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  1. Edward was editing his interview with Kim, the sex worker, but was having trouble with it. He was not sure what should be edited out so he called a meeting with Charles, his producer and played the unedited version for him. ** “I know you are a sex worker, but I believe you have a speciality.” “Yes, I’m a blowjob expert. I have been doing it for many years and I have become very good at it.” “So what should I call you?” “My name is Cum, but in polite circles I’m known as Kim sometimes. It all started by accident. When I was born my mother did not give me a name or regi
  2. Ah,now @ReaderPaul's comment makes sense. And I just worked out how to do that @ thing for user names. Thanks guys for all your comments and reactions. The motives and the consequences of our characters' actions seem to be very closely scrutinised here. Yesterday, I wrote a new chapter that fits into the story about 10 chapters forward. It was a great example of how characters have a life of their own. I started the chapter with definite ideas about what was going to happen. BUT the conversation between two people went in an entirely different direction and consequently a totally d
  3. On Jared’s first night off, the boys headed out early evening for dinner off the property. As they arrived Jared asked “Can we take a table outside in the garden?” “Why are you feeling romantic?” “No, it’s not that, but I don’t want our conversation to be overheard.” “Why what are you going to talk about?” “Mrs.P”. They ordered drinks and asked the waiter to come back later for their food order. “What do you want to discuss about Mrs. P.?” I want to tell you about the first night and also ask you about some other aspects. Are you ready for that?” “Yeah,
  4. Wombat Bill


    Pavlova features prominently in a future chapter. Why don't I confuse many by having a Lamington Drive? Yes, I remember that PM and there is a USA connection to that couple. Was she the ex model who caused a scandal when she wore a dress with a split to the thigh when meeting a US president? The PM, That Dress & the President
  5. While they were on the tour, Thomas received a text from Andy, “Call me when u have time 2 chat”. They spent all morning on the tour, meeting all the household staff, looking at the gardens and tea with Desmond at the garage when they inspected the old gym. Thomas had not spent much time talking to Desmond until they had tea the week before when he was shown the old gym. On this occasion both Thomas and Desmond were more familiar with each other and Desmond was clearly in the mood for a chat. “Desmond, I’d like to introduce Jared, he’ll be setting up the gym and will be the household pers
  6. What a wonderful prompt for another chapter in the future. I have long-term plans for the group to go into another venture and this would fit perfectly. As for your feelings towards Jared. I can see how you might have lost some respect for him, but do we always know what someone's motives are? Will we ever find out? Could it be ego, money, revenge, adventure, social climbing, curiosity or just a spur of the moment thing that once on a roll he could not stop.
  7. Liberace had a a regular TV show that screened here for some time. It was one of the earliest shows showing someone that in those days we called camp. I love the show and the way Liberace broke all the rules without anyone noticing. The show also featured his brother George, who played some instrument and was the absolute antithesis of the great Lib.
  8. They all arrived early on the afternoon of the party which was due to start at 5.00pm. Thomas had designated the bar room, where they had their first meeting months ago to, to be the green room for the artists. Throughout the afternoon the food and drinks arrived and Craig supervised this and the kitchen. In the green room the artists started to assemble. After Justin had finished making final arrangements with Craig for his part in the serving of the food he went to the green room to start his own preparations. Already assembled were the members of the string quartet tuning their instruments
  9. Guys, what have i done wrong that TWO of you think JUSTIN is the new stud for Mrs. P? I have checked but can't find a typo in the chapter. Please explain! I spoke to Edward yesterday and he told me he has already done the interview at Hair We Are. He didn't tell me whom he interview but he will reveal in chapter 17. In regard to JEZ. I think that is the normal short form of Jeremy. In Australia we love to shorten people's names to the minimum, not always using only the letters from the original name. eg Gary = Gaz or Gazza, My favourite (meaning sexiest) newsreader on the
  10. “Do you really want to go ahead with this?” “Yes, from your description of her she doesn’t sound like a bad old sort.” “What about the age difference?” “That doesn’t bother me as long as she is an active participant and if she likes me.” “Oh, I’m sure she will like you on first sight and then even more once you get her into bed. Just so I’m sure in my own mind, I need to know why you want to do this. Is it for the sex or the money?” “Both really, you know I like sex with women but don’t want to settle down with a woman that wants children. I guess there’s no problem th
  11. Some things are sacred and should not be fiddled with. Tim Tams is one of those. The only acceptable ones in our house are original and double coat (preferred). Absolutely no others.
  12. Should we have this man certified insane, charged with treason or simply deported to a deserted island.
  13. Thomas took a room at a major hotel in the city to conduct the interviews for Mrs Price’s new lover. He left the interview list with the concierge who would direct the applicants to the appropriate room when they arrived. The first applicant was Peter who was referred by Angela. He arrived on time and gave Thomas a firm handshake at the door of the room. He was about 6 foot tall, handsome and well built. He was dressed casually in fitted jeans and a tight T shirt. After the welcome and initial pleasantries, Thomas offered him coffee or a cold drink, but no alcohol. Then Thomas sought Pete
  14. Tell us more, pleeeeeeeeease
  15. Well gentlemen, I am now left in no doubt as to where your loyalties lie. I am pleased you have your favourites and not so favourites, to me that means the characters are believable. That is a writers ultimate aim to have the reader engage so closely with the characters that they form opinions and relationships with them. Pleased you found this chapter also amusing. I probably should not admit this in public, but when I write a chapter like the Oliver/Edward part I enjoy it so much I silently have a little private chuckle. Thank you and a round of applause to you all.
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