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  1. Kitt

    Two Brothers at the Office

    I am so glad the idea to write this took root! Well done.
  2. Kitt

    A Kick in the Head, or...

    Not often one gets to like the same story twice!
  3. Kitt

    My Mental Illness Is Not Your Punchline

    Will not happen again.
  4. Kitt

    Chapter 19.1

    Seems like Fran is ready and willing to get to work! Way to keep us engaged!
  5. Kitt


    Ok, do we have a contest as to who can make Nathan the most uncomfortable? Three contestants so far, Arlene, Cliffton and Jaymes. With friends like these... Well done sir. Waiting (not so) patiently for more.
  6. Kitt

    Getting to Know You

    Badger would be worth double his weight in gold in a therapy program! As usual, you have hit a homer with this chapter. (Yeah, yeah, so I am a baseball fan. Sue me!)
  7. Kitt

    MS19 - Brainlock

  8. Kitt

    Blank Paper

    There is not an appropriate emogie for this one. We need a heart giving the teardrop a hug! If you can wax poetic the spark is not gone, just resting. Something will present itself and demand to be written.
  9. Kitt

    Religion and manners (or lack there of)

    I've been where you are. Tell the unwanted advisors to take a hike. Preferably a long one off a short pier! The best thing you can do Mac is treat them the way you did BC ( before cancer). Make sure they know you would like to help, dont treat them any differently, and DON'T avoid them on the basis of they may not feel up to it. If they are not up for something they will tell you.
  10. Kitt

    The Strong One

    What Mac said.
  11. lol now i have this pic of Mike trying to get them to stay one atop the other and them just sort of oozing down and getting wedged next to something spikey.
  12. The impression I came away with from this scene was that Don wanted to encourage bonding between the guys.
  13. Kitt

    Photographs and Chocolate Cake

    I can see how Kyles passing would upset all the kids on the floor. Good for Max to be getting out for the weekend, will make it easier to process the loss. Poor kid is still processing the death of his parents, and now a new friend is suddenly gone. You have a nack for making us feel what the characters are feeling. Well done!
  14. Kitt

    Pickled Garlic

    I plan on giving tim's recipe a try this weekend. I love half sour pickles, and the garlic sounds yummy. Have had pickled asparagus and I think this will work there too come spring.
  15. Kitt

    Two Brothers, Two Talks

    I swear I heard "Don't call me Angie" when I hit the send button!

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