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  1. Finally back to writing. It feels so good.

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      Good to hear mate


  2. I want to say thank you for all the birthday wishes over the weekend. I also want to let everyone know that I am working on new chapters to be posted. Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

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      Happy Belated Birthday !! :) 

  3. Hello wolfwriter. I am fortunate in that I like stories about were-creatures, as you call them and of course anything to do with Harry Potter. Now, if only I could figure out how to get you to post more often. Oh, I know real life gets in the way, but I can dream, can't I.

    I want to wish you a very Happy 40th Birthday(it is only a number) and that you had fantastic day.
















    Take care


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      Thank you! I am working on more chapters, life simply got in the way. I am glad you have enjoyed my stories.

  4. Happy Birthday, Rachel! I'm wishing for you a great day!


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      Thank you! I had a wonderful birthday.

  5. wolfwriter

    Chapter 3

    Chapter 3 I could see Edward getting frustrated all day because of the new students and I couldn’t help but chuckle at him. He has gotten so used to being able to read someone’s thoughts that to not be able to frustrate him. Before Bella had been the exception to the rule and now there were four more, which made Edward curious. I hoped that he can curb that curiosity so that we are able to protect ourselves, not that I think the new students are a danger to us. From all the visions I’ve seen of them, they are simply wanting to be themselves and find peace. “Alice, what has you giggling?” asked Rosalie. “Edward.” “I would think he had learned his lesson from Bella. Just because he can’t read them doesn’t mean we should get involved with them,” she sneered. “Rose, you trust me, right?” “Of course, I do, Alice! I trust you with my life.” “Then trust me that they are not a threat to us. In fact, I think they could be exactly what our family needs.” “If you say so, Alice. Personally, I will reserve judgment. They smell different to me than most of Forks. I don’t have even the slightest urge to bite them.” “Neither do I. Jasper sat next to one of them in class and it was the most relaxed I’ve seen him since we came back to Forks. I’m all for being friends with people who don’t make him want to lose control.” Us Cullens watched the newcomers each lost in our own thoughts. *** I felt the hair on the back of my neck as if someone was watching me and it made me nervous. I didn’t know whether Albus had already found us or if it was for some other reason. However, I knew one thing and that was I would never be caught off guard again. I would make sure the others kept their guard up as well. “Harry, come on we need to get going,” called Neville. “Coming Nev.” As the four of us made our way to our new house I couldn’t help but think about the feeling of being watched. Draco and Neville noticed how distracted I was, they worried about their but brother because they knew until I worked out whatever was bothering me before I would relax. They had hoped that with the move I would calm down, but they knew it would take a while for that to happen with everything I had gone through with the war that just ended. Again, they cursed Dumbledore’s name because of all he had done to their brother. However, if I was on guard then they would be also. When we got home, we all settled down to do our homework, helping each other with anything the others didn’t understand. *** For days I felt someone watching me, but I decided that there was nothing I could do until whoever it was made their first move. I continued to watch the vampires when they were in school. I noticed that whenever the sun was actually out they would always be out with the excuse that their father had decided to take them camping. If I hadn’t known that they were vampires he would have found the occurrences as unconventional because I knew the parents could get in trouble for them not attending the proper number of days. Not only that, but it could cause them to be held back a year because of all the information they would be missing by not being in school. At least that is would have happened at my primary school in Surrey. “Harry, are we going to work on our anmigagus form today?” asked Neville. “Yeah, we really should be working on it. More than once during the war I thought it would come in handy. Besides it also gives us an advantage if any of Dumbledork’s friends come to find us.” “That’s what I was thinking too. I also think we should meet with the coven of vampires that are here and let them know about us and the danger that may come.” “I know, but Edward gives me a funny feeling and I don’t know what to make of it.” “Harry. It's nothing bad. You just need to take a leap and see where you land,” suggested Luna. “Fine. I will talk to one of the Cullens today and get it set up for tomorrow night since it’s the weekend.” Luna got a far off look on her face before she said, “Yes, tomorrow is perfect.” I just shook his head because I knew that Luna saw something, but she wouldn’t say what it was. She always said that there are choices and with each choice, we make our future changes. She only sees what could happen if a certain choice is made; it always drove us crazy, but we all loved her, especially Neville. It was hard on Neville and Luna because they couldn’t let anyone know that they are actually married. Instead, they have to pretend to only be dating. Draco and I didn’t know what to do. We felt for them but in the end, we felt like a third wheel because neither one of us had found our other half and it was hurting us more and more with each passing day. *** I smirked at Edward because if he kept to the choices I saw, he was in for an interesting time. His mate would not let him treat them as a damsel in distress. I didn’t know how Edward would react to everything that the new students would reveal because there were simply too many choices that could change the outcome in a multitude of ways on everyone’s part. Edward hated when I started thinking of the most boring things because he knew that meant I had seen something to do with him and it drove him crazy that I wouldn’t tell him. Ever since the issue with Bella, Edward had been relying on his gift more and more. For me to keep information from him put him on guard. His gift was used to protect our family and if he couldn’t hear my thoughts how could he see what was coming and be able to protect those he loved? I understood how he felt, but I didn’t want him to have any preconceived notions about Harry. I wanted him to be able to make his choices from the truth and not from suppositions. I looked over at Jasper and knew his life would be changing soon as well. I knew he hadn’t been completely happy while we were together, but his mate was now here and I knew he would be much happier. What I was shocked to see was that he had more than 1 mate and boy his second mate was going to cause some issues, but it would all work out, in the end, depending on their choices. I hoped Jasper would make the right ones. I only wanted him to be happy and both his mates can do that. If anyone deserved happiness it was Jasper and Edward. Rose was going to have a few issues. I only hope Emmett is up to the challenge of keeping her calm as much as possible. I looked at my watch and knew that the new kids would be arriving soon so I went and stood by the door waiting for them to knock on the door. My family stood nearby lined up to meet the newcomers. When the knock finally came I looked at my family before I smoothed my skirt and took an unneeded deep breath. I grabbed the doorknob and opened the door. “Welcome, please come in.” “Thank you for letting us come to talk to you,” said the brown-haired young man who had an arm wrapped around the young blond girl who was smiling and looked like she knew something no one else did. I had a feeling her and I would get along beautifully. The young black-haired young man with the most beautiful eyes smiled as he looked around. It was almost as if he expected someone to jump out and attack at any moment. Edward is going to have his hands full with his mate. He isn’t used to being around someone who is so skittish. Jasper’s mate reminded me of Rose with his blonde hair and his air of superiority. I just knew Jasper is what the blonde needed to recover from whatever haunted him. “Welcome to our home. My name is Carlisle Cullen. This is my wife Esme and our children Edward, Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper, and Alice.” “Hello, my name is Harrison Black. These are my brothers Neville and Draco. The beautiful young lady with us is Neville’s fiancee Luna Long.” “Please come in and make yourself at home.” Carlisle led the group into the living room where we all sat down and made ourselves comfortable.
  6. wolfwriter

    Chapter 2

    After we had gone to Gringotts we went to St Mungo's to be checked for spells and potions because I would not put it past the old man to try that route of controlling me. Thankfully we all got a clean bill of health. Well, I was ordered to take nutrition potions and to find a healer when we got to where we were going, all because of my life with the Dursleys. I even got my eyes fixed; that would hopefully help confuse people. Now that the evil bastard was gone and the Horcrux that had been in my scar was gone my scar was lighter and harder to see. It seemed like forever before we were completely packed and ready to go. We had decided to travel the muggle way in order to make it harder to track us. The flight seemed to take forever, and it was kind of funny to see Neville and Draco trying to fit in as we traveled. Luna seemed to get the hang of it and simply sat quietly and watched as everything happened around her. “Harry, how much longer until we get there?” Draco asked. “We should be landing in about an hour, then we have an hour drive to get to Forks. “ “I just want to get away from all these people. I can feel my magic under my skin and I just want to use it, but I can’t around all these muggles.” “I can understand that because I feel the same way. Unfortunately Draco, we need to keep a low profile so that Dumbledick and his followers can’t find us. You would think killing old Snakeface they would be happy, but apparently not.” “Harry, you did become the Master of Death when you disarmed Dumbledick when he tried to curse you,” stated Neville. “I would rather break the damn wand. I just want to be normal. Is that too much to ask?” “Harry, you don’t do normal,” smirked Luna. I shook my head because I knew with Luna there was just no response to that statement. *** Alice was smirking and that never meant anything good. She saw something but was humming in her head, so I couldn’t see what she saw. Her and Jasper’s split had shocked us all because we thought they were true mates. They had been together since 1948, but she said she had always known and had told Jasper, but they had decided to stay together for the companionship over the years. I finally gave up on trying to see what she had seen. Alice and Rosalie had started to try to find someone for me because neither of them liked Bella. There was nothing worse then matchmaking sisters. I had to admit that the novelty of not being able to hear her thoughts had worn off and I was tired of repressing my urges because of her blood singing to me. It’s disconcerting not being able to hear her thoughts. Don’t get me wrong it was great for awhile, but I had started to become worried about some of her actions. I don’t know why but I felt like there was something she was trying to hide from me. I was sure Alice would tell me if she saw something about Bella that would be a concern. “Edward, you need to relax. I haven’t seen anything with Bella, but I have had a lot of blank spots when it concerns her. It’s as if she is hanging out at La Push almost all the time.” “Thanks, Alice. I know you’ll tell me if there’s anything I need to be concerned about.” “Absolutely Edward.” Alice sort of floated away humming as I tried to look in her mind again. I groaned in frustration and she simply laughed her light little twitter. “Eddie, you should know she won’t tell you anything if it’s a decision you have to make on your own without any influence from her visions,” said Rosalie as she grasped my shoulder on her way out of the room. I decided to play some music. I always found peace and was able to center myself when I played; it was something I could put my soul into. I lost myself in my music until Jasper tapped my shoulder and reminded me that it was time to head to school. I hated that whenever we moved we had to start high school all over again basically. As I grabbed my bag it was as if Alice floated down the stairs and was still humming. That told me that whatever she saw would probably happen today at school. We pulled into the school parking lot and I noticed a new car but didn’t think much of it. We all piled out of our cars and I noticed a scent of cinnamon in the air that had my mouth salivating. I looked at Alice and saw her smile. Then and there I knew that my true mate was here, I just had to find them in a school full of hormonal teenagers. This made it imperative that I end things with Bella, things hadn’t been the same since we came back from Florida before the school year started a couple of months ago. *** “Harrison, are you sure this is a good idea?” Draco asked me. “Drake, we need a high school diploma if we want to get into a college and get a degree to be able to get a good job.” “Draco, you need to be here. Something special will happen, but if you don’t let it happen you will regret it for the rest of your life.” I had never heard Luna speak so clearly. We were all used to her speaking of creatures we couldn’t see. “Thanks, Luna-girl. Where would I be without you to keep my head on straight?” Draco asked with a laugh. “She does that for all of us. She is our voice of reason. Now let’s get to the office and get our schedules,” I said as we started to walk to the school. I heard the purring of an engine pull into the parking lot but kept walking. I glanced over my shoulder in time to see five of the most beautiful people climb out of a couple different vehicles. I noticed they all had the same amber almost gold colored eyes, but that was the only similarity amongst them. I kept my occlumency shields up but looked at my brothers and sister. “We have vampires here.” “Harrison, don’t worry. They are vegetarian vampires. Notice the color of their eyes; they feed on animals, not humans,” spoke Luna in a soft voice. “I trust you Luna-girl, but I’m going to keep my eye on them just the same.” “Wouldn’t expect any less from you.” She smiled and wrapped her arm around Neville’s arm as we walked into the office. “May I help you?” asked the woman behind the desk. “Yes, we’re here to get our schedules. This is our first day,” Neville stated. “Names please?” she asked. “Harry Black, Drake Black, Neville Black, and Luna Long.” “Ah, yes here we go.” She pulled several sheets of paper out and handed a set to each of us. “Here is a map of the campus and your schedules. Be sure to have your teachers sign them and bring them back at the end of the day.” “Sure thing ma’am,” Neville said as he directed us back out of the office. “Do we all have the same classes?” Draco asked. We all compared and saw that we had at least one other in each class. I was glad we had been able to pass Luna as the same age as us because with us being in a new area I didn’t want any of us to be alone, especially her. Although I actually pity anyone who would try to take her on.
  7. wolfwriter

    Chapter 8

    Thank you Chris
  8. wolfwriter

    Chapter 8

    thank you
  9. wolfwriter

    Chapter 8

    Sorry, it took so long to get it updated. I'm glad you're enjoying it.
  10. wolfwriter

    Chapter 8

    Albus Dumbledore was furious. How dare his pawn kick them out of Grimmauld. How dare that mutt Black make Potter the new Lord Black. Albus had voted their seats in the Wizegnot since that horrible night in 1981. Why would Remus stick with the brat who got his mate killed? Albus spent so much time in cultivating Remus by allowing him to attend Hogwarts even though he was a dark creature and a filthy beast. He thought Remus would feel indebted to him, but he agreed with the Potter brat and kicked the Order of the Phoenix out of Grimmauld Place. Even though the war with Voldemort was over he knew there would be another Dark Lord that he would need to fight, and it was Grimmauld Place that was secure enough for them to use. It was bad enough that Molly and her two youngest had been arrested and tried by the goblins, but Arthur and the rest of his children had turned their backs on him and the Order. He started to blow up some of the trinkets that were in his office, and it was then that he noticed some of the heirlooms he had taken from the Potter and Black vaults over the years were missing. He snarled when he realized that the Potter brat had reclaimed them from him and he didn’t even have the decency of doing it himself he had probably had those beasts of goblins and their take them from him. Albus knew the perfect person to find out where the Potter brat was and since Severus hated him as much as Albus did he knew he could count on the man. He kneeled in front of his floo and tossed in a pinch of floo powder. He put his head in the green flame and called out to Severus. “What do you want old man? My service to you and this school ended when Potter killed the Dark Lord.” “Severus my boy, there are still death eaters out there and now that they know you betrayed Voldemort you are still in danger. I need you to talk to some of your contacts and see if you can find out where the Potter boy is.” “Why do you care? He already killed the man you couldn’t,” he sneered. He really couldn’t stand the old man, but he kept the threat of Azkaban over his head, so he had to do what the old coot wanted. “Now Severus, that’s not very nice to say to the man that is keeping you safe from both the Ministry and the remaining death eaters,” he chided. Severus could hear the unspoken threat in his words and knew he was trapped. Without saying another word, he turned and stormed away from his fireplace. Fawkes sang a sad song as he heard the thoughts of his bonded. He knew his link to the old man was weak and knew this was what would break his already fragile bond. He trilled sadly before he flamed out of the office. *** Harry was startled out of his thoughts when Fawkes flashed into the sitting room where Harry was trying to read a book on Drackens so he could better understand the relationship he now found himself in. He knew he could talk to the twins or to Charlie, but he felt he needed to do the research himself to be a proper mate to Neville. He knew he would need to accept Charlie into the relationship, but he felt he needed to focus on Neville at that moment in time. ‘I knew I forgot to ward against something,’ he thought to himself. “Fawkes, what are you doing here? I want nothing to do with that old manipulator you are bonded to.” Fawkes trilled, and Harry immediately felt a connection to the Phoenix. Suddenly Harry heard a voice in his head. “Don’t worry hatchling; you’re not going crazy. It is I, the one you call Fawkes.” “What do you mean? I thought your name is Fawkes.” “That is the name the old manipulator gave me when he forced me to bond with him.” Harry was shocked. There is only one-person Fawkes meant by the old manipulator and that is Dumbledore. There is only one thing that could cause a pure animal like a phoenix to break his bond, even if the bond is one that is forced. “What is your true name, my friend?” “I am called Centurion.” “Centurion, are we in danger?” “Hatchling, I felt your innocence the first time I met you and I knew you were my true bond. The manipulator has gone completely dark and plans harm to you and your mates.” “He will die if he harms either one of them,” Harry hissed his thoughts to the Phoenix. “I won’t let harm come to them,” Centurion agreed. *** Remus sat in the garden lost in his thoughts of his mate. He had only had Sirius back in his life for a short time. He felt like he had only just gotten him back when he was cut down by his bitch of a cousin Bellatrix Lestrange. Remus knew he could one day lose his mate or his cub, it was a war after all, but he had lost so much time with him that he didn’t know if his heart could take any more pain. “Padfoot, why did you have to chase after your crazy bitch of a cousin? I just got you back and now you’re gone again. Our pup needs you, especially now that he’s come into his creature inheritance. I don’t know how to help him. You would be proud of him though. We should have realized when he and Neville were babies that one day, they would be mates. When they were together you wouldn’t find one without the other. Please show me a sign and let me know how to help him.” Remus sat there as tears ran down his face as he stared off into the distance. As he looked at the tree line, he saw a stag and a doe standing there and looking in his direction. It lifted his heart because he was reminded of Lily and James. He somehow knew things would be okay. *** Draco knew he needed to tell his parents about his mates, but the fact that they were the Weasley twins gave him pause because he knew his father would not be happy and would more than likely demand that he rejects them. He knew he couldn’t because he had already accepted them and finalized their bond with each other. He stepped out of the floo in the receiving room at his parent’s manor. He took a deep breath to build up his confidence before he started to walk towards his father’s study. Before he got there, he decided to get the house elves to pack all his belongings and have them sent to the apartment above the twins’ shop before his father could order the elves to not answer any of Draco’s commands. When he was sure everything was taken care of, he took another deep breath and knocked on his father’s study door. “Come in,” Lucius called from inside. Draco slowly reached out for the handle as he berated himself for acting as if he was still a small child who was about to be punished. He turned the handle and walked confidently into the study knowing that no matter what he would still have his twins. “Father,” Draco said to get his attention. When Lucius looked up Draco continued. “I’ve come to inform you that I have found my mate.” “That’s wonderful Draco. Who is the witch? It’s not that Mudblood Granger that always outranked you at Hogwarts, is it?” “No Father. I actually have two mates because they are magically identical twins.” “The Patels are a good family. They are highly ranked in India and would be a good asset to our family.” “No, my mates are not the Patel twins. My mates are Fred and George Weasley.” Lucius sat that for a moment as he took in the information that his son had just told him. He wondered what he would have to do to get Draco to reject the twins, only he didn’t know that the bond had been finalized and all 3 mates had marked each other. There was no breaking their bond. “Draco are you sure they haven’t given you a love potion?” “Yes, Father I am sure. I knew at Hogwarts that they were my mates during their last year. Which means they knew before they graduated that we were mates. The only reason I can think of them not saying anything is that they were graduating, and I still had two years to go. The bond would have been stretched tight without being in constant contact with each other.” “Is that where you have been running off since you graduated? Draco, I forbid it. You will find a respectable witch and bond with her. In fact, you will bond with Pansy Parkinson. I know for a fact that she would jump at the chance to bond with you and it will be a respectable match. You just leave all the details to me.” ‘Father, I will not bond with Parkinson. I have already bonded with my mates and there is nothing you can do about it. I simply came to inform you about the mating. We have already done the bond at Gringotts. It is official on parchment and it is official by magic.” “I am still the head of this family and you will do as I say, or I will disinherit you. Do you think your mates will stay when they find out you have no money to your name?” “Father, I have to say, but I expected you to do exactly this, so I took steps to prevent you from taking my trust vault. Besides I have been working with Uncle Sev brewing potions and have accrued quite a vault for myself. You have no access to my trust vault anymore. I have reached my majority and there is nothing you can do about it.” Lucius could do nothing but sit there and stare at the space Draco had been standing only moments before too stunned to respond until Draco was already gone. He knew he had to get Draco away from the Weasley twins before he besmirched the Malfoy name, so he started to plan. *** They knew Lucius would try to move heaven and earth to demolish their bond. So, they decided they would give their dad and brother the heads up to be on the lookout for anything Lucius might do to interfere. Their dad had already given his blessing even though he wasn’t happy that their mate was a Malfoy, but at least Draco seemed to be trying to change his thoughts and behavior. Thankfully their mother, youngest brother, and sister had been taken care of so that they wouldn’t have to listen to their bigotry and hatred. With the no-name part of their family, their dad Arthur had gone back home. While there he decided he didn’t want to live there because he didn’t think he could live there all by himself. The twins lived above their store with their mate, Bill and Fleur just had a baby, so he didn’t feel right staying with them for a long period of time. And Charlie- Arthur was happy he had found a place to live. In fact, after he found out about Molly and the two youngest, he had decided to cut the bond he had with them. He hated to do it, but Harry was his son-in-law and what the three of them had done was inexcusable. He knew that they wouldn’t be released from the goblins and if they were lucky, they would simply be executed. However, he knew the regard the goblins had for Harry is that he was the richest wizard in the country, but also that he had ended the terror reign of Voldemort. Therefore, he didn’t think Molly, Ron, and Ginny would get off that easy.
  11. Well, have finally gotten back to some writing on some of my other work, like Love Bite. Hopefully will have a chapter to one of my stories up soon.

  12. Lonesome Theta Book 2 of Lonestar Chronicles is available for pre-sale and will be released on Dec 21 at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0782MGMP6/ref=tsm_1_fb_lk


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  13. Well, I am finally back to writing on my story Love Bite.

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