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Dear Hunter's - The Color Spectrum



In 2011 The Dear Hunter, a progressive rock band, released an album that intrigued me since I heard its premise.

The Color Spectrum is a concept album composed of nine EPs each corresponding to the colors black, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet and white. Each color is interpreted in a series of four songs that invoke the flavor, emotion and feel of those colors. It was so unique I've been curious about it for years. I finally found a copy of it on eBay and have been jamming on it all day. Well... most of the day. It runs over two and a half hours.


"Deny it All" comes from "Red". They're four songs per the nine colors explored and comes on three CDs.

Finding something unique is like picking the winning lottery. The corporate muzak environment where everything sounds alike. I'm looking for the road less traveled. The whole thing is on YouTube if you're curious to hear more.


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