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It's not aliens, we're already here.



Aliens are not invading.

Why would a civilization who can cross light-years invade us with weather balloons?

Now, we Vampyre, we've been here all along.

Hollywood never did get us right, despite all the hints we dropped. Bela Legosi? Humph! Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt were better, but they've never done us justice.

We were stranded on Earth, oh about sixty thousand of your human years ago. If that date rings a bell, that was when Neanderthals went into a steep decline and modern man became dominant. No need to than us. Neanderthal was... pretty useless. One sniff of a female and they lost their minds. Don't be conceited, some of you modern men have the same problem.

Vampyre are just like anyone else. Some are good, some are bad, some are apathetic, and some are mad as hatters.

One lie from Hollywood we really resent is that we drink blood. Nothing could be further from the truth. The truth is, we do need something from you, but it's hard to explain. We need what you humans might call life energy. We drain a little, you get sleepy, and it's been restored when you wake. No need for murder and the associated mess.

Yes. We can take too much, but only the mad ones do that. When the Council discovers a rogue, they are dealt with and will never be a problem for humans or Vampyre again.

Damn. I've said too much. Don't worry. You won't remember a thing when you wake...



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