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  1. All good here too. Didn't go for my walk today. I didn't have a great sleep, and I'm feeling tired, so after I feed I'm going to become a couch potato.
  2. I'm the same. Hey, Marty! How goes it?
  3. Hi, bro and Mum. I'm having a snowstorm... what about you?
  4. This... is true. I was referring to the collective 'we,' which is 'you'....
  5. Hank is going to do what Hank is going to do. At this point we have no idea what that is.
  6. Poor Tink. I hate when that happens.
  7. They have mad skills... but you're no slouch either, Wes.
  8. Oh, Lordy... you guys don't hold back!
  9. So... I go to sleep and you guys party on Kevin's head.
  10. Yup... saw that coming...
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