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  1. Great story, @jamessavik. But one question. I know what AA is. Is NA Narcotics Anonymous? If not, what is it? I was in high school from 1964-1969. But the attitudes were about the same. I grew up in a mostly rural area, with an evangelical Baptist background. The story almost seemed as if it could have taken place in the area of the Midwest USA where I grew up. Well done, James.
  2. I remember when, in my home town, books began showing up in the middle-to-late 1960s what some of us guys called "yellow cover books" began showing up in the local drug stores (there were not any regular book stores in my town). The "yellow cover books" were outright porn, mostly straight porn, but sometimes with bi, gay, and lesbian porn included. The books were not classics at all, but sometimes included some fascinating sexual descriptions -- especially fascinating to those of us teen boys were were ages 11-17 and going through puberty. Around 1969 the obvious "yellow cover" books stopped coming to town, and I predict that many guys were disappointed. Just as male-female sexual fiction has become more obvious and graphic over the years and centuries, so has bi and gay fiction. This is not always a good or bad thing. Sometimes language such as "he positioned his sizeable organ at the entrance and attempted entry" has been sometimes replaced by "he put his large (sexual term of the month) at the opening and pushed hard. He got in maybe half an inch before the big head became too wide to continue into the (sexual term of the month for the receiving aperture). He backed up, pushed much harder, and broke (into, in, through, or other terminology). Some of the language of two to four centuries ago almost makes me chuckle now, and sometimes the language was well disguised and/or romanticized, but usually the meaning shone through. Thanks for starting this topic, @W_L. The comments by @James K and @Headstall are interesting, as well. I look forward to seeing more thoughts from others.
  3. I am looking for a story about two teen guys who fall in love, but due to (a death in the family, one of them, a very talented pianist, moves far away and he is not allowed to contact the guy he loves.
    He ends up putting on a concert a year or two later in the area where his boyfriend lived, and is asked to be the accompanist of an unexpected singer -- who happened to be his old boyfriend.
    I am not sure which site I read that on.  I had thought the author was Cole Parker, Nicholas Hall, or Colin Kelly, but am not finding anything in their stories so far.  Any help would be appreciated.


  4. ReaderPaul

    The Creid

    It has been two or three years since I read this story. As I re-read it in leisurely fashion, I am impressed with some of the wise and also common sense things I see. Thank you, @R. Eric.
  5. @BigBen, if you liked Riding Lessons and its sequels -- Lessons Learned and Second Chances -- and interludes, you would probably enjoy Empath's Kiss and its sequel, The Chosen, also by @Andrew Todd. The Chosen becomes a sequel to Lessons Learned at the end of chapter 5. Another good story by Andrew Todd is Three Hearts, in which both dogs and horses play a part. While it has seven chapters and a great ending, for now, Andrew told me in an email years ago he had tentatively planned for the guys in Three Hearts to meet some of the characters from Riding Lessons, etc., a few years down the road.
  6. I'm glad to see this chapter, @R. Eric. It is a good one.
  7. The short story "All You Zombies" by Robert A. Heinlein comes to mind. It is not obvious until later in the story that the main character is trans.
  8. ReaderPaul

    Chapter 1

    I have seen a situation like this written, and not everybody can pull it off, though the other author did so. I've seen another story where a girl hires a gay guy to be her boyfriend for one event -- and he falls in love with her brother! Looking forward to reading this, @dkstories.
  9. Interesting chapter. I really liked the cooking parts, even though those were not emphasized much. The animal welfare parts were good. Sometimes I might have to read a sentence or two twice to be sure of what was happening. A lot happened in the chapter. I am guessing that in another chapter or two more will be happening with Matilda. Possibly three or more chapters, with the dinner party, and other happenings.
  10. ReaderPaul

    The Fixer

    Interesting! So is Missing Conversations Continue next on the writing agenda? Thanks for this info, @Wombat Bill.
  11. ReaderPaul

    Sperm Donors

    Now the boys are thinking! Sometimes it is not necessary to know everything. Does Australia have DNA testing services such as 23andMe or Ancestry.com or MyHeritage? @Wombat Bill or @Summerabbacat, do either of you know? Sometimes those can turn up matches by accident. I also look forward to the ideas of @chris191070 and any others who might comment. And @Wombat Bill -- we still don't know what other male influences Alex and James might have had. (Hint, hint.) Great chapter.
  12. I tend to agree with you in reference to Harry Turtledove. My favorite alt-history (combined with limited time travel) of Turtledove's books is "The Guns of the South." Regarding Dune, I feel it is a difficult novel to adapt to either the large (movie) screen or the smaller (television) screen. The sheer scope of the novel and its fascinating subplots would require a huge investment of time and careful screen writing to do well. But I will have to reserve judgement until I see more recent versions before final judgment.
  13. ReaderPaul


    Well, @Summerabbacat, we know Julia used a sperm bank, and it is quite likely Hannah did as well. Who knows what advice the ladies received from the sperm bank about what to tell the kids about their conception? Justin's reticence about solidly putting forth his ideas to Craig is likely to have been influenced by his father's temper. I have to agree that kids don't always have to have parents of both main genders. However, we have not yet received knowledge of how much male influence the guys have received. I received advice from uncles and sometimes fathers of friends, as well as Dad. The father of one friend had an unusual combination of careers -- he was both a librarian AND a master bricklayer. Another friend's father was a printer, and a third's father was a heavy equipment operator. Some of my other friend's father's careers included landscaper, pastor, barber, sawmill operator, assembly line worker at an automobile manufacturer, some farmers, a plumber, and an electronics engineer for a radio station, and the foreman of a road construction crew. Teens and preteens sometimes have significant influences from various persons. The parents may not always realize how much influence if from other people. Again, well done, @Wombat Bill. I agree that I also look forward to comments from @NimirRaj and @chris191070. Hopefully, others will join the commenting as well.
  14. I agree on the horrors of war. But I don't want to get banned from here because of politics. Some vegans and some meat eaters go to extremes The majority of the vegans or near-vegans I know have chosen that for ethical reasons. Some have chosen it because of an allergy to beef or pork or poultry. Jared is setting himself up for potential problems, as he has presented differing sides of himself to Alex, James, Julia, and Hannah. At this point, I think that Hannah is the closest to seeing through him. Jared is a very complicated person, seemingly able to compartmentalize himself. He is much like Janus, the Roman god of beginnings, gates, transitions, time, duality, doorways, passages, frames, and endings. Interestingly, one of the functions of the Roman god Janus included giving advice, according to some sources. @Wombat Bill, I look forward to seeing comments from my fellow CWB groupies as this story progresses.
  15. Very interesting chapter, @Wombat Bill. I cannot say much about the politics here, but I have long despaired of the ruins of war. In too many cases of war, the short and long term suffering is very regrettable. I also think Hannah is more perceptive about Jared, at this point, than is Julia. Jared is, to some extent, being pushy. He doesn't know much of what the boys have been taught by their mothers, and also is not yet aware of other male influences they have been exposed to and influenced by. He needs to tread lightly on that. Considerable differences in school environments exist, as well. Schools only a few kilometers or miles apart may have vastly differing cultures which also give shades of difference to boys and girls as they are growing and learning. Good chapter. One mark of good writing is when a chapter seems much shorter than it really is. This one seemed like about a thousand words instead of a bit more than twice that. Very well done indeed.
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