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A Brief Glimpse

S.L. Lewis


So...I'm feeling a bit off lately. I was raised Christian, but was told to keep an open mind to things outside of what I was being taught by my family.

There was one thing that I did hear that my family never really spoke about. Being a Christian while being Bi, Gay, a Lesbian or Transgender. All I ever heard was that it wasn't possible; that God hated those who weren't straight because it wasn't natural.

I finally figured out I was bi with a leaning towards women when I was 16, so for the past 7, 8 years, I've tried so hard to figure out what was truth and what was lies.

It turned out to be a dangerous journary into my own thoughts, my heart, my soul, the bible, books, and the internet. It's taken me this long to find even one site that supports those who are GLBT and show them that yes, God does accept them.

During that time, I've learned that many Christians are just using their faith as a cover for their prejudiceses and will continue to do so, no matter who it hurts, including the Christian religion.

I've also learned, that no matter what happens, I'm still me, just with a different sexuality, and I'm still Christian. I'm still loved and I want to put out the site of Whosoever Magazine for those who need this to.


Whosoever Magazine :wub:

Dear God, Forgive Me For Not Being Gay


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