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  1. proeros


    Quite disappointing after his mother showed up and was accepted after deserting him 12 years earlier. And to actually seem to forgive his father was over the top.
  2. proeros

    Chapter 16

    Well, Kyle is proving to be a homophobic little shit just like his old man.
  3. proeros

    Chapter 14

    I was really enjoying this story but the last three chapters is making think Cameron is being foolish. How could he bother to mow his father's lawn after the way his life had been ruined by both his despicable parents. Forgiving is ok in some cases, but not this one.
  4. proeros

    Chapter 13

    This re-union is unbelievable. I wouldn't give her the time of day.
  5. proeros

    Chapter 12

    I can't believe Cameron is even contemplating having anything to do with this Bitch that deserted him 12 years ago.
  6. I love you Chris !

  7. proeros

    Chapter 6

    I started to wonder whether I would continue reading this story. When I read the Class of 2050, I said shit I don't go in for fantasy !
  8. proeros


    Absolutely my most loved story on all the Gay sites I have visited and I have been on most. Adam Phillips is the best author an I not only fell for the two main characters, but with Adam himself. I would do anything to meet him.
  9. proeros

    Chapter X

    Hey WTF, How come he so timidly gave in to This prick Gregory. He stood up to him earlier, he has savings and no longer needed to put up with abuse and threats. He had better redeem himself because ATM I am pissed off with him.
  10. proeros

    Chapter 2

    I've got the hots for both these Boys. I love this story so far.
  11. I would love to get to know Talo. He is an extremely sexy guy.

  12. proeros

    Very Long Epilogue

    An enjoyable story although drawn out too long. Could have had a better effect on me in 12 Chapters.
  13. proeros


    Just getting sick of Quinn pussyfooting around. He is gay and it's not the end of the world. His mother is useless and deserves a good slap for being home about three hours a week. Talk about dysfunctional !
  14. Excellent story with a great ending.
  15. proeros

    Alo Chapter 35

    I gave up after Chapter 16 because of Lloyd's arrogant and bullying ways. He acted like a tyrant with the way he appeared to cheat Angela and Jeb out of the Stations ownership. It may have been done. legally , but morally it was disgraceful. Not impressed at all with this story.
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