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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

A Butterfly's Dream - 4. Chapter 4

AN: I have to say thank you MT-Pictures for kicking my ass and suggesting fluff for our dear Clary and Edward. :D She rocks so very much. She really does. She gave me suggestions, I used them because it works! So, enjoy this plotty bit.


Fending off various classmates and teachers throughout his day, David gladly grabbed his books and notebooks from his locker before nearly running for the twinscar. Sighing softly, he slid into it after unlocking the door with the keys he had stolen from Markus earlier that day. He didnt want to have to wait for the twins while they stopped by their own lockers, knowing that various people would stop them on the way out.


Getting comfortable in the back seat, his legs stretched out before him, he pulled out the two articles from earlier. Sitting with his back against the door, he started to read the second article at a more leisurely pace, taking in the details. He stopped just before he got past the title to pull out a pen, two highlighters and a yellow legal pad for his thoughts and notes. Putting the cap of the pen onto the back of the pen, he held it over the legal pad, poised to jot down his thoughts.

Girl wakes from coma after four weeks,” he muttered, making a note of the title quickly. Going back to his reading, he took notes on the parts that he assumed would be pertinent to figuring out as to why this particular attack was so important to him. He also made sure to write down any questions that rose in his mind as he read the article.

He quickly became so engrossed in his note-taking that he didnt notice that the parking lot was quickly emptying around him. Nor did he notice the twins coming up to the car until the doors were open and Markus was shoving the passenger seat forward. Blinking and drawing his feet back as he watched the girl from that morning climb in, he idly wondered why she was there.


Who are you?” he blurted out, causing her to turn her bright green eyes towards him.


My names Rachael and who are you? Markus didnt tell me anything about another person coming with us,she replied, her voice rich and smooth. David pinned her from somewhere near Pennsylvania or the surrounding states based upon her accent.


Im David. And just where are you going?” He asked, frowning at her.

Shes coming with us to see this Clary person,Edward answered for her as he slid into the drivers side seat.Now, gimme my car keys, you pain in my ass.”


Bite me,David replies, sticking out his tongue as he handed over the keys.


Keep that tongue inside your mouth unless you want to use it,Markus teased, shoving the seat back before getting into the car. David quickly pulled his tongue back in and settled for flipping the smirking blond off.Aww, you wound me with your crude gestures,” he said, fake-pouting at David.

Ill do more then wound you, you pervert,David replied, smiling mischievously at him.


You wouldnt!Markus exclaimed, his eyes widening in his surprise. David simply nodded and smirked as he sat back in his seat, sulking.

You are so cruel, chérie.

What? Me and cruel? No, never,David denied, looking mildly insulted as Edward started the car and headed towards the street. Rachael started to giggle madly, amused at their banter.


So, Rachael, why do you need to go see Clary?Markus asked her.You never told us.


Hes my partner for art class,she told him, looking him over with rather knowing eyes. David shifted, causing the forgotten papers to slip from his hands, scattering on the floor of the car.


Shit,he cursed softly as he bent down to grab the papers, a few of them crinkling in his hands from the effort of scooping them up in a cramped area. Smoothing them out again and placing them back in order, David noticed that one page was missing and looked about his feet, trying to find it.


Why the hell would you want to read this stuff? Its a cold case, isnt it?Rachael asked, looking at the missing page with some curiosity. David frowned and snatched the paper from her hand, putting it back among the others.


Im reading it because someone keeps hacking into my computer and they brought up a couple of articles. This is one of them,David stated. Turning towards her, he caught the look of curiosity still on her face.And no, Im not telling you what Im thinking or why Im reading them.


Fine, be that way,she said, pouting because he had easily read her accurately, and that he wasnt going to tell her anything. David nodded curtly before going back to what he was doing earlier, taking notes and writing down questions as he worked his way through the article.


By the time they pulled up to Clarys home, he is about halfway through the article. It had turned out rather long and David was becoming frustrated with reading it. Growling, he shoved everything into his bag before zipping it up and waiting for Edward to step out of the car.

Once the twins had pulled the seats forward, David slipped out and stretched his body before heading up to the door; following after Rachael. Letting her knock, he shoved his hands into his pockets and looks up at the house; feeling the twins standing before him. He blinked a few times in wonder at seeing an intricate design above the door. Something about it made him shiver in surprise and fear. The design wasnt too amazing, just some lines warped and looped around each other, but yet it gave him an eerie feeling.


A strong looking man with dark hair that fell into his eyes opened the door just as David turned his eyes towards it. The mans dark skin glistened with sweat and his long fingers were covered with dirt. David blinked a few times at the blinding smile that was flashed his way.

Yes? How can I help you?” the man asked in a playful voice. He had an accent that for the life of him, David couldnt quite place, even though he could have sworn he had heard it before.


Hi, is Clary here?Edward finally asked, seeing that David was a bit too lost in his mind to answer and Rachael was glaring at the man.

Yes, yes he is. Hes upstairs right now. Please, do come in,the man replied, moving back to let the group into the house. David stopped and looked around at the warm and surprisingly inviting hallway. Pictures lined the walls in a half-hazardous way, giving David the impression that they were put up wherever room was available.

Are you Clarys father?Markusvoice dragged David out of his wondering thoughts.


The man smiled and nodded.Yes, I am. My name is Alexander McNamin. And you are?

Im David Benbitz and this is Markus and Edward LeBen,David introduced, pointing to each of them before holding out his hand to Alexander.Its a pleasure to meet you, sir.Alexander shook everyones hands, turning to Rachael, holding out his hand to her in greeting.


And you, little one, are?he asked. Rachael, continuing to glare, takes Alexanders hand.


Rachael Maghaun,She replied, turning her face away.So, where is Clary?She asked after Alexander let go of her hand.


Once more, he nearly blinded them with his smile that he threw at them.Upstairs. Take a left and follow the loud music,Alexander told them, pointing up the stairs where loud music was indeed floating down from. Rachael started up the stairs, muttering a quickThank youthat elicited a groan from the others who were far from used to such rudeness.


Thank you, Alexander,Markus said for the rest of them, following after Rachael with a frown. David shook his head and shoved her up the last few steps when she suddenly stopped on the stairs.


Dont just stop like that,he muttered, walking around her and heading to the only closed door. Knocking on it loudly, he waited for someone to answer his knock. Listening for a few moments, he heard the music being turned down and the sound of someone walking up to the door. His eyebrows shot upwards in surprise as he looked at the mini replica of Alexander that stood in the doorway.


Yes?the male asked in a voice that was lighter in tone then Alexanders.


Clary?David asked just to make sure he had the right person. He had never seen Clary up close before, but was instantly regretting never having done so before. The boy before him was far better looking than most of the girls that he had ever seen or fantasized about; few and far between as they had been.


Clary nodded, giving David a look over as well before locking his eyes with him. He shifted on his feet, feeling something curl somewhere deep in his soul, warming him.

Yes, thats me. And you are?he asked, blinking a few times before noticing the small group that stood behind David.

Im David, and this is Rachael, Markus and Edward,David answered automatically, pointing to them as he said their names. His body was feeling warmer just by standing there with the older boy.You and I have a project to do together that is due shortly and Im not letting you get away with doing nothing.

Uh, Advanced Computer Graphics, right?Clary asked, moving back into his bedroom, a bit unstable due to the crutches that David noticed after looking down. He nodded and walked in, following after Clary. Looking around, he was surprised at just how many computers were in the room. At least three of said computers were switched on with different things running on them.


Wow,David whispered softly before whistling his appreciation at some of the computer equipment that was running around the room.


Thanks,Clary said, smiling as he settled into his computer chair, propping his foot onto an ottoman.Im a part time hacker for the local police station. I help my dad do it, so I need more computers than the normal human.


Youre one of the hackers?David asked, sitting down in another computer chair, finding it surprisingly comfortable even as his body warmed even more at the thought of sitting where Clary had sat before, rubbing his hands over the arms of the chair. He could feel the cool kiss of the leather against his palms, smooth and soft, knowing the other man had touched it as well, David looked off, finding himself blushing lightly as the mental images rose of Clary doing other things in the chair that had nothing to do with the computers in his mind.


Markus and Edward were going to tease him mercilessly should they find out about what he was feeling.


Yeah, but only for small-time things. I usually just help clean up the towers and their hard drives, making sure that they run properly and can do their job.He reached out and shut down one computer before turning another one on. Sitting back, Clary waited for it to load and looked over the others that had walked in.So, what about you three?he asked.


Were his ride,the twins answered together while sitting down on the large bed. Rachael sat on a chair and got comfortable before answering the question herself.


We too have a project. Its in Art class and we have to create a portfolio of our works,Rachael told him flatly. Clary raised an eyebrow, trying to ignore the fact that David was idly stroking long fingers over the arms of his computer chair before grabbing a blue notebook, his projects due book. Watching him go through it for a few moments, David spun a few times in his chair, black hair falling into his face. Clary took a deep breath and looked up after a few seconds.


It seems that I forgot about you,Clary said softly, closing the notebook.How long do we have until its due?


May 1st,Rachael said, causing Clary to sigh in relief.


So, since its not even November, we do have time, correct?he asked, leaning back in his chair and looking at his little desk calendar that was set to the current date.


Yeah, we do,Rachael replied. Looking around the room, she snorted lowly, showing just how unhappy she was with the situation. David had a sudden to reach out and smack her as he demanded why she was being so rude to the McNamins, Clary especially. Shoving the urge aside, they watched as Rachael stood up suddenly.How about I come over on Sunday and we can start working on it then?

I can do that,Clary replied, flipping his calendar to check on whether he was free or not on that day. Rachael walked over to him and grabbed a pen and a scrap of paper, David glaring at her from under his lashes. Clary caught the look and felt the warmth heat and turn liquid.

This is my number. If you need me or cant meet up that day for whatever reason, call me,she said, handing him the paper.I have to go now. I have a bus to catch.


Markus quickly stood up and walked over to her, offering his arm to her.Ill give you a ride if you think you can deal with me.Rachael rolled her eyes and took his arm with a huff.


Fine, I can use the ride to save me a buck,she returned and walked out of the room with him. Edward shook his head and fell back onto Clarys bed, amazed at how soft it was. David made a note to get all information about that bed before blushing softly at the thought of just how perverted he was being about someone he just met.


I like your bed, Clary; where did you get it?Edward asked after a moment that David and Clary used to talk about what the project needed.


I got it at that big expensive store down on 4th street,Clary replied, turning away from the flustered David. He turned to one computer and opened one program, showing it to David, talking about how it worked and why it would be good for their project as he speaks.


Sounds like the same place that I got mine, Edward,David said, taking over the mouse to check out the various goodies that the program offered. Clary just smiled and basked in the warmth that came from him before he sat back and looked intensely at Clary. The older male returned the look with equal intensity, an eyebrow raised in amusement.


Yes?Clary finally asked after a few minutes of the two staring at each other. David leant forward slightly, pulling his legs up onto the chair and crossing them as he rested his elbows on his knees.


Could you do me a big favor when you have the time?David asked, looking serious enough to grab his project notebook and a green pen, opening to a fresh piece of paper to write down whatever information he needed.

Well, youll never know until you ask,he replied, smiling as he sat back in his own chair, admiring the way David was sitting and knowing that he would be sketching out the memory later.


Can you do a search with the following names?David asked, pulling out his notepad from his bag.UhCatrina Lews, Maryann Nobel and Pastor Alex MacNash,he lists off before putting his note book aside. Clary wrote the names down in his flowing handwriting before looking up at him.


What exactly are you looking for?he asked.I need to know so I can narrow down the search results.

Im looking for any articles that include their names in any form or fashion. Its kinda important, though I really dont know the details,David said, leaning back in the chair, blowing out a breath of air.The thing is, someone hacked my computer and brought up two articles about the women I mentioned.”


What about Pastor Alex?Clary asked, keeping an eye on Edward who had gotten up and walked over to a set of bookshelves. His body grew cold at the name of Alex MacNash, feeling that it was important, but not knowing how. Edward, ignoring the conversation was looking over the titles that sat on the shelf, being deemed by Clary harmless. Clary returned his eyes back to David.


I dont like him and for good reason. Hes homophobic and hes twisting my dads thinking again,David said, his eyes widening at the implications of his statement.I didnt mean to say that and you cant tell any one what I said, or what Im looking for,He yelped in a panic.


Clary waved David off, stating,Dont worry, I wont. Romy promise.He smiled at the confused look on Davids rather adorable face.Gypsy, David, gypsy.


Youre a gypsy?David asked, blinking at Clary, trying to process the new information that he had just received. Clary nodded and got up, wobbling slowly over to a bookcase, the brace around his ankle making it hard to walk. Grabbing a large book, he walked back to his chair, sitting back down.


Yeah, my entire family is. My great-grandmother came here with my great-great-grandmother and my great-great-grandfather when they could. She met my great-grandfather just after she turned 16. My family has always been able to find other Romies,he said.


He opened the book and showed David the rather old and yellowing pictures that were contained within. David looked over them with some awe, never having seen pictures so old except at his Nanas home.

Wow, he murmured softly, running one finger over the page before them.Hey, Clary,he suddenly said, lifting his head up,the marks above the door, what are they?


Those?Clary asked, closing the photo album and looking at David.Those are protection marks to keep all evil out. My grandmother is a 12th generation chovihani, a witch. My father carried on the tradition and Im learning it to since Im the oldest of all my cousins and the only child of the main family.

Cool,David managed to get out. He had never once met a witch before, but he had heard of the rumors of Gypsy witchcraft that lingered around the area. Shaking his head, he looked to Edward and suddenly asked,Hey, Edward, what do you think I would look like with blond hair?fingering a lock of hair.


Well, we wont know until we do it,Edward said, smirking brightly as Clary smiled slowly, sending liquid heat rushing through David.

I think youd look pretty good with the right shade,he said, thanking the Goddess for a cute guy who blushed easily.

Copyright © 2012 Rose Strailo; All Rights Reserved.
Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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