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  1. My 2020 plans? Let's see. Finish rewriting and editing the Rose and Lex story called Books and Roses. Post it. Write on the Anthologies. I'm going to plot them sometime in the next month or so. Work on and get close to finishing Bad Dog.
  2. Why yes, I am alive. Why do you ask? 

    Let me just state that the last while has been slightly insane. Between holidays, pain issues and other issues cropping up at random times, I have been a tired writer. 

    But I am going to do a few things this month.

    1) Plot out the anthologies that I plan on joining in on. (Must read the forums again)

    2) Finish some rewriting that I need to get done.

    3) Plot some shorter fanfics that I am posting currently. 

    4) Talk about the discord server I have more. 

    5) Finish rewriting Lex and Rose story. 

    6) Actually post the story.

    7) Finish off the Christmas Romance. 

    I wish to do this all before July. Here's hoping!

  3. *sips tea for throat* What happened during November? Well. I wrote a lot. Okay so let's break it down. I was keeping pretty good on keeping on track with the base amount of words. I did a lot of small things to get started and I continued a few older things that I've been wanting to play with. A list: A Santa Needs a Mate story - 31 chapters in length. I'll post it when I'm done with it. Obscurity: A Morally Grey Harry Potter story. I need to reread the first 20 chapters to take notes and fill out information but I'm working on it. Never a Spare: A What If Harry Pot
  4. *squints* won nano. Will be back after I'm along laptop later today with more information. Love you all.

  5. What to say. What...to...say. First of all, it's the 7th. I'm tired. So very tired. I've been either in a lot of pain (knees were grapefruit sized they were so swollen) and I've been doing Nano! So how about I break it down? Week 1 of National Novel Writing Month: Week 1 has been interesting to say the least. On the 3ed, our friend's van died. She had to get a jump to start it up and we couldn't let it shut off (which made getting around a bit interesting), but I got some words that day. Then yesterday was shopping for my household. I got...no words. I was just
  6. Happy Halloween ya'all! I've gotten some wonderful responses to my Halloween story so that makes me very happy! I'm going to hold off on posting the last chapter of my Halloween collection on here for a day so I can post it tomorrow (when I get up and get to work on my NaNo stuff).

    So, plans:

    1) Write Mini. 

    2) Write my Santa Needs a Mate WIP and Stalkmas.

    3) Work on the other 3 stories I have holding for me. Cause I need to.

    That's it. 

  7. S.L. Lewis

    Chapter 1

    Seeing as this is backstory for the full series (in progress, just need to finish off a few other things first), it was a lot of fun to write. Now I know the motivation of a character and I creeped people out. My day is a good day. *cackles* Good. I'm glad that I was able to creep you out. And I grew up on old school horror. Not surprising that I write it to. Oh just wait until I'm actually able to get the full story written. I'm in the middle of giving Bad Dog (book 1 of this series) an overhaul before I start up on it again. So this'll be lots of fun.
  8. They had gone to see an old house and help their friend decide what he wanted to do with it. They weren't expecting to be betrayed in such a way by one of their own. A Gay Authors Halloween Hunt 2019 story.
  9. Staring up at the house, Michael tilted his head. “I’m not sure what to think about this,” he drawled. He tucked his hands into his pockets. Leon rested his chin on his friend’s shoulder and hummed. “It’s big. I didn’t know your family had money,” he said. Michael shrugged as he hefted the bag up further on his shoulders, tilting his head back some more. “I kind of forgot that we do. It’s mostly in trust,” he admitted. “I get an allowance and once I get through college, or find a career that makes me happy, it’ll go up. It pays its own taxes and shit. I don’t really think about it,”
  10. Notepad: She had left her notepad laying out on the desk the night before. Her mostly done notes had been neatly rewritten and highlighted, the notes she had taken in class next to them, waiting to be transferred. But what was making her pause as she climbed down from her bed was the fact that there were new words on them that she knew she hadn’t written on the new pages. Her roommates had gone out to stay with other friends in another dorm to study for the exams to come, so she had been alone in the room. Alendra swallowed and wondered if something had followed them from the estate.
  11. Alendra looked up from where she had been pouring over a large tome and squinted at the room around her. It was still dark outside, still in that odd twilight that they had been in for the last day since they had found the mummified body of a baby. The library that they found seemed to hold every book that had come into the house was lit up with candles that were stored in a room to the side and their rechargeable lanterns. She knew that Kyle was somewhere in the library. Looking around, she found him moving to his own seat and laying a large tome of his own down, frowning as he read a pag
  12. The door had been nailed shut and hidden behind a new wall for a reason. And for a very good reason as he was finding out. He stared at the bodies that were piled on the floor, making him swallow the bile that was working its way up his throat. “Houses upon houses. Cemeteries and funeral homes. All of that and never once have I seen something like this,” Alex groaned. Brian gagged before the spun around and staggered out of the room that they had just found while pulling down wallpaper. They had officially gotten the keys a week ago and had started to rip things out or up, wanting
  13. So...a quick update while I take a break from editing and creating this Hellsing Ultimate Word Crawl... If you've noticed, on your end, The Roads That We Explore is sitting at chapter 4. Why? Well....Mostly because I'm holding onto the rest while I finish off their edits. I'm setting them up to post from October 25th at 3PM to October 31st at 3PM. I just set up story 7 and will be editing story 8, 9, 10 and 11 in the coming days. Next story to be worried about will be my holiday stories. I have 2 stories. One will be posted for the Month of Christmas. December 1st until December 31s
  14. “Are you sure about this, Brandly?” Detective Brandly looked up from where he had been working with the desktop of one of the missing college students. Two weeks before, they had gone missing and no one had any idea of where they were. Detective Kran, Brandly’s partner, raised an eyebrow at him with a smile. “Yeah, I am,” Brandly replied. “We don’t have any fucking knowledge as to where they are. Their phones aren’t popping up, their GPS doesn’t show, and the only communications that we can get at a quick enough point is their computers. We’re rather lucky that Mrs. Kandra allowed us to lo
  15. They knew who they were to go after. They could still remember every moment of staring at him as they killed them. They could feel him, tied to him in ways that only Victim and Murderer could be. One such spirit was staring at him, having found him once more and settled into a corner to watch him. She was waiting for her fellow Victims to arrive. Her hand came to rest around her neck, feeling the odd way that her head was able to move. She could remember that she had been strangled. Two of the other Victims had been tied down and slowly cut open until they bled out as sacrifice
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