gun was barely visible, and the barrage of bullets erupting from the barrel gave the impression of a light saber. A sensor went off, and I bit my lip as I did a front roll to escape the slicing katana whizzing through the air a hair’s breadth above me. I spun and blasted the assassin from the packing crate, his head exploding with a satisfying splatter of gore. “Die, motherfuck’r!” The door slammed open, breaking the spell, and I glanced over as the goon who posed as my roommate stomped into the room. Trying to refocus on the game, I took out a second attacker. “Hey, dork. You been sittin’ in front of the damn computer all day?” Back off, Tony. I don’t want your crap today. I grabbed a tootsie roll pop out of the stash of candy on my desk and sank my teeth against the hard sugar, fighting to not smash the controller in my hand against Tony’s hollow head. I sure wasn’t going to try and talk with him. It took too much effort to try and have a conversation. My physical attraction to the big blond had lasted just long enough for him to open his mouth and say something. Our bond had plummeted downhill afterwards. I didn’t hate him, but I’d dealt with smart-ass jocks in high school. College was not going to be a badly done level two. My concentration was shattered when a pillow slammed into the side of my head. “Hey, Dork! I’m talking to you.” I paused the game, trying not to let out a noise indicating any kind of victory for him. “What?” “You gotta be gone tonight. I’m goin’ to the Tri-Delt’s end-of-rush party, and I’m planning to get lucky.” My eyes rolled. Wishful thinking. “Yeah, ok. But midnight’s it. I’m not sleeping in the hall.” “Whatever. Just don’t be here.” I worked at blocking him out as Tony stripped for the showers. I tapped the play button and rolled the sucker around in my mouth. Just one more level and I’m heading to the library. When the door shut behind Tony, I relaxed into my chair, the tension lessening with him out of the room. Concentrating on the destruction of the last attacker, I jumped when the door banged open again, and Tony bumbled back into the room still dripping water from his shower. My fingers kept dancing across the controller as I successfully ignored him, until water splattered over me. “Hey, Jerk! Knock it off!” His laugh slammed into me and I flushed, embarrassed at the thought I’d ever tried to sneak a look at his goods or let him have some kind of effect on me. He’s such an ass. I can just imagine what kind of girl would go out with him. I locked my eyes on the flickering screen, trying to remember which way my last attacker had gone. I’d found the brute again and was slashing away at him when Tony started in again. “Come on! You said you’d leave.” With a sigh, I pause the game again and closed my laptop. I turned in time to see Tony holding in his package so he could zip himself into a skintight pair of jeans. I paused before shaking my head. “Yeah, whatever. I’m going.” I shoved my computer and controller into the backpack and headed out the door. Unhappy didn’t even begin to describe how pissed off I was. My jaw clenched and the last of the hard candy shattered between my teeth. # Hello Kitty? Why in the hell would I want a USB drive that looked like Hello Kitty? The fact I had to pull off its head to plug it in was a step in the right direction though. Stupid, just really stupid. I flipped through the other USB drives and found a Great Pumpkin drive. God, I loved Charlie Brown and the whole Great Pumpkin thing. I drove Mom nuts with my obsession over it when I was eight. I was determined to wait for the Great Pumpkin. It didn’t matter to me that the nearest pumpkin patch involved a twenty-mile drive out of Chicago. As I stood grinning over my moment of realization of what a stubborn child my mother had, one of the store employees had walked up beside me. “Can I help you find something?” he asked, tucking his dark shoulder length hair behind each ear. “I need a USB drive. I was headed to the library and can’t find mine.” I smiled and shrugged my shoulders. “I can’t seem to keep up with the things.” He chuckled, and I caught his nametag. Jamie. “Yeah, I have the same problem. I buy them, and they disappear. Somewhere there’s an orc with a huge stash of USB drives.” He glanced at the rack I’d been going through and his smile broadened. “You want to see some that don’t look like skateboards or barbie dolls?” I let out a sigh of relief. “God, yes. I’m having an over-dose of cute with these.” “Yeah, and they’re about twice as much too. Come on, the serious ones are over in this corner.” Following closely behind, we quickly entered hardcore gamer heaven. They carried assessors and attachments for every game system I could think of, and some of them I’d never heard of. I almost plowed into Jamie when he came to a screeching halt in front of me. “Here you go. The smaller ones are down lower, and the eight and sixteen gig are toward the top of the display. We’ve got a few big ones too, up to one-twenty-eight, but they’re in the locked case cause they’re a little pricey.” I pulled one of the bubble packs from the display and checked out the drive. “This one should work fine. I don’t need the high dollar ones since I lose ‘em constantly.” “Cool. I can check you out if you’d like?” When he tucked his hair back again, I noticed the two captive-bead rings he had in the top of each ear. For some reason the glimpse of his piercings sent a little tingle through my body. “Yeah, sure. I don’t need anything else.” As we walked to the counter, he glanced back at me and flashed a set of pearly white teeth. “So, what system have you got?” “Alienware notebook. My folks got it for me for a graduation present. It’s a sweet little computer. Has a phenomenal processor time.” I grinned and let out a laugh. “I told them I needed it for my major.” “What’s that?” “Biology…” Jamie laughed as he started writing out the ticket. He slowed until he stood tapping his pen against the counter. I started to worry something was wrong when he started talking. “So, you busy tonight?’ I gave him a confused glance, then remembered I was banished from my room and shook my head. “Nope, I was given marching orders actually.” Jamie stared at me and then started laughing. “Please don’t tell me your roomie was dumb enough to believe the girls at the end of Rush were going to be easy.” I shrugged. “Yeah, all he’s gonna find are Rosie Palmer and her five sisters.” Jamie snickered. I thought a second before I got the connotation and cracked up laughing. “It couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.” Jamie continued to laugh as he spun the ticket on the counter and handed me a pen. “Anyway, I’m meeting up with a few friends at our room for a little Halo. If you’re interested. They’re a pretty cool group.” I signed off on the charge to my university account, and the parents. “Yeah. Sounds like fun. Where should I meet you?” Jamie checked his watch. “I get off in about an hour. You can head back with me if that works.” His fingers slid his hair back again, and I nodded. “Sure. I’ll get some stuff done at the library and then come back.” # Watching Jamie struggle with the door, I couldn’t help but smile. It was refreshing to find someone else who can’t get anything mechanical to work. “Damn door! It’s like this every freakin’ night.” Jamie struggled with the lock for several minutes until finally it snapped into place. His face twisted in frustration. “I hate that door. And it hates me even more. I swear if they don’t get it fixed soon, I’m going to throw a chair through it and say it was a planned protest!” “I know what you mean. I hate the lock on my dorm room. And it doesn’t help that my idiot roommate thinks he’s MacGyver and can rig anything. He’d screw up a wet dream.” My face flush hot at Jamie’s laughter. We walked in silence for a few minutes, and I was afraid I’ve just made myself look like a stupid freshman. I fought down the urge to fill the void, but words ricocheted inside me, fighting to get loose. As we walked, I noticed the grounds were deserted for such an early evening. Jamie looked at me, and his smile shone in the twilight. “I like it at night. You know, on campus.” Looking around I realized that the grounds were pools of multicolored light strung along the ghostly slivers of gray concrete that connected them. Absorbed in the imagery, I moved alongside Jamie and enjoyed the company. Before too long we arrived at the Quad, one of the high-rise dorms populated by upperclassmen who still wanted to live on campus. They were more like apartments and impossible for freshmen to get into. Lord knows, I’d tried. That’s how I ended up with charming Tony as a roommate. No backup plan. I ran full speed into Jamie and bounced off him. “Shit! Sorry. I wasn’t paying attention.” As I moved away, a blast of musk and cologne drifted into my nostrils. I always enjoyed that musky smell some guys put off. Not a funky stink, just a nice scent that says he’s all man. Jamie sure fell into that category. “You okay?” I snapped back and found Jamie staring at me with his eyebrows squished together in apparent concern. “No, I’m good. Just zoned there for a second.” “Okay. You just got a weird look on your face. I thought I should check.” “No. Sorry. Just a long week.” “Oh, heck yeah. I get that.” I walked with him down the corridors, amazed at how many people he knew by first name. The place did feel more like an apartment building than a dorm. Jealousy rolled over me again. I want to live in the Quad. That I’d gotten asshole Tony as a roommate made it worse. His funk was the exact opposite of Jamie’s clean smell, and I found it revolting. Jamie hit the elevator button, shot me a strange glance, and then started chuckling. “What are you humming?” I froze for a minute, afraid I’d done something stupid. “It’s the theme song from an old show. I was watching it off YouTube.” “Mister Ed?” “Yeah. Mister Ed.” Jamie started laughing. “I love that show.” I relaxed as we grinned at each other. His hands again flicked his hair behind his ears. The ritual was endearing. He started humming the theme song and before the elevator showed up, the two of us were grinning from ear to ear as we hummed the song as loud as possible. After a moment it faded away, and we were again in silence. “So, biology huh? That’s a tough major,” said Jamie. “Well, I’m hoping to get in med school. Biology made the most sense. We checked out a few places before deciding on here. The med school’s only a few years old, but I know I have to bust my ass.” The elevator opened and I followed him inside. His khaki’s were a nice fit and I took a split-second to admire his butt before I locked my eyes on Jamie’s face. I realized to my horror that the elevator might as well be mirrored, and Jamie probably caught me. Damn it, I’m not sweating it. All I did was look. If Jaime were checking out some girl, nobody would care. It wasn’t fair. “I’m sure it’ll be fine,” said Jamie. I locked eyes with him when his words almost echoed my own thoughts. Then I realized he was talking about my pre-med major. “Oh. Yeah. It will be. I’ve always got good grades.” The door opened into a stark white hallway. Jamie continued with his explanation. “Not me. School isn’t really my thing. But my parents insisted, and decided I needed to major in business. So here I am, almost finished and my grades are crappy. But I’ll probably work with my dad anyway, so they don’t matter too much.” “Where’s your dad work?” “He’s a bank president. Does pretty well.” He fumbled with the door key for a few moments. I couldn’t help but wonder, how much easier life would be. We get by on what Dad makes as a welder, but Mom has her hands full taking care of Evan. I froze for a second when the door popped open and the roaring sounds of warfare flooded the peaceful hallway. I was dumbfounded, I’d never seen so much gaming equipment in one place before. There were speakers, headset and controllers that I’d only read about in magazines or on-line. I’m thrilled to have two gaming centers, and one of them I saved up for from my sucky job working at the local fast food place. This room was a gamers dream come true. # “Nathan. Come on in, ignore the mess. This game’s been going on since early this morning, and these animals wouldn’t leave the room to go to the bathroom if I didn’t insist.” Creeping into the room, it was obvious what held their attention, a huge flat screen television so large that the avatars were almost life size. I was so absorbed in the game playing out in front of me that I barely noticed when Jamie closed the door. The group was deep in a multiplayer Halo game. I’d spent more time playing Halo than anything else I’d done. The game was an obsession for me. I’d played video games my whole life, but this enormous size was even changing the sense of time passing. When the shock of the giant ass TV started to wear off, I began to notice the other people around the room. A small crowd pressed close, some in various states of being slouched over the furniture watching while others gunned down the current round of bad guys. “Hey, Nathan, Want something to drink?” I tore myself away from the screen to see Jamie tucking the hair behind his ears again. “Sure, Whatcha got?” Jamie studied the content of their fridge for a minute and came up with a smile. “Beer, local Beer, imported beer and cheap beer. Oh, and a diet Dr. Pepper that someone left.” I thought about the choices for a second, but decided against being stupid this time. “Water’s fine. I think I’ll pass on the beer.” Jamie handed me the unopened pop. “Better take this. The water’s kinda nasty.” I didn’t really want a pop. The other guys might think I was some puss because I wasn’t drinking with them. But Jamie’s cute face began to make me have that fluttering sensation when we touched, so I took it. “Thanks,” I mumbled. “Hey, babe. Grab me a brew.” Jamie looked over at the hulking blond draped over one of the chairs. He shrugged at me then without a word, took one of the bottles of imported beer, and delivered it. I watched. Surprise, disappointment and elation swirled inside me when the blond took the beer with one hand, grabbed Jamie behind the neck with the other, and pulled him down for a kiss. “Come on. Get a room,” said one of the other players. I wondered too when it looked like the blond gorilla grabbed Jamie’s crotch to cop a feel before he let him go. He walked back to me with an odd grin on his face. “Sorry, hope that didn’t freak you out. Michael get’s handsie sometimes, he likes to be in control. I hope it didn’t bother you. I know some people don’t like to see two guys being affectionate.” I swallowed hard. My mix of emotions settled in layers with disappointment being the thickest. It took me a few minutes, but I realized Jamie was waiting for me to reply. About the same time, I knew this was my chance. I could start chipping away at my worry about people discovering I was gay. Obviously, this group didn’t care. They didn’t have much reaction to the kiss. First steps, just a tiny first step. I gathered my courage and turned to Jamie. “Don’t sweat it. I’m gay, too.” Unfortunately for me, as the first words slipped from my lips, the gunfire reached a fevered pitch and Jamie didn’t hear a word I said. “What?” Jamie yelled at me. Someone stumbled over a powerstrip, and the speakers went dead just as I screamed into the silent room. “I’m gay!” # The words I’d yelled seemed to echo forever. If there had been a time I wanted an undo button on my life, this would be that time. In spite of my careful logic, I prepared myself for the reaction I knew was coming. The sound of a ripe melon being thumped sounded in the room, followed by a yelp. I traced the noise to find Michael frowning at someone who was rubbing the back of their head. “You clumsy dumbass. Plug the fucking thing back in.” Still massaging his head, the culprit shoved the plug back into the wall, and a tsunami of sound flooded the room. The players returned to their focus without a backward glance at me. Disappointment dominated my emotions. I thought coming out would get me a minimum of a pat on the back and congratulations. Anger, anger might have even been better. At least I thought my act of bravery should get some kind of reaction. Assholes. I caught Jamie’s scent again as he put a hand on my shoulder and squeezed. The combination of touch and smell curled into my system and found eager receptors. My anger melted as horny teenager surged to the forefront. “Don’t let them get to you. They are focused on the game. I could walk through naked, and most of them wouldn’t notice.” “Yeah, sorry. I didn’t mean to yell it out like that.” Jamie started chuckling. “Ryan’s a klutz. His timing always sucks. But the TV is his, and he lives in the suite.” He stopped for a minute, then his expression changed with understanding. “That was your first time wasn’t it. For you to tell someone.” I looked at him for a moment. My timing’s worse than Ryan’s. “Yeah, it was. Kinda sucky timing, huh.” “No, it’s cool. Congratulations, I’m so happy that you’d share your first coming out with us. Next week you should go with me to the campus GSA. I’m president.” “GSA?” “Yeah, sorry. Gay-Straight Alliance. It’s a fun bunch. And no one cares how you identify.” “Hey! Get your fat ass over here. I’m ready for a break.” I recognized Michael’s summons from across the room. Jamie grinned at me. “I better go. Sounds like Michael’s ready for me to take over. Make yourself at home. We rotate in and out.” “Okay, cool.” Jamie hurried to Michael and took his place. I noticed he didn’t let the opportunity pass to squeeze Jamie’s butt as they switched places. I settled in at the counter and enjoyed watching the gaming action. The sharp scent of too much testosterone in one small room was soon evident, beer and action building the level of noise with each passing minute. I was about to leave, when the door opened letting in a gust of fresh air. The guy who stomped in looked like he’d just crawled out of bed, threw on a tee and came over. “Do you assholes realize it’s 2am? My damn walls are vibrating from your speakers. Some of us have to be in class at eight in the morning.” Michael walked by and shoved him. “Quit bitching, Eli. You know you like playing too.” Eli glared at Michael. “I had to work until midnight. Not everyone has Daddy’s money pouring in.” “Whaa, whaa, whaa. We’ve all heard about poor Eli before. Cry me a river.” Eli looked on the verge of tearing into Michael, despite their size difference. I jumped off the stool I’d been warming and stuck my hand out. “Hey. We haven’t met. I’m Nathan.” Eli gave Michael a last glare before turning to me and taking my hand. The firm shake surprised me, for some reason bringing Eli up in my opinion. “Hey Nathan. I’m Eli. Nice to meet you.” He shot a go-to-hell look at Michael. “Apparently some of the people in the room have advanced beyond Neanderthal.” A giggle slipped out, not the image I wanted to give off, but Eli’s smile got bigger. I stood like a statue, not sure what to do next, when a couple of players were killed in the game. “Hey, I’m already up. You want to play?” I was a little surprised at Eli’s invitation, but I’d come with Jamie to play a few rounds. “Sure, let’s grab a controller.” I vaulted the back of the chair and got comfortable while Eli grinned in my direction and walked around. As he did, the dark hair on his legs grabbed my attention. I love hairy legs. I don’t know why, but I think they’re incredibly hot. My focus shifted to a much more primal part of my brain, and my cock started to respond. By the time I had returned from the fantasy, Eli had settled in beside me. “Hope you don’t mind sharing the chair.” Knocked out of my momentary stupor, I realized I was staring into the small man’s smiling face. “Nope, don’t mind at all.” Eli’s grin covered his face. We wiggled into place beside each other and started killing bugs through the snow of a winter campaign.
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    Chapter 8

    Actually I have a flash serial on my blog that is the final story about the guys. It's flash so right now they're short it's my plan to put everything together and post them online. But you can follow "Double Trouble" until then.
  11. reddirtwriter

    Chapter 8

    Actually I have a flash serial on my blog that is the final story about the guys. It's flash so right now they're short it's my plan to put everything together and post them online. But you can follow "Double Trouble" until then.
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    Chapter 5

    Welcome to the last chapter of Rekindling. I hope you enjoyed it for a fun bit of indulgence. If you're interested in reading more of my work, both free and published, check out my website. jonkeys.com. Okay, on to the final day for Ty and Hunter in Vegas! Chapter Five Sunlight seeped around the curtains, but Hunter had been awake for several hours. He knew there was something he was missing. Something Ty had hoped to experience on their no-holds barred weekend, but he couldn't think of anything. He'd been turning the thought over and over in his mind. He gleaned through anything and everything they'd told each other over the years, but especially over the last few weeks. Obviously this was a secret desire Ty didn’t share readily. He traced through their intimate moments, shared disasters and times of wonder. Still nothing. This trip was Ty's idea. He'd been concerned they weren't getting enough time together. Hunter had been reluctant in agreeing, but now knew it was a stroke of brilliance. As he thought about their time in Vegas, he remembered the trip to the porn shop with a chuckle. Definitely something they’d never have done at home. Hunter sat upright in bed. He knew. Looking at his sleeping husband, he let out a chuckle. So, that's your fantasy, huh? Sounds fun to me. Hunter crawled from between the sheets, trying not to disturb Ty. His pants were sliding up his thighs when a gravelly voice came from the middle of the pile of bedding. "Where ya goin'?" "I have a couple of errands. Go back to sleep. I won't be long." "Hmm, 'k. Be careful." Hunter walked over and kissed his cheek, then headed for the door with a smirk on his face. Hunter came back from his outing and eased into the bedroom, finding Ty still asleep. He settled his purchases beside the bed with only the faintest of metallic sounds. He stripped, his hard cock a clear indicator of his excitement, and then wiggled into his spot beside Ty. Hunter let him sleep for a few moments, loving how innocent and relaxed his husband looked. But after a few minutes, unable to resist, he slid his hands over Ty’s deliciously rough face. Ty's eyes fluttered open, and he greeted Hunter with a yawn, and then a smile. "Where have you been? Sneaking out at the crack of dawn like that." "I figured it out." Ty stretched again, his back popping. "Figured out what, babe? 'Member I just woke up." "Your sex fantasy." Ty grinned and propped himself on one elbow. "And what did you decide I wanted?" Hunter plunged his hand into the bag and pulled out a nest of leather, steel and nylon. Ty knitted his eyebrows together. "It's to tie you up. The guy at the store said it would be the best one for the suite. The straps go under the mattress." "Tie me up?" "Yes, tie you up. You kept wandering to the bondage stuff at the store yesterday. I’m right aren’t I." Ty rolled to his back and flipped the sheet off his body. His cock sprung from between his legs, already stiff and eager. "What do you think?" "Damn it!" "What?" Hunter stuck his hand back into the bag and pulled out a stainless steel circle. Ty snorted as he fondled himself. "A cock ring?" "Yes, but there’s no way it’s going on now." Ty waved his swollen dick at Hunter. "Nope, that thing won’t fit junior." Hunter smiled and grabbed Ty’s wrist. "Yeah, but these will fit." He carefully buckled on one of the leather cuffs. Hunter pressed his lips hard against Ty's and enjoyed the heat of his man's mouth. They popped apart, both eager for fun, and quickly repeated the process with Ty’s other wrist and ankles. Hunter crawled back to Ty and gave him another kiss. "How’s everything? Anything too tight?" Ty held up his wrists and shook them. "Nope, it all seems good to me." He cupped Hunter's face between his hands. "Babe, we don't have to do this. If you don't want to..." Hunter grinned, took Ty's hand and pressed it against his crotch. "What do you think?" Ty squeezed, finding Hunter's cock hard as steel. "Ok, but I--" "Hush, Ty. This is making me damn horny. Now, lay down on your stomach." Ty rolled face down and watched as Hunter secured him to the bed. Once the final buckle was in place, Ty relaxed and started grinding himself against the mattress. Hunter reached out and ran his hands over Ty’s helpless naked body. Soon he was writhing under the touch. Hunter smiled and slapped Ty across the ass. "Oh God," groaned Ty. "Oh yeah, that reminds me..." Hunter leaned over and grabbed the last item from his bag of tricks, a leather riding crop. He smiled and showed it to Ty, who let out another moan and pushed himself harder against the bed. Hunter leaned closer and snapped the crop across Ty's ass cheek. "How do you like my last toy?" Hunter trailed the leather loop over Ty's neck and down his muscular back. Ty shook, thrusting against the bed, Hunter could see the flush of red crawl up his neck. "Shit, that's mind blowing." Hunter answered his words with three solid hits across Ty's ass, leaving faint stripes. He used his finger to trace each line, the heat of each mark infusing him. When another shudder moved through Ty, Hunter leaned down and whispered in his ear. "You okay, babe? I don't want to do anything you don't like." Ty shook his head, swallowing several times before he could speak. "God, no. It's so good. I'm so hard my cock hurts. I never thought... Do it, babe." Hunter traced the leather across Ty's butt cheek and grinned. "No problem. I can make both of us feel good." He began lightly snapping the quirt across Ty's muscular ass. Soon his cheeks were pink, Ty was straining against the restraints and crying out with each lash from the stiff whip. Hunter drew the crop down Ty's cleft, teasing the tip against his tightly coiled balls, then snapped the loop across his butt, getting a yelp in reward. But before the echo of his yell died, a deep rumbling groan rolled from his lips. Hunter ran the leather over Ty as he pulled against the restraints with each lash. Hunter slashed down again, leaving a final red mark across both cheeks and dropped the crop on the floor. Hunter crawled across the bed and knelt in front of Ty. He grinned lustfully and rubbed his dripping cock across Ty's face, smearing clear honey over the scruffy cheeks. Leaning down they kissed, the taste of their flavors merging. Hunter gave a questioning glance and was awarded an almost imperceptible nod. With that, Hunter grabbed his cock and pressed the tip against Ty's lips. "Suck me, get me all hot and wet so I can fuck you until you shoot all over the place." Wordlessly, Ty opened his mouth and turned his head toward Hunter. He stuffed his cock into Ty's hot mouth and thrust in halfway without stopping. Hunter began rocking back and forth as he enjoyed the heat of his lover's mouth. He lost track of time as his lust crested and drove him further. His body buzzed with sexual tension, nearing his finale, Hunter stopped and pulled slowly backward until he popped from Ty's mouth. Slapping his cock against Ty's cheek, he smiled at the lustful face below him. Hunter leaned down and whispered, "I'm going to fuck your tight ass until you wake everybody on this floor. How do you like that?" Ty let out a moan and began to squirm. Hunter wriggled to the edge of the bed, leaned over to paw through their growing collection of sex toys and grabbed the lube. He crawled back between Ty's legs, enjoying the sight of his meaty ass, and it's deep red stripes. He pried the cheeks apart and squirted a line of gel against Ty’s pulsing opening. Hunter pushed his finger through the lube and shoved it deep inside. The heat of Ty's ass was scorching. Unable to remember the last time Ty bottomed, he worked slowly to prepare him for the pounding Hunter wanted to deliver. As Ty relaxed, Hunter added more gel and slipped in two fingers. Ty thrashed under him, pulling hard against the restraints and let out progressively louder moans as Hunter opened him. Once he repeated the process for a third finger, Hunter decided Ty was ready. Coating his aching cock with lube, Hunter pressed against Ty's opening and pushed inside. Encased in delicious heat, Hunter slid forward, the curve of his cock riding along the inside of Ty's gut. As he neared bottom, he raked against a knot, digging into Ty’s prostate, and causing him to go from mild moans to a hungry scream. Hunter froze and then asked, "You okay?" "Okay?” Ty was panting hard. “You about made me nut, and you ask if I'm okay. Oh, hell yes I'm okay." Hunter pulled back, rubbing the spot again and Ty let out a muffled scream. He pulled out slowly and slapped Ty's ass cheek, letting him relax until Hunter plunged inside again. The sounds of his pleasure flooded the room. Hunter lay across Ty and pinned him against the bed. He leaned down and whispered into his ear. "What'd you think, coach? You like getting all tied up and fucked?" "Ah shit, it's amazing. You're amazing. That dick of yours hits my prostate every time." "I aim to please." Ty snickered. "Nice." Hunter held Ty and snapped his hips forward. "Thanks. Now hang on, 'cause I plan to fuck you until your nuts explode." Hunter rammed himself into Ty over and over, his climax boiling forward. His hot, beefy man, helpless under him while Hunter played pitcher brought Hunter's blood to the temperature of molten lava. The heat of Ty’s red butt added another layer to a complex mix of pleasure. The familiar tingling began in Hunter’s groin, signaling the beginning of a mind-altering orgasm. His length stiffened. Each time he plunged inside he rammed himself against Ty's hot spot. The cries of both men echoed through the room as they plunged toward a dual climax. Hunter was engulfed in bliss, his body frozen in rapture as the first jet raced from him. Unwilling and unable to control his body, he thrashed as if he’d touched a live power line as wave after wave of euphoria caught him unprepared for the power of his climax. Ty's opening turned slick and delicious as it filled with Hunter's seed. The endorphin-fueled plunge continued as Hunter roiled in the ecstasy of his body squeezing out the last drop. He collapsed across Ty's broad back, gasping for air. As he drifted back to himself, he realized he was still holding a moaning and lightly struggling Ty in a tight grip. Both their bodies dripped sweat and it mixed with the scent of their lovemaking in a masculine fragrance. He let his hands loosen then slip apart as he kissed the back of Ty's powerful neck and thrust his hips a final time, sending his softening cock inside his man. "God, that was amazing." "Come on, Hunter! I'm horny and so close. I wanna get off." Hunter grinned. There was one last fantasy for the weekend. He slid lower until his face was at Ty's butt. He spread Ty’s cheeks and met the sight of his well-used ass, and the thin trickle of white leaking from it. He pressed himself forward and ran his tongue over the distended flesh. "Oh, fuck! I can't believe you're doing it." Hunter grinned, the last inhibition between he and Ty slipped away. He dove hard into Ty's butt, licking and tonguing him as the result of their passion leaked from his big body. Ty bucked upward, begging and whimpering as Hunter's tongue pierced him again and again. Ty arched his butt upward as far as his restraints would allow, begging for more. Hunter reached between Ty's legs, found his rock hard member, and began stroking it. Soon he was milking Ty's dick in time with the rhythm of his tongue flicking into his butt. Ty let out a series of increasingly loud grunts and his cock convulsed in Hunter's hand. His body tensed as the first ribbon of cum squirted across the bed. Quick volleys followed as a network of jizz stripes pumped from his well-used body. Ty's finale continued for several moments as he trembled with release, and then crumbled, gasping, against the bed. Hunter touched Ty, feelings of love and amazement washing over him. How did I ever get this lucky? He crawled across Ty, unfastened his wrists, and then kissed him gently. "You’re so hot, and I'm so lucky. Why did I argue with you about this trip?" Hunter let out a soft chuckle. Ty twisted to the limits his ankle straps would allow and pulled Hunter into a warm embrace. "Cause you're a great dad, and didn't want to be away from the twins." Hunter nuzzled against Ty. "Well, now I know dad's need a break too." Ty kissed him gently and nipped at his lip. "We better shower. Our flight leaves in a few hours." Hunter released Ty then looked around at the results of their weekend. "Oh, Ty. We have to clean up." He began laughing. "No way. That's why you go to a hotel for this kind of stuff.” He kissed Hunter again. “Don’t worry. I'll leave a big tip." They settled their luggage in the elevator as the door closed. Hunter leaned against Ty, knowing they were again wonderfully connected. The weekend had been an amazing idea. He now understood they needed time together too. Taking care of their relationship made them better parents. As his thoughts drifted, he became aware of the other couple in the elevator. "What a disaster. This was a terrible weekend," she said. "Well I tried. You didn't seem interested at all." "You dragged me on this trip. Left the kids with your mother. And all you wanted to do was—, well, you know." "I thought some 'you know' was the reason for the trip." "Well. If that's what you thought you should have been with that couple next door. They didn’t do anything else all weekend. Disgusting." "Yeah. Right, disgusting..." He and Ty waited until the couple left the elevator. The doors shut with a quiet hiss, and Ty let out a snort. Hunter couldn't catch the chortle that escaped from between his teeth. Soon they were draped over each other in hysterical laughter as they rocketed to the next stop.
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    Chapter 4

    Hunter waved at the two angelic faces smiling at them from the computer screen. "Love you, Caleb. Love you, Jordan." Two high-pitched squeals erupted from the speakers. "Love you, Daddy. Love you, Papa. When you comin' home?" "We'll be home to tuck you into bed tomorrow night. You be good for Grandma." Echoes of 'we will' rang through the room. As the squealing pair receded, Hunter’s mother appeared on the screen. "Hi, Mom. How are you doing with the rug rats?" "Oh they're little darlings. How are you enjoying Vegas?" "It's been fun. Little gambling, lot of eating." Hunter's mother grinned. "From what Ty told me, I didn't think you'd leave the suite." "Mother!" Hunter glared at Ty. "Well I better go see what those two are into now. Enjoy the rest of your trip and we'll see you tomorrow." "See you, Mom." Hunter closed the connection and then shut down the computer. He turned to Ty and arched one eyebrow. "You shared your plans with my mother?" Ty refused to meet Hunter’s eyes. "Not exactly..." Hunter crawled into the chair with Ty, sat across his lap, and pulled Ty’s face so they looked at each other. "So, I can't believe you had us in a porn shop today." "It wasn't porn, it was adult novelties," said Ty with a snicker. "Whatever. You've been secretive about the stuff you bought. What's in it, mister?" Ty leaned over, grabbed the bag and handed it to Hunter. "Just thought we should try out some shit we've been talking about for years." Hunter opened it and peered inside. After a few seconds, he looked at Ty, his face having developed a slight blush. "What are they?" "Oh, I think you know." Hunter reached in and pulled out the first toy. The length of chain inside terminated on each end with a rubber-coated clamp. He looped them over a finger and wiggled his eyebrows at Ty. "Nipple clamps?" Ty grinned like the horny monkey he was. "Yup. Your nipples have always been so sensitive, I thought it would be fun to see if you could do it, you know, hands-free." Hunter's face turned crimson, and the corners of his mouth slowly stretched upward. "Ah huh. But just so you know, none of this is coming home with us. I'm not going through airport security with sex toys." Ty chuckled and lifted the bag from Hunter's hands. His cock was already growing in his pants as he popped open the package, took out the clamps, and adjusted them to the lightest pressure. He let the metal links play over the hard nipples straining against Hunter's T-shirt. "What do you think?" Hunter's chest heaved as he stared at the toy. His tongue ran over his lips, and he flicked his eyes to Ty. "What else do you have?" Ty pulled out a small box and showed it to Hunter. He lifted the lid and pulled out the clear plastic toy. Hunter turned it over in his hand and peeked back at Ty. "It's kind of...different." "It's a prostate massager. I thought it might be fun." "It's curved..." Ty’s eyes bubbled with humor. "Kind of like someone else I know." Hunter went even redder and swatted Ty's arm. "Shut up, or your only date for a long time is going to be Ross thumb and his four brothers." "Isn't that Rosy?" "Not with us it's not." Ty chuckled, wrapped his arms around Hunter and pulled him tight. "So what'd you think? Want to push the boundaries a little on our last night?" Hunter hesitated for a moment then gave Ty a huge grin. "Well we are in sin city..." He started laughing. "I don't think trying something new with your husband is a sin, but I get your point." Ty grabbed the bottom of Hunter's shirt and slid it over his head. He licked his lips at the sight of Hunter's smooth body, and ran his hands over the beautiful chest before flicking his fingers against Hunter's already stiff nipples. He teased them for a few moments and then slipped on the first clamp. Hunter’s breath shot out in a hiss as the clamp bit into his nipple, and he gasped with ecstasy as the weight of the chain hanging from it gave a slight tug. Ty waited until Hunter’s breathing slowed and then snapped the second clamp in place. Ty pulled Hunter to him and ran his hands over his torso, giving him time to relax and enjoy the sensation. Another gasp escaped from Hunter as Ty traced his fingers along the metal clamps and rubbed over the trapped bits of nipple. Hunter trembled and began to sweat. "Oh, my God." Hunter writhed in Ty's arms. He ran his hands over Hunter’s contorting form. After a few minutes Ty realized this was as relaxed as Hunter was going to be, his nipples really were that sensitive. He lifted the chain trailing across Hunter's chest and tugged slightly. Hunter's almost scream reverberated through the suite as his body arched in response. His teeth sank into his bottom lip when Ty stretched his nipples further. "Shit!" "Strip," ordered Ty. Hunter stood and quickly dropped his pants and stepped out of them. He stood before Ty, his lithe body shaking ever so slightly as the chain between his nipples swayed with each breath. Wordlessly, Ty rose from his chair, pulled off his shirt and tossed it to the side. He opened his pants, button, by button until his white briefs were exposed. The jeans crumpled around his ankles, and Ty shoved his underwear down to join them. He kicked his feet free of the tangle, took Hunter in his arms and kissed him. The heat of the kiss as their lips pressed hard against each other was only a glimpse of the kindled flames. Hunter trembled as Ty laid him on the bed. He toyed with the chain for several delightful minutes, causing Hunter's cock to stream clear honey like a faucet. The gasps began to quiet when Ty reached down, opened the clamps, and rolled Hunter's nipples between his fingers. "Ah, fuck!" yelled Hunter. He collapsed against Ty as he tugged and twisted the hypersensitive nipples. Each touch inflamed the fire already raging. Hunter licked his lips in foggy anticipation as Ty moved the screws to increase the bite of the clamps. Ty moved his hands toward Hunter’s chest, stared at him with lust-filled eyes and slowly released the first clamp on Hunter's already sensitive nipple. As it bit into his tender flesh, Hunter let out a moan that vibrated the walls. "Oh, holy fuck!" Concern flashed across Ty's face. "You okay, babe?" Hunter writhed against him. "Yes, shit yes. I'm so good." Ty smiled and lowered his hand to tug at the clamp and was rewarded with a low moan from Hunter. He held the remaining clamp in front of them and flexed it a few times. "Ready for another jolt of two-twenty?" "Shit..." Ty squeezed the clamp open, rubbed it across Hunter’s hard nipple and slowly released the rubber coated metal fingers. As it bit into Hunter's chest, a hiss exploded from between his teeth. Ty caressed Hunter’s torso as he waited for the initial sting to subside. Once Hunter relaxed, Ty reached up and lightly brushed the exposed tip of his nipple. "Oh, yeah." Hunter moved slowly, his teeth clenched, and his eye's flickering shut. After a few minutes of pleasure, Ty lifted Hunter in his arms and eased him into the nest of pillows on the bed. He scrambled to the table and grabbed the other toy. The thick gel he squeezed across it quickly coated every surface. A second dot of lube covered Ty’s finger, and he moved between Hunter's legs and coated his pucker. The volume of Hunter's moans reached new levels and his hands ran across his own chest. Ty slid the toy across his hole for several delightful seconds and then pressed it inside his husband. "How's that? Hunter nodded, the sounds coming from him, unintelligible. Ty pressed forward, and soon had the curved toy seated. Hunter moved and his eyes popped open. "Oh my God. You’re hitting my sweet spot." Hunter twisted on the bed, the occasional tremor taking his body. Each time, his eyes would dilate more. Hunter’s cock was deep red and rock hard, dripping as the toy raked across his prostate repeatedly. Ty could tell he was lost in the sensations, on the verge of erupting. Ty crawled close and reached for the clamps. With a deft move, he released both at the same time, knowing sensation would flood back into them. Hunter was locked in a torrent of lust, but before he could react, Ty grabbed his nipples hard. "Fucking hell!" Hunter's cock convulsed, a stream of cum jetting from its tip. A second streamer erupted from the blood red monster between Hunter’s thighs and left a pearlescent strand across Ty's cheek. He twisted and teased Hunter's nips until with a whimper, Hunter crumpled on the bed, drained. Ty dropped the sex jewelry to the floor and pulled Hunter into his arms. They kissed gently and savored Hunter's afterglow. Ty kissed his neck softly. "So, did you enjoy it?" Hunter started laughing, unable to stop for several minutes. With a gasp, he regained control of himself. "Let's see. First I didn't realize my nipples were hardwired to my wiener. Then the dildo, holy crap, it hits just the right spots. My ass is still clamped around it, maybe sometime we'll get the thing pried out of my butt. And, did you see when I shot? Lord! I've never been a shooter, but you made me one. So yeah, it wasn't bad." He started laughing again and shook his head. After a few minutes, Ty bumped into Hunter's side. He lifted himself and found Ty wearing a look of desperation. "Yes?" "Some of us haven't gotten off yet." Hunter chuckled again and lifted his legs into the air. "Take me! I'm yours. But you have to get that darn thing out first. I'm not taking both of you." Ty moved between Hunter's legs with a smile. He made quick work of removing the toy, turned Hunter on his side, and pushed his top leg toward his chest. Ty leaned forward, running his hands through the streams of semen and smearing it over his cock. He smiled at Hunter. "How about I fuck you with your own juice?" "Sounds hot." Ty pressed forward, Hunter's leg trapped against his chest. He found Hunter ready for him, a fitted glove for his hard and urgent need. Ty drilled forward until he was grinding against Hunter. Buried deep, Ty's hips made small circular motions as the scent of their lovemaking curled through him. The fervor he had already built had Ty on the brink. Hunter grabbed Ty with both hands and pulled himself up. "Fuck me." Ty pulled back with a smile and shoved himself inside. The motion became desperate as his need built with each thrust. Hunter's grip shifted and he grabbed Ty's nipples, working them hard. The added pleasure triggered a cascade inside Ty. He slammed himself into Hunter, shaking as the wave of orgasm built. With a twist of his body, he erupted. He held Hunter like a lifeline as his nuts again emptied themselves. The waves of pleasure were only the physical component of his climax. Hunter’s loving expression touched Ty even more deeply. Their struggles and battles to make their marriage work slipped away as their love was reborn. With the final, emotional surge, Ty lowered himself and kissed Hunter tenderly. Their eyes met, and he grinned. "I'm damn lucky to be with you." Hunter chuckled. "Yes, you sure are." Ty laughed and slapped Hunter on the hip. "Smart ass. I mean it." Hunter pulled him tight. "I know. But I'm the lucky one. My life would be so boring and plain without you. Just look at this trip. You were right, it's been a blast." "So, you're ok with everything?" Hunter caressed Ty’s face. "Yes, it's all been amazing, and fun to get to play. I think we've run through every fantasy either of us have on this trip." Ty smiled back and nodded. "Yeah, mostly." Hunter rose to his elbows and lifted his brows at Ty. "Mostly?" Ty took Hunter's face between his hands and shook him. "Everything. It's all wonderful. Quit looking for problems." Hunter’s eyebrow cocked, but he decided not to press the question and wiggled against Ty to cuddle.
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    Chapter 3

    CHAPTER THREE Hunter swam to the surface of consciousness, the crisp white sheet twisted between his fingers as he submerged under another wave of bliss. The tip of a hot tongue drove into his slit and rocketed him awake. He lifted the sheet to find Ty between his legs, sucking him with gusto. Ty winked and pulled off. "Morning, sunshine." "Holy shit. You can wake me up like this any time." "I woke up early, and you had a nice morning boner. I couldn't resist." Hunter chuckled and swatted the side of Ty's head. "Get back to work. You're not leaving me with a case of blue balls." "That's never going to be a problem so long as you're with me." "Then it'll never be a problem." Ty grinned, kicked the sheet off and spread Hunter's legs wider. He wrapped his fingers around Hunter's scrotum and began lapping at his balls. Ty slowly traced his wet tongue around each one until they were coated with spit, then one at a time sucked them into his mouth. The delicious ache from his nuts fueled the developing lust in Hunter. Ty pressed his fingers deep into the spot below Hunter's sack, sending another jolt through his body. Ty leaned down and sucked Hunter's cock into his mouth and ran his tongue around the sensitive edge. The cock twisted loose and slapped against Hunter's flat stomach. Hunter propped himself on his elbows, luxuriating in the waves of pleasure washing over him. He loved the sight of his cock buried in Ty's mouth, lips stretched. He'd orchestrated the trip, and Hunter loved his man even more for realizing he needed some recuperation time. Hunter's full attention snapped back to the present when Ty nipped along the underside of his cock. The fire inside Hunter flared. Ty grabbed the base and took it like a sword swallower. The tight convulsions of his throat ramped up the level of need building in Hunter. With a moan, he dropped back on the pillows, and closed his eyes to enjoy Ty's skills. Several long minutes of pleasure passed and his desire built with each swipe of Ty's tongue. Then he hummed, creating vibrations that hit the primal parts of Hunter's brain. He felt a jolt of realization. "You got it all!" Ty came off in a rush, gasping for air. "Damn straight I did. I was gonna after last night." "That felt so good." "Well hell, let's see if I can't do better." Ty shoved his face down again, and the vibrations started. This time they didn't let up and soon Hunter thrashed on the bed, his torso arching with each pulse of electricity. His system overloaded from Ty's treatment and with no warning the first volley shot from Hunter. Unable to do more than savor the experience, he distantly was amazed at the volume of semen pumping from his balls. Ty stayed transfixed over his cock until long after the last jolts had raced through him. The twitching sensitivity returned, and he pulled Ty off, tugging him upward until they were face to face. "You can stop now. My nuts are probably like raisins." Ty reached between his legs and stroked Hunter's scrotum. "Nope, still nice and full." How could I be lucky enough to get this man? Hunter pulled Ty in for a kiss. He loved the taste of their lovemaking in Ty's mouth. Their lips drifted apart, and Hunter lost himself in Ty's beautiful gray eyes. "Let’s try the steam shower again. I think we need to clean up a little." Hunter took Ty's hard cock and squeezed. "And see if we can't take care of this too." The smile on Ty's face stretched from ear to ear. Ty reached in and adjusted the multiple streams. He soon had them shooting out soothing hot water, filling the glass enclosure with swirling tendrils of steam. He wrapped his arms around Hunter and kissed him softly. "I'm having a fantastic time. How about you." "Me too. This was an incredible idea. Thank you, babe." "You're a great dad. But everyone needs some time away." "The kid's think you're wonderful too. You're their Sports Dad." Ty chuckled and kissed Hunter's cheek. "Sports Dad? That's pretty funny." Hunter ran his hand down Ty's back, gripped his ass and squeezed. "Come on, stud. Let's get you ready for another day on the strip." He pushed Ty toward the shower, grabbed the soap and washcloth. Hunter followed and they were soon standing in the middle of the multiple streams of water. Ty trailed his fingers across Hunter’s back, leaving a trail of fire in its wake. Ty’s strong hands spread across Hunter’s lower pack and pulled the two of them together in a tight embrace. They stood in the middle of the indoor deluge, their hands trailing down their backs as they held each other tight. Hunter broke the embrace and moved back. "Turn around, I'll get your back." Ty did as he was told and sighed as Hunter began washing him. The tender touch further inflamed his already raging desire. I can't believe I snagged Hunter. He’s so outta my league. The firm touches over each muscle, combined with the heat of the shower, left Ty tranquil. Hunter's hand moved surely over Ty's lower back, then across his ass. He spread his legs wider, encouraging Hunter to explore. A sigh escaped him as Hunter’s slender fingers pushed the cloth between his ass cheeks. Moving lower and lower, Ty sighed as the cloth brushed over his pucker. ‘Bout time. A groan seeped out as Hunter pressed harder. The cloth dropped to the floor with a wet splat, and Hunter's finger brushed over Ty's opening. Hunter teased and stroked until Ty leaned against the wall to support himself, sticking out his muscular ass as far as he could. Hunter wiggled the tip of his soapy finger inside Ty then circled his opening. Soon the building lust had Ty gasping. He fought the disappointment when Hunter's careful attention disappeared. "Hey, don't stop. That was making my toes curl." Hunter kneeled on the shower floor, rivulets of water running down his body as he smiled at Ty. "Be quiet. You'll like this too." He picked up the white washcloth and squirted more soap over it. Lifting one of Ty's feet, he laid it carefully against his bare thigh. Hunter took the soapy cloth and began washing Ty's feet. He loved Hunter's careful attention to each of his long toes. The soft brush of the wet cloth between them sent sparks of pleasure through Ty. Hunter's combination of the careful washing with a firm foot rub made the act even better. His thumbs dug into his arch, relaxing him even more. Once the foot had been washed, Hunter held it under the cascade of water and washed off every speck of soap. They locked eyes as Hunter wrapped his lips around Ty's toe and ran his tongue around the tip. "Oh, man. That's incredible." The edges of Hunter's mouth tilted up, but his tongue never stopped the teasing. Ty leaned against the wall of the shower, focused on the sensations Hunter created. He released Ty's foot, to pick up the other and repeat his actions: wash, rinse and delicious wrap up. The cloth traveled higher on Ty's legs. The dark hair of his calves was soon a swirl of soap and dark strands. The motion of plush cloth over his legs sent pulses of bliss through Ty's body, but the best was still to come. Hunter spread Ty's legs, exposing his stiff cock and his dangling balls. Careful not to touch his package, Hunter worked on Ty's thighs. Beginning with the thick outer muscle, he lathered slick soap over it before moving inward delicious inch by delicious inch. The slow advance left Ty's cock stone hard and protruding from between his spread legs. His nuts churned, sending clear nectar leaking from its tip to run to the edge of his glans before being washed away. Ty’s breath was labored as he waited for Hunter to grab his package, but it didn't come. His eyes fluttered open as the contact between them broke, and Hunter stood. He moved closer and pressed his sensuous red lips against Ty's and whispered. "How're you doing, babe?" Ty nodded and swallowed hard, trying to gather his swirl of ecstatic feelings. Finally able to speak, he stammered out, "Good. Fuckin' amazing actually." "Excellent." Hunter grabbed the shampoo from the shelf, squirted a dollop in his hand and rubbed it over Ty's head. He stood and massaged his fingers through Ty's dark blond hair. The short bristles sent a familiar spark through Hunter that warmed him. His fingers slid over Ty’s scalp and then moved to his shoulders. He stood in front, washed his upper torso and down his arms. Ty complied without question when Hunter pinned his arm against the wall. "Oh, yeah. My favorite.” Hunter pressed his face into the thickly haired pit and buried his tongue inside. Hunter's hot tongue sent tingles through Ty, his climax edging closer with each touch. After several passionate minutes, Hunter pulled out and ran his tongue over his lips. "Yummy." Ty choked off a laugh when Hunter moved to repeat the actions under his other arm. Stepping back, Hunter looked at Ty with hungry half-veiled eyes and held both arms above his head. "You're so sexy pinned against the wall." Ty lurched forward and tried to catch Hunter's lips in a kiss. But Hunter leaned against him, keeping him in place. Hunter grabbed the liquid soap and splattered it across Ty's chest, followed by the cloth. Hunter washed each armpit, then moved across the planes of Ty's chest. The soft lather coated him as Hunter covered his chest and abs, leaving each nipple untouched. He stood back and let the rainfall-like stream of water wash the soap from his chest. As the last bit ran down his torso, Hunter plunged forward and fastened his teeth on Ty's nipple. The sting of the bite caused Ty to slam backward against the wall and suck air between his teeth. He grabbed Hunter's face between his hands, forcing their eyes to meet. "A little aggressive this morning, are we?" "Got a problem with it?" Hunter asked. With a grin, he flicked his tongue against Ty's nipple. Ty sank against the wall, the heat of passion flowing through his body. "Nope, not at all." Hunter pinned his shoulders and took Ty's nipple again between his teeth. He closed his eyes to enjoy the delicious combination of pleasure and pain Hunter created. He loved when his husband let go. Normally a careful and reserved soul, sex was the only time he allowed his animal side to surface, and reminded Ty their relationship would always be growing. Hunter's teeth sank into his other nipple and snapped Ty back with a gasp. The blissful feelings Hunter built as he moved from nipple to nipple flooded Ty with endorphins. His groin contracted, slapping his cock against his stomach again and again. Ty let out a grunt when Hunter's teeth brought out sharp pleasure from one nipple while his fingernails sank into the other. "Ah, damn. So close." Hunter dropped between his knees, his finger tips caressing Ty's nuts. "Come on me. Shoot on my face, babe. I want you to mark me." Ty grabbed his cock and stroked its length. The heat of the moment brought him to a fever pitch. He grabbed a handful of Hunter's long hair and tugged his head backward, slapping his hard cock against Hunter's face a few times before rubbing it across his lips. "This what you want? You want my load?" Hunter's barely mumbled assent discounted his efforts to catch Ty's dick with his tongue. Ty pinned his head backward and jerked his cock ferociously, driving toward needed release. His cock hovered inches from Hunter's cheek when the soft erotic explosion sounded from deep inside him. Another stroke resulted in the first strand of white across Hunter’s cheek. A barrage of shots followed. Ty's body contracted again and again as he pumped out thick strands of cum. He ran his cock over Hunter's face as the last of his seed oozed out. Ty slowly released his husband as he milked the last drops from his cock and smeared it over Hunter's smiling lips. "God, you're hot," said Ty. Hunter rose to his feet and moved into a stream of water. Ty pulled them together, and his tongue made a swath through the strands of white across Hunter's cheek, and then kissed him. "That was incredible." Hunter smiled hesitantly, his eyes fluttering. "I was afraid it got too kinky." Ty burst out in laughter. "If it was, then I'm one kinky bastard." Hunter's smile grew to one of relief and validation. "Let's get cleaned up. I want to talk to my babies before we end up fucking like rabbits again." Ty snickered. "Sounds like a great idea. And talking to the little snots would be nice too." Hunter chuckled and elbowed Ty as he started washing off the evidence of their latest session.
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    Chapter 2

    There are scenes of unprotected sex depicted in his story. In all cases it was between the two main characters, who are in a committed, monogamous relationship and were tested. If you aren't in the same kind of relationship, then you should always protect yourself and wear a condom. REKINDLING CHAPTER TWO Ty struggled to open the hotel door. The volume of his swearing increased each time he tried, and failed. Having indulged in a few drinks while they were out hadn’t helped, so when a particularly virulent combination of words slipped out, Hunter pushed him out of the way. "Move. Let me try." "Yes, Mommy," Ty mocked. Hunter read the instructions, turned the card over and was rewarded with a bright green light. He opened the door and pulled Ty in behind him. This time Hunter cornered Ty against the door and groped him as they kissed. They were oblivious to anything other than each other. Hunter could detect a tint of the whiskey Ty had enjoyed while they were out. It's such a wonderful match for his usual masculine flavor. Ty's muscular chest pressed against him ratcheting up Hunter's lust, and this time he controlled their fun. His hands slid under Ty’s shirt, located the hard nipples on the corners of his pecs and clamped his fingers down over the nubs of flesh. Ty’s growl had Hunter grinning as he dragged Ty into the bedroom and pointed to the corner Jacuzzi that overlooked the strip. "Cool. We can play in the fuckin' hot tub." Hunter leaned closer, closed his teeth on Ty's ear lobe and let out a low snarl. "That makes me horny as hell,” said Ty. “Maybe I’m going to fuck you. What would you think about that?" Ty's face morphed into a massive smile. "Do it! " Hunter chuckled and swatted Ty's butt. "Go get the tub started, and I'll order room service." "Works for me." Ty tugged on the tail of the form-fitting shirt he was wearing and pulled it over his head. He moved to the hot tub with a slight wobble that made Hunter grin. It's been a long time since I've had a drunken frat guy in my bed. He chuckled to himself and scanned the menu. One of the specials caught his eye, and a broad grin spread across his face. I wonder if they'd add a little something extra. Hunter felt particularly smug as he joined Ty. Clothes were draped across chairs, wadded into balls on the floor and Hunter thought a pair of briefs might be hanging from a dresser handle. The sprawl of clothing around the room didn’t seem to affect Ty as he lounged in the rapidly filling Jacuzzi. He glanced up and winked at Hunter. "Come on in, the water's fine." Hunter unbuttoned his shirt and smiled as Ty leered at him. The lust on Ty's face pushed Hunter to tease out the moment. He started his hips swaying to a silent rhythm and opened his shirt slowly, one tantalizing button at a time. The final fastener slid free, and the shirt drifted open as Hunter wet a finger from each hand and traced them slowly over his hard nipples. "Shit, babe. You're so hot." Ty fondled himself as he took in the private show. Hunter turned his back toward his husband and arched his body as he sawed his shirt downward until it slipped from his grip and fluttered to the ground. Hunter gyrated as he opened his jeans, and let them slide down to expose the top of his ass. As he danced, his jeans worked their way lower until it was obvious Hunter had gone commando. With a last shimmy of his butt, Hunter’s pants fell to his ankles. He chuckled as he fought with his socks and shoes for a few moments before leaving them in one of the islands of clothing scattered around the room. Soon his pants flew through the air to land artfully across one of the chairs. "Woohoo! Bring it, babe!" Hunter tossed his hair back and winked at Ty, his last inhibitions evaporating. With his hands on his thighs, he swayed lower until his butt almost touched the floor. He rose and turned to Ty, his hard cock bobbing in front of him as he climbed into the hot tub. The jets of water rose around his calves, the heat seeping into them. He moved across the tub, straddled Ty, and walked forward until his cock was inches from Ty's mouth. Hunter gripped Ty’s shoulders and pulled him forward. "Suck me." Ty wrapped his hand around Hunter's cock, sending his dick into a new level of stiffness. Ty leaned forward, kissed the exposed tip and then slid his tongue into the foreskin and slowly swirled it around Hunter's rim. He gripped Ty's head, reveling in the intense pleasure created. Hunter began thrusting his cock forward in tiny increments, gently face fucking Ty. Hunter's enjoyment was building, when a knock at the door shook both of them from the moment. "Damn! Room service. Hang on," said Hunter. Ty relished the scenery as Hunter climbed out and snatch one of the plush white robes to wrap around himself. As he walked to the door, Ty wondered how he was going to hide the cock that had slapped against his navel when Ty released it. He listened to the conversation coming from the other room. "Yeah, sure. Anywhere’s fine." He heard the soft metallic sound of a cart moving and another voice that he couldn't make out. "Thanks. Here." Ty let out a soft chuckle. Hunter never has worked out how to slip someone a tip without being obvious. The door closed, and the lock slid home. Seconds later, Hunter wheeled the cart beside the bed. He turned to Ty, removed the robe and tossed it across a chair. Ty was disappointed to see Hunter's rampant erection had subsided. Hunter paused for a minute. "What's wrong? You look disappointed." Ty winked at Hunter. "I was hoping you left the guy all hot and bothered with glimpses of your boner." Hunter gave Ty a sneaky grin. "I tied it against me to keep that from happening. Come on. I have a surprise for you." He held out a towel for Ty and helped him dry off. They moved to the bed, and Ty peered at the contents of the cart. The strawberries, chocolate and whipped cream he understood, but— "Finger paint?" "Edible paint. I'm going to paint you." Ty's jaw dropped at the leer on Hunter’s face. "Really? What do they taste like?" Hunter smiled mischievously, dipped his finger into one of the jars and held it out to Ty. "Try it." He leaned forward and touched his tongue to the deep red paint on the end of Hunter's finger. His senses filled with the essence of sweet berries. "Pretty good. Tastes like strawberries." Before Hunter could react, Ty grabbed his hand and sucked his finger into his mouth. His tongue whirled around, nursing contentedly until no speck of paint remained. He released Hunter with a smack of his lips. "Delicious. What else you got?" Hunter laughed and pushed him on the bed, then crawled on top and ground his crotch against Ty. "If you're good, maybe I'll let you play later, but I want to paint you first." "Paint me? Like one of your canvases?" Hunter let out a chuckle. "That art degree had to come in handy somewhere besides helping the kids with their finger paints." Ty grinned and put his hands behind his head, his body practically humming at the thought of Hunter’s touch. "Okay, paint me, baby." Ty stifled a moan when the bristles flicked over his nipple again. Hunter had worked for close to an hour. An hour of foreplay so intense Ty stopped him a few times to let the fervor die down. The brush halted, and Ty relaxed, in time for Hunter's hot tongue to flick across his nipple. The heat from the firm nub spread and Ty groaned. He gazed down into Hunter's smiling face as he flicked his tongue against the tip of Ty’s nipple. "Sorry, had a little mistake I needed to erase." A deep rumble came from Ty's chest. "You needed to erase a lot around my nipples, and my dick." "Hey, it's not easy to paint a cock." Ty settled back with a moan, his eyes fluttering shut. He'd never believed the butterfly kisses of the paintbrush could cause such heat in his system. His dick had been achingly hard the entire time, and he was certain the drool from his cock had spoiled at least part of the paint job. The heat of Hunter's fingers blending colors in strategic spots added to the sensory overload. Hunter stopped, and Ty opened his eyes. Hunter gazed down at him with limitless pride. Hunter was always his greatest supporter, his biggest cheerleader, it wasn’t that he ever lacked support, but somehow this time the expression was different. Their eyes met, and Hunter moved off the bed. Ty noted Hunter was equally hard and leaking clear honey. "Come on. I want to know what you think," said Hunter. He pulled Ty to a full-length mirror, stood quietly and chewed his lip while Ty got his first view of the work. "Oh my God..." Ty whispered. The image in the mirror wasn't the crude smeared paints he'd somehow expected, and he was mortified to realize he'd given Hunter very little credit. The reflection he saw was an amazing piece of abstract art, and his body was the canvas. Ty blurted. "I figured you'd have eyes at my pecs and my cock sticking out of two huge lips." Hunter started chuckling and collapsed against Ty shaking with laughter. Once he could speak again, Hunter squeaked out. "I guess I could’ve went that direction." Ty grabbed his husband in an embrace, then jumped back with a look of horror. "What?" "I don't want to mess it up." Hunter started laughing again. "I think it's meant to get messed up. I just wanted you to see it." "Hey! Take my picture." "Really? Like this?” "Exactly like this. This is one of the hottest fuckin' things I've ever seen." Hunter shrugged, grabbed his phone and aimed it at Ty. "Ok, hold still." Ty grinned and flexed his body. The tensed muscles set off the image in ways Hunter never anticipated. There was a flash, then another, and another. "Hey, what're you doing?" "Well, I wanted to make sure I had enough pictures to share with all our friends." "Share my ass." Hunter stepped close, grabbed Ty's butt and pulled them together. "Nope, not ever sharing your ass." Hunter dropped his eyes and gazed at his work. "Pretty good job if I do say so myself.” Hunter reached down and tangled his fingers in the hair on Ty’s crotch. “This damn jungle was tough to deal with though." Ty laughed and held Hunter tight. "You love it, and you know you do. Now, I want my turn." "You want to paint me?" Ty picked up the bowl of chocolate sauce and grinned. "I think my painting is more like our son’s. But it'll still be fun." He dipped his finger into the chocolate and then smeared thick sauce over each of Hunter's nipples. Rewarded with a gasp, Ty leaned in and began licking the chocolate off Hunter's taut chest. By the time Ty cleaned both nipples, Hunter's moans echoed through the suite. Ty grabbed one of the strawberries and ran it through the chocolate. Cradling it between his fingers, he offered the treat to Hunter. His teeth sank into the berry’s red flesh, and he winked as he chewed slowly, his eyes locked on Ty. Once he swallowed, Hunter dipped a berry into the sauce and offered the coated fruit to Ty, who bit into the combination and savored it. Far beyond the food, he loved the sensations of Hunter's fingers trailing across his face. Trading back and forth they fed each other from the small bowl of strawberries. Once they were gone, Ty ran his finger through the chocolate and lifted it toward Hunter's lips. His mouth parted, but Ty dropped his hand and smeared the chocolate along the curve of Hunter's cock. "Ah, fuck," moaned Hunter. Ty slowly squatted in front of Hunter, whose thick cock was dripping chocolate and precum. He leaned forward and took Hunter's foreskin between his teeth, and tugged. He teased and chewed on the tantalizing bit of flesh until Hunter was bracing himself against Ty's shoulders to keep from collapsing. Ty sucked more of Hunter's chocolate-coated dick into his mouth and cleaned it carefully with his tongue. Hunter's tight hold on his shoulders and the scent of masculinity surrounding them drove Ty's building lust to new heights. He grabbed Hunter's waist and held on as he pushed his face down Hunter's length. His cock pressed slowly deeper until Ty's throat convulsed at the intrusion. Working slowly, he lasted a few more seconds before coming off Hunter with a gasp. Hunter let out a shaky laugh. "I'll give you points for persistence, but you never have been able to take me all the way." Ty teasingly stroked Hunter's cock. He loved the curved monster coming from Hunter's slender groin. Fascinated as always, he slid back the soft skin until the deep red crown was fully exposed. Ty pressed his lips against Hunter's dick and sucked the sweet nectar drooling from its tip. The trembling of Hunter's body signaled his building heat. Ty gripped Hunter’s cock tight, stood and kissed him. "Babe, I really want to try docking again." "But we never get it to work, we just end up with a big mess." Ty snorted. "Who cares? We don't have to clean up. I'm so fucking horny it won't take much." Hunter smiled and returned the soft kiss. "Ok, just don't get pissed if it doesn't work again." Ty kissed Hunter. "I promise, pissy Ty won’t show up." Hunter pulled them tight against each other and planted a lingering kiss on Ty’s lips. "Come on, big boy. I'm horny as hell." Their cocks slid over each other as they rubbed their bodies together. After a few minutes, Ty pulled back, panting for breath. "Let's do it. I'm so fuckin' close." Hunter pried his stiff cock away from his stomach and peeled the skin back to expose its perfect crown. Ty adjusted his stance, then touched the tip of his dick against Hunter's. The spark of fire between them was so strong he struggled for control. Hunter slid his foreskin over Ty's hardness, the heat ripping a gasp from Ty. Scalding heat flowed through his body as Hunter closed his fingers around Ty's dick and held the foreskin in place. "Oh shit. That's fuckin' amazing." Ty swallowed hard, his body on the verge of losing control as their cocks slid together in Hunter's foreskin. Ty rocked his hips and their crowns bumped together inside the scorching hot sheath. "Ah fuck. I can't believe how good this is." "Easy, you can't buck or it all goes to shit." Ty twitched as he struggled for control. "Damn, wish I still had mine." Hunter chuckled. "We've had enough trouble getting docking to work, I think double docking might be too much." Ty’s chuckle quickly changed to a gasp when they collided again. The tight movement built with heat radiating from Ty's groin. He heard soft grunts from Hunter and knew they both were ready to pop. Hunter began to shake, then Ty's dick was flooded with hot jizz. Hunter emptied his nuts and in the process drove Ty to his climax. He sagged against Hunter as his muscles turned into jelly. The skin ballooned even farther as Ty added to the mixture in Hunter’s foreskin. The shake of Ty's body broke Hunter's grip, and their cocks separated. The blended semen trailed between them, pooling on the floor. Ty dropped to his knees and sucked Hunter's foreskin between his lips. He nursed the remaining mixture, running his tongue around the head to catch the last bit. The bittersweet concoction of their love was the perfect counterpoint to the sweet chocolate. Ty ran his tongue over Hunter’s softening cock until Hunter grabbed him and held him immobile. "Stop! It's sensitive." Ty rose, grabbed the back of Hunter's neck and pulled their mouths together. With a flick of his tongue, he fed Hunter some of their mixture. Hunter responded as Ty had hoped, hungrily searching for more. Their tongues dueled for a several long delicious minutes until Ty broke the kiss with a sigh of resignation. He winked at Hunter. "Not bad for our first day in Vegas. I think we worked through a bunch of hot fantasies." Hunter glanced at the clock and smiled. "Technically, it's day two. But yeah, that was some of the hottest sex, ever." "Okay, we better put the 'do not disturb' sign on the door, clean the paint off me and wipe up a little before we crash. Tomorrow's a busy day." Hunter gave Ty a teasing pop on the cheek. "And we are checking on the kids in the morning. And we're leaving the room for more than food." "Yes, sir. Whatever you say, sir." Hunter slapped Ty hard on his butt and then laughed at his groaned reply. "Damn! You're an animal. You've got your rocks off twice today, and you're still ready for more." Ty winked at him. "I'm always ready for more with you, babe."
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