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Dysfunction, yay.



I may have had a slight break with reality. So my dresser started talking to me. I'm gonna assume it was my dresser anyway, because I feel like it's less weird for an object to talk to me than for me to hear a voice coming from nowhere. I've never actually heard voices before, so it was interesting.


Last night I got put in handcuffs again, hahaha. Silly UPD caught me with booze and was all rawr. That was just a scare tactic of course because really all they did was give me a ticket and get me fired from my desk assistant job lulz.


I also made out with Jen last night! And Trenden! And Truett! You know I'm wondering if it wouldn't be easier to just say who I haven't made out with. Jen uses teeth, I like her. She bit my lip, teehee. Truett wouldn't quit hitting on me all night, and apologized for being a gigantic prick the first time I met him. It was incredibly surreal considering how for the first part of the night I was quiet and withdrawn just because he was present and I hated him, and was plotting how to get rid of him craftily. He also wouldn't quit grabbing my crotch, and quite frankly I'm so sick of people thinking they can do that sort of thing to me. You DON'T know me like that and I'm not a whore, so back the f**k up.


The irony? The whole time Truett was all rawr I couldn't quit laughing because all I wanted to do was go play with Trenden.


The double irony? Now I find Trenden extremely unattractive because he cried when the cops came. Pussy, grow up.




So now I'm doubly unemployed, and have this fine to pay.


The reason I wonder if I'm a little psychotic maybe is because all of this is extraordinarily hilarious to me.


Toss in the whole family thing and ZOMGZ crazy stew! :D


You know, at this point, I welcome more trouble. It's become somehow very amusing. I think I'll go get piercings now. It'll make me feel better.

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Now I don't know what's wrong, but you might want to tell your psychiatrist. As for everything else, you're young, and there's nothing wrong with a little fun and adventure. I think I told you about my New Year's week long party. :P

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