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I found that I was lost.



I wrote this two years ago and I just found it again. I wrote this after my ex broke up with me and I found out that he was cheating during our relationship.


I wasn't seeing what I was seeing run through my mind as I see it. How could he, was my first thought. Hate, anguer, betrayal strangle me, took my breath, would I think next. You lied to me, saw me cry you hurt me till I fell and I found that I was lost.


I gave you so much, You take, I lose, you walk you choose and I watch but I don't cry. You said the words, I'm, you start Leaving, you continue.You, you end. The door, the breeze the slam and I lock. Can this be how it feels when you felt lost?


You call back to see if I'm alright, tears, come back, I'm in love with someone new, I'll call goodbye, three weeks by the phone, no one calls. Breakdown, shot after shot, feel great, feel bad, concerned and they hold you back, fall, expell, cry, sink and the hole seems never ending when I found that I had lost.


They hold you when you tell them, hugs, chocolate with movies, cry and more holding. The sad faces, He shows his face, someone new, You smile, your friends, your dying inside. It hurts, you cry, they know, he calls and you fall again when you found that you lost.



GREEN, when he was angry.


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