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  1. Drewbie


    Really enjoying the story.
  2. Drewbie

    Chapter 3

    Yes I'd like to know too i hope it's soon.
  3. Drewbie

    Irish Summer

    Another Fantastic story by Andrew Todd.
  4. Drewbie

    Chapter 3

    I agree, Rory doesn't see Cameron is attracted to him and vice versa.
  5. Drewbie

    Chapter 2

    It was mentioned his full name was Cameron though 😛
  6. Drewbie

    Chapter 2

    Please delete this post
  7. Drewbie

    Chapter 2

    Glad to see Finn and Cam getting along better now especially it's good for the long run, Hoping Rory and Cam get a lot closer.
  8. Drewbie

    Chapter 1

    Very excited to see a new story from riding lessons, keep up the good work
  9. Drewbie

    Chapter 1

    I really like Cam and how he came to the country and maybe he would stay with Rory and his brother etc, so far I like what I see and I’d like to see how and if him and Rory grow closer. I hope chapter 2 comes out soon.
  10. Drewbie

    Chapter 13

    I'd love to see this story updated.
  11. Drewbie

    Chapter 7

    Ethan sounds adorable to me, looking forward to more
  12. Drewbie

    Chapter One

    Please continue the story I'm really enjoying the story.
  13. Drewbie

    Chapter 1

    Enjoying the story so far please keep up the good work
  14. I'm enjoying the story so far please keep up the good work :)
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