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  1. ReaderPaul

    Our Best Fiends

    Okay, so far so good. Sounds like we are getting close to observation and action. Is Toby going to be observing as well?
  2. ReaderPaul


    Well, this certainly broadens my thoughts about dance routines, Wombat Bill! I had not previously thought of those possibilities. I can imagine Tristan doing choreography of such dancing to "All Time High" (theme song of "Octopussy," one of the James Bond movies, conducted by John Barry) -- or some other soaring music. I'm sure readers and you could suggest other possible songs to go with such. If you do scenes from such dancing later, please -- include some music titles, so we get the idea.
  3. I am having no problems seeing any comments. Both my phone and desktop computer are having no problems. Using Chrome and Edge as browsers on desktop, and Chrome on phone (Android operating system).
  4. I definitely like the changes I've seen so far. Great redesign, in my opinion thus far.
  5. ReaderPaul


    And I would (just to be very clear) like to see Jeremy again, as well. There are many questions yet to be answered, whether in "Catering With Benefits" or in a separate story. Examples of questions-- A) How did Jeremy get started in waxing and related salon activities? Do Brett and Jeremy have a relationship outside of the salon? C) How did Brett decide to become an apprentice or associate of Jeremy? D) Are either gay or bisexual? (I am guessing both are gay or bi, but that has not been made certain. When I was in open showers in the 1960s in my Physical Education (PE) cl
  6. ReaderPaul


    I think Chris, above, summed up well most of what I was thinking in regard to Brett. However, I think part of it may also have been that Brett was desiring to do a good job and felt he was still learning, in addition to possibly being slightly distracted by working adjacent to an admirably appealing magnificent and memorable male member, on a very attractive man.
  7. ReaderPaul


    I would like to see them both. But for some reason, especially I want to see Brett again.
  8. ReaderPaul


    I liked this chapter a lot. Will we see Brett and/or Jeremy again?
  9. ReaderPaul

    Scare Them

    Oh, this is good! Fits in with a lot of what I have read in random (and sometimes non-random) research. I can imagine some scratching their head, but if they hang in long enough, it will become somewhat clearer. As I understand it, the angel Gabriel appeared to Joseph, and to the father of John the Baptist, and to Mary the Mother of Jesus. Some of the references are obscure, just as it was the archangel Michael who appeared to Daniel.
  10. ReaderPaul


    I have never worn a cock ring, and don't plan to do so. I have seen a few over the years. Some look pretty cool; some look very uncomfortable. It makes sense that a chastity cage would set off alarms and scanners world wide. Another good chapter, Wombat Bill. As we sometimes compliment people here in the USA, "Way to go!"
  11. ReaderPaul


    This is starting out really well. I'm eager to read more.
  12. Great chapter! I look forward to the next part with eagerness.
  13. ReaderPaul

    DTD Ch 4

    I thought it was okay. You didn't go into excessive detail, but the got the "flavor" of the the trip. Sounds as though you also enjoy reading.
  14. Mine is very simple. One of my three names is Paul, and I like to do a variety of reading.
  15. ReaderPaul


    Well done again, Wombat Bill!
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