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  1. Read, commented and reviewed. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. It is an example of how many little gems there are on GA.
  2. A great short story that will likely leave you wishing for more. A realistic slice of life, it is well worth taking the time to read.
  3. Great short story that begs for more. This first physical interaction was intense and wonderfully written; it shows how well they knew each other from their online relationship. The connection was definitely there, but the hinted at sadness to come takes this story to another level. Sometimes, we should be careful of what we wish for. Jay might learn that soon enough. Thanks for this... cheers... Gary....
  4. I found Dodger's story an excellent read.
  5. Headstall


    Me too. This could be a good start to something longer.
  6. Headstall


    It ended up kind of sweet... I liked that. I'm thinking each year they play this game as a reminder to Tony of his cheating. Clever, short, and as I already said... sweet. Well done, Adi. Cheers... Gary....
  7. LOL. Murphy is really piling it on these guys, isn't he? I didn't know where this was going, but loved the unexpected ending. Cheers... Gary....
  8. Headstall

    Don't Go There

    It's an excellent poem, Kitt. I experienced your sadness, and I related.
  9. What Mac said. Thank you, Myr and GA team!
  10. "Therefore, I stubbornly continue writing poems with an accent." And I, for one, am glad you do. I detect no poetic accent. I do see and feel how far you've come, however, and for this latest NaPoWriMo, I honestly believe you outdid yourself. There were some truly outstanding poems in that collection. Just saying....
  11. No, that's true, but there are a lot of good people who do, and there is strength in numbers. Complacency throughout history has allowed groups to be vilified... I see us at a pinnacle once more as a race, but instead of climbing down, we are falling backward. Surely, we can find a path? I have to hope. Thanks, Adi.
  12. Thanks, CG, but I think you got your points across just fine. Not to get into the weeds, but I don't think the internet helps. There are too many places and too many ways for people to be influenced... bent to ideology of varying natures, allowing hatred to flourish in the light. Now more than ever we must think for ourselves... wake and stay woke.
  13. I don't want to censor anyone's ideas, nor I think, should anyone. But we should be human before we are left, right or center, and if we see all-encompassing hatred for any group when we look inside ourselves, we are not all we can be. I would rather let a bad person across my borders than keep a child in need out. There are some--not like you, my friend--who see those children's color first, and that is wrong wrong wrong. There are those who don't know me, but hate me because of who I may love... and they do so because someone has activated irrational fears. Yes, those fears are real to such people, but they are wrong. We were given minds, and individuality, and those belong to us, not some political party or religious organization or doctrine. I say, give me all the news, hide nothing, and let me use what was given me from the ooze... I know right from wrong... we all do, if we open our hearts. Love you, buddy. xoxoxoxo
  14. Thank you, Albert. Words have power, and people of our generation have seen it all before.
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