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  1. Drewbie

    Chapter 1

    Liking it so far please keep up the good work.
  2. Drewbie

    Chapter 32

    I really hope Dion will forgive Justin or at least chat with him with out anger. Sighs.
  3. Drewbie

    Chapter 20

    Ugh I hope Dylan can survive Dion needs him sighs, read some chapters again. Been a long time
  4. Drewbie

    Chapter 49

    And I'd like it if he'd be able to control his powers and not lose Taryn and really open up to him more and to eachother.
  5. Drewbie

    Chapter 7

    I really hope that Justin opens up to Taryn.
  6. Drewbie

    Chapter 2

    I Do not care much for rain.
  7. Drewbie

    Chapter 49

    God i hope Taryn doesn't die I'd like to see justin and taryn have eachother for a very long time.
  8. Drewbie

    Chapter 48

    I hope Taryn makes it out alive I'd hate to see Justin lose him.
  9. Drewbie

    Chapter 16

    I want to hug Justin and Taryn I hope they can find their peace.
  10. Drewbie

    Local Hero

    True, some car and motorcycle fans Branch out, I think might happen more with the car guys some though do stick with a few of the brands etc.
  11. Drewbie

    Boys will be Boys

    I hope you will update the story again sometime.
  12. Drewbie

    Local Hero

    Also in the DC metro and most of Nova you can you mostly do see japanese cars/cuvs and German cars and some us cars and SUVs. And yes I love cars :d I currently drive a Mazda 6 @Carlos Hazday
  13. Drewbie

    Local Hero

    Yes but he's wrong Japanese make great bikes :d @Carlos Hazday
  14. Drewbie

    Local Hero

    @Carlos Hazday Although im sure CJ will like a hayabusa
  15. Yes i just read the chapter where owen and Cj meet, and i stopped at that point last night and they are all starry eyed
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