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  1. Happy Friday, all! I won't mention the Leafs. Have a great day.
  2. That's scary, bro. I pray your dad doesn't contract it. Stay as safe as you can. Maybe double up on masks for yourself when you're in the car, and make sure he wears one.
  3. A float in the bath, or ice cream dropped in soda pop? Either way, I'm glad you're relaxed.
  4. Thanks, Ulyssess! I think Jared and Craig are where they were always meant to be. Harlan would be happy for Craig. I appreciate you sharing your thoughts... cheers... Gary....
  5. Headstall

    Treading Water

    Thanks, Ullyssess! I love to hear when people reread one of my stories. It means a lot that it stuck with you all this time. I believe this is the story where my writing skills took a leap forward. Cheers!
  6. Long talk with my son. He misses being home home. I'm going to try to work it out, somehow, so he stays in the basement... will have to convince my other kids.
  7. Yes, it is, Albert. I listened to the pouring rain 0n the roof all night long. Cookie refused to go out and pee until there was a break in the downpour... at 3am. We really needed the rain, though.
  8. Happy Wednesday, all! Cool enough here I shut the AC off and opened the windows. So nice to feel a breeze moving through the house.
  9. Thanks, Carlos, and thank you, Myr. This was a great question, so thanks for whoever asked it, and it is a fascinating response from someone who followed through on what he saw as a need for gay authors and readers alike. Thanks for that @Myr. I found this site some time (possibly a couple of years) before I joined in April, 2014. It became a home at a time I was searching for a balm to the turmoil in my life. After reading voraciously, and eventually joining, I began to interact with the community, and before long, my submerged creativity was reawakened in a different form. I became a writer(!), and I thank you for that, Myr, as well. This was a safe place to begin a new journey, full of supportive and caring people... and that proved priceless to my development as an author. Your vision was my gain. Thanks for it, your dedication and hard work, and your ongoing determination to grow and improve our house. Cheers!
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