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The Waiter Steve!



I cooked dinner last night for everyone. We had a family night of sorts. My mother was here with my stepfather and The Liar. (oh by the way I had the talk with him about not being a jerk to my stepfather but that


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Ok, first off...I think that's great that you all were able to get together for a nice "family" meal. I'm sure that ment a lot to your mom and stepfather...and I'm positive that it helped The Liar feel as if he finally might be starting to "belong". ;) I think that's so cute that you both are so intent in beating the crap out of each other in video games. I can remember my own brothers doing that. :D Game System = $200; Video Game = $40; new controllers = $20 - - - - Rubbing your brother's nose in his loss...PRICELESS! :funny: hehehehe


Anyway, It sounds as if Steve is a really cool person...and as bad as it's going to sound, I'm glad he's had a few bad breakups because that means he KNOWs how bad it can hurt and he's less likely to inflict that type of pain on David. Screwy way of thinking of it, I know...but from the sounds of him, I really like the guy. :)


And finally....lol if you HAVE to be second to ANYBODY it might as well be to the person who sleeps on the other 1/2 of the bed! ;)


Congratulations CHAZ!!! hahaha Way to go! :2thumbs:

Sorry Green...the Silver medal is just as good as the Gold one. I SWEAR! 0:):devil:


- Kaiten

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Chaz and Green:)


That is an awesome family night!! Gold medals all the way around:)


Has anyone asked David's brother why he didn't say anything? Just curious as to whether or not anyone asked him and what his response was. It sounds like he wasn't Out then either and maybe he was afraid that he would be Outed and thrown out of the house too..but then again he would have had David with him. I bet it was pure and simple fear and anxiety and from the perspective of a teen about to be kicked out, I am betting he just felt like the deer in the headlights and froze. But David, his brother and sister have now and can move forward in positive manners rather then dwell on a horrible past and they can grow closer together in the here and now:)



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