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What is hell?

No partner? Living with a partner, lover, paramour? Living with an incurable ailment? Writers block? Rejection slips from publishers? Losing a chapter because you forgot so save your work?

Hell no.

Hell is being without Wi-fi.

Suddenly, everything you want to do on the internet, is put on hold. Like quarantine. Like Jail. Like sitting in a doctor's consulting room waiting for bad news. Life is put on the backburner. All that is left is the miserable 3G byte gobbling service on your cell phone.


I have made arrangements to purchase a new contract. The service provider offers the most lucrative deal against other service providers. 20 gigs a month for under R200.00. They have given me a pin and authorisation number, however, the router has not arrived. They are waiting for stock.


Projects are on hold.


The writers for whom I edit, will have to wait. My own writing projects are on hold. My daily curiosity of surfing the net to find wonder stories of authors who have hit the big time, is also on hold. As an agent for some authors, I am unable to communicate with publishing houses, and lastly, my own book site, one that requires daily maintenance, cannot be accessed.




But, hey, things are not that bad. I still have my life-saving I-phone.


I looked at a couple of gay sites yesterday, just to get a feel of what these sites are promoting. Now, I like erotic stories, no doubt about that, but do you think I could find one site that didn't have the same sex disclaimer, urging the reader to move on if he/she does not agree with male to male or female to female sex.


My question is this: Why the disclaimer?


Do straight sites say if you do not agree with male to female sex, move on?


Nope. They don't. So why should we? In a world that is more accepting of gays than ever before, I don't see the necessity. However, having said that, I do realize that there are some countries and states that are intellectually and morally restricted, those states and countries that outlaw gays, and so I can live with that. Barely so.


A story is just that, a story. Straight or gay or transgendered. If a straight person comes across a gay sexually graphic story on the internet, and if that person is shocked, naturally he will move on. If he stays and reads, well, that is his choice.


And it really is all about choice.


But being without Wi-fi is hell.


Oh, and before I forget, we are always on the lookout for new Editors and beta readers. Without them, many stories will never see the light of day. If you are interested, give us a shout, we need you. I cannot link you to my name LJH or Joann414, because this is written from my cell phone.


Have a great week.

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I feel like I'm missing a piece of clothing without my Wi-Fi.  Weather messes with mine sometimes, and it is frustrating as hell.


I think the disclaimer shouldn't have to be there if it is rated Mature, expecially if there is explicit sex.  Other than that, what's the deal?  People buy books out of bookstores everyday that are full of explicit sex, and I'm sure the ones that buy aren't always over 18 or 21, whatever the place requires, to be considered an adult.


Many have been willing to help with the beta and editing, and for that I'm grateful.  But, as you know, we have a lot of new authors that are in need of both.  So, anyone willing to beta, edit, or just read over will be greatly appreciated.


Thanx for the time and hard work you do Louis!

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  • Site Administrator

I can! To contact Louis or Jo Ann:




PM Joann414


Sorry Louis, I've been there but with portable computers and a lot of wifi in the area, I tend to be okay on internet on those brief spells I must leave home to connect. At least you have the phone, so you don't go completely incommunicado.

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Joanne, it goes without saying that without you the program would not b the same. So all the kudos go to you. I agree with you about the disclaimers we so often see. It's like an author saying, I do apologise if you are offended but go to hell, I have written this and nothing you do or say will change any of it. Lol. I don't think we should apologise for anything we have written.


Disclaimer: this story deals with a car that has a life of its own. Please close this book if such a thing offends you. (King., Christine)




This story reveals images of a young boy who dabbles in magic, flies on a broom, and kisses a teenage girl. There is jealousy, fighting and magic spells. It also has wicked, evil antogonists. If this offends you please close the book and or turn your kindle off as it may influence you and millions of people around the world. (Rowling., Harry Potter)


Just saying


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Funny anecdote...there was recently an outcry in the m/m community because a well known blogger posted an article about how mad she was that some m/m books contained straight sex. She wanted a disclaimer advertising that sex involving female and male parts coming together would be in the book :P 


People can get pretty stuck in their boxes, can't they?


Once you have a warning up that there is sexual content of any kind, that oughta be good enough (to keep the kiddos away). After that, people should just have to deal with what they get. And who knows, they may discover something *gasp* new that they actually like!

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Oh yes. That's profound - about the straight sex. However, i have another thought, and it is just a thought mind you. Humans have sex. It is deep set in our human condition. We have sex for love, lust and to procreate. Sex is supposed to be a beautiful thing. Okay, protect our children until they are of an age when sex is understood, but why oh why do so many institutions, individuals, groups, churches, and organisations trash it with so many outrageous laws that govern it. Take out the paedophile and rapist equation for a moment. It still leaves a good many clauses and rules that the normal person must abide by. Just thinking out loud.


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Here's a silly thought out loud for you LJ. We should redefine the terms kinky and perverted. Kinky should be something you are not into yourself but will do for love of your partner, perverted should be something you would not do under any circumstances. The rest should fall into normal relationships and let the priests/ministers/rabbi's/ mayors/town councilmen/ and who ever else thinks they should be allowed to tell you how to live your life go find a rock to crawl under.

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