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  1. Mowed my lawns for probably the last time this year, but with the weird weather, you just never know. It's hot out today.
  2. I sent him another message, hoping whoever signed into his profile on the third will respond.
  3. Eating garlic puts my older brother into extreme agony... even the smallest amount does it.
  4. Just played frisbee with Cookie... I throw... she chases. We scared three turkeys into flight in the woods(saw two and heard the other). Man, they are big! Been feeling blah for a few days, but am more up today. Had a pleasant walk, and there's a nice breeze stirring the fallen leaves. I love the crunch crunch crunch of them on the trail. Still missing @Marty
  5. Onion powder is really good in cream soups and white sauces, and in casseroles and gravies.
  6. You're welcome, my friend, and thank you for caring about these characters who inhabit my brain. Writing is a labor of love for me, but this story in particular took hold of my heart, and I'm always thankful when others connect to it. When someone rereads it, it is the ultimate compliment for me. I still remember and appreciate the wonderful review you left... maybe someday we will hear from them again in a second book. Cheers! Gary....
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