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Posessive-Obsessive Exes



Last night... what a trip.


I get a call from Aaron who I hadn't heard from in two weeks apologizing about not calling because he'd not had any access to a phone and the bitch of a roomate who does have a phone refused to let him use it.


He says that he and a bunch of friends, including his ex, are going to be meeting at a park to hang out for a while and he invites me to come along. So I do - this is about 10pm.

By around midnight the other friends have all left and its just me, Jeremy and Aaron. Jeremy seems to have behaved himself through that part of the night so I invited them both over to my place to hang out. Jeremy behaves himself just fine as far as i'm concerned, though I can tell that Aaron is as annoyed as can be that he's there. We go swimming, enjoy the relatively warm water, have what I think is a decent time. After a while Aaron gets cold and wants to get out of the pool, so we do. I offer to let him use my shower so he can experience hot water for the first time in a month (his roomates took the bill money and spent it on other stuff). So Aaron goes off into the shower. Its at this point that Jeremy decides he needs to go to the bathroom and instead of going to the other one that I pointed out to him he goes into the one where Aaron's already taking a shower.



I wish Aaron had locked the door....


Anyway, Jeremy comes back a bit later, mentions that he'd wanted to join Aaron in the shower, at which point I told him that would have been a bad idea in a pretty low tone. Apparently he didn't f**king get it. When Aaron got out of the shower for him to go take one, Aaron and I go to my room and make out for a few minutes till jeremy is done. When he's dressed he knocks on the door, i get up and open it, its obvious aaron and i had been doing something on my bed what with no tv or anything on, For a minute and a half we all manage to play it cool. I ask if they want to stick around and watch a movie or something, Aaron says he's hungry and kinda tired and wants to go home.


I'm fine with that, wish them well, ... and its at this point Jeremy goes into jealous-possessive-ex mode and says


"Well why don't we just have a three-some its obvious you guys were just going at it"


Me: :o


Aaron: :o


Me thinks: GTFO of my house!


Me says: Uh, I don't think so :angry:


Aaron says: We need to go


Me says: Yep



Jeremy heads out the front door, Aaron apologizes for him as he's putting his shoes back on. We moved to kiss and the door opens again jeremy enters and says "I don't mean to impose its just Aaron lied to me" then turns around and heads back to the car.


Impose? Thats an interesting way to say "I'm sorry for presuming you would be willing to f**K me at all, sorry for presuming you would be willing to f**K us both, and sorry for being a general jackass. Most of all I'm sorry for being a complete cock-tard and insisting on hurting myself by refusing to let go of someone who really has no interest in me anymore."


All you morons who haven't figured out that your live-in boyfriend is now your ex: Cut the creepy shit and


Get a life


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