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  1. Mattyboy

    Chapter 3

    Ooh nice one Imogene! I clicked on the little heart above because there isn't one for "smokin' hot and wildly original."
  2. So is Ricky's UNGGHHH!!! like Randy Stephens' one, or is that more of an UNNNGH! ? Can we have a crossover episode where they go on a date at Milo's Greek Restaurant? (This can still count as complete, it can be like a holiday special!)
  3. Mattyboy


    All's well. Noah needed that.
  4. Mattyboy


    oh boy, missing 19 woulda been missing a lot
  5. Mattyboy


    The episode-posting rate is pretty outstanding, though
  6. Mattyboy


    Someone, probably Ophelia, needs to have a talk with Lilith about just how much screamy-teen-pressure the Seth-Noah relationship can handle. Although she deserves something nice in her life too. Beautiful and powerful stuff, @Demiurge, thank you for sharing this story.
  7. Mattyboy


    Howard's just "in his 70s" And still pretty sharp, from what we saw here. 70s is like 64 in the old days
  8. Mattyboy


    And of course the business he pinged on was "wasn't dating him." Hi folks, I know this conversation's been on for a while but bingeing thru tonight. So I'm having the last three months episodes convos all at once
  9. Mattyboy


    Probably one of the Landry kids (Max?) siphoning/embezzling cuz they think the old man is past it. Seen it before.
  10. @Dodger Sorry to poke, so are we at March 2011? And Robbie's 17? I know it says somewhere back in the chapters, but I figure you have a handle. Btw, love the setting. I grew up in Ottawa, and this is the first long series I've read set in Canada, and I've really bonded with how you're handling Cobourg and Ontario. I'm winding up to maybe figure out who to lobby for "Canada" and "Ontario Gothic" tags here.
  11. Mattyboy

    About Time

    Nice. What's this format called? I like the rhythm of it, and this piece. And your thoughts touch my soul as well, it's not just the format
  12. Mattyboy

    Chapter 16

    I'd like to be clear that I'm not too proud to beg a little, if that would make anything better.
  13. In the story we're still back in 2011 or something aren't we? And didn't we lose that almost-law on Conversion therapy with the election?
  14. Mattyboy

    Chapter 16

    Well, that went better than expected. Hope Matt's right about Stephanie.
  15. Mattyboy

    A New Dream

    I like this, thanks for revisiting these stories and continuing on. I like these story for their simplicity. There's lots of people writing in this genre and with these story tags, and sometimes people get really fancy trying to do something new and worrying too much about whether they're being avant-garde enough. This is just good solid fun with some lovers sorting themselves out. And banging. Which is one of the things I come here for, and this totally delivers. Thanks.
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