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Sagging Saggers

Yettie One


So it is a special day apparently. I wish someone had told my dentist that! angry.png The side of my face feels like it's had a punch Mike Tyson would be proud of! I guess it is my own fault for not asking for a different date, but I'd rather get it bloody done and dusted to be honest.


I am pretty lucky in that we have a really cool dentist in the next village, and they fuss over their patients and really are rather nice, so it makes the whole experience rather nice. For this reason they are a really busy practice, and there are always a load of people there when I visit. Today was not much different, and I was sat in the waiting room with a number of adults, a fair few elderly folk, a mom and baby, and one or two around my own age. Most were busy reading this or that, or checking out the posters on the wall. I sat there wondering what I would do today, and pretty much decided that I'd write a blog, considering it's meant to be a special day and all that! Just what to write about now....


Then it happened. A rather stunning looking young gentleman, maybe around 23, walked into the waiting area, dressed in rather trendy modern fashion. As is the case with an awful lot of the youth today, his trousers were just about around his ankles, and his rather ample, tight, delicious looking bum was tightly wrapped in a pair of royal blue boxer briefs, leaving next to nothing to the imagination. I automatically tutted to myself, I mean what is the world coming to, when you go to your local dentist and there is a young man doing everything he can to turn everyone on! I mean I did sit there thinking to myself, "Damn dude, if you really have to let your jeans sag that low, you may as well leave the bloody things at home and just walk around in your jocks!!!" Not that I'd be complaining in this instance! innocent.gif


But it did make me chuckle to myself watching the reaction around the surgery. Remember the time when a 'Builders Bum' was a rather unsightly thing to observe, and most people would politely look away, and attempt to hide their embarrassment or disdain. However, now it is all proudly worn on display for the whole world to see, crack and all.


The result is really quite dangerous for the gay man. I mean, there are occasions, where the person that becomes the target of one's attention is dressed in some form of sporting gear, say for example the modern form of track suit bottoms that are common with the younger generation here in the UK. Right now at this time, the trend is for these to be made of a light cotton like material with no inner lining that is common with a comparable nylon pair of 'trackie' pants. Put this together with the trend to leave one's trackies sagging low, added to the fact that certain bulges and shapes become rather obvious through the flimsy thin fabric, the dangerous result for a typical horny gay man is that lamp posts, bollards, and other pedestrians along the sidewalk become very inconvenient obstacles to avoid while completely distracted and on the move.


Another result of the sagging mentality is that most men are at last beginning to understand that a good looking pair of underwear is an asset, and a powerful tool in the 'turn on', 'turn off' department. As a person that has always had an appreciation of the male form, clad only in a good looking and rather suggestive pair of underwear, I can honestly say that I am rather satisfied that the trend of sagging has at last woken mankind up to the importance of hot underwear. :P


But more than anything, I decided to see what I could find in relation to the topic of sagging before I wrote this blog, just to make sure that I was using the right terminologies, and not making a complete fool of myself, and came across this article which outlines possibly one of the most absurd laws I think I have discovered to date. I mean I can understand that for some it is rather offensive, but let's be honest, we are perfectly happy to sit on a beach and watch scantily clad people frollick around with everything on display. Women can freely walk around inner cities with boob tubes and other various items of clothing that leave very little to the imagination while there boobies are proudly on display, so when the tax payers money is being wasted to "Return Manliness" to Michigan, I do shake my head in wonder. Come on world, men are just showing off what they got! :P:)



To all of you that have sent birthday messages, thank you so much for your kindness and nice words. I appreciate it no end, and love you all. :hug:


Thought for today - "You can't leave footprints in the sands of time by sitting on your butt. And who wants to leave butt prints in the sands of time?" - Bob Moawad


Song for today - Princess of China by Rhianna and Coldplay

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