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  1. So Ritch seems to be a natural political animal, much like his brother. SAFOS under POTUS Cj may be a destination yet.
  2. Exactly, and to get 5 react emojis on something I spent time and effort on... Even if you hated it - you got the little bomb face and the check mark to let me know you were there. I would put money on the idea that most of the people I interact with have no idea I ever posted anything, and that the lack of response at all is why I stopped bothering to post what I write. Quite obviously I was not worth their time. I I would settle for 2 or 3 seconds to click a reaction. I started out saying I knew no one wanted my opinion and here I am spouting off. I'
  3. I didn't answer above since I am not an author and no one really wants my opinion. I can tell you, however how much of a turn off it is to post multiple prompt responses and I think the one with the highest number of reactions was five. Makes posting not worth the time if no one reads.
  4. Kitt

    Turtle Trouble

    Damn well better save me a lunch date when you get up here!
  5. Kitt

    Turtle Trouble

    Books I would purchase, in spite of having no prospect of grandkids!
  6. Kitt

    Turtle Trouble

    Happy Birthday Liebe
  7. Some of us are here much more than is realized. Ever think the joint is empty, holler "marco". Bet you get lots of "polo"s from peeps just hanging quietly
  8. Kitt

    Embers 10

    I would not call it failing. He did accomplish his goal, to make it rain. He just did not consider side effects.
  9. Can't fly fighter jets forever. Gotta have a future intent. Teaching flying is a possibility, but I don't see JAG or Top Gun as a destination for Romeo. Those plots have been done, and we want to know Richard Peterson's future. Pappy and Maverick will just need to find a different way to wiggle into the story.
  10. That's pretty much what I was up against for the last 6 months I worked there. Little birdie called late this afternoon to tell me she saw Steve pull in with a pickup load of grain. Seems hubby was talking to Steve last weekend. Hubby asked what it would take for me to go back to work. They could not pay me enough! As the cowardly lion said, "Not no way, not no how!"
  11. Here is an eye roll Chris should be able to the across the Atlantic. You guys know I resigned my position at the barn more than 6 months ago. This morning I get a call from the grain supplier. No one placed an order this week, and they want to know if we need grain before the driver goes home for the weekend. Ummmm... I don't work there anymore. You have to call Steve. We did but no one called back.
  12. Os a similar situation here, but that is an inordinate amount of time to be leaving g families hanging.
  13. Wait, no doc in 2 weeks so authorities require a post mortum I can understand. A bit of a delay waiting his turn I could also accept. Annoying but... Then another 2 week delay AFTER the funeral parlor finally comes up to bat??? Hon, you are not ranting, you are showing remarkable restraint. I would be going full on Karen on them all. Took less than a week for my dad and that included a flight from Florida to New Jersey for the service!
  14. If a member gets "pruned" due to inactivity, then returns, do they need to sign up all over? How will the pruning affect old favorite stories like @DomLuka stuff?
  15. We are here if you need us @chris191070. Some of us have been where you are and would be glad to help if we can, even if it is just listening to a rant or two.
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