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Found 16 results

  1. So one of the major aspects of Mellicat's story, Dare, is family. We're all born into a family even if we don't know them, or we lose them, in one way or the other. The adults and children and relationships we see and know or wish we had are how we model our own future selves in our minds. And that shapes who we become and the choices we make in our entire life... for good or ill. In Dare, the choices the characters make are based on the men in their lives and the roles they all grew into. In some ways, those roles have been locked in since they were children and the choices they all make are based on the same choices and images of each other they've always held. But are those choices what's best for each of them and what they wants out of life or just in kneejerk reaction to what they think they have to do and be based on their childhood? And can they all come together as adults when something bad happens and learn that what they thought they knew about each other maybe isn't the whole picture? In this feature, I stuck with one chapter, but I picked two sections that really highlighted the brothers and their roles and their connections to each other and their families as well. Want to read more, click here.
  2. Did you catch Monday's blog featuring David McLeod's story, Pilots? This novella-length contemporary story has such a wide variety of characters and short stories within the storyline that you are learning new things about them all the time, which is a great way of catching the readers' interest when the theme is a newly started community GSA. Of course, it won't go smooth for them because when in life--or fiction--does that happen when such a varied group comes together? Case in point.... Want to read more? Click here!
  3. Did you catch Monday's blog sharing the ad and feature of this month's Classic author story, The Confrontation by Adam Phillips? This was another story chosen to go along with the Coming Out theme to kick off our promotion of Pride month, which is often what so many LGBT community members are thinking about when this time of year rolls around. How did it go in this story? Well... I chose this excerpt because it shows that first crucial moment and then the second... but you're left wondering if the third time is the charm or the time the decision will be ripped out of his hands and everything the character might face is too little too late. Want to read more? Click here.
  4. Did you catch Monday's featured ad sharing Underthehoodter's story, First Encounters? The story takes you back to those early days when the world was a different place and romance was something new and scary and amazing... and you need to read the story find out more! If you weren't intrigued before, how about after reading this excerpt? This moment is that first conversation, that first interaction... that WHAM! You all remember it, right? When you felt the stomach churn and the other... parts that locked on to another person and made you a complete idiot when you tried to talk to them? Yeah, that's in the story, and Underthehoodster captured it perfectly, imo. Read on! LOL To read more, click here.
  5. How's your schedule? Spring break looming for you? Or are you just looking to crash from all the harsh winter or summer weather and need a good reason to take a break? Well, once again we have another Classic Author feature to tickle your interest and catch your eye in case you missed this early author from GA's beginning days! Kombat Kids is set in a place very familiar to me... the Pacific Northwest. Not far from the Columbia River, this is a region with a lot of rich plant-life, varied animals of all shapes and sizes, and so many outdoor activities you don't ever have to go inside if you don't want to! The perfect setting for this story. Add in the stellar snippet of the review from Myr on Monday's feature, which you can read here if you didn't see it, and I am happy to also get to share an excerpt of this story with you to showcase just what you're missing out on if you haven't read it yet. You can also download a copy of the graphic to add to your signature if you want to share how much you enjoyed the story! To read more, click here.
  6. This week's feature is a much older story but one I hope more interest in will prompt Myr into writing more. Who wants to join me in getting some more psi-corps? The banner feature was on Monday if you want to download and put the banner in your signature to share the story as one of your favorites! Myr's story is a short one, but I still chose a longer excerpt. There's a good glimpse into Jerry's character here, but it doesn't really give anything away about the story's events to come. Myr does share some tantalizing tidbits about just what might happen in the future. If you want to read more, click here.
  7. Here we go again, another day, another author feature! We hope you guys enjoy getting a glimpse at some of these favorite stories from the past that kept readers enthralled in earlier days of the site. This nearly 200k story is a perfect example. Monday's graphic teaser should've whet your appetite, now let's see if I can hook you in completely with an excerpt. There is a LOT of drama going on in this story... but that's because the story starts off with a bang and the hits keep coming. You get a good look back at the action and an idea (though, omg, a run at the gate is crazy!!!) of what is to come with this excerpt. And, of course, Topher's stellar writing style and clean editing. If you want to read more, click here.
  8. Did you catch Monday's feature of this month's Classic story, Someday Out of the Blue by LittleBuddhaTW? We shared the ad and a graphic you can add to your signature, plus a glowing review from a fan. If that didn't convince you to read the story, how about this excerpt below? I picked this excerpt because I wanted to point out all the drama this poor guy is going through. And, while most teenagers think they have a lot to shoulder under or face burdens that feel super dramatic and heavy, Connor really does. But, like so many other teens, he thinks he has life under control. He can handle it. He knows what's best... or does he? Want to read more? Click here.
  9. Monday I brought you the Classic Author Feature for this month, Shadowgod's A Shot of Bourbon. Did you catch it? You can download a copy of the banner if you want to add it to your signature. If you missed the feature, never fear, we have more to pique your interest today with an excerpt from the story that will whet your appetite for more! I picked this excerpt because I wanted to show just where the inspiration for the image from the banner came from, plus it's a great scene to showcase the interactions and back and forths between Bourbon and one of the other characters... Want to read more? Click here.
  10. Did you catch Monday's blog featuring the ads for The Zot's short story, You Meet Your Soulmate in the Strangest Places? This short story is a romance of a different sort, full of unexpected moments, sweet surprises, a bit of angst (what good romance doesn't have at least a little?) and some hot, hot kissing. Check it out! I picked this excerpt because it creates a moment of romance, some humor, some of that drama I mention, and you're left with a wait... what? right at the very end. LOL. It's hard to do all that within just a few paragraphs and in one moment of time in a story, but The Zot managed! To read more, click here.
  11. Did you catch Monday's blog featuring Stefan Schmidt's novella, The Sons of Memory? This tale of Theseus brings out a lot of the old classic stylings with all the trappings of the Greek mythology, including a minotaur who needs... well, what he needs. And this story isn't shy with the details. I decided to share the excerpt from the very beginning, because as with all good stories, that sets the plot and the first glimpse of the character. Care to check out... the maze? To read more, click here.
  12. Did you catch Monday's blog post feature of this month's Classic Author story, My Jump Off by Nickolas James? There's something to be said for reading about flawed characters who have a real life and problems they might not handle like you would want a character to do... since real people and real life so seldom follows a script. And that's just what this story has going for it. I picked this month's featured excerpt for that reason as well. You can really see the 'teenage drama' and the self-involved focus Jarred has even as you want to reach into the computer and smack him upside the head for being an idiot. Or maybe that's just the mom in me, lol. To read more, click here.
  13. Did you catch Monday's blog featuring Altimexis's coming of age contemporary novella, Fish Out of Water? If you're a fan of the story, don't forget to download the signature graphic to share it through the month. If you haven't read the story yet, maybe this excerpt will help change your mind! I picked this excerpt both to share with readers and to help design the ad because who doesn't think of fireworks and love together? Okay, so maybe it's cliché or corny, but really, if you've been in a relationship in the summer (and in the US, for the most part, for our Independence day like the setting of this story) then you've experienced the hot summer night under the sparkling lights that are the explosions of color rocking the horizon. Or maybe wrote someone's name with a sparkler? Maybe cuddled up on a blanket if the heat of the day suddenly cooled and gave you a good excuse to canoodle? Well... there might be some of that (and more) going on in this chapter... but you'll have to check out the excerpt to find out! To read more, click here.
  14. Did you catch Monday's blog featuring Gabriel Morgan's sexy contemporary Texas story, Stonegate Stables? If you're a fan of his story, don't forget to download the signature graphic to share it through the month. If you haven't read the story yet, maybe this excerpt will help change your mind! I chose this short excerpt from chapter three because it's incredibly descriptive in a way that makes you desperately want to see what the characters are seeing, for one, and two, because it gives you so many ideas about what is going to happen next. You get a glimpse of Sean's day-to-day life and then, bam, a big moment hits. Those sorts of you'll know it when you see it, if you're ever lucky enough to have it happen to you, life's about to change because this person is just... them. But life doesn't always turn out how you think it will, and Stonegate Stables might be a contemporary story with a hefty dose of romance (and sex, lots and lots of sex) but the author didn't forget that either. So this excerpt might just not mean what you think it means... but to find out, you'll have to read it, and then read the story! To read more, click here.
  15. Did you catch Monday's feature announcing with Classic Author & story we are highlighting this month? If not, go check the reviews from some big fans of Dabeagle's story, Things We Lost, as well as downloading a graphic for your signature if you want to share your love of Dabeagle's story. In the meantime, check out why Timothy chose this story and excerpt to share with other readers! Timothy M. said: Ehren has lost most of the things many of us take for granted: loving parents, a home, the chance to have friends, go to school, have enough to eat, clean clothes and a shower s needed. Living on the streets is a hard life, but he’s clever and resourceful. On the day we meet him, he makes a snap decision to help a girl in need, in spite of being scared of the potential consequences. The ripples from this first stone are complicated further when Ehren flings another daring missile, and life as he knows it unravels around him. I’ve chosen the moment when Ehren is confronted with the desperate plight of a stranger. How would you react in his stead? To read more, check out the rest of the story here.
  16. Did you catch Monday's blog featuring this month's Classic Author ad choice, K.C.'s Pour Me Another, selected by JayT? If not, go check it out and get your copy of a small graphic that you can use for your personal signature if you want to share the love for K.C.'s story. With well over a thousand comments on the story, it was hard to pick just 3 to feature, but today's feature also shares JayT's favorite excerpt from the story and why he picked it. Read on to find out what it is! JayT said: This story is about love overcoming seemingly impossible obstacles, such as the person who is in love with you is straight. Or at least he thought so, and that is why I love this story. This excerpt takes place after Michael, the straight man, realizes he has feelings for Asher, the gay man. After showing up at Asher's in the middle of the night, he finally kisses Asher, only to discover that Asher was not alone when a naked man walks out of the bedroom. A heartbroken Michael then turns and runs away. This part of the story shows us how lost and hopeless Michael's life became after he decided to cut Asher out. When Michael learns that Asher was possibly shot, he drops everything and leaves work to seek out answers. Hopefully, he will find Asher alive and safe. This story shows that anyone can fall in love with anyone. It's the person we fall for, not their sex. To read more, check out the rest of the story here.
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