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;; " .Together, we are Beautiful. <3 " ;;




- Hey everyone, this week has been just super busy due to school >.< Anyways, this one is to all my GA friends/fans (if I have any :') ) that I fricken adore + love so fricken much!! <3333 *hugs*


- Yes it's true,

whether you believe me or not,

it won't change the way I feel.


He walked right into my life,

when I least expected it,

and now he is taking over.

And you know what?

It's beautiful, and it feels right...

Beauty personified.


I couldn't see it before,

but it must be the chemistry,


"I am the rain,

and he is the sun,

and together we make a rainbow."

I think it's beautiful.


And now that I've found him,

I'm bound to find happiness

by being around him.



I love it,

the way he makes me laugh,

the way he holds my hands,

the way he makes me feel,

and I'm glad that he knows

how to be a man.


I'm not ashamed to confess that

nothing makes me happier

than the thought of him

tightly holding me against

the lightly dimmed stars

till the night fall fades away,

letting dawn's rosy fingure tips

spread across the brisk sky,

whisphering in my ear,

"Together, we are beautiful."


It's funny isn't it?

How his resplendent smile

makes me leave behind

all my worries,

all my fears,

and all my regrets,

so that I could truely live

my life the way I intended to

until the end of the world.


So let us linger here until

death do us apart.

Because frankly, there

is no where else I rather be.



Dear Lovers;


Take a deep breath,

close your eyes,

and let your imagination run wild,

be as free as the wind,

a heart big as that tree,

full of sweet promises and remorse,

don't be afraid to love,

embrace it,

or forever drown in

the untold confessions

of a broken heart.


If the whole world could just fall in love

just like me and my man,

then that would be



Let love take over,

breath it in.

It's alright

to be happy,

because love doesn't

have to hurt.


Stay Sweet Always,


Your Friend <3


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