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I am very excited to share my brand new short story with you guys. This one is called FIREFLY and is available for free. I wrote this one in one sitting as it was one of those occasions where everything just fell into place in my head. It is darker than my previous short story so it'll be different. Hope you guys like it. Let me know what you think.   For 14 year old Jon, the best thing about his friend Patrick is his good-looking older brother, Spencer. It’s just a crush, after all –

Raphael Farmer

Raphael Farmer


Carried Away (eBook available now)

I am very excited to announce that my eBook CARRIED AWAY is available now for FREE. Follow the link to get a copy. I truly hope you guys enjoy the read. Comments and reviews would be of course well appreciated.   https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/745198   Mason has no friends - though it's not for lack of trying. He resigns himself to being a loner for the rest of his high school days - until popular Asher Raines stumbles into his world. Mason has a long-time crush on Ash

Raphael Farmer

Raphael Farmer

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