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I thought today was going to be a normal day. I had no class to go to so I was just going to stay home and write some of the new chapters in my five stories I've decided to debut all at once which are coming soon I promise. but no I get home and my BF was entertaining some of his co workers. I really like them so I joined them, making sure that he didn't burn our kitchen again (That's another story altogether). So I had a nice converstaion with one of them, a nice lady and we shared a couple of laughs. We were seated and eating when I notice a car pull into my driveway. It's my ex boyfriend. Damn, I thoought. I really didn't need this one to show up now.


He walks up to the door and my boyfriend, julio gets it before I can. I quickly leave the kitchen and I join them. Like I've written before Julio isn't what I'd call very laidback when other guys come near me. He had forgiven Chaz because he thought he was straight but I can see him getting ready to kick my ex's ass so I interveen and I tell him to leave us alone for a moment. Julio leaves reluctantly something that he would have never done if he didn't have company.


So I ask him what he want and he starts telling me this whole story that leads up to him asking me about Chaz. :thumbdown: I do not play cupid amongst my friends and I certainly wasn't going to give this guy the info he wanted. It's really disgusting that he would show his face after what he did to me. I wont get into that but rest assure this guy is a jerk. So I ask him to leave but he doesn't he just keeps asking me saying please like that was going to help. Julio came back asking if everything was alright and I tell him what he told me. Julio proceeds to kick the twirp out of our house. An hour later he calls me again saying that he's practically in love ever since he saw us together in a bar.


I told him next time he see's Chaz he should ask him out himself and I hang up. So I thought that I could finally spend some time alone doing nothing when Chaz's brother shows up demanding that I tell him everything I know. I don't because It's not my business to tell. He gets angry with me and as I slowly fell into boredom he kept talking to me about his own problems. Why do people like to share their own problems when other people are having a much harder time, I would never know. So I give him some advice and send him on his way. I swear that a second after I close the door my Friend Selene burst into the door with her own issues.


another hour wasted she announces that she is hungry so I find myself in the kitchen again. Then she invites more friends and I'm close to screaming, LEAVE ME ALONE GO HOME! But I don't I just get very touchy and I end up yelling inside. The sad part is that they are all still here.


GREEN about to kick alot of people out. :sheep:


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Um, thankfully you have your BF as a gatekeeper....your ex BF...geez, as you said, if he wants to ask Chaz out..do it himself....(refers to a story heading in TOU from Dom about growing some balls....) I have done the play Cupid thing and stopped a long time ago...everyone just hates you in the end...so I say as you said, if you want to ask him out, ask Chaz out and leave you alone!


Now, this is my next question...how do all these people know Chaz is Gay? His brother asks you questions, the ex asks questions? You certainly haven't said anything so who is leaking information worse then the leakers in the Valerie Plame case? I am proud that you said, if you have questions about Chaz, ask Chaz..it is what I have done when others have tried to foist their drama on me in trying to grill me about someone or something I know.....break someone's confidences as you said and lose the friend and the respect as a person that can be trusted.


My Lord, I would have a raging headache from all that drama......tell them to get a life, buy a vowel, find someone else's drama and leave you alone to eat in peace!


You had a nice get together with friends gone amuk due to sleezy crazy ex BFs and brothers who should ask their twin what's up and not you.....I vote for tell the drama queens to take up acting on stage and not center stage in your life...


there, now, I have screamed and feel better....I sure hope it gets better for you..you deserve Peace and Quite:)


Hugs and Happy Weekend:)



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Hey Green!


Sometimes you need some time to yourself. Maybe you and Julio should jump in the car on a Friday afternoon and disapeer to a hotel not so far away.


I suggest a Red roof inn, request a business king- it's a nice big room with huge bed.


Get a nice bottle of champaign and just enjoy yourselves.


Mini vacations like the one I describe can help couples stay sane by having some time to yourselves, get some rest and keep the romance going. You can make it happen without spending a whole lot of money.


After your last few weeks, you deserve a break.






PS- lots of places that cater to business travelers offer broad band in the room.

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Hmm maybe you should change your field to cover Therapy. lets face it they seem to come to you anyway, so you might as well profit from it a bit. :2thumbs:


Anyway, I hope you get some space to your self soon, I would want you to break. On the other hand at least we would get to hear all about it and everyone already knows ithat it would make for a great chapter in your continued story. B)



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Hi thanks guys I actually got my space today. My class was cancelled and I decided not to go into work today. I took a drive to the beach. It's cold but I try to go at least once when it's cold. The air is really clean and sometimes you get to see seals.


Well anyhoo My ex thought that Chaz was gay because he was hanging out with me. Which is the most absurd thing I've ever heard but to each their own. My BF so wants to kick his ass big strong guy he is.


Well take care guys



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