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Rekindling - 4. Chapter 4

Hunter waved at the two angelic faces smiling at them from the computer screen. "Love you, Caleb. Love you, Jordan."

Two high-pitched squeals erupted from the speakers. "Love you, Daddy. Love you, Papa. When you comin' home?"

"We'll be home to tuck you into bed tomorrow night. You be good for Grandma."

Echoes of 'we will' rang through the room. As the squealing pair receded, Hunter’s mother appeared on the screen. "Hi, Mom. How are you doing with the rug rats?"

"Oh they're little darlings. How are you enjoying Vegas?"

"It's been fun. Little gambling, lot of eating."

Hunter's mother grinned. "From what Ty told me, I didn't think you'd leave the suite."

"Mother!" Hunter glared at Ty.

"Well I better go see what those two are into now. Enjoy the rest of your trip and we'll see you tomorrow."

"See you, Mom."

Hunter closed the connection and then shut down the computer. He turned to Ty and arched one eyebrow. "You shared your plans with my mother?"

Ty refused to meet Hunter’s eyes. "Not exactly..."

Hunter crawled into the chair with Ty, sat across his lap, and pulled Ty’s face so they looked at each other. "So, I can't believe you had us in a porn shop today."

"It wasn't porn, it was adult novelties," said Ty with a snicker.

"Whatever. You've been secretive about the stuff you bought. What's in it, mister?"

Ty leaned over, grabbed the bag and handed it to Hunter. "Just thought we should try out some shit we've been talking about for years."

Hunter opened it and peered inside. After a few seconds, he looked at Ty, his face having developed a slight blush.

"What are they?"

"Oh, I think you know."

Hunter reached in and pulled out the first toy. The length of chain inside terminated on each end with a rubber-coated clamp. He looped them over a finger and wiggled his eyebrows at Ty.

"Nipple clamps?"

Ty grinned like the horny monkey he was. "Yup. Your nipples have always been so sensitive, I thought it would be fun to see if you could do it, you know, hands-free."

Hunter's face turned crimson, and the corners of his mouth slowly stretched upward. "Ah huh. But just so you know, none of this is coming home with us. I'm not going through airport security with sex toys."

Ty chuckled and lifted the bag from Hunter's hands. His cock was already growing in his pants as he popped open the package, took out the clamps, and adjusted them to the lightest pressure. He let the metal links play over the hard nipples straining against Hunter's T-shirt.

"What do you think?"

Hunter's chest heaved as he stared at the toy. His tongue ran over his lips, and he flicked his eyes to Ty. "What else do you have?"

Ty pulled out a small box and showed it to Hunter. He lifted the lid and pulled out the clear plastic toy. Hunter turned it over in his hand and peeked back at Ty. "It's kind of...different."

"It's a prostate massager. I thought it might be fun."

"It's curved..."

Ty’s eyes bubbled with humor. "Kind of like someone else I know."

Hunter went even redder and swatted Ty's arm. "Shut up, or your only date for a long time is going to be Ross thumb and his four brothers."

"Isn't that Rosy?"

"Not with us it's not."

Ty chuckled, wrapped his arms around Hunter and pulled him tight. "So what'd you think? Want to push the boundaries a little on our last night?"

Hunter hesitated for a moment then gave Ty a huge grin. "Well we are in sin city..."

He started laughing. "I don't think trying something new with your husband is a sin, but I get your point."

Ty grabbed the bottom of Hunter's shirt and slid it over his head. He licked his lips at the sight of Hunter's smooth body, and ran his hands over the beautiful chest before flicking his fingers against Hunter's already stiff nipples. He teased them for a few moments and then slipped on the first clamp.

Hunter’s breath shot out in a hiss as the clamp bit into his nipple, and he gasped with ecstasy as the weight of the chain hanging from it gave a slight tug. Ty waited until Hunter’s breathing slowed and then snapped the second clamp in place. Ty pulled Hunter to him and ran his hands over his torso, giving him time to relax and enjoy the sensation. Another gasp escaped from Hunter as Ty traced his fingers along the metal clamps and rubbed over the trapped bits of nipple. Hunter trembled and began to sweat.

"Oh, my God." Hunter writhed in Ty's arms.

He ran his hands over Hunter’s contorting form. After a few minutes Ty realized this was as relaxed as Hunter was going to be, his nipples really were that sensitive. He lifted the chain trailing across Hunter's chest and tugged slightly. Hunter's almost scream reverberated through the suite as his body arched in response. His teeth sank into his bottom lip when Ty stretched his nipples further.


"Strip," ordered Ty.

Hunter stood and quickly dropped his pants and stepped out of them. He stood before Ty, his lithe body shaking ever so slightly as the chain between his nipples swayed with each breath.

Wordlessly, Ty rose from his chair, pulled off his shirt and tossed it to the side. He opened his pants, button, by button until his white briefs were exposed. The jeans crumpled around his ankles, and Ty shoved his underwear down to join them. He kicked his feet free of the tangle, took Hunter in his arms and kissed him. The heat of the kiss as their lips pressed hard against each other was only a glimpse of the kindled flames.

Hunter trembled as Ty laid him on the bed. He toyed with the chain for several delightful minutes, causing Hunter's cock to stream clear honey like a faucet. The gasps began to quiet when Ty reached down, opened the clamps, and rolled Hunter's nipples between his fingers.

"Ah, fuck!" yelled Hunter.

He collapsed against Ty as he tugged and twisted the hypersensitive nipples. Each touch inflamed the fire already raging. Hunter licked his lips in foggy anticipation as Ty moved the screws to increase the bite of the clamps.

Ty moved his hands toward Hunter’s chest, stared at him with lust-filled eyes and slowly released the first clamp on Hunter's already sensitive nipple. As it bit into his tender flesh, Hunter let out a moan that vibrated the walls.

"Oh, holy fuck!"

Concern flashed across Ty's face. "You okay, babe?"

Hunter writhed against him. "Yes, shit yes. I'm so good." Ty smiled and lowered his hand to tug at the clamp and was rewarded with a low moan from Hunter. He held the remaining clamp in front of them and flexed it a few times.

"Ready for another jolt of two-twenty?"


Ty squeezed the clamp open, rubbed it across Hunter’s hard nipple and slowly released the rubber coated metal fingers. As it bit into Hunter's chest, a hiss exploded from between his teeth. Ty caressed Hunter’s torso as he waited for the initial sting to subside. Once Hunter relaxed, Ty reached up and lightly brushed the exposed tip of his nipple.

"Oh, yeah." Hunter moved slowly, his teeth clenched, and his eye's flickering shut. After a few minutes of pleasure, Ty lifted Hunter in his arms and eased him into the nest of pillows on the bed. He scrambled to the table and grabbed the other toy. The thick gel he squeezed across it quickly coated every surface. A second dot of lube covered Ty’s finger, and he moved between Hunter's legs and coated his pucker. The volume of Hunter's moans reached new levels and his hands ran across his own chest. Ty slid the toy across his hole for several delightful seconds and then pressed it inside his husband.

"How's that?

Hunter nodded, the sounds coming from him, unintelligible. Ty pressed forward, and soon had the curved toy seated. Hunter moved and his eyes popped open.

"Oh my God. You’re hitting my sweet spot." Hunter twisted on the bed, the occasional tremor taking his body. Each time, his eyes would dilate more. Hunter’s cock was deep red and rock hard, dripping as the toy raked across his prostate repeatedly. Ty could tell he was lost in the sensations, on the verge of erupting.

Ty crawled close and reached for the clamps. With a deft move, he released both at the same time, knowing sensation would flood back into them. Hunter was locked in a torrent of lust, but before he could react, Ty grabbed his nipples hard.

"Fucking hell!"

Hunter's cock convulsed, a stream of cum jetting from its tip. A second streamer erupted from the blood red monster between Hunter’s thighs and left a pearlescent strand across Ty's cheek. He twisted and teased Hunter's nips until with a whimper, Hunter crumpled on the bed, drained.

Ty dropped the sex jewelry to the floor and pulled Hunter into his arms. They kissed gently and savored Hunter's afterglow. Ty kissed his neck softly. "So, did you enjoy it?"

Hunter started laughing, unable to stop for several minutes. With a gasp, he regained control of himself. "Let's see. First I didn't realize my nipples were hardwired to my wiener. Then the dildo, holy crap, it hits just the right spots. My ass is still clamped around it, maybe sometime we'll get the thing pried out of my butt. And, did you see when I shot? Lord! I've never been a shooter, but you made me one. So yeah, it wasn't bad."

He started laughing again and shook his head. After a few minutes, Ty bumped into Hunter's side. He lifted himself and found Ty wearing a look of desperation. "Yes?"

"Some of us haven't gotten off yet."

Hunter chuckled again and lifted his legs into the air. "Take me! I'm yours. But you have to get that darn thing out first. I'm not taking both of you."

Ty moved between Hunter's legs with a smile. He made quick work of removing the toy, turned Hunter on his side, and pushed his top leg toward his chest. Ty leaned forward, running his hands through the streams of semen and smearing it over his cock. He smiled at Hunter. "How about I fuck you with your own juice?"

"Sounds hot."

Ty pressed forward, Hunter's leg trapped against his chest. He found Hunter ready for him, a fitted glove for his hard and urgent need. Ty drilled forward until he was grinding against Hunter. Buried deep, Ty's hips made small circular motions as the scent of their lovemaking curled through him. The fervor he had already built had Ty on the brink.

Hunter grabbed Ty with both hands and pulled himself up. "Fuck me."

Ty pulled back with a smile and shoved himself inside. The motion became desperate as his need built with each thrust. Hunter's grip shifted and he grabbed Ty's nipples, working them hard. The added pleasure triggered a cascade inside Ty. He slammed himself into Hunter, shaking as the wave of orgasm built. With a twist of his body, he erupted.

He held Hunter like a lifeline as his nuts again emptied themselves. The waves of pleasure were only the physical component of his climax. Hunter’s loving expression touched Ty even more deeply. Their struggles and battles to make their marriage work slipped away as their love was reborn.

With the final, emotional surge, Ty lowered himself and kissed Hunter tenderly. Their eyes met, and he grinned. "I'm damn lucky to be with you."

Hunter chuckled. "Yes, you sure are."

Ty laughed and slapped Hunter on the hip. "Smart ass. I mean it."

Hunter pulled him tight. "I know. But I'm the lucky one. My life would be so boring and plain without you. Just look at this trip. You were right, it's been a blast."

"So, you're ok with everything?"

Hunter caressed Ty’s face. "Yes, it's all been amazing, and fun to get to play. I think we've run through every fantasy either of us have on this trip."

Ty smiled back and nodded. "Yeah, mostly."

Hunter rose to his elbows and lifted his brows at Ty. "Mostly?"

Ty took Hunter's face between his hands and shook him. "Everything. It's all wonderful. Quit looking for problems."

Hunter’s eyebrow cocked, but he decided not to press the question and wiggled against Ty to cuddle.

Copyright 2014 Jon Keys, All Rights Reserved

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Hmmm, what is it that's missing? Another fantasy to fulfill, that's what! More please, Sir! :blushing:

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