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Rocky Mountain Oysters



I was trying to think of another name for this blog: I ponder a lot, and really 'A bunch of Balls' wasn't doing it for me. So I googled, as you do, and damn me if the truth is worse than any of my putrid mental fictions.


Those who live in the good old US probably know already that Rocky Mountain Oysters are Bulls Bollocks cooked and apparently eaten with a side helping of Chips. I was, and still am frankly amazed, and feeling rather squeamish.


Yelch. Real Oysters are bad enough. :(


Camy B)


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Ok! hahaha you don't know what your missing my sqeamish young friend! 0:) They are YUMMY! lol as long as they are breaded like a chicken nugget and deep fat fried, then coated liberally in ketchup...they taste just like chicken! :lmao: hehehe :funny: But seriously, if they are cooked right and you don't think of WHAT your eating, they taste great. And come on, people will eat liver, heart, HOT DOGS...but not rocky mountain oysters?? :sheep: So what brought this up by the way?? I might have missed that part of your blog entry... :*) I was all excited...something I can talk about! YAY! :D Ok to much sugar for Kaiten tonight. :2thumbs: Good Luck. Good Eating. And Have an AWSOME weekend!!!


- Kaiten

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Guest Kitty


And every September in the Rocky Mountains, they celebrate the Testicle Festival, otherwise known as "Testy Festy". This year, the 23rd annual festival will be in ... *ahem* ... Clinton, Montana. Click on the above link for photos of people caught in the act of eating fried Rocky Mountain Oysters :o:P .


Kitty 0:)

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lol I've HEARD about this quite a bit, but people in my region don't partake; we're perfectly content to eat our "mud bugs" thank you very much :P:boy:

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Guest Kitty


lol I've HEARD about this quite a bit, but people in my region don't partake; we're perfectly content to eat our "mud bugs" thank you very much :P:boy:

That reminds me of what we used to say in New Orleans, to people from other places: "we eat things you call the bug man for." :P;):D





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Thanks guys. I think?


Mud Bugs? Ok so I googled it and crayfish aren't so bad. I quite like Lobster if I don't think about the poor wee beastie being thrown alive in boiling water... 'k, so I've gone off Lobster too, thanks very much...


But Hells Teath. Testy Fest! Agh yick poo... and why do you have to be over 21 to attend? Hmm. Something not right here.


I'm terribly fussy with food. I dissect things to remove fat and 'grolly'. So please understand the problems I'm having with the Bollock eating weirdness that seems to abound cross the pond... Erm... not that I'm against 'eating' bollocks per se. It's just I like to return them in good condition :)


Camy the squeamish B)

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