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  1. Kitt

    Chapter 33

    Not in a very long time.
  2. Kitt

    Chapter 33

    Only in your own work. Mann can get into quite enough trouble all by himself!
  3. Kitt

    Chapter 33

    Quit stirring the shit! Mann is going to be in enough trouble for not telling us if Sawyer survived the third night or not.
  4. Bout time you definitively tell us the results from an entire story worth of competition! Great, as usual!
  5. I firmly believe craft stores should be considered an essential business! I have spent more on yarn, needle work patterns, drawing supplies and the like in the last 6 months than in the previous 2 years!
  6. Oh he'll no! As crazy as dealing with peeps that don't believe the virus exists is, total lockdown like @Zombie deals with would have me locked in a rubber room!
  7. Kitt

    Cold Blooded

    Too much time in lockdown? Your imagination is our gain!
  8. Well done. We could feel Alex's trepidation during his crisis of faith. As a much lapsed catholic myself, I totally see where his reactions stem from.
  9. From what I understand, she cracked one of em with her ox pack!
  10. I was surprised she was up already. Only happened Thursday.
  11. Oh! And 2 of the 3 bullies have been busted. Only a matter of time to find the 3rd.
  12. Just heard from my neighbors daughter. Hip has been replaced, and they have her up and walking already. Neighborhood is organizing a walking schedule so she will not be out alone once she recovers enough to walk out again. Instead of a rehab facility, a home health aide and a pt will come to her house till she can be independent again.
  13. Covid will kill you. What they don't say is that you don't need to actually get the virus. Suffer from depression or other mental issues? Lockdown will make it worse. Overweight? Yup, makes it worse. I get bored I cook. If I cook I eat. Sometimes more than is good, or things I should not. Mobility issues? Yup, it gets them too. Hard enough getting enough of the right exercise in, close the gyms and pt offices? Another blow to your health. And now the biggest blow. My neighbor was out walking on the first sunny day we have had in a long time. No surgical mask as it interferes with h
  14. Mom gave it to me at birth. Have had other names on other sites, found peeps would talk to me in live chats and it did not register that they were speaking to me!
  15. You are right, they can't possibly pay enough for that! But I can't really blame the furry little monster. I mean, look who trained him. Hang in, vent to us, and bide your time. Karma is a bitch...
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