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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Libby!

  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday! {And just a note of encouragement--I consider my forties to have been the most enjoyable and productive years of my life! }

  5. Congratulations, you three! Just reply back with your email address, and I'll get the story out to you. I hope you enjoy it! Thanks, everyone, for your show of support. Congrats, Sharon. What format would you like? PDF or ePub? Well, I'm pleased to let you know your name came up. Would you like it in PDF or ePub? You were the third pick, KC. What format would you prefer?
  6. Thank you all very much! Cia, that sounds awesome! Thanks very much for the opportunity. I'll be in touch shortly. Good luck, everyone! And thanks again for the support.
  7. Hey, all. I wanted to do a giveaway here on GA for Bending the Iron because this was the first place the story was posted. It’s been through the wringer since then. The published version is vastly different. It's better structured, packs a more substantial punch, and travels in directions I hadn't originally anticipated. Just some evidence of what a highly skilled editor will do for you. (Thank you, Deb!) Bending the Iron (originally titled Remodeling), releases August 19th from Carina Press. It was the supportive and insightful comments I received on GA that encouraged me to send it on fo
  8. It wasn't easy to let go of my two spaces after a period and Oxford commas, but they are no-no's for (fiction) manuscripts these days (submitted to US publishers). I've learned to adjust, but not always willingly. The Oxford comma and I go way back. I miss it.
  9. I touched on character description in an earlier post. Here's a brief summary of that article. Less is more because when you include too much detail, you’re telling your readers how to envision the character, rather than showing them how to envision the character for themselves. You, the writer, will never be able to tell them anything that’s as convincing and believable as what they invent on their own, or what you lead them to invent through the use of their own preconceptions. The more flexibility a reader has to invent their own character, the better. Some description helps that.
  10. Thanks for reading and commenting. I'm glad it was useful. You're right. The list is by no means exhaustive, and honestly I'd be interested in hearing what other tropes drive people crazy. Mark, honey, you get a pass from me on whatever the hell you want. You're welcome. I hope you found the article useful.
  11. You're welcome. They slip in on everyone. That's why a sharp editor is worth their weight in gold. Here's where I admit I never read 50 Shades. I just couldn't bring myself after reading this: http://jenniferarmintrout.blogspot.com/p/jen-reads-50-shades-of-grey.html?zx=843bd69a54b109b6 My favorite villain is one who really has no compelling reason to be evil. It makes me want to dig deeper into the story. You're welcome! Thanks for reading. Dialog is a different animal, but even then it pays to try to trim cliches so they appear only here and there.
  12. Hi everyone! Thanks for the replies. Sorry for my late response. I was on vacation without my computer, a truly glorious experience. As with all "wriiting tips", this one is far easier to explain than to do. Practice helps, but achieving that sense of balance is always a battle. Good luck and keep up the great work. Thanks again!
  13. Just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday Libby. Enjoy

  14. Happy, Happy Birthday. I hope your special day is fabulous!

  15. Happy birthday Libby Drew!!

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