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  1. Headstall

    Chapter 29 Giver of Life

    Thank you, Parker. She sat at my shoulder, on the bed behind me, as I wrote this poem. I'm pleased you could feel the walk. There will be many many such walks ahead of us.
  2. Headstall

    Chapter 29 Giver of Life

    Thanks so much, FanLit. I feel very fortunate... and glad I made the decision to make her family. And yes, it was a full day... we had five walks... and spent a fair bit of time in the barn.
  3. Headstall

    Chapter 29 Giver of Life

    I wasn't completely sure... but I am now. Thanks, tim.
  4. Headstall

    Chapter 29 Giver of Life

    Thanks, dugh!
  5. Headstall

    Chapter 29 Giver of Life

    Thanks, Val.
  6. Headstall

    Chapter 29 Giver of Life

    Thanks, Adi! I'm sure there will be more. She has me and my son wrapped around her paw already.
  7. Headstall

    Chapter 29 Giver of Life

    * Giver of Life Crushed diamonds crunch beneath our cautious weight Catching sunlight And casting off sparkles to makes squinting eyes water Four feet, and two, break the hard, pristine surface Intruding on the silence Of a magical world of majestic sentinels frozen in time A sudden crack sends four feet leaping and scampering At ridiculous speed Before just as suddenly stopping to add a joyous bark The cold air is charged with energy and something else A timeless connection To the deep rooted rhythm of a presence immortal She feels it too, I can tell, as she stands perfectly still Leaning towards her nose All her young senses on alert, absorbing nature’s magic Filled to the brim, she bursts ahead, and I feel my age Yet, I am still an infant To this mother on whose broad back I plod proudly Breathless, we arrive—a perfect spot to view the seasons And reverence is recharged As I examine our world through my companion’s eyes My laughter rings forth at the acrobatic antics of my puppy A bond, repeated over millennia Has cemented as we navigate this ancient world in unmatched steps “Come on, Cookie—let’s go home” *
  8. Headstall

    A Winter's Hike: The Tanka Challenge

    I didn't see bluebirds on today's hike, but me and my new dog experienced much of what you did. We walked through my woods and gazed out over the snow draped fields, and I'm sure she yearns for a little mud spatter too... yet the crunch of brittle snow underfoot brought out joy in her with every step. I could feel it course through me as well, and despite frozen cheeks, it was an unforgettable first walk with her. My was full.
  9. Headstall

    A Winter's Hike: The Tanka Challenge

    👍 Wonderful, Parker!
  10. Headstall

    Downy Woodpeckers and Nuthatches

    The book I have had the longest is one first published in 1934. I have the revised and enlarged edition from 1947. It has been my treasure for over fifty years, purchased used from a library sale... although I haven't always treated it as the treasure it is. It is much traveled and much used, and the back cover is gone, and the spine, while perfectly intact, is barely readable. What is this book? Why of course it is A Field Guide to the Birds by Roger Tory Peterson. I am looking at is as I write. The last time I perused it was when I saw a Northern Flicker in my back yard... I love woodpeckers and their drumming sounds... startling when they break the silence. I always know exactly where my book is. I have no idea why I'm telling this. What I want to say is that I loved these two poems. Nuthatches is brilliant and amusing, and beautiful. I love the word 'thunk' and how you used it. You characterized these birds perfectly, and showed a bit of yourself in the meantime. Thanks, Parker, for giving me reason to open my dear friend, my 'bird book,' again.
  11. R.I.P. Ms. Carol Channing. Our community thanks you for your constant support during the AIDS crisis. From the very beginning, you didn't shy away from your friends, and you worked tirelessly for AIDS research. You have entertained us, comforted us, and lifted us up. I am forever a fan. :heart: 


    Image result for carol channing

  12. Headstall

    Chapter 65 Engaging

    Lol. That's how I felt this morning, Lizzy, and I'm pleased it hit home for you. I think it's good I have my chores to take care of, rain or shine. Maybe it will help keep me young. Once I'm out there, it's not so bad... for about twenty minutes. It's going to get even colder in a couple of days... brrrr. Thanks for reading and commenting, my friend.
  13. Headstall

    Chapter 65 Engaging

    Thanks, LadyDe. I've heard how Atlanta handles the snow. Sorry I made you feel cold, but it's a fact of life for us Canadians... well not so much for Vancouver. I do miss the days when it was fun to be out in it all day. Now I do what I need to and scurry back to the warmth... cheers, my dear friend... Gary....
  14. Headstall

    Chapter 65 Engaging

    Hello, My Lady. I spent every winter day outside as a kid, growing up in New Brunswick. We used to walk through deep snow to school, me, my brothers, and my cousins, no matter how cold it was. We'd get to our one room school house, and whoever arrived first of the older kids(fifth and six graders), had to get the wood stove going. We had no running water there... just outhouses... just like at home. Now I hate going a short distance to the barn, and there is running water in it. The cold hurts now.
  15. Headstall

    Book Club Suggestions – Historical Novels Category

    I love Mary Renault, and I loved this book. I read the other two in the series about Alexander, but this one was the best, IMO. It was a long time ago now, but it stuck with me a long time. I think it's time to revisit it/them. And yes, as northie said, The Charioteer was superb. Thanks, Leo!

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