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  1. Took long enough to post! I proofed this week's ago! Well done
  2. Hit the local Italian specialty store for fresh mozzarella. You will never want grocery store again. Hint, cut it with wet kitchen shears instead of a knife.
  3. Ok, I have officially changed my mind about socialized medicine. The US Healthcare system may be broke but at least stuff like this doesn't leave peeps waiting months for help.
  4. Yeah, but it has been a long road. Now the end is in sight.
  5. Finally! Wishing a smooth procedure and speedy recovery.
  6. Central Air has made a big difference in my electric bill. I've found if I leave it on all the time, open windows when outside Temps drop and close em again the minute the air kicks on my bills stay lower. My summer gas bill runs like $10 / month. I could shut the line down but that would require a service call befor use in the fall and you never know when the weather will make a big enough drop for heat. This way hubby can vacuum the venturi tube and we can fire the heat at will and not try and schedule the fall service during that first big rush. I have pretty much that same shift from electric to gas seasonally.
  7. Oh no you don't! You can NOT leave us hanging for the better part of a year why you edit an older story!!! Ok gang, I am sharpening the pitch forks. Who is making the torches? I am sure you get that this comes from a place of true appreciation for your UNFINISHED story.
  8. My old pastry knife would never have handled the nuts, but that one fell apart ( after almost 40 years of use) and the new one would make short work of pretty much anything I took it to.
  9. Not long after I started working in the office @ the barn, but befor I took over the day to day, boss used to split the board bill as part was taxable, and part not. The governor at the time changed the tax base resulting in taxes applying to the full cost. Naturally that resulted in customers paying more. Do you think I could get it through their heads we did not raise the price? Customer after customer I would go through the bill line by line and explain it was the change in taxes just passed that resulted in them paying more. One particularly disagreeable woman got up in my face demanding I "change it back".
  10. Breathe right strips work well and does not damage my skin. Does leave a little adhesive residue occasionally but it washes off easily. Any of the bigger pharmacies carry em. I keep some in my "just in case" bag in the truck. Helpful when unexpected overnights find me without the c-pap
  11. A sleep study is the most un doctor like appointment possible. Yeah they attach all sorts of monitor wires but other than that its very much like sleeping in a hotel room, execpt you need to call the attendant if you need to hit the head so s/he can unplug you without driving the computer nuts. My C-PAP is the best thing ever happened to my sleep habits!
  12. I did that when I could not tolerate the fall out during chemotherapy. Imagine my shock when I sat up the next morning and my brother was staring back from the mirror. We never thought we looked alike till then!
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