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  1. Headstall

    Chapter 6 Shifters Are Dying

    Balanced is a good word. This chapter pretty much sets the stage for our mystery, while really just being a conversation between these two men with a growing friendship. I'm pleased you felt the hope in a hopeless-sounding situation... with Kellar's quick support and agreement to try to heal Adeline, we get to see his true nature once more, in concrete form, but more importantly, so does Tobyn. Imagine going on a quest to find help, believing his chances were beyond slim, and feeling alone in this monumental task... and finding someone like Kellar. The pressure Tobyn has put himself under, lifts enough to allow him to act like a young 'wolf' should. For all the darkness, there was light... for both men, and for us readers. If you can't tell, I loved writing that last scene. Thanks again for the kind words, Ms. V. You spurred me to read the chapter again, and enjoy this story once more. Cheers... Gary....
  2. Headstall

    Chapter 5 Exploring New Territory

    Wow... you are very kind. I had a really tough day, so this means a lot. I agree with you, though, about the importance of character development. And yes, it is definitely the key to connecting with the reader. A character can be flawed or floundering, and need only be heroic in moments, or headed towards a personal epiphany, but the reader must feel they know him/her. That is what brings a story alive... and done well, the reader can tell when an action is out of character. To me, as a reader, that is a betrayal... these characters must stay true to how you presented them in the first place... though that doesn't mean it can't take time to reveal what makes them tick. We meet Kellar as a kid, yet three years later, he is still the same person who has always managed to survive whatever has been thrown at him. And he is still lonely. Comparing my character development to Stephen King's is a little shocking, but a great compliment. I still have much to learn... much... much ... much... but, thank you. I am humbly honored. Re the upwind thing. I remembered researching it at the time, and I admit to getting confused. Below is one example of a googled explanation... I took it to mean Kellar should be upwind... if he was downwind, the wind would be at his back, and thus, Tobyn would be able to catch his scent. As it was, Tobyn was downwind of Kellar... does that make sense to you? I'm tired, and still confused, but let me know what you think... Thanks, Ms. V, for making another one of my days. "When you walk towards the wind (blowing in your face), you are upwind (or going against the direction of the wind). When you walk with the wind blowing on your back, you are downwind (going with the direction of the wind). When hunting you want to walk upwind, so you keep the wind in your face. That way animals like deer won't be able to smell you as you get closer to them. If a deer is downwind from you, it will be able to smell you, since the wind is blowing your smell towards the deer. If he's upwind from you, he won't be able to smell you, since the wind is blowing your smell behind you (not towards the deer). The smoke from a campfire, along with your scent will be carried by the wind and float downwind from the campfire. Upwind is when wind blows directly in your face. Downwind is when wind blows on your back."
  3. Headstall

    Chapter 4 When Worlds Collide

    And I love reading the comments... they make me think, and for a writer, that is priceless. It is also a gauge as to how my pacing, characterizations and such are going over. The back story is all there, in the narrative and dialogue, but often subtle, so if someone has not quite absorbed it, I don't mind elaborating in my responses, as long as it gives nothing away. These interactions make me a better writer, I believe, and as far as sharing my process, it's in these responses, and in some of the forum threads I comment on. The writing club is a good one to join, and it's easy... just click that you want to join. You are doing what I did... reading a lot, and considering what you've read. That will stand you in good stead... I've learned so much from others, and there are writing tips online and on GA that have helped me a lot. If you have questions, I and most authors on here will answer them to the best of our ability. And without doubt, an editor is a must, for we can't always see what we need to. PM me anytime, Ms. V, and thank YOU! for sharing your thoughts with me. These comments are my encouragement.
  4. Yes. And it doesn't matter if he's straight, gay, or bi.
  5. Aw... this was like coming home... and I'm still in love with Rob. Thanks for giving us more of these guys, Tim. Well done!
  6. Headstall

    Emote Control

    Congrats on fifty helpful articles, and sharing your experience, Comsie. I, for one, appreciate that, and the hard work you put into these postings. Thank you.
  7. Headstall

    Chapter 3 Shifting Gears

    Wow. You really are delving into this story, and I love it. I love what you say about economy. I have learned to use restraint, I think, and it is a constant balancing act. I truly believe there is such a thing as writing too clean, where you can sacrifice subtle but important elements, though, and I was on guard for that... I still am, in everything I write. I did strive to keep the reader off guard, but I thought it was important for them to be able to say 'ah' with each new revelation, even if they didn't consciously know why it made sense. Every detail of Morningstar pretty much resided in my head from the beginning, but translating that to the page/screen required lots of thought and induced some stress.... not a bad thing because this story, being so different for me, held great importance to me. It is great validation to hear the start to Kellar's story, the first three chapters, were relatable, especially considering he is a shifter. I'm pleased it syncs up with your 'do-over'... that is awesome. Thanks again, Ms. V... you rock!
  8. Headstall

    Chapter 2 Learning Wolf

    Aww... this is wonderful to read... Thank you! I fretted over getting everything right, and not screwing it up... it is a mystery after all... so I did a lot of planning and double checking... "blood, sweat, and tears"... yeah, there is all that in this. I truly appreciate the kind and beautiful words, Ms. V, and the fact you are enjoying this once again. Happy reading... cheers... Gary...
  9. Headstall

    Chapter 1 All the Colors Under the Sun

    Hey, Ms. V! It's exciting for me when someone rereads Morningstar. I am so very proud of it, and the interaction of the readers made writing and posting it an incredibly rewarding experience. And yes, it was a complex story to get right, so I was constantly foreshadowing, trying to keep the planted seeds subtle ... that was a lot of fun for me... although nerve-wracking at times. I hope your start-over is going well. I know a little about that... my journey has had many twists and turns. Thank you for making my day, and I hope you keep me posted as to your thoughts with this rereading... cheers... Gary....
  10. Headstall

    Pi Day 2019

    You make me believe...
  11. Headstall

    Featured Story: Lighthouses

    Excellent review, Cole.
  12. Headstall

    New Bathroom

    I love it! You made great choices. Congrats, Val.
  13. Headstall

    Two Blue Poems

    Yeah, these are February kind of poems... I relate to both. The first is more straightforward, and it has much appeal for me. This kind of contemplation is part of life. I took two to be metaphoric, and I see much common ground between the two poems. Both made me ponder... it's nice to know you and I have common ground too, on the short and dark days of February. As always, well done, Parker... cheers... Gary....
  14. Headstall

    Chapter 31 Dribbles

    Wow right back. You make me blush, kind sir. I am just a simple poet, but thank you for the encouragement, buddy. Your words, as per usual, lift me up... and I'll try not to question whether they are deserved. You are a very learned man, and I am humbled that you like my simple poetry. No pond, no... on another note, we do have a Shakespeare Pond in Ontario.. it is near Stratford, home to our precious Stratford Festival, where his plays are performed. Thanks, CG... love you, man.
  15. Headstall

    Chapter 2

    I do have a lot of irons in the fire, but I'll try... and I'm a happy ending kind of guy myself, Mike.

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