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journeyman - Word of the Day - Sat Nov 12, 2022




journeyman - (noun) - 1: a worker who has learned a trade and works for another person usually by the day; 2: an experienced reliable worker, athlete, or performer

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He has reached journeyman in computer support.


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Geno Smith was a journeyman backup QB until this year, when he won the starting job in Seattle. Drafted by the New York Perpetual Dumpster Fire, err I mean the Jets, in the 2nd round of the 2013 draft, he was labeled a draft bust and left the Jets 3 seasons later after a knee injury. He spent time with the Giants, Chargers and finally Seattle as a backup.

As a backup quarterback, he was able to gain experience and, more importantly, not rack up the sorts of injuries starters get. When he got the opportunity to start for Seattle this year, he is playing like a top-tier starter. The Seattle Seahawks are one of the biggest surprises in the league this season, leading the highly competitive NFC West division with a six and three record. 


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7 hours ago, Bill W said:

So this means Myr is Gay Authors' journeyman computer expert. 

he's an apprentice only...

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