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  1. Wombat Bill

    The Protestor

    Bad wombat! Confession time - I have been completely ignorant of the source of this expression for 74 years. It was commonly used in my family when I was young and as I never saw it written, I assumed it was "creases". It would not surprise me if many others have made the same mistake and believe it is spelled creases.
  2. Wombat Bill

    The Protestor

    Thank you @ReaderPaul, all sorted then? @Summerabbacat doesn't need me to explain. However, I will take credit for the wombatism. Before Scott Morrison entered politics he was a marketing executive for Tourism Australia and is sometimes referred to as Scotty from marketing, and is more of a spin merchant than a leader. I have to agree with @quttzik and @chris191070, Brett does seem to have quickly become unpopular in this forum.
  3. “Definitely not!” Jeremy said. “But it could be fun, they seem like an adventurous couple” replied Brett. “If you want adventure go on a mountain trek” “OK adventure might be the wrong word, but it sounds like they’ve done it before so they know what they’re doing” “Yes, I was in the room and could hardly miss your interrogative conversation” “Just wanted to know what I was signing up for” “You’re not signing up for anything like that” “If you’re not interested
  4. Wombat Bill


    Ah yes, an Italian name, Just a coincidence. There's a common prediction here. He seems to be on the right track.
  5. Yes, not too much drama in this chapter. Lots of feel good stuff, which we all now now and then. Next chapter teasers are meant to challenge you and get your predictive minds working overtime. Still no takers on predicting Lachlan's plans, Hey! That reminds me, I went to my library yesterday, I go regularly to get DVDs and a strange thing, did you ever notice all librarians are female. BUT yesterday was served by a young man, first time ever in our local library. His name is Lachlan.
  6. Wanda called Alex to tell him her father was ok with James coming to see the animals provided he was prepared to attend a safety lecture and someone remained with him all the time. “Wow! my very own private viewing of the circus animals. You’re not such a bad brother after all” “Oh, was that a compliment? Anyway there are rules and Wanda’s dad is not the type to be disobeyed, understand?” “Sure, I’ll be an absolute saint” “Yeah, well we’re going on Sunday, that’s the performe
  7. Caleb came for his second visit a week later and wasted no time arguing or trying to be smart, like his first visit. He immediately pinned down Justin and said “I want a body like yours, where do we start?” “Well I started when I was seven, doing gymnastics, so you’ve got a lot to catch up on. How about we start with crunches, that will get your abs working and soon that flat stomach will be rippling. Also those are exercises you can do back at the refuge or anywhere, like in the park”
  8. With lockdown over Edward took some time off writing to get some bookings for Divas and get past his writer’s block. Because large gatherings were prevented during lockdown, many couples planning weddings put off their plans. It was no surprise then that bookings flooded in for weddings at Divas. Also popular were birthday parties celebrating significant age related milestones. These mostly filled the diary for Fridays and weekends. To recover lost revenue, what Edward really needed w
  9. Wombat Bill


    I'm not one to quote the bible, but thought you might find some of the following interesting. The Bible says that God blessed Caleb because he had a different spirit Caleb is a Hebrew name that means “faithful,” “whole-hearted,” “bold,” or “brave.” This being a spirit of faith, a faith knowing that together we can conquer the Giants of polarization, taxes, homelessness, poverty, and the list goes on. When people hear the name Caleb, they perceive you as someone who is strong and powerful. The raw power you radiate to others makes you look confident and intimidating at the same time.
  10. Oh no, have you lost your collective nerve guys. No predictions for Lachlan's plan. NO! he was the one who liked beheading wives as a quick method of divorce. One could say he used axes to create exes. The words of the week. Use them generously. Now we all do, hey?
  11. The following morning Caleb had to be woken for breakfast and staggered to the breakfast table in just his shorts. “Morning guys, do you always get up so early?” he asked “Eight o’clock is not early, can’t spend your whole day in bed. There’s a big wide world out there waiting for you” answered Justin “Well, aren’t you the bright one this morning? There’s not really much in my world to bother getting up for. Usually it’s school, homework, chores at the refuge, an argument or two and th
  12. Wombat Bill


    Sassy, what an interesting word. Not one I have ever used, but I like it. Although quoted her by a Brit, to me it has undertones of the Southern USA. Glad you like Caleb, a bit cheeky but lovable. Hey, maybe that's the definition of sassy. @ReaderPaul, Yes, having trouble weaving a wily, whiskered, wet walrus into my writing, or even a wary wombat.
  13. With lockdown totally lifted and all Flinders street businesses back in full operating mode, Andy thought it was time to resume Wednesday night drinks at Dean’s Bar. He spoke to all those on site and messaged the rest of their friends, including Thomas and asked him to pass on the invitation to his friends at Crystalline. <> “As the new landlord, do you think I’ll get free drinks?” Jonathan asked Thomas when he passed on the invitation. “That’s not my call, but I’m sure the
  14. Wombat Bill

    The First Date

    @ReaderPaul & @quttzik, yes, a new character. Yeah, even straights deserve a good date, especially given how rare the characters are in this story. Yes, @Summerabbacat, Arnotts Family Assorted are still available and all Arnotts biscuits are still manufactured n Australia, the only brand that is. For instance, some Nabisco is now made in China, despite being a USA company. However, Arnotts is no longer Australian owned. Candy is certainly well named. She did not charm or amuse me though as she did my fellow critics. Interesting how characters appeal differently to different readers. As a writer, one never knows how characters will be received and makes my job more challenging, as I don't wish to dictate to readers. It's more important, readers have their own perceptions.
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