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  1. Hey Michael! How have you been? Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Dearest Val, The answer to your "problem" is that you are a Grace that needs a Will Truman, Esq. If you read my efforts to make you laugh (ok, I tried...don't shoot your computer or me for trying) Legal humor is tough...you can always say to the Judge that you tried to have a sense of humor but your client ended up being a joke and so is the Judge's decision (followed by your visit to the jail and an orange jump suit that won't fit right..but I digress) Ok, back to my point (in my last post to you I suggested you visit the GLBT Group in your law school..there you will get people who get you and you can tell them you are a str8 ally (hint keep the L part of the GLBT from hitting on you...unless of course you discover that you are "family" (our code word for you are really one of us:) Your mission is to find your Will Truman, Esquire in training..the Gay guy or guys who get you and adore you and will be your best friends and all without an agenda of worrying that they will hit on you (warning..listen to Margaret Cho...when we take you to a Gay bar, remember to arrange for alternative transportation (unless you are driving) because we Gays if we find a hottie will drop our str8 best gal pal in a New York minute...and don't worry we find our way home and back to you after we have our fun (ok too much information..but you get the drift) Go too it..after all you are Val...our str8 Gal Pal Goddess and we will give you honest answers and make sure we find you someone worthy of a Goddess...got it? now, hurry up and get to the GLBT Legal Eagles....sign up...the rest will be fabulous! see, problem solved.....next case, step down. Michael
  4. Rocketcnj


    Val, I used to have a saying in law school (first of all we used to joke there is only one legal brief..its just been imitated in a variety of forms by a zillion law students...that's another story...i used to hate writing briefs first year in legal writing class...learning to write legalese sucked..honest, I used to write in English sentences...my legalese, I have learned to keep brief...you would never guess by my posts, but I am in legal world...beyond that I get to ramble as evidenced by this post, amongst the other zillion I have written.) but back to my rambling, (which I hope makes you smile and laugh) I used to say in the first year of law school the professors scare you to death in the second year of law school they work you to death (although you are wondering can they work you any more...don't worry you will get used to it) and in the third year they bore you to death. The reason being is you want out the law school prison so you can begin to get a job and pay back those lovely student loans...grrrrr..... I also used to complain that the bar exam should be given at the end of the first year of law school (other then evidence, the bar exam mulitstate is based upon the first year's courses..go figure) Also, ignore the talking maniacs (the ones in class who never shut up...and think they are smarter then the rest of the world..they are not...just keep your blue hair from falling out because you keep pulling it out from dealing with law student mania) I discovered at the end of first year of law school that I would learn more by working for a law firm...and also learned it was those blue haired ladies who knew more about law then their bosses, the attorneys and those blue haired ladies taught me about how to practice and to treat people..i.e..your clients.. more then any law book and law professor..but guess what you know that already but law school is just the price of the movie ticket admission into the world of law..enjoy it, it was fun and you are smart and will make a great attorney. That you can take to the bank.) I remember a student in my class asked my contract professor (who couldn't teach his way out of paper bag) how did you know if you were arguing correctly a case. His response was you would often argue both sides of the same issue....often in the same day if you went to court a lot (or in a brief, etc.) What mattered was did you get paid by your client. Hey, that day I paid attention and I always remembered that (it took my Ethics Professor to remind us just because your client pays you doesn't mean you aren't supposed to be ethical...but that you know and don't do anything to jeopardize your practice of law..see you just learned 2 big things about the practice of law...and all in a nonsensical rambling post....even I am rolling my eyes..so you can too:) We also used to joke that in law school there are those that "can do" and then there are those that teach...you know the professors in front of the classroom..some of whom can't find their way out of paper bag and some of whom are incredibly amazing....just remember the old scene in the Brady Bunch (I think they were trying to help Jan or Marsha overcome fear of public speaking and told them to think of what the audience looked like in their underwear which then made Jan or Marsha laugh and get over their fear...so think of those strange professors as in their undies and you then get to "humanize" them...it may work with some of the crazies that are your fellow students.) Remember, do things for yourself..like the gym, sleep, (remember after those beer and whiskey chasers to take your water and tylenol and vitamin cs) and also just know you do need sleep and if you think you are going blind..yeah, you are...don't worry....I am sure you look great with glasses and blue hair:) now, laugh a lot....do what you can do....and remember you do have a brain and common sense and law school to quote "Professor Kingsfield" molds the mush of our brains to make us think like a lawyer. (the brain cells we have left we soak in cheap beer and cheap booze:) deep breaths, it will be ok....Kitty and I survived and you will too:) Just keep playing Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive"...and find the GLBT Law students...they will adopt you as one of us (even if you are str8:) and tell them if they don't you know your crazy assed Gay Italian Attorney buddy in New Joisey who will come a knocking:)..hint, that's me:) :wacko: Hang in there and remember res ipsa locquitor and offer, acceptance and consideration...and soon to be followed by the rule against perpetuities and in the end you will be fine and one great attorney:) Love and Hugs and all the best sent your way...remember, YOU will SURVIVE so go get em!! Michael
  5. Eric, Way cool...great post from across the Pond! Thanks for the shout out and nice message......We all miss you tons Glad to see you and Killa also know as your Main Squeeze got extra close and everyone is having fun!!! See ya soon when you get back to this side of the Pond! Michael
  6. Hi Eric and everyone... I have watched the news reports...they were bad..from Florida to up to your area..rain, rain rain. Here in New Jersey we have a drought..so we need the rain....but your area is like Noah's Arc...yikes.. fingers crossed and hope the rain goes away by you and fills our reservoirs here. I also hope that Joe's Mum is recovering and on the road to good health. I also hope that Killer is still smiling and his family is doing well. The same holds true for your little bro and his main squeeze. Davey and Viv always give extra hugs...so I am with you on that..but then again you always do too.. I hope that you all end up dry and safe and things are ok for everyone in your area. Be careful and then some:) Michael
  7. Happy Birthday and Many Many More, Bard!! May all your dreams come true and then some and have a great year! Michael
  8. Rocketcnj


    Hi Val, Ok, I have no idea what Gilmore Girls' hometown is like (can't say I have really watched the show) But I am betting you like Rhode Island....now, here is the thing with law school...um, you won't see much past outside the law school any way....(at least for the first semester) except of course when you venture to the bars (there is always a bar or 2 or 3 or 4..well, you get the idea) near law schools...its sort of mandatory....so past the dorms or apartment, the law school and the bars....fear not..plus, Rhode Island is nice.. now, as to the prestige factor....pffftttttt...Ok, just screw it...here is the thing....what is taught in law school is taught in every law school (as long as its American Bar Association Acredited, which I am sure your law school is) Given that fact, I say if you get decent financial aid and aren't paying student loan debt for the next 50 yrs..who gives a hoot...(there I cleaned that language up) cause you learn the same thing everywhere....and all that matters in the end is you pass the bar exam (there's that word again....and oh yeah, bars will be necessary during that time too) It still irks me that they don't give you the bar exam after the first year of law school (the Multistate bar part of it...the 200 questions from hell) that everyone takes every where in the country is on the five of the six law school subjects: 1. real property, 2. constitutional law, 3. criminal law and criminal procedure (ok you may learn criminal procedure the 2nd yr), 4. torts, 5. contract law and 6. evidence (that you will take either 2nd or 3rd yr) you learn in the first year of law school and will totally forget by the end of the third year of law school...and its all a money maker with preparation courses anyway.....grrr.. now, here is the other secret (you will learn the "practice" part of the law from good paralegals and legal secretaries...) and here is the other part..you have common sense and compassion....you will be fine. I say save the memory box.....its kinda neat...boyfriends of the future will come and go and come again, the memories are what you will keep. here is to your Mom not turning your blue hair grey....but Happy Mum's day to her:) since she is the proud Mum of you:) Good Luck on the move (and I totally understand the concept of putting something in a place I swear I won't forget then forget where I put it.....) Michael
  9. Happy Birthday Bard...enjoy and have fun and then some!! Michael
  10. Happy Birthday Patrick !!!! I hope that you had a great birthday and I hope that you have a great year!! All the best, always to the best Poet I know!!! Michael
  11. Hi All, Thanks for your very kind and fun Birthday wishes (um, Sharon, I did eat chocolate cake..not as good as yours but you get what you can and I will be in the gym days on end to burn off the yummy cake:) Again, thanks for your nice and fun Birthday Wishes Michael
  12. Happy Happy Happy Birthday Bev!!! You are younger and much wiser then me and a wonderful friend!! I wish you lots of happiness, good health, fun and lots and lots of love sent your way!! You are a wonderful friend and a wonderful Mum and you are super cool I hope that you have a great perfect fun filled Birthday (I just realized it is Sunday by you now..so I hope that you had the bestest of birthdays...actually when I was celebrating my birthday at a certain time in the day here it was May 6th by you so we celebrated our birthdays on the same day..java script:emoticon(' ',%20'smid_8') now how cool as that...except of course you are still younger and wiser!! Lots of Birthday Hugs and Kisses sent your way and Birthday smiles Michael
  13. Kevin, Good Luck with finals and your move. Drive safely. Make sure you are well rested when driving. Don't worry about the job..you will find one and don't worry, I am sure lots of your friends will be wanting to visit you in your new place as you begin the next chapter in your life. Hugs and Smiles sent your way (and um, Sharon, no such thing as a limit on smilies and hugs :wacko: Michael P.S. Sharon, you know I am just teasing..since I adore you....and you are very funny...and always, always near and dear to me:)
  14. Chaz, There are no adequate words to express our sympathies for the loss of Green. However, as Bev said, you are also our family and we love you dearly. I hope that you find the time you need to heal. As Bev said remember to breath. Also, if you need help to grieve, it couldn't hurt to see a grief counselor and a therapist. In time, when you are ready. Please know we are hear and here for you. Chaz, you and Green and both of your families and friends are inmy thoughts and prayers. I do hope we will hear from you when you feel up to it. Remember, as Bev said, we are your family to...so don't be afraid to call upon us (my email is in my profile) and we are here to support you however we can for you. Take the time you need, for however long you need, to recover. Please extend my condolences to all and I hope David, in time, will begin his recovery, both physically and emotionally. Just know in our own ways that we are here for you, David, Green's parents and family and for Selene and all your and Green's friends..who are just as much family to you and Green. Hold each other close and closer still. It is the way Green was with everyone and the way you are too! It's part of why he loved you so very very much!!! As Bev said, Green's Mom saw you as her son too and as Green's husband. Just remember, we are your family and you are as loved too. As Bev said, remember to breath (Kitty would tell you that too...there are those of us when we are in stress, who forget to breath.....so remember...deep clensing breaths, and its ok to scream, cry, shout, yell, laugh and make sure you all get lots of hugs. I hope if its not too painful for you before you head back to your family that you can spend time with Green's Mom and Green's family and David and Selene....you all need each other now and always. Love and Hugs and Prayers and Good Karma sent to you and each of you. Michael
  15. Chaz and Green's family and friends and David, I am also speechless and heartbroken for all of you. As Julia from the UK said, keep the beautiful memories of Green in your heart. I know he will always be with you and with each of us. He touched our hearts and souls and minds in many, many wonderful ways. Green, to me, is now an Angel to watch over each of you. My prayers and thoughts and hopes that in time you find peace in the love you have for Green will come to be. Again, my thoughts and prayers and love and hugs go out to each of you. I wish there were more I could say and do. Just know we are here for you now and in the future. Michael
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