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Why one should storyboard a longer story

The graphic on the page linked below is unfair to Ayn Rand, but she wouldn't care. Authoring was only one of many tools to advance her ideas. Still, the concept applies to most stories. If you don't plan your story before writing, it had better be short, or you will likely find yourself veering into the weeds, trying to keep the story alive.   http://macroexposure.com/2014/02/18/atlas-shrugged-in-one-chart/   Edited to remove the image of the chart. I tried and failed to obtain permission fr



confined spaces

By only the light of the hallway, I padded quietly through the bathroom towards the bath-shower. Those beyond the curtain suspected nothing. I paused to grab my weapon and position it carefully in my right hand. Then I threw back the curtain! thwap! thwap! thwap! thwap! thwap! thwap! thwap! thwap! thwap! thwap! thwap! thwap! It was over in seconds. A few escaped. Most were down the drain. I rinsed the rest off my trusty fly swatter and returned it to the tank top for next time. Then



Why knotme?

My current (03 Nov 06) Personal Statement says I'm "partly out". I was almost fully out before I moved to Hawaii. I felt no hurry to come out again after I moved here, so I dragged my feet. Gay Authors has me reconsidering. This blog for instance. I've restricted it to members. While there's no particular reason for a guest to read it, I do regret forcing members to log in before reading. Also, because I'm not comfortable telling all of my new neighbors about my blog, I can't always ask a neighb



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