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  1. Gandalf

    Chapter 50

    Changing/differing perspectives of history seem to be at the forefront these days so this little discussion adds some perspective. The time in Russia is so interesting. When I studied Russian History in the late '60's the focus was mainly on the events of the twentieth century so I have enjoyed the more detailed look at these earlier times and the excursions into wikipedia . This is of course another grand adventure for who I describe to friends as the "gay Hornblower." I should say that as much as I loved C. S Forester he can not hold a candle to Mark. Whether it is the Grainger gang or J.P. and family these guys have become a part of my being. I am again at the end of about a year's neglect and catch up of the tale. I was thinking as I have been chain reading of several things based upon the commentary which I enjoy only slightly less than the story. Back with my foray into SM I soon realized that many things in life are better read about than lived. One of my dreams for years was to crew on a tall ship. However the last time a ship was here in Maine I realized that at this point in my life I would not want the reality of the close quarters etc as much in my 70's as in say my 50's when I sailed across the Atlantic in my small boat. It was sad to reach these conclusions but as much fun to relive them with George as it was with Horatio when I was 13-18. I have no idea where this all popped up but I back and will probably be commenting again more topically. Pax Steve
  2. Gandalf

    Chapter 15

    I have banged through half the epilogues to Black Widow and somewhat sadly am now caught up to the present and have to wait like the old days here. I must say that as much as I love this series I also have come to enjoy the Arbouristas comments after the chapters. It is such a long standing and interesting way to gain different perspectives on these people we have all made part of our lives. The Australian jaunt has indeed been a pleasant way to renew and reflect on the changes in Will and also the profound changes, in some ways, of J P and Stef. I also had been waiting for Brad to show up and see how that skewed things, I will await further adventures with the rest of you. Fortunately I have some catching up on the Gay Hornblower saga. Hornblower might be t he only series I have reread as much as CAP. Pax and thanks, Steve
  3. Gandalf


    I had been away from GA for awhile apparently longer than I thought as this chapter of the new Novel was posted on my birthday last year! I have enjoyed working through the last pieces of Black Widow and am now facing this Gap Year. Will is always fun(except for his Dad or others he is pissed at). Part of me was hoping we would move further ahead in time but this will be fine I am sure. Will may be central but I am also interested in the entire panoply of the CAP family. Pax Steve
  4. Having enjoyed this long multi volume saga for years it is great to reach the end of this particular novel. It was delayed for long periods due to events beyond the author's control and as such became hard for me to follow even with the re readings which I was glad to do. For those that follow it can now be read in one reading and will be a pleasure for anyone connected to this saga. This chapter moves the family into a new position and prepares us for the next historical drama. I suspect that I will enjoy the next adventures as well. I hope others will join us Mark Arbour readers in this and the other fine historical adventures which are some of my absolute favorites over my many years at GA. Pax Steve
  5. It is so cool to see JJ act like an older version of the person he was before his life turned to shit as an early teen. Kinda early for the meds to be making that much of a change I would think but nice whatever the cause. Glad to see B moving forward in a good way. It will be interesting to see how It all settles out in your next book. And where in time that book picks up. Part of me wants to follow chronologically and part would enjoy a bit of a jump. You have done both effectively. Or we would all be happy with addendums until Trump... not. Pax. Steve
  6. It seems to soon for the meds to be working but JJ sure was mellowing out and fitting in with the plebs(guess that comes from reading the two together.... how the fuck do you keep these guys all uuum in their proper centuries? Two great chapters. Thanks as always for your work. Pax. Steve
  7. Gandalf

    Chapter 24

    I had not been on GA for several years, in part due to your absence, so have spent the last few days following JP and Family in their dramas and now back to “the Gay Hornblower.” I realize that I first read Hornblower nearly 60 years ago and in my adolescent mind always hoped Hornblower and Bush would get it on it was of course unspoken of in that time. Thank you again for tweeking my adolescent fantasies. And of course Lord Grainger is way hotter and more accomplished in many ways. Great to have You and His Lordship back. And von Clausewitz! Thank you for these hundreds of hours of fine reading over the years. Pax. Steve
  8. I came back to this Drama after several years away two days ago. It is a pleasure to reconnect not only with all of the denizens of JP’s world almost as importantly Mark’s denizens here in the comment section. Thanks to Mark and all of you. So glad all are surviving this insane year. Wish I were to be around if Mark ever got to the Trump era and this year. Pax. Steve
  9. Gandalf

    Aria Graice

    Just wandered back to GA and saw this new story by You. I’ve spent the last two days reading the quirky, wonderful, hard story I expect from you. Wow! Thanks. Steve.
  10. I enjoyed the first two books a lot but really had to work to finish Brisinger. Unfortunately it was long enough ago that I don’t remember the specifics that got in the way.
  11. Gandalf

    Chapter 14

    I hadn’t caught this story until now but saw your name and the updates and have raced through it. Wow! I sure am hoping this stays high on your list. I’ve been reading your stories since before the internet and not found one I haven’t enjoyed but this is a bit more focused than Kandric as much as I have enjoyed......and enjoyed that. Lol. Thanks so much all you have done. Pax. Steve
  12. I only just found this thread. I’m so happy to hear that you have moved through your rough time. I’ve often felt this system of connection between writers and readers has sucked writers into more than is realistic and may have been one of the reasons that several of my favorite prolific writers have disappeared from the board. Hope you can find your way back at a level of endeavor that works for you. Pax.
  13. Used to go to Montreal but way earlier. Oooh lala. Thanks. I’m aboard.
  14. Gandalf

    Chapter 51

    Wondering if our friends at Goodwell are connected to the cartel? So good to have this moving. We know Zack isn’t a dumb jock butttt. Hope Your Holliday went well and that 2018 is kinder to You. Pax
  15. Happy Birthday!   I

    1. Gandalf


      Thanks. My friend. 

    2. Daddydavek


      I hope it's a good one.  We took my daughter and granddaughter out for supper to celebrate my daughter's birthday!

    3. Gandalf


      Cool. I had daughter and grandson take me out last night along with an old,lady friend.  Spent the weekend with my partner of 26 years over the weekend.  He takes care of his 99 year old Mom so we don’t see each other much now. So this was a special time. 

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