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cheese popcorn... yum



Don't you just hate it when you pull up to the gas pump and turn off the car, get out to go pay for your gas and the credit card part of the pump is out of order and now you have to go inside and wait behind twelve people trying to buy a cup of coffee before work on your day off? :angry: Hmmmmmmm... I definately DO!! Oh, and I had to park my car on the grass today because it is street sweeping day so I don't get a ticket and so now my husband is gonna be ticked off since he is trying to grow new grass :( So, I am eating my yummy cheese popcorn as I write this, I saw it while I was waiting behind the twelve coffee drinkers and decided I would like a treat... again yummy :P Anyway, so I had relatives just drop in out of nowhere yesterday... not that I mind too much since I am the one in the family who hosts all the visitors anyway, but I was told they would be here in a couple weeks and they just showed up yesterday afternoon. Apparently they have been traveling the US and just got here earlier than they had planned to. Hmmm, so now I have some guy sleeping on my couch in my living room I barely know, and I am trying to keep the kids quiet so he can sleep, but I don't know how well that is working out for him...So here where I live the Elementary and Jr. High schools make the kids where uniforms... Usually just khaki or navy pants or jeans, and either a polo shirt with a school logo on it or a solid color shirt... not too bad if you can go with jeans and a solid color shirt instead of the khaki pants and a polo... anyway, my daughter is in the fifth grade and wants me to sign a waiver so she can where her regular clothes to school. Now, I don't care either way, but the school is making it really difficult, you have to go before a commitee and ask for your waiver to be approved and explain why you don't want to wear the uniforms. :blink: So , I have heard many opinions on the matter... Some say that it helps them focus more on learning and less on unimportant things like what little Susie is wearing and it takes away the whole 'my parents are rich so I wear all name brand stuff while your parents aren't so you don't' thing, and others say that it takes away their only way to show their own style which I think is important at a time when we are trying to get them to figure out who they are and what is important to them and what kind of person they are going to be. Not that kids that age really can think for themselves because they are so worried about being accepted and having friends and being popular... plus a whole side detail is that mom probably picks out and buys little Susie's clothes still anyway so really it is mom's style anyway... What do you think?Oh, a great big hugs to the three guys that I have been talking lots too lately for being such super sweeties. :hug::hug::hug: There, one for each of you, hehe.Love Ya, Vivian


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After a four hour shopping trip this past weekend to outfit my two for school, I'd have liked to have narrowed the choices to a couple of styles of uniforms. And I'm not even done yet. Sometime during the first week of school I have to get my oldest chef uniforms for her Culinary Arts program. I hope they come in a size 0 otherwise I'll be doing a lot of alterations.



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Ah, the dreaded school uniforum issue. The local school here just voted in favor of uniforms and it's been a popular topic of conversation among my friends.


Here's my take:


There is no reason you can't have a dress code rather than a uniform. A dress code would be something like: no shorts, no jeans, no tank tops, etc. Dress codes establish that whole "we're dressed respectably and must act accordingly" advantage just the same as school uniforms do.


More concerte dress codes are a good idea if there is a problem with kids wearing 'inappropriate attire' that would be difficult to police in an objective way. I'm talking about micro-mini skirts and tube tops - the types of things that junior high students should NOT be wearing, but you can't realistically enforce a 'don't dress like a ho' policy (and who wants to be the teacher checking out if 13 year old girls are too scantily clad).


I don't buy the whole "rich kids can dress in label clothing and it makes poor kids feel bad" reason for school uniforms. There are ALWAYS ways that rich kids will be able to make poor kids feel bad if they are so inclined. If it isn't a shirt or a pair of pants, then it'll be a pair of shoes, a bookbag or handbag, or even the car their parents drive or vacation or house, etc.


Requiring school uniforms is a throw-away effort that many school boards resort to rather than figuring out better ways to deter bullying and other crappy behavior that you see in junior high. As far as I can tell, it's a red herring. And allowing SOME parents to waive their kids out of uniforms defeats the whole UNIFORM thing. It just creates hierarchies between kids who get the waiver and those that don't.

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