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  1. ReaderPaul

    A Diva is Born

    @Wombat Bill -- I agree with you. Sometimes I think something or some things are very hilarious, and others just look at me and say, "Why do you find THAT funny?" So far, @Summerabbacat and I often seem to see the same humor in your writing. I further agree that he could be a very good author.
  2. While the probe sounds intriguing, passing a total of 8 kidney stones over the last few years (which put some small tearing into my urethra), and with some slight scarring from radiation which fought my prostate cancer, I don't think I will ever try sounding. But I do have to admit, the descriptions above sound the best of all I have heard. It must be a chore to become a licensed celebrant in Australia. (Or at least in NSW.) It is New South Wales in which the story takes place, or am I incorrect on that? I agree with @chris191070 on all of his comments, including the phone call to
  3. It came back on line sometimes this morning, Central Daylight Time.
  4. ReaderPaul

    A Diva is Born

    @Summerabbacat -- I really need to be able to use at least two emoticons to express my joy and pleasure at reading your comment. I love it and I laughed and I saw the serious parts as well. You expressed many of my own thoughts, and very eloquently, as well. Our beloved @Wombat Bill has provided an example of mixing maximum thought with maximum fun and magnificent plotting.
  5. ReaderPaul

    Job Swap

    Okay, that went rather better than I expected. But I'm glad it did. Next question -- does Jonathan have any serious enemies at this point you have not told us about, @Wombat Bill? And the teaser for the next chapter looks fascinating!
  6. I don't trust Jonathan. He is too used to getting his own way, with sometimes throwing crumbs or bait to other people. Virginia is more refreshing and honest, or at least seems to be at this point. HOWEVER, she may be more aware than she seems, and be playing the "I don't know much about what is going on card" for future leverage at a time of her choosing. Being back with Desmond is teaching her to look at things in ways she has not done previously. I believe she will become more observing, as well. Jared and Thomas have some interesting times ahead as Virginia and Jon do the competi
  7. Something is afoot. I'm not too sure yet what is going down. @chris191070 may well be right. But the Price part of this drama is still ongoing for some time, I predict.
  8. The background info was good. I can identify with more than some might be able to, since I had a stroke in September of 2020. There are still some things which are challenging to do, although I was very fortunate because I got help quickly. A friend drove me to the hospital; I told them I thought I was having a stroke; they were doing a scan in ten minutes which revealed I was bleeding on the left side of my brain, and they apologized for taking ten minutes to get me to the scan, because someone was already in the machine! Then the local hospital flew me to a stroke center in another state
  9. Oh, that was good! Loved Brett and Jeremy negotiating for the rent. Loved the reaction of Prentice. It looks like Edward might be just a bit out of practice. But it was still good.
  10. ReaderPaul

    Family Matters

    At first I thought you were going to chase several rabbits, but you wrapped it up quickly, and in a much better summary that I usually see from the -- what I might call -- "well-known theologically high and mighty." I am thinking of several men in the last few years who, having a lot of -- influence in so-called theological circles who have been caught in less than ideal situations. The insinuations and somewhat veiled insults flying in this chapter sounded quite real to me. I have seen this in real life in more than one situation. In some situations I could tell something was not qu
  11. Loving it! You are progressing the story in a reasonable way, a logical way, and a fun way -- all at the same time.
  12. I have no cats now. Where we live now, both dogs and cats have to be on a leash, and cats don't do well with a leash. It has been more than 30 years since we had a cat.
  13. Okay, @Summerabbacat or @Wombat Bill, enlighten us on "The Big Merino" and the others you mentioned. And what is the third image?
  14. ReaderPaul

    Bon Appétit

    Great chapter. And some great questions Justin asked. Love it!
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