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A Trip To Love - 10. Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Tim’s POV

I couldn’t believe the stunt that Steve tried to pull. Thanks to my heightened hearing I was able to hear their entire conversation, even from our room upstairs. From the fighting I knew that we weren’t going to continue to stay here so I packed our bags and brought them downstairs.

There was something that was still bothering me about the whole sleeping pill incident so I went to the trash can. Looking through it, I couldn’t find the bottle of sleeping pills but I did find the baked potatoes from last night. When I picked one of them up the smell of the medication was really strong. I just knew that the potato had been drugged somehow. I just didn’t know how. The only thing that I could see on the potatoes was that there was butter already on them. I ran my fingertip through the melted butter and sniffed it, that is where the medication had been mixed in.

With my hearing I could still hear their conversation on the front porch. “I feel nothing for you but friendship. I thought of you as a brother, but your behavior is changing that as we speak. You WILL NOT disrespect my mate and you WILL NOT disrespect me,” Jon growled angrily.

I knew that it wouldn’t be long before Jon came inside and I wanted to be ready to go when he did. I couldn’t believe that someone who claimed to be a friend would do something like this. Even if Steve was in love with Jon he should want him to be happy and that would mean being with his mate. What was Steve going to do when he met his mate? Reject him or her for Jon?

Jon stormed into the house. “I guess you heard all of that?”

“Yeah, I did and just so you know there was sleeping medication in the butter. I don’t know who it was planned for and right now I don’t care. Honestly, I just want to get out of here.” I stepped up to give him a hug. “I know that you considered him a brother, but take some time and maybe the friendship can be mended later on down the road.”

“I will give it some time and think about it, but if his attitude doesn’t change then I will have nothing more to do with him.” He kissed me on the head before he grabbed our bags and headed stormed out to the car.

Once on the road, I asked “So, how far are we going today?”

“We’ll stop for the night in Dayton, Ohio. Thank you for being you and so understanding.” He reached for my hand and brought it to his lips for a quick kiss as we hit the I-80 and headed east.

A few hours later I woke up from a short nap. What can I say, long car trips make me sleepy! I found that Jon had pulled into Taco Bell for lunch, and it was a good thing because I was starving after only having fruit for breakfast.

I would have preferred to visit the Herbert Hoover Library while we were in Iowa, but with everything that happened this morning. I was glad to be away from the tension and able to spend some alone time with Jon. After eating and a quick fill up on gas and snacks, we were soon back on the road traveling through Indianapolis on our way to Dayton.

Since Jon was driving I figured that I should call Jeremy and let him know that we should be there sometime tomorrow, as well as give him the heads up that Jon’s a bear and not a wolf. I don’t think he really believed me when I sent him the e-mail just after I had met Jon.

“Hey Tim!”

“Hey Jer! How’s it going?”

“It’s going good. Mom absolutely hates the fact that my mate is a guy, but Alex seems like a pretty cool guy. I’m still not sure about my mate being a guy, but I know that he was designed for me and is my other half. He makes me feel complete and I don’t want to be without him.”

“That’s how Jon makes me feel. I’m sorry that your mom doesn’t like him, but hopefully that will change as time passes by. So, is he joining our pack or are ya leaving me?” I turned and grinned at Jon who just winked at me.

“I will be joining his pack. He’s the Theta for Alpha Jamie. His pack has two male Alphas which is kind of cool since my mate is a guy. Alpha Jefferson seems like he can’t get rid of the guy fast enough, but he doesn’t want to piss off Alex’s Alphas by being rude to him.”

“So where is he from exactly? I need to know where I can go visit you.”

“Corsicana, Texas. He says it’s really pretty there with the bluebonnets and Indian paintbrush that grows there.”

“Well, then I guess we’ll be coming to Texas as often as possible, that is if they will allow Jon in the territory. Dad still hasn’t gotten back to me about if Alpha Jefferson is going to allow Jon, who is a bear, in our territory.”

“I wouldn’t hold my breath. He doesn’t seem to like it when a set of mates are two guys. Oh, it turns out that Sally rejected her fated mate so that she could mate with me.”

“Well, that was pretty dumb of her to say the least. Did she honestly think that you would reject your mate as well?”

“Yeah, she did. Plus Mom said that if she didn’t ‘approve’ of my mate than I was to reject them and mate with Sally.”

“Wow, your mom sounds similar to what Jon has been going through with his mom. If it makes you feel any better his mom has come a long way from that kind of thinking.”

“That does make me feel better. Maybe when she realizes that I won’t stick around here, but will be leaving with my mate she will come around. Anyway, got to go, Alex is here and we’re going on a date.”

“Ok will talk to ya later. Have fun.” I heard the line click in my ear before putting my phone back in my pocket.

Jasper’s POV

I’ve seen how Alpha Jefferson has treated Alex and Jeremy since learning that they’re mates and it does not give me hope for Jon and Tim, to top it off, Jon’s a bear and I don’t know how my Alpha will react to that. Might as well get this over with, I decided as I headed out the door to go to the pack house to talk to Alpha Jefferson.

“Come in,” Alpha Jefferson said when I knocked on the door of his office. “What can I do for you Jasper?”

“Well, Sir, Tim is coming home to get his things before moving out West with his mate and I was wondering if you would give his mate permission to enter the territory. They should be here sometime tomorrow.” I was sweating bullets because I didn’t know how he would take it when I disclosed the gender and species of Jon.

“Tim found his mate? That’s great news. Of course I will allow her to enter the territory.”

“Um, Sir, the thing is, Tim’s mate is a male bear shifter.”

“A bear shifter?” he asked.

“Yes Sir.”

“Did you say a male bear? Absolutely not. I will not allow a male bear into this territory. It is unnatural for a male to be mated with another male, let alone a wolf mated to a bear,” he snarled.

“But Sir, they are fated mates.” I bent my head to the side in submission when he continued to snarl and growl at me.

“Don’t you dare question me. I AM your Alpha and you will show me some respect.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Now get out of my office and my sight. I can’t believe that you would be ok with your son mating with a male bear,” he snarled in disgust.

I quickly left his office and headed home. Now I just had to let Tim know that unfortunately Jon was not going to be allowed in our pack territory. I was not looking forward to that phone call, but I knew that I had to make it before they got any closer.

Tim’s POV

I felt my phone ringing in my pocket, but I was still groggy so I didn’t want to answer it so I let it go to voicemail. When it immediately started vibrating again, I figured it must be important so I looked at the caller Id and saw that it was my dad.

“Hey Dad! What’s going on?” I looked at Jon, worried. Dad wouldn't have called twice unless there was something wrong.

“Tim, can you put me on speaker phone so that Jon can hear this as well?”

“Sure thing Dad, give me a Sec.” I fumbled with the screen, and finally got it on speaker, “Ok Dad, Jon can hear you now.”

“Good evening Mr. Collins,” Jon said as he kept his eyes on the road.

“Now Jon, I have told you to call me Jasper or Dad. Are you where you can pull off the road for a bit?”

“Sure, there’s a rest area just up ahead. Give me a sec to pull off.” Jon turned flicked on the turn signal and made his way to the off ramp for the rest area before pulling into a parking spot.

“Ok Dad, we’re parked. Now what’s wrong?” I was nervous because this had to be bad for me to have to put the phone on speaker and for us to pull off the highway. If Dad wanted us parked and on speaker phone, this had to be bad.

“Well boys, I went and spoke with Alpha Jefferson today to get permission for Jon to enter the territory. Unfortunately, when he found out that Jon is your mate he immediately refused. I get the feeling that if Jon enters the territory he will be arrested and put in the pack prison. I don’t want that to happen so I have made arrangements for Jon to stay at a motel just outside Charlottesville while you and I get the house packed up I will not stay where my son can’t bring his mate home for holidays. Jeremy has agreed to help and volunteered Alex to help so that it won’t take so long to get accomplished. In fact they are out getting boxes right now. I figure that it will take a couple of days between the four of us and will be on the road before you know it. I will meet you guys at the motel and bring Tim back to the house.”

“Sounds like a plan. Have you told Alpha Jefferson that you’re leaving?

“No, I haven’t. I was planning on letting him know after we had loaded the moving truck and are ready to get on the road. I’ve already called Alpha Jeff. He has agreed to let me join his pack and has even offered me a position as the pack’s legal counsel.”

“That’s awesome because he has agreed to let us join his pack as well. I really liked him and Alpha James. They have already accepted us into their pack and found us a house to rent when we get there.”

“Well boys, Jeremy and Alex are back with boxes so we are going to get started with the packing. Alex brought the moving truck back with him so as we pack it will get loaded in the truck, big things first then the boxes. Jeremy got Tony, Jason, and Justin to help with loading the big things. We’ll be sleeping on air mattresses for a night or two.”

“I’m gonna miss the guys, but I’m glad they’re going to help. I just wish they could meet Jon. It sucks that we both have to leave because we can’t exactly bring mom and sis with us.” I started to get choked up with the thought of never being able to visit their grave sites ever again.

“I know Son, but I’m sure they would understand and they will always be with us in our hearts.”

“I know Dad.” Jon reached over and wiped a tear off my face before reaching for my hand and rubbing his soothing circles on the back of it.

“Boys, I’m gonna go so that we can get started. We will leave your room alone except for the furniture. That way you can load your stuff separately even though everything is going to the same pack. Get some rest and don’t drive for too much longer.”

“Ok Dad, we will talk to you soon. We’re stopping in Dayton for the night and will call you when we get closer to Charlottesville so that you can meet us at the motel. Love you Dad.”

“See you soon Jasper,” Jon put the car into gear and pulled out of the parking space.

“Night boys. Love you too Tim.” I heard the click in my ear and knew that he had hung up.

I put my phone away and looked out the window. I couldn’t believe that Alpha Jefferson would do this to us. What kind of Alpha would forbid a pack member’s mate from entering the territory to meet friends and family? Now I’m glad that we ain’t staying here and that Jeremy will be joining Alex in Texas.

“You ok, Babe?” Jon asked worriedly.

“Yeah, just thinking about what an ass my former Alpha is.” I gazed at the profile of my handsome mate. The sun was just starting to set which caused his profile to look angelic with the reflection of the light.

We had just crossed into Ohio when dad had called, so we were getting close to Dayton but still about an hour out. I decided that tonight would be the night that we completed the mating, I just had to make sure that he agreed with me. I knew that he wanted to complete the mating, I could see it every time that he looked at me. I'm unsure about doing it in a hotel room instead of my home. I would be uncomfortable at my house because of too many people there at the moment.

“Babe, you hungry?” Jon took a quick look and saw me nod my head. I knew that he was worried about me.

“Yeah, I am.” I saw a Chili’s sign and pointed to it. “How about Chili’s?

“Sounds good to me,” he said as he flicked on the turn signal and exited the highway.

After about an hour we were back on the road and headed towards Dayton. I knew that we needed to talk if I was gonna convince him to complete the mating tonight, but I wasn’t sure how to start the conversation.

“Babe, I can tell that you’re nervous about something. I can feel it through our bond. What’s on your mind?” Jon asked while guiding the SUV down the highway.

“Well, Iwasthinkingthatmaybewecouldcompletethematingtonight,” I said very quickly because I wasn’t sure that I would be able to get the words out otherwise.

“Now slow down and repeat what you just said, Babe. There’s no reason to be nervous with me.”

“I was thinking that maybe we could complete the mating tonight.” I looked out the window because I knew that my face was bright red, I could feel it burning. I could feel the SUV start picking up speed and turned and saw that he was doing about 80 mph. “Babe you might want to slow down, we don’t want to get a ticket, now do ya?”

“You’re right, I don’t want a ticket. That would just slow us down.” He eased off the accelerator slowing us down to 70 mph, which was right at the speed limit.

After about forty-five minutes we once again pulled off the highway and into the parking lot of the local Motel 6 where we would be staying for the night and make plans for the remainder of the trip into Charlottesville. I thought I knew which hotel or motel Dad was talking about and it was confirmed when he sent me a couple of text messages.

Best Western Plus Waynesboro Inn and Suites at 109 Apple Tree Ln Waynesboro, VA

Cya tomorrow

“Babe, Dad sent me the address of the hotel/motel that he’s booked you into for tomorrow.”

“Ok, we will figure that into our itinerary when we get ready to leave in the morning. Wait here and I will get us checked in.” Before I could reply he was out of the SUV and walking like a man on a mission. Gee, I wondered what he was thinking about. Note the sarcasm. Jon came back out and immediately jumped back into the driver’s seat. Throwing the SUV into gear, he drove us around to the back of the building and parked.

Walking around to my side and opening the door, he assisted me out and treated me like I was his most treasured possession and I guess to a point I was. He grabbed our suitcases out of the back before leading me to the door of our room where he unlocked the door and lifted me into his arms to carry me over the threshold. It was a moment that I will treasure forever because even though we weren’t officially married, by performing that ritual it meant that in his eyes we were.

He carried me into the room and placed me gently onto the bed. He quickly went back, grabbed the suitcases from the doorway and swiftly placing the Do Not Disturb sign on the door. He stalked towards me as if he was the hunter and I was his prey. I saw the hunger and lust in his eyes.

I scooted up the bed until my back was against the headboard, waiting to see what he was going to do next. Lust and passion poured through our partial mate bond. If he wanted me this much now, I couldn’t fathom how I would feel when the bond was complete.

As he stalked me, he slowly started to remove articles of clothing starting with his shoes. I began to pull my shirt over my head when he growled, “No!”

His growl radiated shivers from my neck, down my spine and I could feel the hair standing up on my arms, along with the nape of my neck. I immediately dropped my hands to stare at him with my eyes open wide.

“Come here, Little One.” The way he crooked his finger and the arch of his brow let me know that there was to be no refusing him.

I walked over to him with my head held low in submission. He was the alpha in this relationship, but I knew that he would never do anything to hurt me. When I stopped in front of him, he lifted my face, which caused me to whimper before he said, “Don’t worry.”

He grabbed the back of my head and pulled me in for a deep and passionate kiss, letting me know that he’s boss. I immediately opened my lips and granted him access to my mouth. I ran my hands up his chest and around the back of his neck, grabbing on to his hair as if my life depended on it. I locked my arms and held on tight.

He ran his hands down my sides and around my back before reaching my ass. He grasped so tightly that he lifted me off my feet. I wrapped my arms tighter around his neck and wrapped my legs around his waist clinging to him and deepening the kiss.

After what felt like forever, he moved beneath me and gently lowered me to the bed as if I was a precious treasure. Is Tim laying down, sitting or kneeling here? He stepped away from me and I gazed into his eyes. They had gone black with desire which caused my heart to speed up.

He leaned away from me, reaching down, grasped the bottom of my shirt and eased it up. I lifted my arms so that he would have easier access to getting it off of me. He kneeled in front of me, and in between my legs, so that we were at eye level.

Leaning in he peppered my face with kisses. I got impatient for his kiss and used my hands up to pull his lips to mine as I wrapped my legs around his waist to pull his body in closer. I dueled his tongue with mine, trying to claim dominance. He grabbed a hold of the sides of my face and asserted his dominance causing me to whimper with desire.

All too soon he pulled away from the kiss and unwrapped my legs before standing up. I reached out to unbutton his jeans, but he pushed my hands away from him. “Hold on Little One. I want this moment to last and be etched in your memory forever,” he said soothingly.

He sat back on his heels and started to take my sneakers off, one shoe at a time. I knew he was trying to make this special for me, but I was so hard at that moment that I felt like I was going to break in half just from kissing him.

“Babe, you gotta hurry up. I’m dying here,” I whimpered.

“Shhh,” he whispered as he placed a finger on my lips. “Soon My Love. Soon”

He stood me up and started to unbuckle my belt before unbuttoning my jeans. I was really regretting wearing snug jeans because I felt so confined and couldn’t wait to get them off. He started to kiss along the waistband of my boxer briefs. Right about now I wished I had grabbed my boxers instead because even though my jeans had been pulled down I was still confined and I could feel the precum that I was leaking. He pulled my jeans down my legs, trailed by kisses as he gently pushed me back onto the bed so that he could remove them leg by leg.

Jon stood up and slowly unbuttoned his jeans, letting them fall to the floor before stepping out of them. His boxers were severely tented. Although it concerned me how he was gonna fit inside of me, but I wasn’t about to let my fear guide me. I knew that he would never intentionally hurt me and I was sure that he would properly prepare me for entry.

He gestured for me to scoot to the middle of the bed. He leaned over me and rained kisses along my jaw, forehead, and eyelids. When I whimpered he slowly made his way down the side of my neck to the juncture of my shoulder, nibbling on his mark causing me to moan wantonly. I felt like there was fire running through my veins and that it was about to consume me.

Moving down my chest, he paid extra special attention to my nipples. Kissing and nibbling them, used his tongue to send shudders rippling through my body. As soon as he realized the effect that he was having he moved down my chest, rubbing his hands along my ribcage causing sparks to erupt where his hands travelled.

He got to the waistband of my boxer briefs and seductively removed them with his teeth, my cock caught in the elastic only to be freed a minute later with a wet slap as my cock bounced straight back resting in the hollow between my abs. My back arched as I lifted my hips up to make it easier for him to slide them down my legs. As he was pulling them down, his moist, silky smooth lips trailed them down. He ran his hands over my sensitive thighs before grabbing a hold of my boxer briefs and pulling them down to my feet.

I was new to all of these feelings, the emotions being shared over our bond made me feel that I was going to be driven to madness by the love and care that my mate was showing me. I floated on a cloud of lust causing me to desperately wanting my bear inside me, but I just had a feeling that wasn’t going to be happening for a while.

He began to tease and tickle the sole of my foot with his warm breath, it took my mind off my painfully hard erection. He started to nibble on my toes, causing me to gasp in utter delight. Who knew that your toes could cause such a reaction? I sure didn’t, but I was going to file the information away for use later on.

Slowly kissing his way up my calves, he licked and nibbled on the back of my knee causing me to buck and shake. I looked down to see his pitch black eyes were shining with absolute lust and desire. This was having just as much of an effect on him as it was on me. Jon lifted one leg and then the other, nipping the back of my quivering thighs coming to rest at my hip bones, inhaling deeply groaning in delight as he licked and nuzzled my crotch sending shivers up my spine.

I reached down and grasped his shoulders, trying to get his attention to shift up to my face. I wasn’t sure what I wanted, but I knew that I wanted him to hurry up. I didn’t know how much more of this I could take. He continued to nibble until he was at my belly button where he proceeded to delve his tongue as his hands grasped me by the hips to keep me from humping myself into his collarbone. After agonizing minutes he resumed his journey upward, nibbling again on my nipples that had gotten rock hard thanks to his ministrations before going once again to his mark and up my neck before claiming my lips in a fiery kiss.

“What’s the matter, My Love?” Jon asked as I sucked air back into my lungs.

“You’re killing me, Baby. I can’t take much more of this.”

“You’re capable of more than you know. Just know that I want to bring you nothing but pleasure.” His lips claimed mine once more, his hand encircled my shaft to stroke me, he made light twisting motions as he stroked. I gasped into the kiss, which he took advantage of, sucking my tongue into his mouth. That elicited another moan of ecstasy.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled his torso closer to me as I grabbed a handful of his silky, jet black hair. I could feel his hard length as it pushed against my thigh and again wondered how that was gonna fit inside of me, he felt like he had a steel pipe down there. Heaven help me, but I wanted it inside of me and soon.

I finally decided that two could play this game and I used all my strength to flip us over so that I was straddling him. He looked surprised before his lips contoured into a broad grin, anticipating what was about to happen. I had broken our kiss before raining kisses all over his face as I felt him grasp my hips.

I ground my hips down into his and could feel that the front of his boxers was slick with precum. I kissed and nibbled my way to my mark which caused him to groan in pleasure. I moved quickly down on his chest to his nipples, licking and nibbling as I went. His nipples were as hard as pebbles begging for attention.

He moaned as he thrust upwards with his hips, I reached down, pushing him into the mattress to restrain his movement. I slowly continued teasing my way down to his belly button, darting my tongue in and out. My ass came in contact with his toes as I started to pepper kisses and nibbles across his hipbones and the side of his ass cheeks as I inched his boxers down his legs causing his cock to slap up against his stomach leaving a smear of precum. He flicked his feet upwards to bounce them against my ass.

I moved my hips side to side across the top of his feet before nibbling my way down his legs as I pulled his boxers off. I continued nibbling until I got to his toes where I started to lick and suck on them, which caused him to moan in ecstasy before I moved back up his quivering legs.

I went back to his hips and could tell that it wouldn’t take much to send him over the edge. I wanted to torture him with pleasure like he had done to me. I nuzzled his crotch and could smell his musky aroma and it drove me crazy, it made me want him that much more. I just had to see if he tasted as good as he smelled and boy did he. I started at the base of his cock and licked my way to the tip, like a lollipop.

He let out an excited moan as I twirled my tongue around the tip of his glands, licking up the escaping precum. He had a slightly salty taste, but it was all man, and he was all MINE. I slid my hands slowly up his torso, rubbing his nipples on my way to his lips. He sucked the tip of my finger into his mouth as he swirled his tongue around before popping it back out.

I slipped the tip of his cock into my waiting mouth and went as far as I could before I started to gag. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to take his entire eight and a half inches into my mouth, it wasn’t so much the length, but his massive six inch diameter cock, squeezed my throat to its limit. This made me realize just how much preparation would have to be done for me to be able to take him. I slid my finger back into his waiting mouth. His sucking motioned caused me to moan against his shaft which caused his hips to jerk, almost making me gag, I lifted my mouth to make sure that my teeth didn’t dig into him.

I licked my way back down his cock, down to where his musky smell was the most prominent, lapping slightly at his balls and the area just behind them causing him to moan with excitement. I tapped my finger gently on the entrance of his hole making him jump a little. He abruptly grabbed my shoulders and pulled me back up his chest, roughly claiming my mouth with his.

With a growl, he flipped me over so that he was towering above me, trapping my cock in between us as he attacked my mouth with a frenzy. He pushed his hips down into me and I could feel his cock as it brushed against my balls causing me to shiver in delight. Suddenly he stopped, pulling up off the bed going over to the suitcase. I couldn’t see what he was getting but I had an amazing view of his muscular ass.

He came back to the bed and I could see a bottle with clear liquid in it, wasn’t sure what it was but I was looking forward to finding out. He set the bottle on the night stand as he climbed back into the bed crashing his lips into mine for a deep kiss. Jon pulled away from me panting heavily and leaned his forehead against mine.

“Babe, I love you so much that my heart feels like it’s about to burst.” He leaned forward and gave my forehead a chaste kiss. “Are you ready for this, Baby? I don’t want to intentionally hurt you.”

“Baby, I’ve never been surer of anything in my life.”

Moving down my lips, he nibbled and kissed down the center of my chest, using his tongue to leave a slick trail south. He rubbed his hands along my ribcage again, which caused me to buck slightly with lust. He licked even more south in between my abs and eventually to my forest of pubic hair. Looking up at me with those eyes so full of lust he travelled south towards my cock, he licked up from the base of my cock to the tip and down the other side. His tongue tracing the vein on the underside of my cock over my balls, lapping at them slightly and having a deep inhale which caused him to moan and shudder slightly.

He readjusted my position so that I was on the end of the bed before he opened my legs further apart. He followed the vein until he got to my hole. He looked up at me to make sure I was okay, I looked down and smiled at him through half closed eyes. Jon took this in haste and drove his tongue in deep, into my bud, causing me to moan deeply as sparks flew through my body. I squirmed through all the action he was giving me driving his tongue in deep, making me moan with lust, I couldn't take much more of this. Jon was shivering with lust, the feelings obviously being transferred through our bond. I whimpered "please" and he took my meaning that I was ready for him now, I just knew it as instinctively as I knew my wolf.

He reached for the bottle on the night stand and poured some onto his fingers before he inserted his first finger adding some lubrication to my open hole. My hole had already been opened up by his tongue and found little resistance. Jon probed his finger around my love tunnel until he found my sweet spot. He pressed and bounced his finger against my prostate and I gasped and moaned in pleasure at the pressure he was applying. He removed his first finger, but immediately added a second, and then a third which had me writhing in my feelings, Jon was shivering himself in anticipation. I knew that he was just making sure that I was adequately prepared for him, but I knew that if he didn’t hurry up I was gonna scream, this was torture.

I suddenly felt empty as he pulled his fingers out. When I looked at him I saw him grab the bottle of lube again, but this time he added a generous portion to his rock hard cock that was dripping large amounts of precum. I felt the head at my entrance, when I looked into his eyes, I could see that he wanted to make sure that I was ready so I briefly nodded my head.

I could feel myself stretched to the max and it was slightly uncomfortable. I knew that I was made just for Jon and I was glad that I had waited for this moment with him because it was such a special moment. What killed me was the fact that Jon went so slowly that it felt as if time had come to a complete stop.

“Babe, you’re killing me. Go faster!”

“I don’t want to hurt you, you’re SO TIGHT,” he growled.

“I’m not hurting, Baby. Please hurry,” I panted.

When it didn’t look like he was gonna do more than inch his way, I took it upon myself and pushed myself down until I felt completely fulfilled. Jon grabbed my hips to stop me from moving any further. He leaned over me and I could tell that he was trying to show restraint, but at this point I just wanted him to fuck me.

Since I couldn’t lift my hips I wrapped my legs around his hips and pulled him the rest of the way into me. He just looked at me with disbelief that I was able to take all of him and that I wouldn’t let him enter slowly.

“Baby, I can’t believe how tight you are. It feels like I’m in a vise grip. If you don’t stop moving you’re gonna make me cum too soon.” He stopped moving to give me time to completely adjust to his size.

I looked into his eyes and could see the love that he felt for me reflecting back at me. “Baby, if you don’t get movin’ I’m gonna scream. Give it to me Big Boy!”

That was all it took, he leaned in to give me a passionate kiss while he started to slowly slide in and out of me. He went slow and steady until I couldn’t take it anymore and growled, “Move FASTER!”

I felt him slowly start to quicken his pace which caused my breath to come out in quick pants that were in time with his thrusts. He leaned down to kiss me before going to the crook of my neck and inhaling my scent. When he started to nuzzle at his mark I started to go crazy, it was so sensitive that it didn’t take much. Thankfully, I could return the favor with him in this position and started to nuzzle and nip at my mark on him, which caused him to speed up his thrust even more, so that his hips were snapping into me.

We were both moaning loudly as he pistoned in and out of me, hitting my prostate with every thrust. “HARDER, Babe!” He grabbed the headboard that was mounted to the wall, so hard that I heard it crack.

He made me feel like I was soaring with the emotions that were coming through the mate bond which was getting stronger with every minute that passed. I could feel that he was getting close, but was trying to hold off so that I could climax with him. He reached one hand between us, grabbed my cock spreading the precum around to make it slicker as he started to stroke me. I could feel my own climax as it got closer and started to moan uncontrollably. He brought his head down to the crook of my neck, licking and nibbling the closer that we got to our climaxes.

“I’M CUMMING!!” I screamed just before I clamped my mouth onto his shoulder as I emptied myself onto my stomach. Jon grunted and bit into my shoulder as I felt spurt after spurt hit deep within me.

We stayed in that position for several minutes as our breathing returned to normal before he pulled out with a slurp. He got up to grab a warm washcloth in order to clean us both up. He tossed it towards the bathroom before cuddling up to me. I laid my head on his shoulder and could hear his heart just thumping away, it felt as if it was beating in time with my own.

“I love you Baby,” he said as he rested his head against mine.

“I love you, too Babe,” I murmured into his chest before we both slipped into sleep, feeling completely sated and relaxed.

Copyright © 2014 wolfwriter; All Rights Reserved.
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Another good chapter. I was just wondering what the constant underlining in the lower portion of the chapter is. Were these editing marks?



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On 06/24/2014 03:17 PM, dadetroyer said:
Another good chapter. I was just wondering what the constant underlining in the lower portion of the chapter is. Were these editing marks?



Hey Patrick,

That was an oops. Thanks for pointing it out and I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter. :)

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Great chapter...Steve was pretty twisted. I'm glad they completed the bond...hot stuff...good job...cheers...Gary

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On 08/20/2014 08:41 AM, Headstall said:
Great chapter...Steve was pretty twisted. I'm glad they completed the bond...hot stuff...good job...cheers...Gary
I was blushing the whole I wrote that scene. Thanks for reading and I'm glad you enjoyed it
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As Gary commented, the completion of the bond was hot!  Alpha Jefferson is being an ass.  He certainly does not show respect for the fated mates that don't fit his beliefs.  The nice thing is that Jasper has chosen to be with his son and move to a new pack, as well as a new job.  I do hope that Tim's friends have an opportunity to meet Jon before he and Tim leave.  The only thing more I could hope for is that his friends decide they want to live in a more inclusive pack, and take the opportunity to find their fated mates in a new pack.  It would feel good to know that Jasper's chosen family want to stay together and move out west with his family.  May we'll find out if this is possible in the next chapter. 

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