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  1. ReaderPaul

    Part 4

    Oh, so a sentient semi-tractor cab is joining the cast in a couple more stories? By the way, November 1 is National Author's Day-- THANK YOU to all of the great authors on the internet-- and in conventional print, as well. Paul
  2. ReaderPaul

    Part 2

    I am definitely NOT disappointed. Well done, Geron.
  3. ReaderPaul

    The Buckle

    Now, Rob, you need a sequel where Noah and Hayden meet and find friendship in common. Perhaps Hayden and Noah could guide a new friend toward another muscle bear?
  4. ReaderPaul

    Part 2

    I will be interested in seeing Kippy's work on the final leg. I have a hunch that Kippy and Frit or Pip or all three will have an important role by the end-- especially as Kippy seems to be developing more skwish. (Can't remember the spelling for sure.)
  5. ReaderPaul

    Part 1

    I'm very glad to see this tale, Geron. Your presentation of the AI, Murcha, reminds me of a not-well-known author who writes science fiction at times. He also presented personable and friendly AI persons. Murcha also reminds me at times of Difris and Nyf and Bric, your characters from the Door series posted on GA. What @ColumbusGuy said is correct. I have read Hugo and Nebula award winning stuff, especially Hugo winners. which did not turn out as interesting and enjoyable as the stories I have read by you. I look forward to reading the other parts of this. Going to start part two now.
  6. ReaderPaul

    Chapter 16

    People grow up fast in severe situations. They are not yet adult, but they have often seen more than they realize. Jeremy has more smarts than he probably had to use as a pre-Changes teen. I respectfully disagree about Mom. She represents the compassion Jack and the kids had with regard to those not as fortunate as themselves. Especially to the younger kids, she is the last actual adult who seems to be remaining. Technology is not perfect. Farla mentioned that some things were unexpected. They didn't have time to do the research on humans they had done on themselves. I would like, as I said earlier, a short sequel showing some of the blue crystal adults waking. But I am fine if that never happens. Life rarely has all loose ends tied up. Why should a story? Thanks, Geron.
  7. ReaderPaul

    DSS Chapter 2

    Deep Space Journey is found here: https://www.gayauthors.org/story/quokka/deep-space-journey/ Much background is explained. Very Helpful. @quokka, I am glad to see this sequel. I enjoyed the first story in this, and very much look forward to this one.
  8. ReaderPaul

    Chapter 16

    My offspring had vaccinations when they were due. As a Kid I had some childhood diseases my offspring did not. As the anti-vaxers grow in number the herd immunity is greatly decreasing and more kids are getting sick when it is NOT necessary. New studies are indicating that vaccines carried in egg-based formulas can mutate more than vaccines in other mediums. Plus, kids seem to be more likely to be allergic to egg-based vaccines -- EVEN IF THEY ARE NOT ALLERGIC TO EGGS. Much more research is needed as these studies are not yet conclusive. We are going to see more sickness as the anti-vaxers send their kids into society.
  9. ReaderPaul

    Chapter 16

    I agree, or perhaps a $5,000 fine per year per kid not vaccinated, plus forced sterilization for the parents who do not vaccinate their kids.
  10. ReaderPaul

    Chapter 16

    Geron, I liked Chapter 16 and the Epilogue very much, even better than when I read the original version on September 19. You've added probably at least thirty sentences, maybe more, and deleted may be five sentences. This explains things much more clearly than the original version, which was quite good. While I would like to see a sequel, I would like it to be limited in scope. What I would like to see is first Richie, then Jeremy, then Mike, then Bennie, and maybe a couple others of the "Survivors from the Silo" explain to their parents what happened. I don't know if they could be present when the family emerges from stasis or not. If they are present at the time, could that tip any of the into stasis? I would also like to see the reactions of their families to kids with guns in their living room or whatever, suddenly about three or more years older than they were. I think if you limited the sequel to say, three weeks after the awakening of the families it could be a good story. After about that time span, it would be more challenging to keep a coherent story. But as I have said before, I will be happy with or without a sequel. And further food for thought── might the Silo Survivors prefer to spend their nights together in the silo, after quite a long time of being family together?
  11. ReaderPaul

    Chapter 11

    Eleven chapters in and the story is still a good one. I can imagine several possible scenarios from this point. I am going to guess that something other than what I have thought of will happen. The answer could be found someplace they haven't thought of yet, for questions such as-- What caused the Changes? Why did some survive, some become zombies, some blue crystalline structures? How old are Tina, Bennie, Will, and Sherry? Will we find out Mom's backstory? As many things as have happened someone from outer space might show up. I'm not sure if you have said so far, Geron, but what time of year is the story taking place? Spring, summer, fall (probably not winter)? Is this in New York state, as are some of your other stories? Does anyone other than Marnie and Mom know much about cooking?
  12. ReaderPaul

    The Forest

    @Myr Good story.
  13. ReaderPaul

    Shades of Gay

    The Asian or part-Asian males I have known have all been quite masculine and great persons, whether straight or gay or bi. Some are shorter that others, but that happens in all parts of the human species. I high school I was attracted to a classmate (before I was able to recognize that I am bi) who was sometimes teased for his straight black hair and partly Oriental eyes. I wish I knew where he is today. A friend told me that he was sometimes called names (which I do not understand; the classes I had with J had guys who got along with almost every person). The more I learn about people the more accepting I am of differences, especially minor physical differences. So what if someone has thicker and blacker hair than my medium brown hair? So what if someone's face is more permanently tanned than mine? Or stronger thighs, or more symmetrical ankles? What's in the head and heart count more than mere physical happenstances of genetics. Changing the subject greatly, I am looking forward to the winding up of this story in the next 10 to 20 chapters. Loved the indirect reference to the Christmas tale, Brian.
  14. ReaderPaul

    IOI Chapter 4

    Quokka, could you have meant "data phone" instead of date phone? Data phones can transmit much data as well as allow you to talk on them.

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