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    Wombat Bill
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Contains graphic sexual references. 

Mile High Benefits - 3. SANDRA    

Two years after Rani started at the salon, Sandra planned to open another salon across town, and she offered Rani the senior hairdresser’s position.

“I’m honoured to be asked Sandra, but there are other women who have more experience than me, shouldn’t you offer the job to one of them?”

“I know that Rani, but two of them don’t want to travel across town to Bondi and besides you are so popular with the clients and not only a good hairdresser but have a flair for management. That is what I need at the new salon. I want someone with initiative who can operate without my constant supervision.”

As the time for the salon opening approached Sandra asked Rani to arrange an opening party for staff and invited clients. “Rani, your parents run a restaurant, don’t they?”

“Yes, why?”

“Do they have a catering service? Maybe they could provide the food.”

“I could ask them, I’m having dinner with my family tonight. Can I let you know tomorrow?”


While their parents were in the kitchen preparing dinner, Rani and Raj were catching up on news. Rani told Raj about her new job offer and asked if he would do outside catering for the salon opening party. But before he answered he asked. “Who will be attending this party, Rani?”

“All the girls from the old salon and the staff for the new salon, plus invited guests that Sandra expects to become clients of the new salon.”

“Am I safe in assuming it will be mostly women?”

“Almost exclusively women and a couple of gay boys that will be joining the new team. Why do you ask? Most people like curry.”

“It’s not the food, I’m thinking about, but the serving method. I think you need something special for such an occasion.”

“Raj, have you been sniffing the Frankincense again.”

“I haven’t done that since I was caught by Pita when I was twelve. But what’s your point?”

“Why is the food serving method so important?”

“Oh, sorry you distracted me. Do you remember my friends Justin and Craig that I have talked about.”

“The guys with a catering business, is that them.”

“Yes, and they specialise in parties for women. Are you with me?”

“Not exactly, tell me more.”

“Wait a sec.” Raj said as he fiddled with his phone, till he found some pictures of Justin he had taken at Fair Day and at one of their dinner parties when he was showing off his posing pouch.”

“Wow! hot bod.” exclaimed Rani. “But what has this got to do with catering?”

“This is how he serves at parties.”

“Oh, now I know where this is going and I like it.”

“Thought you might.”

“And if you are going to suggest what I think you are, then my answer is most definitely, yes!”

“Good, but don’t mention this to the oldies.”

“I was going to invite them, after all I will be the manager and I think they’ll want to be there to wish me well.”

“Maybe just invite Maan. I don’t think it will be Pita’s thing.”


The opening party for Hair We Are was arranged and Justin prepared to strut his stuff as only Justin can. Tired with the constant shaving to prepare for wearing his pouch pocket, he arranged with Rani, to attend the salon a few days before the opening, for a waxing.

All the new staff were on duty stacking shelves with hair products, setting out their tools and generally familiarising themselves with the new equipment and the layout of the salon.

When Justin arrived, Rani welcomed him and took him into a private room. “Have you had this procedure before, Justin?” she asked.

“No, previously I’ve just shaved. Will it be painful?”

“Of course it will hurt initially, but the pain won’t last long. It won’t be as painful as a piercing but it will be over a larger area.”

“Will you be doing it for me?”

“No, as we are in Bondi, we thought it appropriate to employ two male therapists, because we expect more male clientele than in the other salon. Your esthetician will be with you shortly.”

“Thank you Rani, but what is an esthe.....whatever you said.”

An esthetician is a person who specializes in skin beautification. Some people just call them beauticians, but Jeremy is a bit...you know.”

“Up himself?”

“You said that, not me.” she replied with a wink.

“What should I do now?”

“While you are waiting for Jeremy you could remove your jeans and jocks and lie on the table. You can use this sheet to cover yourself.”

Justin did as directed, but striped off completely. Shortly afterwards two young men came into the room.

“Good morning, Justin is it?”

“Yes, will you be doing the procedure?”

“Yes, I’m Jeremy and this is Brett, he will be assisting and learning at the same time.”

“Hi guys, pleased to meet you.”

“Pleased to meet you Justin. Jeremy said as he raised his eyebrows. “I see you’re no stranger to pain. Great nipple wear you have, may I have a closer look?”

“Sure, be my guest, as I’m getting this for free it’s the least I can do.”

Jeremy and Brett examined Justin’s diamond studded dumbbells for some time, until Justin said “Guys, are we going to do this now?”

“What...um...oh, of course.” replied Jeremy. “Now before we start I need to check if you have been drinking lots of water this morning. Hydration is important for the skin and to help open the pores.”

“Yes, I was given the instructions yesterday and I have kept off coffee and tea today also.”

“That’s excellent Justin. May I?” he asked as he lifted the sheet from Justin.”

“Go ahead, I’m not shy and it would be too bad if I was, wouldn’t it?” They both laughed nervously.

“I just need to check the length of your pubes. Too short and the wax doesn’t get a good grip.” As he checked he said further “Ah that’s just perfect.”

Brett heard the word ‘perfect’ and looked questioningly at Jeremy, who whispered “Behave Brett.” Then in a louder voice “Brett, will you heat the wax while I explain to Justin exactly what we will be doing?”

When the wax was ready Jeremy applied a couple of layers with a wooden spatula. While it was setting, he applied wax to another area. After a minute or two he said “Ready Justin.”

“Yeah, let’s do it.”

“Now don’t hold your breath, just relax and breathe normally.” Before Justin could even think about his breathing, Jeremy gripped the thick end of the wax and pulled off the entire piece in one swift move. Justin grimaced but said nothing.

“How was that?” asked Jeremy.

“It’s ok.”

“Good, now while Brett applies wax to the other side, I will...” and he ripped off another swatch of Justin’s pubes. Then looking at Brett, he said “Brett, can you please concentrate on the job at hand. You’re so slow the wax is setting while you are still spreading it.”

“Sorry Jez, I was just...”

“Yes, I know what you were just... Please keep it professional.”


The salon opened a few days later and Sandra worked alongside Rani for the first week, to help her settle in and then left Rani and the new crew to manage on their own.

While Sandra was styling the hair of one of her long time clients, at her old salon, she said to Sandra “I hope the new salon does well, and I think Rani is a good choice to operate it for you, although I will miss her around here.”

“Thanks Madge, that means a lot to me and will boost Rani’s confidence also, when I tell her.”

“I met her man, Daniel at the party; he’s a really nice guy and quite a looker isn’t he? How long have they been a couple?”

“About two years now, it seems to be going well. Rani’s parents aren’t happy that they’re not married but they like Daniel.”

“And I suppose as long as he keeps Rani happy that makes them happy.”

“Yes, and he does keep her happy, very happy! Believe me.”

“Why do you say it like that?”

“Well, not that I’m complaining, mind you, but if they have even half as much sex as Rani tells me about they make the rest of us look like missionaries.”

“Tell me more.”

“It’s not just the quantity of sex but where they have sex. You know they met on a flight to London and Daniel introduced Rani to the mile high club on their first meeting.”

“Wow, I’ve never tried that.”

“Probably because you don’t have access to the secret crew cabins on large aircraft.”

“They have secret cabins.”

“Yes, the crew have to rest on those long flights.”

“Oh I see, and between rest periods the cabins are put to other use?”

“Yes, and it’s not just private cabins where they have sex. They have what Rani calls destination sex.” Madge furrowed her brow. “They go to exotic places and have sex in public places, not just in their hotel room.”

“Like where?”

“Well domestically, they made love on top of Ayers Rock or Uluru.”

“Bloody hell, they don’t even like you to climb it. They’d be apoplectic if they knew people were...you know... up there. How did they manage that?”

“They crept up there after dark, put down a blanket stripped off and went for it like rabbits. They’ve done it at the V & A in London, the Eiffel tower, some temples in Asia including Angkor Wat, more.”

“Is there anywhere they haven’t done it?”

“Oh yes, but they have a bucket list that includes the Sydney Opera house, and Parliament house locally, plus the Taj Mahal, the tower of Pisa, the Forbidden City in China and of course St. Peters in Rome is way up on their list.

“So do you have a boring sex life compared to them?”

“Not really, my man takes me to a far away destination every time he makes love to me. Besides I don’t get off on taking risks, it’s not my thing or I suspect yours either, Madge.”

“You’re right Sandra, but it is exciting to imagine it. You know that Eiffel Tower thing sounds romantic. I might see if John can manage it tonight.”

“Madge, you shock me.”

“After all the years you’ve been doing my hair and all the gossip we’ve exchanged?”

“No not really, but you’ve made me think about it. Now I’ll spend the rest of the day wondering where I want Frank to take me tonight.”

“Huh, now who’s the shocking one?


Next - Part two of Catering with Benefits series - Second Course.

Copyright © 2021 Wombat Bill; All Rights Reserved.

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Chapter Comments

No plans at present, but you never know. This happened with Max and Charles. They were loved enough to make it into the main story. So maybe......

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3 hours ago, ReaderPaul said:

I liked this chapter a lot.  Will we see Brett and/or Jeremy again?

Who wants to see Jeremy and Brett again? You Can Do It Yes GIF by Bronwyn Maloney

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13 minutes ago, Wombat Bill said:

Who wants to see Jeremy and Brett again? You Can Do It Yes GIF by Bronwyn Maloney

I would like to see them both.  But for some reason, especially I want to see Brett again.

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Would love to see Jeremy and Brett again. I like Jeremy because he seems the sensible of the two, Brett because whilst he's learning wouldn't be afraid of providing extras along side the waxing. He comes across cheeky and innocent 😇 

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1 hour ago, Wombat Bill said:

What do you like about Brett especially? 


34 minutes ago, chris191070 said:

Would love to see Jeremy and Brett again. I like Jeremy because he seems the sensible of the two, Brett because whilst he's learning wouldn't be afraid of providing extras along side the waxing. He comes across cheeky and innocent 😇 

I think Chris, above, summed up well most of what I was thinking in regard to Brett.  However, I think part of it may also have been that Brett was desiring to do a good job and felt he was still learning, in addition to possibly being slightly distracted by working adjacent to an admirably appealing magnificent and memorable male member, on a very attractive man.

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And I would (just to be very clear) like to see Jeremy again, as well.  There are many questions yet to be answered, whether in "Catering With Benefits" or in a separate story.  Examples of questions--

A) How did Jeremy get started in waxing and related salon activities?
B) Do Brett and Jeremy have a relationship outside of the salon?

C) How did Brett decide to become an apprentice or associate of Jeremy?

D) Are either gay or bisexual?  (I am guessing both are gay or bi, but that has not been made certain.  When I was in open showers in the 1960s in my Physical Education (PE) classes in high school, several guys commented on the size of my penis because I'm more of a "shower" than a "grower."  So they were guessing I was bigger than the erect state actually was -- not that any of them ever found out.)  So even non-directly-sexual things are noticed by males and females.


Edited by ReaderPaul
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Jeremy and Brett are preparing for their appearance in chapter 11.

 Saved By The Bell Team GIF by PeacockTV

Edited by Wombat Bill
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