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  1. Ok, what idiot opens a public shooting range next to a huge horse farm known for hosting shows? Other than that the day is going fairly well. Only one idiot and the twits that were running late were within my built in fudge factor.
  2. I have 8 horses on all 3 trailers going to a show tomorrow. One lady didnt want a 4th horse on the big trailer with her 3. Told her thats fine, you pay me for the 4th stall, i am not running it empty when i have a customer that wants it, and i can personally vouch for the health of the horse riding with hers. Have a second customer doesnt ride till 2 pm but there is no way to juggle the horses to get him there later so he gets on the trailer at 6 am. She was perfectly fine with sitting sround for 6 hours cause "its too far to run in circles any way". I give up figuring peeps out. Horses make more sense.
  3. Most of this was by email, so I have a written record. Bad enough to be smug, condecending and rude to a customer, but this twit did it in writing!
  4. Pumpkin cheesecake was one I was skeptical about but was pleasantly surprised. BTW I won! Got my COI!
  5. Warning, rant ahead. If you are not in the mood to be ranted at, please skip this post! So, it was time to renew my teaching liability coverage. I call the agency and discuss it with a pleasant lady and find that upping my coverage from half a million per occurrence to a million will cost me no more money. She also tells me I can insure as a farm, thereby getting care and custody insurance for the towing business and go completely independent from the farm I have worked at for 20 years. Yes, the one I just resigned from as barn manager.. He currently ensures me as a driver and all business is considered a subsidiary of his. Ok, sounds good, lets go ! Fill out half a dozen forms, most of the questions not really applying to me. Is not my responsibility to maintain fences on the farm my students keep their horses, etc. Get a call the next day, they only received half the forms, the rest seem to have gone poof into cyberspace. Fill em all out a second time. Get assigned to the rudest CSR I have ever dealt with. Two days later, I get a rejection for coverage, they cannot insure a commercial hauling business. I call the (rude) csr and explain I thought that was the case, but applied for the new policy on her advice. I still need the teaching liability insurance, I simply will not go independent for hauling. I ask about the teaching insurance and get a condescending "we have to work within the guidlines as set out by the underwriter. I reply I understand this but still need teaching liability insurance. Yep, I have to fill out all but one of the forms with the non applicable questions again. By now my old policy, that I could have renewed by simply calling the insurance underwriter directly and making an electronic payment, has expired. No insurance means no teaching. I call students I have on the schedule and postpone. Get a rude email from rude CSR saying they still cannot ensure a commercial hauling business. I explain yes I understand this, but still need teaching liability insurance. This is the second time I have had this conversation with her. She wants me to start over and sends me THE SAME FORMS yet again. I fill them out for the 4th time. Finally get a quote from the underwriter attached to what must have been a form letter email from the rude one, since it was quite polite. States I should review the quote and advise her how I would like to proceed. I reply saying "I have reviewed the attached quote and agree to both the terms and the cost. I would like to finalize coverage asap. How do I proceed?" Reply received? " I will take this as your request to finalize coverage." Both quotes are cut and pasted directly from the emails. At this point what I WANT to say is "No, bitch, shove the policy up your ass" but I take the high road and simply reply "yes" I get the full policy with instructions to read and reply with any questions I may have. 80 page document, most of which are exclusions. The crap they will not cover. The important sheet, the Certificate of Liability, was sent in a separate file that will not download or print from the preview screen. I send yet another email asking to resend the COL (this is the page I need to give to any farm I teach on) as it will not download and print. Snippy reply - here it is again, sorry you cannot function on your own computer. @#$## still will not download. I now want to send a rather irate letter to the office management there outlining Miss Rudes behavior. Am I being petty?
  6. Its a premixed combination of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves used by cooks unable to get the mix right or too lazy to bother. I do keep one small can on hand for hubby to put on his hot choco and the like but take the time to actually measure each ingredient when baking. But then, I am probably the only one on my block has a nutmeg rasp.
  7. You are starting to sound like that no fees commercial!
  8. Lol no funny looks. I just bought these befor the cute ones started appearing.
  9. We've been under similar rules here for several months. The biggest issue I have had is getting to the door of a store after crossing a huge parking lot and realizing I left the dang mask hanging from my rear view mirror. I got a ten pack of white cotton masks, end of the day they get tossed in the whites load done on sanitary setting (straight hot wash and rinse and longer wash cycle) with bleach. Not really a fuss at all.
  10. Holy water dump Batman! Hope you are high and at least semi dry @mollyhousemouse. Just saw on the morning tropical report parts of texas got more than a months worth of rain over the last 24 hours and Beta ain't done with you guys yet! Stay safe!
  11. @MichaelS36, tim's health and well being are a much higher priority than visiting with online friends. We will all be here when/if visiting is good for him and you. Please know that in addition to taking care of tim, you need to take care of yourself as well. My pm is always open should you need a shoulder for a little extra support.
  12. We will need lots of bleach, a big freezer and a wood chipper. Yes I have been hanging out with fiction authors too long!
  13. I'm not very forgiving tonight am I? Sometimes I get all momma bear when my friends are being given crap.
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