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It was the 1st of August.



I have so much I want to say and don't really know where to begin. I'm tired, though that's understandable as it's nearly 3 am. It normally is, I just can't seem to get to bed any earlier. Hmm. I'm still on the high that started when I bared my soul to M, and that's good too, even though real life has a nasty habit of getting in the way it hasn't yet... Except his damn flat mate has returned.


Bills are my bug bear at present, and not the avian variety. Like most people I'm inordinately good at spending money I don't have, which brings the whole issue of 'making ends meet' rather frightening. Most of my peers are happily married with steady jobs, wives, 2.4 children (how you can have 2.4 children eludes me) and houses. Most I'm sure have at least two cars, and yet here I am sweating over music and my sexuality. Pah I say, and phooey. The real world can go and shove itself as far up it's own arse as it likes, 'cause I'm out of here off live in a log cabin in the mountains.


If only there were mountains in southern England, and if I had enough petrol (

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Guest Kitty


I know what you mean about the bills, so it's definitely good to have a fantastic job :D . Someone once remarked to me that being in debt is like dragging the past around with you. Makes it a bit difficult to move freely. I've got the intention of letting that burden go as soon as possible.


Good things are happening ... :)




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