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Santa bring me a trip to D.C.



Yay Christmas! My family always opens the presents under the tree on Christmas Eve and then we get presents from Santa on Christmas morning. I am really wanting a trip to Washington D.C. for Christmas. I'll not be getting it. Oh well.


So, I got two really cool watches, some coasters (my mom thinks she is really funny), a Terri Clark CD, t-shirts, sweaters, and DVDs, but sadly no underwear with the hot guys on the front. :( Oh well, there's always next year.


The worst part about all of this was that I had to deal with my dad all day, but luckily he was civil. As was I. In fact, it really wasn't that bad, and I got an awesome present from him. $250. Cha-ching, bitch!!!!


So, we have a family gathering with my maternal grandparents and one very close family friend. But after this, we go to a Christmas party at another friend's house and stay there for about an hour. We just got home from that, actually. Anyways, there was this guy there who I've known since I was three because our families are really good friends, and we've been friends for like our whole lives. Well, his family moved to Texas a while back, so I hadn't seem him in quite a few years. He was at this party, and I must tell you, puberty has been kind to him. He turned really hot. But, being the awkward fool that I am, I couldn't go talk to him.


However, I did see him glancing over at me every once in while as I stole glances at him because he's so pleasant to look at. I heard it through the grapevine that he is now a total computer nerd. Have I mentioned yet that nerds are hot? All four of my crushes are very smart, and I might be able to add him to this list, depending on whether or not I see him any more before he goes back to Texas.


And to rationalize, because that's what I do, don't you dare start thinking that he was looking at me so much because he likes me. It was only like twice, and I bet it's because he recognized me but coudn't put a name to my face.


Please hurry, Santa, I want to know what else I got for Christmas.


-psychic psychopath

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