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  1. ReaderPaul


    Wow. What a chapter!
  2. ReaderPaul

    Ford Ch 1

    Thanks for the new story, Preston. I look forward to reading this one.
  3. ReaderPaul

    Chapter 1

    Well,, when one really likes the writing of a really good author, of course one wants a lot! You are one of my top five authors, probably tied for #`1, actually. And it would be simple to make Derry and Jerry cousins. After all, aren't Derry's mom and Jerry's mom twin sisters? (Hint, hint.) Or, Jerry's mom and Derry's dad were twins? And you could always start writing those stories on November 1, or even December 26 or January 1 ---
  4. ReaderPaul

    Chapter 1

    @Geron Kees -- Please consider writing the follow-up story to this one of how Jerry's parents and Jack's parents find out about their relationship. And also please consider making Jerry a cousin to Derry Hamlyn so that practical Jerry could visit Mike Hamlyn's farm and discover the Doors from your Doors/Doorways series.
  5. I also look forward to start reading the story in the new year. Sounds interesting.
  6. ReaderPaul

    More Training

    This is a very interesting chapter. My guess (and it is only a guess) would be that Toby and/or Dennis would be the next to access the magic. They have been exposed since birth to it, more or less. But a thought just appeared in my mind. The mirrors which allow travel-- do they access a different aspect of magic? Are magic and the mirrors related at all? Just because they allow instantaneous travel, might they be tied into the underlying magic and energy of the universe somehow? Therefore, Dr. Ryan might have been being exposed to magic all the time without realizing it as he traveled back and forth to medical school in A'Dore. And this new woman -- I predict that Toby knows something about her, as well. I will make another prediction. When Seth and Eric go back to Royal Valley, they will give a sizeable gift to the Book Lender, so that the Lending Collection can be expanded. The building might have to be expanded, as well. Great story, @R. Eric and I look forward to more.
  7. There was listed in the Author Profile "The Paradox Series" and a follow-up story to "The Paradox Series" titled "The Paradox of Destinations." The profile itself is interesting reading.
  8. Pippin Took was the nickname of a hobbit named "Peregrin Took." He was commonly called Pippin. The name Pippin also has many variations in spelling. Wikipedia gives several "Pippin" references. Many of them are found here --- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pippin and there is also a disambiguation page for Pippin at --- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pippin One of the things I noticed on the disambiguation page for "Pippin" was that Apple Pippin is a totally different meaning than pippin apples.
  9. Oh, great chapter! (By the way, I don't mind rabbits!) This is one of your best stories yet, R. Eric, but I have a question -- What is Dennis doing during all of this time? Is he staying with Ella and Christian, or in Royal Valley being looked after by Grace, Hannah, Doris, Zek, Gabe, Bent and Garth, and some of the other friends of Seth and Erik?
  10. ReaderPaul

    Simba Ch 22

    Fascinating, Preston. I look forward to reading more.
  11. ReaderPaul

    Simba Ch 11

    I was also confused on whether Jacob has one half-brother or two. I will bet Quokka/Preston will have a good explanation.
  12. ReaderPaul

    Simba Ch 10

    I especially liked this chapter and the previous one. I was in the hospital Tuesday afternoon through Friday morning because I had a stoke, and reading your story and others helped me keep my spirits up as I improved. Thank you, Preston.
  13. ReaderPaul

    Simba Ch 8

    Colonel is running the base. A corporal was the messenger delivering the paperwork.
  14. ReaderPaul

    Simba Ch 6

    In this story and the preceding one, DIO is the Australian Defence Intelligence Organization, and if memory serves, AG SC3 stands for Australian Government Security Clearance Level Three.
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