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  1. Kitt

    Chapter 26

    Lol that's not a guarantee. How do you know I am not nuts?
  2. Kitt

    Chapter 26

    Odd, that's who I saw get out of the SUV too!
  3. Kitt

    Chapter 26

    Well it's about time Tyler figured out he had become part of the extended family. As I said earlier, resistance is futile. So...momma thinks Tyler is a cousin or something? Bears a resemblance to Kyle? Interesting since none of the others ever mentioned that. Might be interesting to dig into family trees a bit.
  4. Yes, a very light creamy brown with dark mane and tail would be a buckskin.
  5. Mother nature doesn't always make them match. This is tim's call. What do you see when you look at Shade tim?
  6. Well we will need to rely on rick's photo shop skills to darken the mane and tail then, since the flaxen mane is a trait of the breed. How about it rick? Can you turn them dark?
  7. Talk to me tim. What needs to be different? Color? Not quite as broad?
  8. They come in greys and browns too but this boy caught my eye.
  9. Lol I have been riding for 50 years ( yeah I'm an old lady ) and I am not bow legged yet! But he would stretch the muscles a mite.
  10. this is a chocolate halflinger. His withers (very bottom of the main where his shoulders meet) would be around hip high on a six foot man. Wider than most ponies, super strong and can be either riden or driven in a cart, or both!
  11. As I said, I am on my phone, and my laptop died. There is no option to right click!
  12. This is on my phone. Yes rick. I am hopeless when it comes to tech, and my comp desided today is a good day to die, so I cant do it from there!
  13. If someone tells me how to attach a pic, I think I have one of shade.
  14. Kitt

    Into The Valley

    I love the way they always try and trick answers out of the authors, and I love the way you play with their emotions by answering with what I call non-answers! Most authors answer with
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