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A Trip To Love - 11. Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Tim’s POV

I woke with Jon’s arms wrapped around me, feeling like I was home. I couldn’t believe the night that we had last night, to be able to finish our mating and feel complete for the first time in my life. I was sore, but I felt better than I had in my whole life. I really looked forward to seeing my dad and my friends again even though it hadn’t been very long since I had seen them last.

“Good morning, Baby,” Jon whispered while rubbing his hand through my hair.

“Morning, Babe.” I wrapped my arm a little tighter around Jon’s stomach, tucking my head under his chin. I could hear his heart beating in a rhythmic fashion that let me know that he was just as affected as I was by last night.

“You ready to get on the road?”

I leaned up and said, “Not really. I just want to lay here with you like this. I’m glad that we waited to really get to know each other before completing the mating.”

“Me too, Babe. Me too.”

I leaned up and pressed my lips to his, running my tongue along his lips trying to seek entrance. When Jon wouldn’t open I reached between us, tweaked his nipple causing him to gasp and slipped my tongue inside his mouth. However, he wasn’t going to let me dominate the kiss as he rolled over me.

“Are you sure? You’re not too sore are ya?”

“I’m sore, but not too sore for another round or two with you.” I grinned. He reached for the bottle of lube. I still couldn’t believe that we went at it four times last night, each time better than the last.

He quickly applied some lube to his fingers and his cock before lining up at my entrance. He slid in with very little resistance. He leaned in licking and nipping at his mating mark. He kissed his way up my neck to my jawline, over my eyelids, and finally getting to my mouth where he kissed me deeply. He came up for air as he started to rhythmically slide in and out causing me to moan with desire.

Steadily he built up the speed of his thrusts until the mattress was thumping the wall in a steady, heavy rhythm. We were both panting hard by that time and I could feel him getting bigger, if that was even possible.

All of a sudden he stopped and pulled out of me, and I whimpered in displeasure. I couldn’t believe that he just stopped like that. He bent down and took my straining erection into his warm, wet mouth.

I could’ve sworn he was trying to kill me by sensory overload because right before I was about to cum, he stopped in mid stroke. He nibbled his way along my pubic area until he came to my balls where he licked them, sucking them into his mouth one at a time before continuing towards my hole that felt void and was waiting for something to fill it.

“Baby, you’re driving me crazy,” I panted as he inserted one and then a second finger, proceeding to finger fuck me until I was moaning in ecstasy with my eyes closed.

A short time later he pulled his fingers out of my ass and added some more lube to his straining erection. As soon as he was lubed back up he ever so slowly reinserted himself into my waiting ass until I could feel his pubic hair against me.

When I opened my eyes, I could see the lust and passion in his eyes. I knew by just that look that he loved me as much as I loved him. He started moving slowly in and out until he had a steady rhythm, every so often he would speed up his thrusts just a little bit until he was slamming into me.

All of a sudden I felt my balls pull up into me just before I went off like a rocket. I could tell that Jon was close, I pulled his head down and smashed our lips together, lightly nipping at them. I could feel my canine teeth elongate before nipping hard enough to draw blood. I sucked on his bleeding lip which set him off because the next thing I knew he was spurting shot after shot inside of me.

As the spurts became less frequent, so did his thrusts until he came to a complete stop with his forehead leaning against mine.

“Damn, Baby that was intense,” he said as he slowly slid out of me while pulling me into his chest.

“I’m not sure I’m gonna be able to sit in the car for the next seven hours,” I said with a chuckle as I relaxed into his warm embrace.

“Do we need to get you a cushion?” I looked over my shoulder and could see that he was trying to keep a straight face but he lost the battle and started laughing. “You said you weren’t too sore.”

“Yeah, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t be a little uncomfortable for me.”

“Let’s get showered and dressed so that we can get on the road. We have to be checked out by noon, but I want to be a few hours away by that time.” Jon crawled out of bed and held his hand out to me to help me up.

Once I showered and dressed, I carried the bags out to the SUV while Jon went to the desk and checked us out of the room. By the time he got in the SUV, I had pulled out the map and was looking at the route that we were taking and trying to decide where we would pull over for lunch.

“How does Burger King sound for breakfast? I mean we are getting a later start than I had planned on.” Jon smirked at me.

“Oh, you know you had as much fun as I did,” I said as I lightly slapped him on the arm. “Burger King sounds fine. Let’s get it to go and then stop somewhere near Charleston for lunch.”

“Sounds like a plan Babe.” He started the SUV and we were off.

To save time we went through the drive thru at Burger King and we were soon on US-35 headed towards West Virginia. I just knew that I was going to doze off shortly after getting on the highway, but I was determined to keep my eyes open as long as possible.


I awoke to the sound of my phone ringing. “Hello.”

“Wakey, Wakey Tim.” Jeremy chuckled.

“You know how I am on long trips.” I pouted.

“I know buddy, just wanted to check in and see how far out you guys are from us.”

“Hang on let me check.” I turned to Jon and asked, “Hey Babe, whereabouts are we?”

“We’ve crossed into West Virginia headed towards Charleston.” He reached over and took my hand in his, rubbing circles into the back of my hand.

“Hear that Jeremy? We’re in West Virginia and headed towards Charleston. We should be pulling over for lunch here soon.”

“Ok cool, just give your dad a call when you have crossed into Virginia so that he will know when to meet you in Waynesboro,” Jeremy commented before I heard a voice in the background call out. “Don’t tell him the other part yet!”

“Who was that and what aren’t you supposed to tell me?” I questioned.

“That was Tony and I don’t know what he’s talking about. We’re all over here packing up your dad’s house so that you won’t be separated from Jon for very long.”

“What do you mean separated from Jon?!” I demanded.

“Well, you do know that he’s not allowed in the territory right?”

“Well, yeah, but I don’t plan on being separate from him.”

“So you’re not going to come do any of the packing?” he asked.

“Damn, forgot about that. This is gonna be hard because I don’t want to be away from him. Like I don’t want him out of my sight. That’s weird for me, I know.”

“You must’ve completed the mating then.”

“Yeah, last night. How’d you know?”

“That is one of the side effects to a recent mating, or so I’ve heard,” chuckled Jeremy.

“Thanks a lot Bubba. You will find out for yourself soon enough. We’ll see you soon, say hi to the gang for me.”

“Will do. It’ll be good to see you again, even though you’ve only been gone a short time this time.”

“Later buddy.” I heard the click in my ear signaling that Jeremy had hung up.

I couldn’t wait to introduce Jon to all of my friends. I just know that they will absolutely love him. I just wished that I would be able to show him around where I grew up.

“You ready for lunch, Babe?” I turned and looked at Jon when I heard his voice, but before I could answer my stomach decided to make itself known and answered for me by growling loudly. “I’ll take that as a yes,” he chuckled.

“Yeah Babe, I’m hungry.”

“How does KFC sound?”

“Sounds good to me.” Jon flicked on the turn signal and started to exit the highway at the next exit.


We returned to the road after stopping for about an hour while we ate lunch. I knew that it would only be a couple more hours until we pulled into the hotel that Dad had reserved for us. Knowing Dad, he would be taking us out to dinner before we headed back to the house to get the packing finished up so that we could head out as quickly as possible. I still could not believe Alpha Jefferson was not allowing Jon to enter the territory just because he’s a bear.

After eating, we returned to the SUV, where I got my e-reader out of my bag hoping that it would keep me awake the rest of the way to Waynesboro. I scrolled through my books before deciding on Impractical Magic by M.J. O’Shea.


“Babe, you better call your Dad and let him know that we’re in Virginia.” I was so lost in the book that I hadn’t been paying attention to road signs and had not seen the Welcome to Virginia sign.

I pulled out my phone and dialed my Dad.

“Hello,” he answered the phone.

“Hey Dad. Just wanted to let you know that we’ve crossed into Virginia and should be in Waynesboro in a couple of hours.”

“Good to know, Son. Everything going ok with you guys?”

“Yeah, Dad, everything’s great,”I softly chuckled.

“Alright, well I will see you in a couple of hours.”

“See ya soon, Dad.” I heard a soft click as he hung up.

“So you ready to meet everyone?” I turned to look at Jon.

“I’m actually kind of nervous. There’s a part of me that is fine with meeting your dad in person, but then there’s the part of me that is concerned that he’s not going to like me when he actually meets me face to face.”

“You’ll be fine. Dad already sees you as another son. I just wish you could come into town with us so that you can meet my friends. I’m sorry my Alpha is being such a homophobic asshole.”

“It’s not your fault. There are those out there who will never accept us and there’s nothing that we can do about it except to just be ourselves.” Jon reached over and grabbed my hand and simply held it while he drove.


The next couple of hours flew by and the next thing I knew we were pulling off the highway and turning into the parking lot of the hotel. I quickly looked around and spotted my dad parked close to the lobby door. What I wasn’t expecting was the dark blue Dodge Charger that was parked next to him.

As soon as they saw us my friends piled out of Jeremy’s car. “Babe, looks like you’ll be meeting my friends after all.”

“Oh boy, let’s do this. I’m positive that once I meet everyone my nerves will settle down.” When I turned and looked at him I noticed that he was rubbing his hands on the legs of his jeans.

“Babe, it’ll be fine. I’m gonna be right there next to you,” I said as I gave his hand a reassuring squeeze.

“Thanks, Hun. Knowing that you will be there with me, I know everything will be fine.” He turned the ignition off and we both climbed out of the SUV to go and meet everyone.

All of a sudden I was in the middle of a group hug as my buddies ran over to me and grabbed a hold of me. When I heard the growl I knew that I needed to comfort my mate.

“Babe, it’s ok; they’re not going to hurt me.” I extracted myself from my friends and pulled Jon into a hug.

I could tell that it was taking everything in him not to pull the guys off of me. I guess the guys also noticed this because they quickly took a step back while I tried to calm Jon down. As he finally calmed down, Dad made his way over to us.

“Hello Sir, it’s a pleasure to meet you in person.” Jon held his hand out to Dad, but instead of shaking Jon’s hand he pulled him into a hug.

“Hello Jon, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I’m glad that Tim has finally found you. Welcome to the family."

“Babe, I would like you to meet Jeremy, Tony, Jason, and Justin. They are my four closest friends.” It was then that I noticed a guy just standing next to Jeremy’s car. “Hey, Jer, who’s that?” I asked.

“That is my mate Alex.”

“Well, do I get to meet him or is he just going to stand over there?”

“He wanted to give us some time to say hi; plus, he’s a little nervous to meet you guys.”

“Well, have him come over. I want to meet him.” Jeremy waved the young man over.

“Tim, Jon, I would like you to meet my mate Alex from the Lonestar pack in Texas.” He turned to Alex and said, “This is my best friend Tim and his mate Jon.”

“He’s a bear,” Alex replied.

“Yeah, he is, but he’s a teddy bear,” I chuckled.

“I’m sorry that sounded very rude. I have nothing against bears, I was just surprised to see one mated to a wolf.”

“It’s ok Alex, we are used to the shock that people show when they realize it. It’s nice to meet you.” I shook Alex’s hand.

“Yes, it’s good to meet you Alex,” Jon said as he reached out to shake his hand.

“The pleasure is mine. I’ve heard so much about you Tim; it’s good to finally meet you,” chuckled Alex.

Dad pulled out a room key and handed it to Jon. “I’m sorry the Alpha is being a prick about letting you into the territory. I got you a room for the night because I know my son and he will not tolerate being separated from you for very long. In fact I figure he will spend most of the night packing and will come back here as soon as he’s done.”

“I’m sure you’re right Jasper, especially now that the mating has been completed.”

I felt my cheeks burst with heat and knew that I had gone as red as a tomato. “JON!! I can’t believe you just said that!” I slapped him on the arm; he just chuckled at me causing the rest of the guys to chuckle as well.

“Babe, it’s not like they didn’t already know. I’m sure that’ve been able to smell me on you already.”

“Doesn’t mean that it needs to be vocalized. I mean, Come On!” I pouted.

“Aww, Babe, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to embarrass you,” Jon said as he pulled me into a hug and kissed me on the temple.

“Ok, all embarrassment behind us, let’s go get some dinner before we head back to the house to finish packing,” suggested Dad.

Jon and I rode with Dad to the Wood Grill Buffet for dinner. I’ve missed eating here, the food is really good, plus it’s a buffet so we could eat as much as we wanted; after all seven of us were werewolves and then don’t forget about the bear.

“So Jon, what do you do?” asked Jeremy.

“I have been travelling across the country, so I’m unemployed at the moment, but I have an English degree with a minor in education. So once we are settled in I will be trying to get a position at one of the local schools. While I was on the road I would do odd jobs helping people out in the clans that I visited.”

“Well it’s good to know that you aren’t afraid of hard work,” Jeremy replied.

“Guys, I know you mean well, but is it really necessary to give him the third degree?” I chuckled.

“But Tim, it’s so much fun to see him squirm,” laughed Tony.

“Babe, it’s ok. They’re just looking out for you. It shows how much they care about you.”

“What age group do you want to teach?” questioned Alex.

“I’ve not really thought about it but with my English degree I would probably teach high school English.”

“I have my teaching degree and when I get home I will be looking for teaching positions in either the high school or middle school. Not really sure which I would prefer more,” .

“So have the rest of you found your mates yet?”

“No we haven’t. I’m thinking of travelling like you guys to go looking for my mate,” stated Tony.

“Me too,” said Jason.

“Do you think your mate will be a wolf? Or is it possible for it to be another shifter species?” Jon asked.

“I would hope she’s a wolf, but wouldn’t have an issue with her being another type of shifter,” replied Tony.

“Same here,” replied Jason and Justin in unison.

“Well guys, why don’t you come with us and then fly home? We’re gonna need an extra driver to drive Tim’s car. That way each vehicle will have two people to help with the driving responsibilities,” suggested Dad.

“That’s a great idea Dad. That will give us a chance to spend some time together while we’re on the road”

“Jasper, that’s a good idea but I can’t afford a plane ticket back,” said Justin.

“That’s fine, since you boys would be doing me a favor I have no problem with paying for your tickets home as my way of saying thank you.”

“But, Sir, I can’t accept that. Besides my parents won’t let me do it just because Tim’s mate is male. Ever since they found out that Tim’s gay they have not wanted me to be friends with him. If they found out that his mate is a bear they would be even more adamant that I should cut my ties with him. They don’t understand how you can be so accepting of him being gay,” protested Justin.

“Then just tell them that you are helping me move and that I’m paying for your help,” Dad suggested with a smile.

“That could work, Sir.” Justin smiled back and continued eating.

“What about you two? Can you come too?”

“Sure, especially if I take some time to go to a couple of packs to look for my mate. My parents would be thrilled if this trip led to me finding my mate,” replied Jason.

“My parents would also be happy if I can find my mate, but I don’t know if they would be happy if he was from a different shifter species,” said Tony.

“Wait, did you just say ‘he’?” I questioned.

He turned a little red in the face before he nodded and shyly said, “Yeah.”

I looked at Jon and just shook my head. Tony had never given any indication that he was gay. I had to admit that I was a little bit hurt that he didn’t feel like he could tell me this. I guess I must have a strange look on my face because he looked away from me and it broke my heart.

“Tony, it’s ok. I just wish you would have told me so that I could help you through your feelings.”

“I know but I wasn’t willing to admit it because my parents would disown me if they ever found out.”

“Well, why don’t you join us and move to Washington? I’m sure that alpha Jeff will welcome you into the pack with open arms. In fact, let me give him a call just to make sure,” I suggested as I pulled out my phone.

The phone rang four times when I heard the phone answered, “Hello.”

“May I speak with Alpha Jeff?” I asked.

“This is he,” he replied.

“Alpha Jeff, this is Tim Collins. I was in your territory a couple of weeks ago.”

“Ah, yes. Hi Tim, how are you and Jon doing?” he asked.

“We’re good, Sir. I wanted to touch base with you because I just found out that one of my friends is gay and his parents will disown him when they find out. Would it be possible for him to move there as well as my Dad?”

“That would be fine. Would you mind if I speak to him for a minute?”

“Sure, let me hand him the phone. Just a second.” I handed the phone to Tony and said, “Here talk to Alpha Jeff.”

He took the phone and said, “Hello, Sir…My name is Tony…Yes, Sir, they will disown me for sure. They have already voiced their displeasure over me being friends with Tim when they found out that he's gay…Uh huh...Sure…Ok, then we will see you in a few days. Thank you so much.” He handed the phone back to me with a grin and said, “Thank you Tim. It looks like I’m moving with you.”

“Awesome! Dad is there going to be room in the moving truck for some of his stuff?” I asked.

“Sure there is, and since his Jeep gets the worst gas mileage, let’s put on a car carrier behind the moving truck. That way we can pack that if we need to,” Dad suggested.

“Tony, why don’t you and Justin head to your house and pack up the things that you absolutely can’t live without, while we head to my house and get started there?” I suggested.

“That sounds like a sound plan to me; Jon are you ok with Tim driving your SUV to the house and packing it up?” Dad asked.

“If he needs to that is fine with me. What time do you want me ready in the morning?”

“I was thinking we could head out about nine o’clock if everyone is agreeable,” Dad suggested as he looked around the table to see all of us nodding our heads yes. “Alright, then lets head out so we can take Jon back to the hotel so we can head to the house before it gets too late and get started,”


After dropping Jon off, I followed Dad back to the house. I was thankful that Tony decided to ride with me so that we could do some one on one talking.

“So Tony, when did you figure it out?”

“I guess I’ve always known, but knew that I could never come out to my parents because of their views. I didn’t want to lie to you guys, but I also didn’t want it getting back to my parents on accident. I know that you guys would not have let it slip, it just scared me.”

“Are you ok with us knowing now?”

“Yeah, because I’ll be leaving in the morning. I’m gonna leave them a note letting them know what is going on but I can’t live a lie anymore. Besides I know that my mate isn’t here, so if going to Washington will bring me closer to my mate I will go.”

“It’ll be good to have you there.”

“I will be glad to be able to be myself and not have to put on a front for my parents. I just don’t know what I’m gonna do for work.”

I flicked on the turn signal and exited the highway when we reached Charlottesville. I had missed being here even if I wasn’t gone for very long this time, but what I had missed most was my friends and my Dad. I hurt to leave the meadow where my Mom and sister were buried, but the move would be good for all of us. I was soon pulled into the driveway and noticed that we were the last to arrive.

“Thanks for talking with me, Tim.”

“You’re welcome, Bud; that’s what friends are for.” We climbed out of the SUV and headed into the house.

“Tony, you and Justin head over to your house and get things packed up so that we are ready to go in the morning,” said Dad.

“Ok, there’s not much that I’m gonna be taking with me so we should be back fairly soon. Let’s head out Justin,” stated Tony.

They got in Tony’s car and headed out to his house. I looked at Dad and just shook my head because Tony still had some reservations about leaving his parents.

“Hey Dad, I’m gonna go for a quick run. Want to go say bye to Mom and Tina.”

“Alright, Son. I understand.” He clasped me on the shoulder before turning and heading into the house with Jason, Jeremy, and Alex following behind him.

I went into the woods and stripped down, tying my jeans to my leg before I shifted and took off for the meadow.


I slipped on my jeans just in case someone came around while I talked to Mom and Tina. “I found my mate, Mom. You would love Jon, he’s like my own personal teddy bear. He truly loves me. I wanted to come and say goodbye because I am moving to Spokane, Washington tomorrow morning. So, unfortunately, I won’t be able to come and see you guys anymore. Dad will also be moving because he doesn’t want to live in a pack that won’t allow his son’s mate to come and see him; all because Alpha Jackson refuses to accept that my mate is a male, as well as a bear. I miss you guys so much. I love you both and will always carry you in my heart.”

I wiped my eyes before I got ready to head back to the house. I wanted to get everything packed and head back to the hotel before it got too late. I already missed Jon and we hadn’t been apart that long.

“Dad, I’m back. What still needs to be packed?”

“Well, your room still needs to be done, along with the kitchen, and my office. Alex and Jeremy are working on the kitchen. Jason is going to help me with the office. The only big things that are left are your bed, dresser, desk, and my desk that is in the office.”

“Ok, where are the boxes?”

“I had Jason put some boxes and tape in your room so you should be good to go.”

“Got it. I will be upstairs if you need me.” I headed upstairs to get started on my packing.

When I got to my room, I turned on the radio to listen to some music as I got started with my packing. I found several boxes sitting on my bed along with a thing of packing tape and a black marker. I noticed that my bed had already been stripped, which was good because I didn’t want to have to move dirty sheets.

I decided the easiest would be to start with my clothes. Soon I found my rhythm going and was dancing around my room while I packed. I was so lost in the music that I didn’t notice Tony standing in my doorway until I heard some clapping. When I saw him I was embarrassed because I never let anyone see me dance because I have absolutely no rhythm, but I like to move to music even if it looks funny to everyone else.

“Hey man, we’re back. Need some help?” he asked.

“Yeah could you start taking these boxes down to Jon’s SUV?”

“Sure, no problem. Justin is helping your Dad and Jason is in his office getting all his files boxed up.” He grabbed the nearest box and headed downstairs.

I then started packing my desk and pictures from my dresser. I came to one of the last pictures that I had taken with Mom before she died. We were sitting on the porch swing and I had my head on her stomach listening to my little sister move around. I stood there looking at the picture when Dad cleared his throat.

I looked up with tears in my eyes, “I still miss her so much.”

“I know Son, I do too. You will never not miss her, but it will get easier in time. I think this move is why these feelings are surfacing again. You know that she loved you and that she is watching out for you from above.”

“Yeah, I know. I just wish she could’ve met Jon. I think she would’ve liked him.”

“I think so too. She would’ve said that as long as you were happy she would be too.” He pulled me into a hug. There are those times when you just need your parent and this was one of those times.

“Well, I just need to get these pictures packed and then I’m done. Let’s get the guys to start getting the bed downstairs and by the time that is done these will all be packed up.”

“Alex, Jeremy, can you come up here?” called Dad.

“Right here, Boss.” Jeremy snapped off a salute, which caused us to all break up with laughter.

“You’re a dork, Jer,” I laughed.

“You looked like you could use a laugh so I aim to please.” They pulled the mattress off and headed downstairs. Next thing I knew Justin and Tony were coming in to grab the box springs.

I quickly cleared off the dresser so they could grab that next before moving on to the pictures on the wall and my desk. Within thirty minutes my room was clear of all furniture and boxes. I took one last look at what had been my room for twenty one years and said goodbye. With the SUV loaded and the house packed, I headed back to the hotel to get some sleep before we headed out in the morning after breakfast.


Morning came all too soon for me. I arrived at the hotel at around midnight and Jon had set the alarm for seven to give us both time to get a shower and dressed before Dad and the guys got there to go to breakfast so that we could get on the road fairly early because we had approximately twenty five hundred miles. This was going to be one long trip to caravan.

We were on the road by nine thirty, heading towards West Virginia with Dad in the lead with the moving truck as it was the slowest moving vehicle in our group. Since I was still groggy from last night I put my pillow against the window and went to sleep for the next few hours.


I woke up when I felt the SUV change speeds and slow down. I looked around, but couldn’t tell where we were.

“Where are we Babe?”

“We just entered Huntington. Dad signaled that he needed to exit.”

We pulled into a gas station and we all decided to top off our gas tanks, along with getting some drinks and snacks for the trip. It was also a good bathroom stop. While Jon went inside to use the bathroom, I started pumping the gas while I waited.

Jason came over and asked,”Enjoy your nap?”

“Yeah, I actually did. By the time I got back to the hotel and was so exhausted that I just fell onto the bed. I’ve gotten to where I hate driving plus I missed Jon. I felt like there was a part of me missing the whole time we were apart.”

“I bet. I wish I would meet my mate. Mom and Dad said that since I was going to be in Washington I should go ahead and look for my mate before I head back home.”

“Well, at least they’re ok with that. I’m worried about Tony though. I know he loves his parents and with having to leave before being disowned has to be hard on him.”

“Yeah, it is. I’ve tried talking to him, but he doesn’t want to talk about it.”

“Maybe he and I should ride together, since he is driving my car and all.”

“NO! Absolutely not,” growled Jon from behind me, causing me to jump.

“Jon, you scared me!” I exclaimed once my heart calmed down a little bit.

“You will not be in a confined space with an unmated male if I am not with you,” he snarled.

I knew that I had to get him to calm down, so I pulled him into my arms and held him tight. “Babe, it’s ok. I’m not leaving you but I do need to talk to Tony privately.”

“Not happening, unless you talk to him here. I’m sorry but no.”

“Why are you being so opinionated and adamant about this?” I asked dumbfounded.

“Son, you’re not going to win this one. It tends to happen with newly mated males. You probably don’t feel it as much because he is the more dominant male. Would you feel better if I talk to Tony? He can ride in the truck with me, leaving Jason and Justin to ride together.” A light bulb went off over my head and I suddenly understood.

“Oh god, I’m so stupid! Of course. Babe, I am so sorry; can you forgive me?”

“Baby, you just can’t be by yourself with an unmated male. I’m sorry but it can’t happen.”

“Don’t you trust me?” I asked.

“Of course I trust you; but I don’t know Tony other than meeting him last night. I’m sure he’s a great guy and all. Right now I just don’t trust any unmated male, females either for that matter.”

“Ok, Dad if you would ride with Tony I would appreciate it. I know that he’s got to have a lot on his mind right now and he needs a parental figure to talk to about what is going on with him.”

“I will. Go be with your man and get him calmed down.” I pulled Jon to me and tucked my head under his chin, just to let him know that I was there, not going anywhere.

He wrapped his arms around me and gave me a kiss on the top of my head. I knew then that everything was going to be ok.

Once everyone was ready we all loaded up and followed the moving truck back to the highway, being safely on our way once again. This time though I decided to stay awake so I took over the driving duties for a little while. I knew that Jon hadn’t slept well until I got back to the hotel, so I knew that he could use a nap, which is exactly what he did.

This gave me some time to think about what we were going to be walking into when we got back to Washington. I knew that one of the Beta’s wouldn’t like having Jon live amongst the pack but I also knew that Alphas Jeff and James were going to have our backs. I was very thankful that Tony had decided to be himself and move out there with us. I knew I would miss Jason and Justin, as well as Jeremy. I think I will miss Jeremy the most with me moving to Moose Lake and him to Corsicana.


I was so lost in my thoughts and worries that I didn’t notice Jon waking up next to me. “Babe, you ok?”

Startled, I looked at him before I replied, “Yeah, was just doing some thinking; enjoy your nap?”

“Yeah, I did. I didn’t realize just how tired I was until I sat in this seat and we were underway. Thank you for taking over the driving, I really needed that nap.”

“No problem, Baby. We’re a team and that’s what teammates do, we look out for each other.” I reached over and grabbed his hand, just to hold it.

“Where are we?” he asked.

“We’re on I-90 W heading towards Chicago. We should be pulling over soon for dinner.” Almost as soon as I said that my phone started to ring. “Babe can you grab that for me?” I pointed to the cup holder in the console.

He answered the phone and said, “Tim’s phone…Hey Jasper…Ok, see ya in a few and I will let him know…Bye.”

“Obviously that was Dad. What’s up?”

“He wanted to give us the heads up that we are taking the next exit and pulling off for dinner.”

“Ok, cool. My stomach is starting to rumble and yours was rumbling in your sleep.” I saw the exit coming up so I flipped on the turn signal and followed the two vehicles in front of me off the highway.


An hour later we were back on the road with a switch of drivers. Dad’s plan had been for us to drive straight through, while I didn’t feel that we needed to rush; he felt that it was important for us to get there. However, we would have to make one overnight stop because not all of the vehicles had two people in them. Wet hadn’t decided whether to go straight to Moose Lake or visit Jon’s parent’s house first.

I voted for getting settled first. Alpha Jeff had been kind enough to set us up in two houses. Jon’s and mine has been temporarily furnished except for the bedroom since we had that furniture. Tony would be staying with Dad until he felt comfortable enough in the area to move into his own place.

We had been on the road for about an hour when Jon said, “Babe, can you call your Dad and let him know that we need to stop for gas?”

“Sure thing.” I grabbed my phone and dialed Dad’s phone.

When Tony answered it I was surprised. “Hey Tim. What’s up we just left the restaurant?”

“Jon just looked at the gas tank and feels we should stop for gas and snacks.”

I could hear him talking to my dad, when he came back on the phone and said, “We will pull off at the next exit so that we can all top off and pick up some snacks.”

“Sounds good to me, I will let Jon know. Can you call Jason, as well as Justin and let them know what the plan is?”

“Sure can, enjoy your time with your man.” He chuckled before I heard the click that signaled he had hung up.

“We’re gonna pull off at the next exit and they are letting Jason, along with Justin, know the plan.”

“Awesome; I could use some caffeine right about now,” he said with a chuckle.

“Me too, plus something to snack on to keep me awake so that I can keep you awake.”

We soon saw the turn signals come on and knew that we prepared to exit the highway. All four vehicles pulled into the Shell station. As the drivers jumped out to start pumping the gas, Tony and I ran inside the store to make a bulk purchase of sodas, chips, pretzels, and candy to be split up amongst the vehicles. Within twenty minutes we were fueled and loaded with snacks being able to quickly get back on the road.

Four hours later we started to exit the highway to stop for the rest of the night. I couldn’t speak for everyone, but Jon and I were exhausted so I was pretty sure that everyone else was too. Sure enough while Dad went in to get the rooms I looked at Jason and Justin and saw that they both looked absolutely exhausted. I felt bad because they hadn’t had anyone to relieve them from driving.

Dad came back with two room keys and I was a little confused until he handed one to me before turning to the guys and said, “Jon and Tim have a room and you three are bunking with me. Our room has two full beds and a sleeper sofa. I don’t think any of us want to share a room with them.” Of course the guys thought that was hilarious and to be honest so did we.

“Alright, Dad; you’re so funny.” I chuckled.

“Well, would you want to share a room with a newly mated couple and not have your mate?”

“I know, I know. You’ll find any reason to bust my chops, won’t ya?”

“Of course I would. What kind of father would I be if I didn’t?” he chuckled.

The way he has been so accepting of not only my mate being a man but also a bear makes me really glad that I was not moving across the country from him and that he had come too. I was also really glad that he stood up for me and Jon with Alpha Jefferson. I just hope Jason and Justin weren’t going to be in a lot of trouble for helping us move.

Jon grabbed our bags and headed off to our room. I noticed that we were right next to Dad’s room and that made me a little self-conscious. I mean who wants their parents to hear them having sex? Definitely not me; it’s bad enough that he knows that I’ve had sex, it just freaks me out and makes me embarrassed. As Jon unlocked the door he looked at me and chuckled.

“I know what you’re thinking.”

“Oh, really? What’s that big guy?”

“You’re anxious about your dad hearing us doing stuff, aren’t you?”

“Well, yeah there is that, but also the guys too. I guess you could say I’m a prude but I don’t like people knowing what goes on in our bedroom.”

“I know, Babe. We’ll do our damnedest to keep it down tonight. Just think as of tomorrow we will have our own place and we’ll be able to be as loud as we want.”

“Ummm, Babe you do realize that wolves have excellent hearing and that they would probably be able to hear us even being outside the house?”

“Damn, hadn’t thought about that. Ya know what I don’t care. If they have an issue with me loving my mate then they can kiss my ass.” He dropped our bags and pulled me into a hug.

I could hear what was going on next door and it made me nervous. I could hear all the guys laughing and whispering; couldn’t make out what they were saying though because of the whispers.

I guess Jon could see the anxiety on my face because he leaned in and gave me a quick peck on the lips, which led to several pecks before he locked his lips to mine in a passionate kiss. He grabbed my hips and pulled them into him as he probed my mouth with his tongue causing me to moan.

When he ended the kiss he took a step away from me and started to untuck my shirt before sliding it up my arms taking it off me quickly.

“Babe, I don’t know if I can do this with them in the next room.”

“Tim, it’ll be ok. I don’t want to pressure you and if you say stop, we stop. I love that you’re my shy guy and I wouldn’t change that for the world. I love you.” He leaned in and kissed me again.

I don’t know what it is about his kisses but they tend to make me forget about everything else that is going on so that I can focus completely on him and him alone.

I felt his hands run down my sides to my hips. It wasn’t long before I felt my jeans come open and his hands running along my waist. He slipped his hands inside the waist of my boxer briefs and ran them around to my back. His right hand slipped lower until he grasped my ass causing me to let out a moan.

“You like that Babe?” he whispered in my ear. All I could do was nod my head as I felt his other hand grasp the other butt cheek pulling me closer to him.

I slid my hands under the hem of his shirt and began to rub my hands all over his back as he leaned down and claimed my lips once more. I dropped my hands and grabbed the hem of the shirt and started to slowly lift it up his torso before breaking the kiss so that I could remove his shirt.

Once his shirt was off, I leaned in and flicked my tongue across his left nipple. When I felt him shudder I moved over to the other side. While I was licking and nipping at that nipple I was rubbing the other between my fingers to keep it hard as a pebble. He couldn’t hold back the shudders, so I eased away from his nipples while grabbing his hips and pulling him into me.

“Babe, you’re killing me,” he groaned.

“Oh no, can’t have you dying on me yet. You wanted me to forget they’re next door and now you’re gonna live up to your unspoken promise,” I said as I unsnapped and unzipped his jeans. I slid my hand under his waist band and reached behind him to cup his nice bublebutt; he had plenty there to grab onto.

I kneeled in front of him, grabbed the waistband of his jeans and boxers before starting to slide them down his muscular legs. When I got down to his feet I lifted each foot and slid his sneakers off before having him step out of his jeans. His socks quickly followed.

His rock hard cock had slapped against his belly and I could see a drop of precum glistening against his stomach where his cock had hit. I leaned forward and inhaled the musky scent that was uniquely him before sliding my tongue along the underside of his cock going to the tip.

I swirled my tongue around his tip, licking up the precum that was building there before engulfing him into my mouth causing him to groan with pleasure.

As I was bobbing up and down his shaft, he stilled my head and gestured for me to stand up, which I was happy to do. He grabbed ahold of the waistband of my jeans I kicked my shoes off. He knelt down sliding my jeans down my legs as he went. I grabbed onto his shoulders and lifted each foot so that he could slide my jeans off them, followed by my socks.

He started to nuzzle me at the base of my hard and leaking cock. I could hear him take a deep breath and when he released it I felt his warm breath glide across my skin. He grabbed onto my hips as he licked my cock from the base to the tip where he immediately engulfed me into his warm, moist mouth. It felt heavenly to me and I couldn’t help but let out a moan.

He worked my cock and when I felt my balls tighten up I knew that it wouldn’t be long before I would blow. He must have sensed this because he suddenly pulled off of me causing me to let out a frustrated groan. He stood up and pulled me over to the bed. After he sat me down on the bed he went over to his bag to grab the lube.

He came back to the bed to find that I had moved all the way to the top of the bed with my legs stretched out in front of me. He tossed me the bottle before climbing on the bed and crawling up to where I sat.

Leaning in he gave me a passionate kiss with his hands on either side of my face and his tongue demanding entry. Our tongues battled for dominance but I knew that I would never win unless he let me but it sure was fun trying.

He pulled away and we were both breathing fairly heavily. He scooted to the middle of the bed and grabbed the bottle of lube. All of a sudden he grabbed my legs and pulled me down the bed until I was laying down flat, he bent my legs at the knees until my feet were flat on the bed.

Opening the now well used bottle of lube, he poured some onto to his fingers where he rubbed it around to warm it up. Once it was warmed up he took his finger and slowly started to tap at my entrance before slowly sliding his finger inside of me. He felt around until he hit that sweet spot causing me to moan in pleasure.

After a short while he removed his finger and added some more lube before he inserted two fingers. He twisted and scissored his fingers to open me up and get me ready for him. He soon added a third finger.

By that time, I was moaning and pleading for him to “Fuck me.” I didn’t care who heard me or what they thought because I was in ecstasy and only wanted more.

All of a sudden I felt empty and when I opened my eyes I saw him kneeling there in all his glory, with his cock jutting out in front of him. He poured some lube into my hands so that I could lube him up.

I took his cock into my slick hand and started to slowly stroke him. After a few strokes he removed my hand, grabbing my legs to settle them on his shoulders and lined up at my entrance. I felt his head tapping at the door and relaxed my muscles so that he could gain easy entrance.

As he started to slip in I felt the burn of being stretched. He got in just a little bit before he stopped to let me get accustomed to his size. When I nodded my head he slipped just a little bit further into me.

I knew that he wanted to take it easy on me and to be gentle but I wanted him all the way inside of me and I wanted it right then and there. As he pushed in, I pushed down so that he was fully inside of me. Once he was fully sheathed he held his position so that I could adjust to him completely.

He started to slowly move within me. I could feel him as he slid over that sweet spot, hitting it with each and every thrust. He gradually sped up until the bed was slapping the wall in time with his thrusts. Periodically I would tighten my muscles around him as he thrust in, causing him to moan in delight.

I lifted myself up on my elbows and claimed his lips with my own. He slid my legs off his shoulders and around his waist before wrapping his arms around my back and shifting so that he was seated with me on his lap, which caused the position of his cock to shift just a little bit, earning a moan from me.

He slid his legs out to the side so that I straddled his lap and wrapped my arms around his shoulders.

“Babe, ride me,” he said before claiming my lips once more.

I wanted him to be comfortable so I pulled off him, and had him scoot to where he was leaning against the wall with his legs in front of him and not at a crazy angle out to the side. Once he was in position I straddled his lap once again and slowly lowered myself down on to his cock. My ass was nestled into his hips when I wrapped my arms around him and started to slowly raise and lower myself building up to a steady rhythm. He started to nuzzle my shoulder where his mark sits, licking and nipping at it.

I could feel myself getting close, so I would tighten around him as I went up, rocking my hips back and forth. I leaned my head in and rested it against his shoulder. I could hear his breathing change to where there was a slight hitch in his breath on each stroke. I could feel my teeth starting to elongate and knew that it was only a matter of time before I was going to erupt from the constant friction of rubbing my cock across his abdomen. Jon met me with one last thrust as he latched onto my shoulder and he emptied inside of me. I was just a second behind him when I erupted between us and latched onto his shoulder.

I don’t know how long we sat there trying to catch our breath but I loved every minute of it. Once our breathing had regulated, I lifted myself off his lap with a slurp, which cussed both of us to chuckle.

“I love you,” I said before I quickly ran to the bathroom and got a warm washcloth to clean both of us off. As soon as we were cleaned up we crawled under the covers with Jon spooned up behind me and his right arm wrapped around me holding me close to him. We were soon fast asleep.

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You definitely have a talent for these scenes. Tony was a surprise. It is nice that Tim will have one of his closest friends with him even if he isn't allowed to be alone with him lol. Jon's reaction to Tim riding with Tony was adorable. Another great chapter...cheers...Gary

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On 08/20/2014 11:59 AM, Headstall said:
You definitely have a talent for these scenes. Tony was a surprise. It is nice that Tim will have one of his closest friends with him even if he isn't allowed to be alone with him lol. Jon's reaction to Tim riding with Tony was adorable. Another great chapter...cheers...Gary
so glad you enjoyed
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The trip seems to be going very smoothly for all, except for the blip of new bonding rage.  Tim was surprised by it, but I wonder if Steve would have survived if Jon and Tim had been fully bonded when Steve pulled his shit.  I like that at least Tony will have a safe place while he looks for his fated mate, and that at least one of Tim's friends will be close.

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