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Twenty-Five Days of December -- Day Twenty

AC Benus



I suppose their use is waning these days, which is sad, but have you ever wondered about the origins of Christmas Seals? No, me neither, until I was wrapping presents last year and listening to some noble soul's compilation of old time radio holiday-themed shows. The following one relays the real-life struggle to establish and help fund the American Lung Association -- the parent company of the venerated seals -- in an effort to first combat tuberculosis (and afterwards, lung cancer). It is written so well, and acted with such simple pathos, I'd like to share it with you today.



And for you who may not know them, here are some examples. Each year comes with a new design, and they are indented to be used to seal one's Christmas cards on the back of the envelope




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I remember Christmas Seals. Now of course, we get drowned in promotional stickers. We forget about a time when TB was a major killer stalking the land. And maybe this will help us recollect that if modern willful ignorance is allowed free rein, it will do so again. 

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I love the old time radio shows.  Not only do they tell stories, but they have plenty of music as well.  The part of the program where the men were discussing whether the star they were seeing might be the same one that was known as the Star of Bethlehem reminded me of the short story The Star by Arthur C. Clarke.  If you aren't familiar with that short story you should look it up online.  I'm sure you will find a audio rendering that you can listen to.  It will definitely give you something to thing about. 

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