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  1. Hey, Marty. Well, they got it right here. I staggered into the house after doing some work outside. Thank God for air conditioning.
  2. Excellent interview, @Cia and @Rob Colton. I look forward to reading anything new by Rob.
  3. My son brought his family by while his truck was getting an oil change... I got a frown from my granddaughter at first, but I finally saw her eyes light up. I think she was wondering why I wouldn't come closer. I hope she doesn't forget me. My grandson is four in three days... he made sure to inform me.
  4. I've been watching Downton Abbey for much of the afternoon/evening. It's actually really good. I've seen episodes before, but never the whole series. I just got a chill, so the central air is working... turned it on about two hours ago, and the house is already cool.
  5. Hi, Thorn... I had a good day but it was a hot one, and a heatwave is coming for the next three days.
  6. Happy Sunday, all! I had a great visit with my two daughters and my oldest granddaughter yesterday. I knew my one daughter was dropping off my groceries, but the rest was a surprise. We all sat on the far side of the barn under the maples... and social distanced. It was wonderful, and while it made me happy, it also kind of made me sad. I'm missing so much of my grandkids lives, and wanted hugs so bad. Still... I know most parents think so, but my kids are the absolute best! They want to paint the house for me, but I'm going to keep slugging away... I expect they will show up one day with brushes, no matter what I say.
  7. Here is Val's Thor... she had to feed him to keep him...
  8. I agree... that said, I must admit to smashing a humongous spider near a light switch in the basement last night. It was him or me.
  9. Got the painting done that I wanted to for the day. Half of one end of the house is done. The sun is really strong, and I don't want to overdo it. It's been a full day for me so far, so I'll feed and then re-pot one of my mini roses into a bigger, galvanized tin pail.
  10. Thanks, Ullyssess! I'm really pleased you think so. For a story that had some darkness, and a difficult journey for Chase and Hank, it turned out to be an extremely enjoyable experience because of the tremendous interaction with the readers. For that reason alone, this one will always be special to me. Would you be so kind as to leave a story 'like/reaction' on the front story page, under the story description? These, and story recommendations and reviews on the same page, can garner me new readers, and would be greatly appreciated.
  11. I ended up putting my geraniums and mini roses out. Added soil and Miracle-Gro... now I'm resting up before painting.
  12. I wonder what could be holding them on.
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