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  1. Congrats on being so wanted and essential. Condolences on needing to get up early on Mondays again.
  2. Working with horses is awesome, and the reason I seem upbeat so much of the time. Thanks for the sweet words.
  3. I am SO glad i told my 2 students 8 am saddle time. Now that the real feel is mid 90's here the horses are in their stalls with fans on and will go out after dinner. Me? I am headed to a tall iced gatorade and ac!
  4. Kitt


    Ahh, but you have not denied there is some greater import to the property than meets the will provisions.
  5. We are thinking about a same day road trip. One of the saddlery outlets I deal with opened a brick and mortar store about 2 hours from here.
  6. Add a game of telephone (where someone who "saw" the potential intruder told someone who told someone) and you may find it was the mail carrier getting a signature for a letter that started it.
  7. Kitt

    Chapter 2

    Have the grubs not prospered over the last 400 turns?
  8. BTW .. it will not be posted with chapters of 1000 words only. Most are 4,000 to 5,000 words. Dont look to me for a complaint on 5k chapters. IMO 1k is a tease!
  9. Whats so hard about worstershistershire sauce?
  10. Whats my excuse? I have always been a tad goofy. Ok, sometimes more than a tad!
  11. Thats why grocery stores reset and move entire sections around here. The morebtime you have to look for what you want the more you are likely to impulse buy.
  12. Morning peeps. Hard part is done A. Now all thats left is to charm the higher ups. You are a shoe in!
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