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Madman Across the Water



I can see very well

There's a boat on the reef with a broken back

And I can see it very well

There's a joke

And I know it very well

It's one of those that I told you long ago

Take my word, I'm a madman, don't you know ...


Fabulous song! :great: *wipes sweat away from forehead* Whew! I had a busy morning! I had a doctor's appointment at 9 AM, dentist at 11 AM, my final trip to the post office, and I had to stop by the vet to get the date changed on my forms for the cats. So, anyway, when I was at the doctor's office this morning, I saw the most incredibly HOT guy I have ever seen in my life sitting in the waiting area. He must have been about 25 or 26 years old, and was just ... GORGEOUS! :wub: My gaydar was pinging off the chart, too, which got me all excited ... he was like a wet dream with legs! So, I did the only thing I could do ... sit there and just drool while staring at him ... I swear I had to wipe the drool off my chin. Unfortunately, he was there with his older brother and mother (don't ask me why a 25 year old guy needs his mom and older brother to go to the doctor's with him -- but hey, this is Taiwan!) Sooo ... I couldn't exactly go hit on him, which I really would have liked to do ... he really was that hot! Jeez, just typing this is getting me all worked up again! LOL I'd tell y'all what I would like to do to him, but that might qualify as "TMI," but I will say that his butt looked sooooo delicious in the shorts he was wearing!


Anyway, between the doctor and the dentist, I did a little shopping, and bought a really nice pair of reddish jade Pi Xiu statues. The Pi Xiu is a mythical fierce wild animal, similar to a leopard or panther, and they're meant to scare away evil spirits. They're really cool! They only cost about US$150, too, which isn't bad. I might have been able to get them a little cheaper at one of the weekend jade markets they have in Taipei, but you can't always be sure that what you're buying is real jade, so it was worth it to pay a little extra at a high-end store to get the real thing! :2thumbs:


The other night when I sat down on my sofa, it broke! I couldn't believe it! It's kind of a cheapo sofa, anyway, with just a flimsy wood frame. I got it really cheap at IKEA about two years ago, and I figured it would break at some point, which IKEA furniture tends to do. But anyway, I had to disassemble the whole thing so I could carry it outside to the trash area. But now my apartment looks even emptier. The rest of the furniture is going to stay, though, and I think my landlady is either going to keep it or give it to family members or something. But when you sit on something and it breaks, even if it was crappy to begin with, you tend to get a little self-conscious about your weight! UGH!


Also, my favorite pair of Versace glasses broke ... well, one of the lenses did ... so, I had to take them to get repaired. I can go pick them up tomorrow night. They're my favorite pair of glasses, and since they're Versace, obviously VERY expensive. So if they mess them up, I'm going to be a VERY unhappy Buddha! :devil:


Story stuff ... I won't retype the news and updates here ... if you want to know what's going on with the writing projects, you can check out the "News & Updates" section on my website. Anywho, that's it for now! :boy:


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Hi. I am getting ready to leave Sevilla and return to the states and it is amazing how many HOT guys are showing up around especially as it is very hot so hanging out at the swimming pool is essential. Also how many neat new places to eat I have been introduced to by new friends etc. I am really excited about getting back where I can spend lots of time with my partner and with my other friends and family. Oh and maybe find a job so I have something to do besides be on GA. Not that I dont like it but I think I need a bit of the other reality.


Hope your final days in Taiwan work out well for you and your flight and return are Ok. I am off the internet in a few hours and will have no regular hook up till I am home. Pax

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for some reason i thought the pixiu had broken when u sat on the sofa... *cardiac arrest*

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