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    Wombat Bill
  • Author
  • 2,169 Words

Contains graphic sexual references. 

Mile High Benefits - 2. FLEUR   

Six months later, Rani moved into Daniel’s apartment. On their first night living together he cooked a celebratory meal for them while Rani went down to the local liquor store for wine. While browsing the red wine selection she was approached by a shop assistant who offered to help.

“Yes, I’m looking for something special as I have just moved into the neighbourhood and my boyfriend is cooking a meal to celebrate.” After making a selection the assistant asked. “Is your place nearby?”

“Well it’s actually my boyfriend’s apartment. We are just in the next block, do you know Primrose towers?”

“I know it well, an ex boyfriend lives there.”

“What a small world?”

“Yes, during our relationship we made love on his balcony, in the pool, the rooftop garden and the sauna. You know, once he even stopped the lift and took me right there. It’s some of the best sex I’ve ever had.”

“Wow! so why did you break up?”

“It was his job, he was away a lot and I don’t know that he was entirely trustworthy while he was away.”

“What does he do... for work I mean?” Rani asked cautiously.

“He’s an international flight steward. His names Dan, you might run into him sometime around the pool.”


“Anyway, welcome to the neighbourhood and I hope you and your boyfriend enjoy the wine.”

“Oh, I’m sure Daniel will.”

“Really! Then enjoy the sex as well.”

“Oh, I will. Thanks for your help...er...Fleur.” Rani read from the name tag.


Upon her return with her purchase she handed it to Daniel who remarked. “This looks great, do you know this wine.”

“No not really, but Fleur helped me with my selection.”


“Yes, Fleur the assistant at the liquor shop in the next block.”

“Oh... well I’ll open it now, I think it will need time to breathe and then I’ll plate up our entree.”


Over dinner Rani asked. “Dan, now that I have moved in with you, does that mean we are in an exclusive relationship?”

“Is that what you want Rani?”

“Of course, I thought that was understood.”

“Well, if you insist.”

“Excuse me, what does that mean, if I insist?”

“I just want to be clear where the boundaries are.”

“I am surprised you have to ask, does that mean if I didn’t insist then it may not be exclusive?”

“I am agnostic on the matter, so if you want it exclusive, then that’s what it will be.”

“I do, but with an attitude like that how can I have confidence you will not stray, especially as you are often away for days at a time. If you are tempted when you are away, what will you do?”

“I won’t do anything if that’s the way you want it.”

“You are making this all about me and what I want. I’m not convinced that it is what you want. If you don’t want an exclusive relationship then you should say so now.”

“I’m really just trying to be honest with you Rani. If it were not exclusive then we would both be free to do what we want. But if you want it exclusive then I will honour your wishes.”

“That’s it in a nutshell, isn’t it; honour, trust, honesty.”

“Are you suggesting I am not honourable?”

“No, I’m not saying that, but I will need a bit more convincing.”

“OK, after dinner I will convince you.”


“You’ll see.”

“Alright... how’s the wine by the way?”

“It’s great, good choice.”

“Yes, Fleur knows her wines. But of course you already knew that.”

“Why do you say that?”

“Isn’t she an ex of yours?”

“How do you know?”

“Just girl talk, we look out for each other.”

“Fucking hell; are there no secrets in this town?”


After dessert Daniel suggested. “How about you do a strip for me and then I’ll let you strip me.”

“I thought you were going to convince me of you faithfulness after dinner.”

“I will but I need to be naked for that.”

“You think that a good fuck will convince me?”

“No, just wait and see. Now how ‘bout that strip?”

“You’re on. You choose the music.”

Daniel plugged his phone into the sound system and chose an appropriate playlist. When he turned around Rani had already removed her top and was swinging it around in true striptease fashion. Daniel laughed, so she let it fly at him. She then walked towards him and turned around in a manner that meant unclip my bra. Daniel complied and Rani cupped her breasts to stop the bra from falling away. She turned back to Daniel and as she let her bra fall, Daniel noted that her firm breasts did not drop even an inch.

When Rani was completely naked she stood, facing Daniel and said. “Stand up Mr Agnostic and let me see what you have to offer.” She unbuttoned his shirt, walked around behind Daniel and removed his shirt. She then ran her fingers down his well-muscled, tanned back until she reached his waist. Then putting her arms around his waist, unbuckled his belt and top button. While still standing behind him she unzipped him and let his pants drop to the floor. Daniel stepped out of them and dropped his briefs as well, then turned around to face Rani. Her eyes immediately fixed on his pecs, she gave each nipple a tweak and he did the same in return.

“Well?” she said.

“Well what?”

“Convince me of your faithfulness now that you are naked.”

“Just give me a chance I have one other thing to do before that. Remember I’m off to Rome tomorrow morning, so this is our last opportunity before I leave.” He then pushed Rani backwards towards the kitchen bench and with one sweep of his arm cleared the bench into the sink. He then turned her around, forced her to learn forward and took her from behind.


The following morning Daniel was up early and was in the shower when Rani awakened. She lay in bed waiting for Daniel to return from the bathroom. She had two motives. One was to see Daniel completely naked, one more time, before he left. The other was to raise the issue of his faithfulness while he was away from her.

“Oh, I’m glad you reminded me of that Rani, just give me a sec.” He said as he rummaged through a drawer.

“What are you looking for?”

“This.” he said as he thrust a small cloth bag towards Rani. “Go on open it.”

“Is it a gift for me?”

“Not exactly, I don’t believe in re-gifting.”

She looked quizzically at him then opened the bag and tipped the contents onto the bed. Out dropped a large stainless steel ring with a short rod attached to it, a device that looked like a curved but rigid spring, a small padlock and a key.

“What is all this stuff for?” she asked.

“It’s a cock cage, a male chastity device.”

“A what?”

“You heard me, it’s to ensure I am faithful while I’m away, since you don’t seem to trust me.”

“I didn’t say that.”

“Well it was pretty close to that. Anyway I want you to install it and keep the key. Then upon my return you can release me safe in the knowledge that I’m all yours.”

“I don’t know how to install this sort of stuff. You do it and show me.”

“I’ve never used it before; it was given to me by a former girlfriend who didn’t trust me either. We broke up that day, so I never had a need to use it.”

“Yet, you are now willing to use it for me; why the change?”

“I guess because I really love you Rani and I don’t want anything to come between us or for there to be any doubts or suspicions.”

“I think I’m going to enjoy this; so lie back spread ‘em and I’ll follow the instructions.”


When Rani completed the installation of the device and remarked that Daniel’s penis looked like a caged animal, she snapped closed the lock and said. “Hey, there’s only one key. How can I be sure you don’t have another one hidden away?”

“I don’t honestly!”

“Well, locks don’t usually come with just one key.”

“There is another one, but I don’t have it. The original giver kept it, so don’t lose that one.”

“Oh, that’s convenient.”

“It’s true.”


Upon Daniel’s return from Rome the first thing to be attended to was for Rani to release Daniel from his enforced chastity, but Rani was still at work, so while he waited for her return he took a nap. He didn’t hear Rani arrive home as he was sound asleep. She knew he would be anxious for release so she rattled her keys as she approached their bedroom. Realising he was still sleeping she gently lifted the sheet to reveal a naked Daniel, his penis still caged, as it was when he left for his trip.

Rani quietly put the key in the lock and turned till it released. She then gently removed the cage, but was unable to remove the cock ring without waking Daniel, so she left him sleeping, knowing how tired he would be after a long flight.

A few hours later, while Rani was preparing dinner, Daniel walked naked into the kitchen and stood there with both hands pointing towards his manhood and just said. “Thanks.”

Rani looked up and replied. “My pleasure sir, you’re looking good; and ready for action also.”

“Oh good and ready.”

“Well big boy, dinner’s ready, so you’re going to have to wait.”

“After five days, I suppose I can wait another hour.”

“And the cock ring looks good on you, leave it on.”


Over dinner they chatted about what happened while they were apart. “Oh, I have news for you. I now have the spare key to your cock cage.”

“How did you get it?”

“I went to see Fleur, whom you know well, and she still had the spare key.”

“Why did you ask her?”

“Because of the way both of you reacted when I mentioned the other one’s name, I knew there had been tension between you.”

“Why did she keep it all this time, did she say?”

“Well, I don’t think she was expecting to use it. She really just forgot about it, but when I reminded her she found it at the bottom of a drawer and brought it in for me.”

“So did you two talk about me?”

“Maybe... why?”

“A man needs to know these things.”

“No, I don’t think you need to know. Now tell me about your travels, anything exciting happen?”

“Nothing exciting... but something embarrassing.”

“Really embarrassing”


“Don’t tell me you spilled wine or maybe a meal on a passenger.”

“No! I’m more professional than that.”

“So tell me.”

“Do you know I set off airport security metal detectors in three countries?”

“You should know by now what you can’t take through metal detectors and drop your stuff in the scanning baskets. But that’s not so embarrassing.”

“Oh, it is when you can’t drop your metal in the scanning basket but instead have to show your metal to two Border Force officers.”

“Oh my god, you mean...?”

“Yes, there was enough metal wrapped around my cock to set off metal detectors around the globe.”

“What did they say?”

“In Sydney, they laughed a lot and told me not to do it again. The Italians were cool about it, but did express their pity for me and one even winked at me.”

“That’s not too bad.”

“Yes, but in Singapore they have no sense of humour or empathy. I was almost arrested...twice, as I had to return via S’pore. Lucky I wasn’t on the flight via Dubai; I’d probably be spending the rest of my life in prison.”

“So, I guess you won’t be wearing it again when you go away.”

“You’ll just have to trust me. How do you feel about that?”

“It’s fine, I trust you Dan, if you say we’re exclusive.”

“We most definitely are.”

“I think you have proven that to me by offering to wear it in the first place. How did it feel while you were wearing it?”

“At first uncomfortable, but then as the days went on I hardly noticed it except when I needed to piss. But there was an upside. When I had an erection it was an amazing feeling to have my member trying to force against the strength of the stainless steel cage. I almost came to orgasm a few times.”

“Oh and who was it that brought on your erection: the Italian Carabinieri that winked at you?”

“Do I have to answer that?”

“Why not, are you keeping something from me?”

“No, I thought you might be able to answer that for yourself.”

Next chapter - Two familiar friends make an appearance.

Copyright © 2021 Wombat Bill; All Rights Reserved.

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I have never worn a cock ring, and don't plan to do so.  I have seen a few over the years.  Some look pretty cool; some look very uncomfortable.

It makes sense that a chastity cage would set off alarms and scanners world wide.

Another good chapter, Wombat Bill.  As we sometimes compliment people here in the USA, "Way to go!"

Edited by ReaderPaul
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Awesome chapter. I can just picture Dan setting off security with his cock ring and chastity device.

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