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Post Seduction Thank you's



I can only hope this euphoria is going to last, and last and last and last, though realistically I know it won't and like any couple (ooh ... I like that word - Couple :D ) we'll have our ups and downs.


I should explain that he and I had a 'fling' a while ago when I was too young (early 20's) to truly understand what love was. I thought it was another word for sex, and the profound deeper emotional levels escaped me. Back then when he said 'I love you' I thought 'great', replied "I love you too" and we had fun for a while, until I couldn't handle it. Back then it was all about me.


I've just dropped him home. :( We spent almost the whole day together :music: and he explained a few things ... like the reasons it's taking so long for him to get his head around this 'love' thing:

Primarily it's because he thought I'd never really be interested, and he built a wall and shut the thoughts out. Friendship no problem - anything else didn't exist.

Apparently when I first told him he thought I was doing it out of pity, to bolster his ego ... silly man! :wacko: :wub:


Anyway this post is really to thank all those who have helped me through, getting me to the happy place I am ... all those comments about 'growing a pair' and the threat of cast bronze statuary lobbed in my direction actually worked and got me off my rather reticent arse.


I'd also like to thank his damn flat mate for taking a holiday - perhaps he could join the cast of 'Lost' permanently, though God forbid he should ever read this <shudder>. I have worked out why I dislike him so much. I think it


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:) I am so happy for you! I really hope everything works out. Sounds like you have something good to build on. :hug:
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