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  1. wolfwriter

    Chapter 1

    Wyndham, This story has not been abandoned, but life has gotten in the way as it tends to do from time to time. However, there is a new chapter in the works.
  2. Hey everyone! I'm back and rearing to go. I have just posted the first 2 chapters to the third and final book in The Lonestar Chronicles. I am excited to get this one going and I hope you enjoy it as well.

  3. Chapter 1 I woke the next morning with a new determination. I would do whatever it took to make my mate happy and if that meant only being his friend then that is what I would do. Jeremy had let me in on what had happened and what had led up to Tony rejecting Steve. It made me see red that someone would disregard the mating bond of Tim and Jon when they knew they had a mate out there somewhere. There was a somber feel in the air when I walked into the dining room; it made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. I looked around for Tony, but he was nowhere to be seen. I figured he
  4. Follow Beta Louis as he travels to Washington State to assist the pack locate missing children that had been stolen from the pack. Tim and Jonathan's friend Tony rejected his mate because of his inability to leave Jonathan alone and trying to break his mateship with Tim. The rejected mate, Steve, is involved in the stealing of the pups because Tony will not accept him. After Louis and his team arrive Tim introduces Tony to the team. Louis takes one smell and recognizes Tony as his mate. Tony realized what happened and quickly left the group. Louis didn't see him again for the rest of the
  5. Prologue I watched the happily mated couples and my heart broke. In the eight years since I turned sixteen, I had not met my mate. I’m ashamed to say I didn’t wait for my mate before I became sexually active. I just hoped he wouldn’t be too mad at me when I found him. I prayed every day my Alphas would send me on a mission like they did Alex three years ago. I wanted the opportunity to find my mate, but I knew that if I stayed on pack grounds I wouldn’t find him “Louis, Alpha Jackson wants to see you,” said one of the she-wolves who was constantly throwing themselves at the available w
  6. wolfwriter

    Chapter 6

    I think you're right about Dobby and Alice. The Cullens won't know what hits them when the 2 of them combine forces.
  7. wolfwriter

    Chapter 6

    Draco and Jasper spent the next several days together getting to know each other, as did Harry and Edward. Draco however still felt like something was missing. Harry watched his brother and knew he was happy, but there was still a void that needed to be filled. Luna and Neville had decided to spend some time by themselves exploring their new surroundings while the others were distracted. They were newly married after all. They decided to go for a walk through the forest. Neville looked forward to seeing all the new plants that he could find. Luna was just happy to spend some quality time a
  8. wolfwriter

    Chapter 10

    Thanks for the comment. It's always good to hear someone is enjoying my writing.
  9. Harry and Moony holed up for hours in the office trying to plan their revenge. Neville and Charlie also planned some revenge, but they focused solely on his family that had betrayed them. Those three had a lot of payback coming to them. Working in the Goblin mines was not enough of a punishment as far as they were concerned. “Neville, Charlie, can you come here for a minute?” Harry called from the office. He knew they would here him thanks to their dracken hearing. “What have you two come up with Harry?” asked Charlie. “Well, I know you feel like your family members deserve a hars
  10. Hey guys! Now that the move is mostly over and we are in a much better complex with more respectful neighbors I should be able to get some writing done now. Here's hoping.

  11. wolfwriter

    Chapter 5

    Thanks! Yeah that route has been done so many times that I wanted something different.
  12. wolfwriter

    Love Bite

    Thanks Chonga! I am planning on continuing the story. Have just hit a bit of a wall.
  13. wolfwriter

    Chapter 5

    Chapter 5 The Cullen siblings looked at each other and it was Alice’s tinkling laugh that broke the silence in the room. Esme looked over to the Blacks and noticed that they all had a smirk on their faces and knew that they had something planned to surprise them. She may not have known them for long, but she could sense that at least one of them was a joker or prankster. She had a feeling that life was about to get more interesting. Harry looked to his family and gave them a small nod to let them know it was ok to show their Animagus forms to the Cullens in the hope that once they knew
  14. Well, you are in luck I am adding Chapter 5 of this one today.
  15. wolfwriter

    Chapter 4

    Glad you liked it.
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