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  1. Thanks, buddy! I really wanted to explore a love at first sight scenario... something I happen to believe in... but things do seem to be moving pretty fast. Cheers!
  2. Us old folks get cold easier than you younguns.
  3. Good point, Mike. I did say he arrived early, but I should have made it clear he could see through the windows of the restaurant and knew Chet wasn't in there. It took me a while to learn how to be thorough and not assume the reader saw what I did. Now I spend days going over chapters before I post, making sure there are no holes in the story. Yeah, Chet was mesmerized by Arron when he met him, so he didn't listen close enough. Thanks for liking it so far... cheers, my friend... G.
  4. Hey, Mike! Great to hear from you again. Thank you! I was a work in progress back when I wrote this. Pleased you liked how I got this ball rolling... this was such a fun story to write except for... well... you'll see. I look forward to hearing from you again, buddy. Cheers... Gary....
  5. Two Mounties and a moose... and I'll throw in a beaver....
  6. Great... now I have a craving for creamy rice pudding...
  7. Lol... I know what he means... when he's well enough to look at a computer screen and they can stop isolating from each other.
  8. Hey, Tink! The sun is out and minus 18 here... extreme cold alert... will be minus 29c tonight.
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