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  1. Kitt

    Meeting Max

    Funny, I never noticed any "accent" differences between Canadians and Quarter Horses and Thorughbreds!
  2. Kitt

    Meeting Max

    Most Americans would not know a Canadian from a Quarter horse, until you tell them Morgans are Canadians with specific color requirements. The only Canadian I ever worked with was a sweetheart, but a mischievious sneek! Learned how to open the field latches, would let his buddies out for a merry game of Ha Ha, you can't catch me, and then stay in the field himself looking innocent!
  3. Kitt

    Meeting Max

    Quite understandable. I just didn't want people thinking its as easy as saying "I want to go riding".
  4. Kitt

    Meeting Max

    I just want to mention here that Don's riding is not as simple as figuring out how to get him on and off the horse. Assuming he rode before the accident, and knew what he was doing, there would still have been a long period while he rebuilt his core strength and balance. The right horse would need to be found for him. Not any horse is acceptable. Special equipment is needed to get on and off. The horse needs to be tollerant of that, in addition to being well behaved and suitable for the types of riding Don wants to do. Now, if riding was introduced as a part of his rehab therapy, there is a whole other set of skills he would need to master on top of all the above! Sorry for hijacking the comments tim, but I work with this situation every day, and I did not want people thinking riding was easy for Don. He had to work hard for a long time before he was ever ready to get his own horse!
  5. Kitt


    When will the terms "gay" and "straight" and by extension "bi", "trans" and the rest become obsolete? I hope that I live to see the day! Bottom line, You are Thorn, not anything else. Whom you choose to include in your sex life is no one's business but yours and your partners, provided you protect both yourself and your lover from all the nasty diseases out there. How you dress on any given day is also no ones business but yours. Jeans and flannels today? Cool! Silk skirt tomorrow? Go for it! The people who try to "erase your identity" are not worth the space to write their names down. What is important is family and friends. We love you just the way you are!
  6. Kitt

    Anything New?

    Anyway, this was all on my mind, so I thought I'd get it down while thinking about it. You have hit a key component here Renee. Finding the time to write will get more difficult as J grows. Grab several notebooks from the dollar store, and scater them around your regular paths through the house, along with pens. I also found it helpful to tie the pens to the notebooks! Then jot down notes as you think of them, and pull the pages to take to your computer when you are ready to write. In my case it was not fiction, but more like to do lists etc, but the point is to be able to physically "collect your thoughts" when you sit down and then say "what did I want to write?"
  7. Kitt

    Author Guess Who - #1

    Oops, sorry A, but the editor in me kicked in!
  8. Kitt

    Meeting Max

    I think what I like most about your stories is your ability to tell it like it is, not the way people think it should be. You don't sugar coat things. Max is going to have problems no matter how well he gets along with the guys. Louis feels a bit railroaded right now, which is also natural. You could almost hear Louis thinking "Here we go again!" Being the right thing to do does not make it easy, and you portray that well, right from the begining, before the real problems start cropping up. Looks like Louis' rock will be occupied more frequently for a while.
  9. Kitt

    All Good Things

    Oh I quite agree, but it still sounds to me like he is trying to convince himself staying home in his comfy job and empty house is what he wants.
  10. Kitt

    All Good Things

    Sounds like he is trying to convince himself.
  11. Kitt

    Author Guess Who - #1

    In all fairness, most of us that commented know tim better than most.
  12. Kitt

    Author Guess Who - #1

  13. Kitt

    Author Guess Who - #1

    I'm inclined to believe Tim is trying to deflect.
  14. Kitt

    Author Guess Who - #1

    I agree.
  15. Kitt

    Against All Odds

    Romance after the death of a partner seldom is a smooth road. Kids tend to look at it as replacing the parent they lost.

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