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February Classic Author Excerpt: Heritage Heretic by Lugh



Monday's feature was Lugh's short story that shows just how much our history can define us, as a person, a people... but what happens when that history is denied to us? How would you react? Check out this excerpt if you haven't already read Lugh's story!



He smiled wanly, and unpacked the next box.

Because the rules did state that each table must be manned by at least two people, Trey did have a partner in crime, Daniel, who was walking up now with yet another box. "You are absolutely positive this is in the rules? I got my mom to donate like four cases of condoms. And if I get in trouble she's gonna be pissed at both of us."

"Four cases?"

"Yep, she considered it a good cause, if it's legal and all, and she said to make sure they all got out to the kids, but I could keep a few." Daniel winked then dropped the boxes he was carrying on the floor by his feet before leaning over to kiss his boyfriend, who reciprocated freely.

"Well if nothing else that should make our table popular with a certain crowd."

"Hopefully the crowd who needs it," Daniel agreed as they both exited the building and made their way to the student parking lot to finish getting the rest of the boxes. They had just about finished getting the table set up when their classmates began to show up to put the final preparation on the other tables. Trey and Daniel covered theirs with a second black sheet and sat on camping stools grinning like they had a big secret as their classmates gave them odd looks when they passed their table.

The homeroom bell rang, and all the seniors filed out of the gym so they could be counted as present for the day, then the entire student body would be taken to an assembly on diversity before being dismissed to 'enjoy the festivities'. The seniors, however, had to man their booths for the first hour of the day while they were being judged then they could take turns keeping them manned the rest of the school day while they checked out their classmate's booths. The non-physical ones like Trey and Daniel's were inside. The seniors were excused from the assembly first so they could go man their booths. Trey and Daniel did not hurry to their spot in the back of the gym as they were as prepared as they were going to be and it would take a few minutes for anyone to get back to them anyway, even the judges always seemed to start in the front and work their way back. This was why they were still standing near the gym doors when the first of the freshmen darted out of the auditorium and out the front doors into the sunshine whooping as they went. Daniel chuckled as the sophomores and juniors headed to the gym shaking their heads and grinning. Trey elbowed Daniel, "They'll be back."

"Yup," he agreed as he remembered his freshman year and the way he hurried out to the games only to realize he couldn't play any until he visited the inside booths to get tickets. It sucked but that was how the system worked.

"Are you ready?" Daniel asked Trey. "This is your show."

"It's just as much yours as mine, but people sort of know about you."

"Yeah," Daniel grinned as he unbuttoned his shirt to reveal the t-shirt underneath, "Let's do it."


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