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  1. Is it colder at your end of the island? 20's at my end. I seem to remember it being colder when I eas a kid. Cold enough long enough to freeze ponds for ice skating.
  2. Kitt


    Longer than I ever could have. I would love to know what sort of bug has crawled up Northman's posterior. He took an instant dislike to our boy, and that is pretty much an anti-productive trait for a diplomat. Regardless of his or her main function at a foreign embassy, diplomacy is everyone's job. Well done bro.
  3. I am willing to bet they have been paid back twofold in increased productivity. Sure there are always people who will take advantage, but they will find a way where ever they are working.
  4. Back to work at the dining room table or at the bank?
  5. Kitt

    Chapter 10

    Wasn't aware she was part of the team! **ships out more chamois **
  6. Kitt

    Chapter 10

    **ships K and Danilo a case of polishing chamois.
  7. Kitt

    Chapter 10

    Do you understand just how long 3 days is? 4,320 minutes!
  8. Kitt

    Chapter 10

    Recommendations are appreciated? Here is one. Post sooner!
  9. This is ridiculous! I know the weather geeks are notorious for being wrong, but don't they look out the window? They keep reporting snow well north of us, showing radar indicating snow in my area, even the phone app says it's snowing, but look out the window, there is not so much as a flake!
  10. Oh my poor knees! We are 60* and raining right now and they are claiming 5" of snow tomorrow morning!
  11. . Rib roasts $5.77/lb Really? Here they run $11.99 on sale! I was planning a trip this afternoon to see what was on clearance after the holiday weekend. Large roasts usually hit year lows this week, but with the forcast I might snag a good roast but what I need will be wiped out.
  12. Kitt

    CDMX • XII

    I sowwy
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