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    I love helping GA writers edit their work. I look for simplicity, clarity and precision. Some would say I am ruthless, others say I am merciful. It depends.

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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Lisa

    Louis!!! I stopped by to wish you another happy b-day! We miss you here!

  3. Thank you for offering your help to authors here, Kurt. Welcome to the editor's house!
  4. Lisa

    Happy Birthday, Louis!! I hope you're having an awesome day! :)

  5. Happy Birthday!!! I hope you have a great day!

  6. Just signed a contract for Stars Fall (Even Stars Die here on GA) with MxMBooks France to publish the French translation. I am over the moon. Merci...

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    2. Aaron Alan Addams

      Aaron Alan Addams

      Congrats! A fitting reward for all your hard work.

    3. Toast


      Congratulations !

    4. jian_sierra


      Félicitations !

  7. Folks, this post was written by Lugh some years ago and still stands. It's a pinned post, but I'm posting it again. There are two ways to find an Editor and/or Beta here at GayAuthors.org. One thing I would like to remind everyone before you start: By entering a working relationship with another member you agree not to divulge any personal information about anyone you are working with as an author / beta reader / editor as explained in the rules and this agreement is binding even if you choose leave the relationship. Option 1: Contact Cia or LJH and request one. You will need to include
  8. Hi JDM, please place your excerpt in this forum. Also, check out previous requests for editors then you'll get a feel as to how to go about the request. Have a great new year.
  9. A huge welcome to my friend Kimichan. Your work is amazing and I hope you have a fabulous time on GA. Hugs and hearts always
  10. Thanks everyone for birthday wishes. Hugs everyone.
  11. You have the same birthday as my brother. Hope you're having a good one. :)

  12. Happy Birthday Mark Hugs Hope you had a bliss day filled with love and cuddles and snuggles and spooning
  13. On behalf of the Editing Team, I'd like to introduce, and welcome our newest Proof Reader Jaro_423 I'm sure Jaro will make a valuable contribution to the Editing team. Jaro is a teacher with a degree in English and understands the value a proof reader brings to the story. He likes drama, romance, thrillers and coming out stories. He'll accept all drafts, from 1st to 3rd, depending on what the author sends him. It's heartening to discover that Jaro also hails from that deepest, darkest continent, filled with mystery and adventure, not just the continent, but is also a fellow South A
  14. Did you get my PMs?

    1. LJH


      My internet is down. Will catch up asap. Hugs

    2. Valkyrie


      Sounds great, thanks! :)

  15. LJH

    Chapter 1

    Thanks for reading and I see you have stayed with the story. I have published it now with the Title SWIMMER and I must say it's selling quite well. I wrote the story in 2nd person because I like playing with POV. I would hope that the reader was immersed in the story as a character watching everything. Romance is a big part of our lives, and a well written romance must have drama, sadness, love, loss and hope just to mention a few. being a short story, I had to pack the story in, iron it out neatly and fold it wisely. I wanted it to appeal to everyone. I wrote two versions, this, I'm afra
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