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  1. The wild weather here missed us completely,, but some areas not far from the barn were devastated.. My days are starting to blend together.two of mu customers have decided to ride a weekday show series. Weekday shows combined with hubby working 4 day weeks have my rythem off. If it wasn't for the calendar app on my phone I wouldn't know if I was coming or going!
  2. Kitt


    Nope. Your feelings are your feelings and voicing them is never wrong. 💖
  3. WTF?? Are they waiting till they are large enough to cut like diamonds and mount into jewelry?
  4. Those make fantastic jam, but if you are like me and follow the harvests, make sure you label them. Hard to tell between plum and apple on the pantry shelf, color is almost the same.
  5. Lol tell that to some of the authors around here and they may call the writers guild on you!
  6. Sounds more fun to be doing the coaching, but of you are at 160% there cant be too much to coach!
  7. I must have been asleep at the keyboard. What are you coaching?
  8. Kitt

    Chapter 20

    Can't blame me for trying.
  9. Kitt

    Chapter 19

    Hey, I keep farmers hours. I didn't post till my morning break, more than half way through my day. Not my fault you sleep in!
  10. Kitt

    Chapter 20

    Nah. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. My pitchfork only comes out when cliffies get outta control. Nice wrap to the situation. Having Kyle and Kim basically handling Green shows they are not going to be victims going forward. If Jett had swooped in and done all the saving it would have been too cliche. So, does the epilogue involve children or puppies?
  11. Kitt

    Chapter 19

    Yoohoo, K... ITS TUESDAY! Just saying
  12. Ok, silly question time. What is the point of a continuous glucose monitor, if you are supposed to check your sugar with finger sticks 4x daily anyway? My doc recommends the cgm, but for me there are just too many draw backs. Time to go get the sensor inserted every couple weeks, something new and different for the horses to try and play with, ( curious buggers have gotten 3 phones and a car key fob I had hanging on a chain on my neck), the probability of contamination around the barn, and on top of all that my doc recommended taping plastic over it for showers and positively no swimming or hot tubs. No thanks, I'll keep sticking my fingers.
  13. Kitt

    Chapter 19

    Pitchforks are for nice clean hay and authors dear. Manure forks are for cleaning stalls. As for turning on you, I was a good girl waiting patiently through not one but two cliffies. A third in a row was just cruel to us readers.
  14. Kitt

    Chapter 19

    I'm sorry, did you say something? I was sharpening my pitchfork and soaking the torches in petrol.
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