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  1. @Summerabbacat, on behalf of Jared - OUCH! What naughty thoughts you have @NimirRaj. @ReaderPaul, no commitment? I am disappointed!
  2. I was torn between giving you all a love or a wow. Why wow, because there are some clever predictions among your comments. I settled on a love because I love the way you all present your well reasoned arguments. Just one clarification @NimirRaj, the contents of the pockets were from all the clothes that were being washed, not just Jared's. Oh dear @Summerabbacat, even I hadn't thought of Jonathan doing it with a rent boy in the back of the Roller. So that's one prediction you can rule out. But what a delicious idea. @ReaderPaul, your predictions scare me. My replies are
  3. The following day Jared and Thomas went to work at Crystalline. Thomas worked in his office, on ideas for the campaign, while Jared busied himself in the gym, cleaning equipment and working out. Jonathan Price called his secretary and asked “Prism, please get Thomas Steadman on the phone.” “Yes Sir, right away.” When Thomas came on the line, “I want you to come into the office now and bring Jared with you we have business to discuss. It’s time we got this election campaign started.” “No problem Jonathan, we should be there in about an hour.” “Good, I’ll have lunch serv
  4. “Oh that hot water feels so good.” said Justin as he came from the shower. “It washed away all the grubbiness of the day.” “Sounds like a good idea, I’m next.” Justin lay on his back feeling good about life and happy that he and Jared had used the evening to talk and rid themselves of bad feelings. Now all they would share would be love for each other. Jared came from the bathroom and sat on the end of the bed drying his hair. “Feel better now?” asked Justin. “Yes, I feel alive, and tingly all over. I also feel an immense love for you Justin. A type of love I’ve never
  5. Only Jessica, Justin, Julia and Jared attended the service at the funeral home chapel, but they did not proceed to the crematorium. Craig had offered to cater for a small after service function, but Justin declined, preferring instead to have drinks with Jared as previously arranged. Jared chose a bar in a pub on the edge of the city. They met there and got down to some serious drinking. “Well Bro.” said Jared, it’s over, he’s gone forever. Now all we have to do is flush him out of our systems with copious amounts of alcohol and assign any thoughts of him to history.” “Thoughts, we c
  6. Understood entirely @chris191070. I apologise for the bad timing. @Summerabbacat & @ReaderPaul, Your discomfort with this chapter has been noted. I will not offer explanations as I believe it is your privilege, as a reader, to interpret and and react in your own way. I don't want to put ideas in your head or explain the characters reasons for acting in a particular way, when you may believe something different. But I am left with mixed feelings. Should I feel good that I have created a work that has you so involved it evokes these feelings or have I simply done it for shock value
  7. “Is that Mrs Jessica Haynes?” “Yes, who’s calling?” “This is Patrick Aboud, Governor of Long Bay Prison. Is your husband Brendan Haynes?” “Yes, Mr Aboud, what has he done now?” “Mrs Haynes, I am calling to check on your residential address. Are you still resident at 1902 Bunnerong Rd. Pagewood?” “Yes, but what is this about?” “Mrs Haynes, an officer from Maroubra Police Station will be at your address shortly. Will you please stay there until the officer arrives?” “Am I going to be arrested for something?” “No Mrs Haynes, it is nothing like that. The off
  8. Just for you @Summerabbacat, I don't think I'm giving too much away if I tell you there is a kitchen sink in chapter 19. That reminds me of one of my favourite Irish jokes. Yes, I am of Irish decent, so I'm allowed to tell these jokes. Why did the leprechaun have to give up tap dancing? He kept falling in the sink.
  9. @ReaderPaul, Yes, the story is set in Sydney New South Wales. Regarding marriage celebrants, traditionally religious celebrants were registered with state offices of Births, Death and Marriages. As in the US, our states existed and had their own laws before federation in 1900. Since then the federal government has legislated national laws and occasionally these overlap state responsibilities. The marriage act is one of those, so now non-religious celebrants(a comparatively new concept here ) are licensed by the federal govt. Although the training course referred to in the story and run by TAF
  10. Wombat Bill

    A Diva is Born

    @Jondon, your typo has me wondering what you really meant. The word as mis-typed is more like another word than what I think it's meant to be - remind @Summerabbacat, The problem here is - sometimes I think a particular chapter is funny, but readers do not & vice versa. Then If I tell you it's funny, with the warning, then you won't think it is, when warned. You'll just have to wait till after dinner to read. @ReaderPaul,I have been trying to get @Summerabbacat to try writing, because, as you say, he writes so well and so voluminously. So let's start a move
  11. Finally, I've got you stumped. But before the night (here) is over I'm sure one of your fellow commentators will have some ideas. Whether they be right or wrong is another matter.
  12. As Thomas walked down the hallway of their home he heard Jared on the phone say “I’ve got to go now, my partner’s home. I’ll call again.” “No need to cut your call short, for me.” “That’s ok, I was finished anyway.” “Didn’t sound like that.” “I said I was finished. Leave it, will you.” “Ok, no need to be so touchy. Got another man, have you?” “NO! And stop quizzing me.” demanded Jared. “Ouch.” “Sorry, give me a kiss.” “That’s better.” After their embrace, Thomas asked “Can you give me a hand fetching the groceries from the car?” “Sure, love to
  13. Without thinking of them as flashbacks at the time, I am guilty of this, particularly in my first story (Catering With Benefits) where most characters got a chapter of their own past. Some stories, particularly murder mysteries, will use flashbacks to give you a clue, long after you've already decided who dunnit and then you have to think about it again. I don't like being fed information piecemeal like this, it can become annoying. Modern TV series are particularly fond of this. To the point where sometimes it's difficult to tell where you are in the story. But back to writin
  14. As Edward opened the door he heard music, looked around the door frame and saw Juanito lip syncing to ‘Summer Time Love’. When Juanito saw him, the singing stopped even though the music continued. “Hi Edward.” He said as he approached the CD player to stop the music. “I wasn’t expecting you home so early.” “That’s ok, you can play your music, but who was that singing?” “It was me.” “On the CD.” “No, I was singing to my ‘Minus One’ music discs. I brought them from Manila, they’re very popular over there.” “What do you mean ‘Minus One’?” “It’s the music of popu
  15. Wombat Bill

    Job Swap

    I don't think so @NimirRaj, you have accurately described Jonathan in the previous sentence. I think his entry into politics is because he is kind & understanding, but his other traits of demanding, controlling, and manipulative may better suit his role in politics. You think there may be skeletons in the closet with Jonathan? This has been referenced a few times, so your the answer to your question may well be, yes, but it is unlikely she will ever express it directly. @chris191070, it's good you have still found time to relax and do the usual things. Important in ti
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