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Munchie Cleans the Chimney



You know, I was reading through some things I had posted on my site. Was mostly going back through the


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Guest Kitty


OMG, can I relate to this.


The house I'm renting has a wonderful old native stone fireplace, which was cleaned and renovated before I moved in. They removed the old fireplace damper (which closed off the fireplace from the chimney), and replaced it with a newfangled damper that sits on top of the chimney above the roof. So there's no longer any barrier to keep my cats from exploring and getting into serious trouble ... and I could just see them doing it :rolleyes: .


So after moving in here, I had to get some boards and stick them up into the chimney in the space where the damper used to be.


Aren't cats wonderful? :wub:


Kitty :)

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Hi Luc!!! :)


hehehe...I like that story...*chuckling*. So I take it that Munchie's trip down the Chimney turned out all right?? He is a beautiful cat. :) And I saw those pictures of the kittens and my first thought was "Oh...kitties...I want kitties" :P . Such a jealous streak right now! Thanks so much for sharing that photo with us. :) Your kittens and Munchie look adorable!! :) I hope you have a great weekend and a fun Easter!!! Take Care!!! :)


- Kaiten

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aww *chuckles* that was a cute story . and i saw the kittens nd i want one they are so adorable .. munchie is a purdy kitty .. good to hear hes okay tho :P

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aww that was quite a story! I'm glad Munchie is okay :) He and the kittens are adorable! :D


Have an awesome Easter :)



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